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Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/22/08
As john was walking he saw the girl he saw earlier as he went in to weaver's creek so he greeted her."how are youand nice to see you again young lady "with a smile.the looked much different from before cause there wasn't any blood on her clothes now and she greeted back "thank you" in a low tone. as john was about to pass through her,suddenly the feeing of the icy stare came back and when john turned around the girl was gone.John saw the cook house it looked normal as he entered through the door he saw the whole in side of the house covered in blood, even the tables and chairs are soaked with the owners' blood and so john entered the room of the brothers and some how he can picture the way they were pleading and screaming for the're lives but he can aslo see the way the killer slashed them with ease and gave no remorse.As he was about to leave the room he could feel the same feeling he felt at that time when he left the rose marry cafe and soon afterwrds the feeling went away.
As he entered the master bed room of the parents he could also see the blood on the bed and he could make out the scene of the parents also begging but to no avail and they were killed anyway and as he was about to leave he remembered the tree in the backyard .As he went into the backyard he could see the short haired girl smling at the tree and as detective john came closer he could smell rotten flesh and as he he gazed at the tree he could see heads insde the tree and limbs on the branches that somehow supported the tree and the wood was very blck.he said while covering his nose "so what are you doing here young lady ?"and the girl replied "we"ve been watching you and you're uncovering what we've been buried in this town and we think it is time for you to disappear"she said swetly and then taking out her blood stained cleaver and licking it and john bolted for the nearest exit but for some reason he the door won't open and there he saw the door locked and the girl moving slowly to confirm his demise.As she was stabbed the detective's chest and there the dective lied on the floor dead as his body felt cold the girl searched in his two pockets and there she saw the letter and opened it and she said with a curiosity "hum, it's the letter I gave to becky right after I killed my family I even wrote it in my family's blood see "and she held it close to the detective's lifeless eyes and she put her two fingers into the wound and added in "for the bow 'to the word " thank you ".and finally she said " see it says "thank you for the bow"and there she smiled sweetly and chopped the body and put the arms and legs on the branches and put the head in the whole of the tree."well I'm glad it all went wel"she said with a smile

"the end"
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