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34 / F / with Joe Cheng
Posted 5/21/08
Why do they cook the food, sauce and pasta in the pan? Does it do anything special other than make the pasta and food warm and hot, and mix the sauce with the pasta? I'm just puzzled because usually people just cook the pasta and pour the sauce/food onto the pasta, and don't actually cook it in the pan.
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Posted 5/22/08
in my own for them is an theyre trying to give every action an art...... i mean.....this drama somehow needs to put some impact in the way they show how things happen inside the kitchen.......and is one of the ways they cook pasta.......i dont know if you have some backgrounds in culinary arts.....but i think....we just dont know behind these things.... wakaru???
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31 / F / Germany
Posted 8/9/08
actually, that's the way Italians do it, I've seen it in homecooking and restaurants alike. You don't "wash" the pasta, just quickly drain it and put it into the sauce/oil/whatever in the pan so the pasta and the sauce mix properly.
Posted 8/12/08
bence yemek bir sanattır.sadece acıktığın için değil mutlu olmak içinde yemek yersin.bunun için yemek göze de damağa da hitap etmeli ve en iyi şekilde sunum yapılmalı......
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32 / F / Italy
Posted 9/9/08
hello! I'm Italian!! the way they cook in this drama is true! i cook like this at home too!! while pasta is getting ready, i prepare the sauce. the tomato sauce for pasta (if you want to cook italian style^^) is not just the tomato sauce or ketchup (MY GOD, THIS IS ERESY FOR ITALIANS)
first i put olive oil, when it is hot i add cutted onions. when they're gold (not burned^^') i add the sauce.
in reality, the more the sauce cooks, the better it tastes! (for example, when i make RAGù i cook it for 2 hours or more!)

Matsumoto Jun is a really good cook!! i'll be glad to exchange recipes with him!!
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F / Here and there......
Posted 10/6/08
I always made pasta in a pan because that's how I watched my dad do it. I guess he watches a lot of cooking shows because we are totally not Italian.

But I find it funny how my American (read: white) friends were surprised when they watched me make pasta in a frying pan. If you pour the sauce on top it doesn't completely mix with all the pasta and so you basically have this pasta soup-like thing in your bowl. Which in my opinions looks and just tastes gross.
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