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suju is 15!!!!!!
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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08

claira wrote:

yeah i have to agree they only wanted to protect only 13 and really is not intending to hurt anyone...
many henry & zhoumi fans are bashing ELVES but i think it's not really the ELVES fault.. they only wanted to proect their only 13 .. i kept see-ing many people commenting that they hate ELVES or are ashamed of being an elf i find that pretty irritating..

i support SJM's zhoumi & henry as members of the sub group but not the offficial members (:
suju 13 forever <3 (:

just incase you didn't realize..
umm.. wait.. smack your head first and re-do what you just typed..
uh duhhh!!!!
that's what we feel to i mean us sjm7 supporter...
we are in no way trying to bashed elf.. but these only13 [email protected] are trying to put words in our mouth..
we love super junior and super junior m and w/ these anti henry and mimi going on we could not just shut our mouth up w/o telling them off.. because they are frikkin getting in our nerves.. i hope they "only13" [email protected] feels what we feel.. oh wait.. they do! lol! and even these soompiers only13 peoples are going crazy threatening sjm's mimi and henry that it would be WWIII if ever they are in SJ's 3RD ALBUM.. lwtf?
again.. they are really trying to put words in our mouth of course we're going to get offended by these.. cause i knoe they are trying to threaten SM that means that goes to mimi and henry too!
just one question you guys??
i thought the official sj fans called themselves elf?? since when did they changed it to only13 so that means WE 13+2 is AUTHORIZED (yes beacuse only13'rs just popped out of nowhere and they claimed their stupid shittttty name) to frikkin go protest on what we believe..

so FLAWLESS/13+2 supporters we can have our own domain name and we can bash elvesonly13 as much as we want cause they are doing the same to us sj/sjm/13+2 supporters!

just in case all the only13 slogan "protect13" wtf? from who are you trying to protect? are they in any danger?!! NOOOO!
seriously!! uh duhhh!! geez! only13 are shittzzzhead!

FOREVER 15!!!!
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Posted 8/10/08
i don't mind adding henry and zhou mi to suju.
HelloKitty Muffin'King Moderator
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27 / Mocha / Keurig Ma...
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
The two are part of the subgroup - SuJu Mandarin, so basically they promote just only in China~

It's a way for SM to promote elsewhere ^.^~
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23 / F / SD, Cali.
Posted 8/10/08
i don't mind :]
more hott guys the better hehe ^ ^
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Posted 8/10/08
Im glad that they added Herny and Zhoumi but I still thank that 13 is enough. What will the over reactive fans do about this. They will all go insane!
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Posted 8/11/08
just add henry okie...
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Posted 8/12/08
i thought henry and zhoumi's not a part of super junior but just one of the sub groups [suju m]
now they're adding 2 friggin members???!
da fuck?.. isnt it suppose 2 be "FOREVER 13!" ONLY??
i'd be a liar if i say that i dont mind dem adding zhoumi and henry but wow its gonna be a heck of a problem bcoz of dis.
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25 / New York
Posted 8/13/08
Super Junior is going to become like Morning Musume...
forever adding members then? Aish.

I think Henry and Zhou Mi are only part of the sub group...not part of the whole group.
Seeing how Super Junior keeps splitting into sub groups, it'll probably be a while before all 13 get back together...
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26 / F / fishy.VANILLA.rom...
Posted 8/13/08

devilcute wrote:

no way!i juz wann them to stay as 13..onli 13..foreva 13!!!!!!!!!!!!no more no less!!!!!

i agree!! i want them to stay as 13 member only! sorry..
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25 / F / italy but born in...
Posted 8/16/08
15??? XD XD lol 13 in enough XD
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23 / F / somewhere in da w...
Posted 8/21/08
henry is cute too!!
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27 / F / Germany
Posted 8/23/08
lol henry and zhou mi are like guest in suju
and they will be just in suju-m subgroup.
suju will be forever 13 <3 ^^
so dont worry lol they wont be 15 members its to much for me to remember all members names ...x.x
if you are a ELF you would know this xD
(even im not really a official member of ELF but somewhat ELF too rofl
but to be one is better QQ)

well well Forever 13 Saranghaeyo<3
suju fighting xD
Posted 8/24/08
ONLY 13!!!!!
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25 / F / QUEEN city of the...
Posted 9/4/08

but why???

13 is enuf already...
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Inside my head is...
Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08

OK! Maybe you'll hate me for this.. it hurts me hearing myself!

My answer is.. "when I hear makes me sad!"

Why?! My story goes like this!

At first I didn't wanted to watch SuJuM's activities! Not because I didn't like the idea of that kind of sub-group/sub-unit or maybe because I have something against China .. or ... whatever might cross your minds! It was ONLY because I didn't wanted to get to like Henry nor Zhoumi! [but I did watched EVERYTHING I COULD FIND!!.. because I started to miss the 5 original Super Junior members! Later, even those two cuties managed to find they're way 'till deepth of my heart!]


I was sooooooooo damn sure they're COMPLETLY ADORABLE and AWESOME PEOPLE!!!
But I always said ONLY13!
Second, I never wanted to show weekness to those idiots leading SM! Soon they'll be like "PERFECT! We've just found a way of adding more members to Super Junior! A new SuJu sub-unit! Few new members! Also, because we only find/accept adorable and lovable boys, they'll always manage to melt fans' hearts.... even though they'll fight a little.. in the end we'll manage to add them! "

I keep thinking that someday the number of Super Junior's members will be equal with the number of all the ELFs' [HOPEFULLY CLAIRA and OMGITSHER WILL SEE THE RIGHT SPELLING!!!!!!!!!!!]! YEAH! That'll be freakin' awesome! Every ELF will have her own Super Junior member! How does that sound!? Well.... it doesn't sound like a band anymore to me!

I'll support Henry and Zhoumi in SuJuM! I'll support Henry and Zhoumi in any other band, praying for their happiness because knowing them, I've started to love them and I only want what's best for them! They deserve that!! But I STOP when it comes to SUPER JUNIOR!


Also! Have you ever wonder what our 13 angels would think about this matter??
Well... at least some of us are trying to see their [OBVIOUS] signs!! This is just an exemple:

Leeteukie said not long ago this:

The hardest thing was...
Exactly how many members is Super Junior?
Whenever we received this question, we never answered, not even once.
Truthfully, when we were asked this, our members had a really hard time..
After collecting our thoughts, as well as those of the SM family and the fans, we had a lot of meetings. After having all those meetings, we came to a conclusion.
That is! How many members do all of you think Super Junior is? (ELF: 13~)
Super Junior is forever 13 members.
[You want me to draw what that means?]
Whatever may happen in the future, how many members does Super Junior have? (ELF: 13!)
On the news and in many newspaper articles, there was a lot of talk about fandom is like this and SuJu fans buy stock and do this...
Now... Even if 10 years pass or 20 years pass, Super Junior is 13 members

Jungsoo said : "Super Junior 영원히 13명 !" (Super junior forever 13 members !)
And then just a few seconds after, Kangin stood up and started yelling:"지켜줄께 13명 !!" (we will protect 13 members)
credits to : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [~Super Junior 1000th day fan meeting~]

THIS IS AND ALWAYS BE MY OPINON!!! HATE ME, BUT I WON'T CHANGE MY MIND NOT "Even if 10 years pass or 20 years pass", BECAUSE "Super Junior is 13 members"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **********************************************************************************************************************

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