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29 / F / Amatsuki
Posted 5/21/08 , edited 5/21/08

hello there everyone! ^^

i started to like la corda d'oro from the PS2 game,
it got me hooked up for months,
even until now i'm still addicted to the game! ^^

i played organ and piano before, and i really love music.
la corda d'oro make me like music more and more everyday.
there's no day now that i don't listen to their classical songs. ^^
the music make me feel so wonderful...
and i started to play piano again! ><

i want to try violin (already have one at home!) but...
i need to find a teacher and i'm not that young anymore *sigh*

when i saw that the anime and the game are different,
it kinda make me sad... and i don't really like the anime then.
but now i have decided to like both... ^^

my fave characters are kazuki, ryotaro and aoi... ^^
but i also like shinobu and akihiko a lot~ hehee...
and for voice, i love aoi and len's voices... ^^
i also like fukuyama jun who's voicing keiichi,
although his voice here is so different than his voice in xxxholic!
(i love kimihiro watanuki... hehehe ^^).

i also collect all things la corda d'oro... ^^;;
from game cds, albums, artbooks, mangas, videos, etc.
i'm still searching for more, though right now KOEI JAPAN
is not releasing anything new for la corda d'oro...

(they're selling neo angelique abyss right now! ^^).

how about you? what started your love to la corda d'oro?
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22 / F / On a fantastical...
Posted 6/26/08
thanx for the info, well i started to love it when an acquaintance recommended it....
it also made me love to play music even more. i play and take violin and piano lessons. my parents want me to start playing the cello and flute too. or anything else, my parents are really hard on me, and La Corda helped me 2 keep going on.
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23 / F / aT tHe sKy^_^
Posted 7/5/08
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34 / F
Posted 10/9/08
i started to like it when i found an 'ad' in the back of another manga. the description of the series got me really interested so i began to read it. then i watched it. i'm trying to download the game or get it but no luck so far.
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24 / F / Underworld...seri...
Posted 2/6/09
I play instruments and like music so when somebody recommended La corda doro which is all about music and so on... i get interested and decided to watch. ^_^
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25 / F / It has none of yo...
Posted 4/23/10
I started to like in when I watch the first episode.
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