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Post Reply what is your favorite episode/scene?
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F / Hong Kong
Posted 7/13/08
I think episode one in season when shuuei, seiran, was drunk and made a mess in the house while shuurei on the other hand is trying to clean!!! that was the best!!!
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F / Malaysia
Posted 7/17/08
When Ryuuki meets with Shuurei after the announcement that she will be sent to Sa Province. He gave her what she wants and did all he can to support and back her up. Yet, he confessed that it pains him very much to send her away when all his heart ever want is to hold her near...
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Posted 10/9/08
The scene where Ran Shuuei gave back the sword Ryuuki gave him (episode 32), it hurts him (Shuuei) so much that he had to do that and when he was wondering how many time has he caused pain to this 'gentle emperor', as he puts it, it's so touching.
And the scene where Shuurei was sitting in front of the sakura, thinking that now with Jyuusan-hime, Ryuuki will not feel lonely anymore. Yes, yes, it hurts her to think that Ryuuki might find someone else important apart from her, I think. At last, Shuurei's showing a bit of feeling for Ryuuki. How long did we have to wait for that.
Posted 10/15/08
All of you can laugh at me, but I really loved the Panda-Scene in episode 36. They+Ryuuki together, sooooo sweet, and he thinks!!! that was the best!
Posted 10/17/08
i like all the episodes that has Ryuuki on it and also the ones that has Ryuuki and Shuurei's moments.
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27 / F / Finland
Posted 10/21/08
There are MANY, but the ones that come in mind now are when in ep.19. Ryuuki runs away from Uu-dono and then comes rushing back to get Yuushun yelling "I forgot something!" God I laughed watching that.
Then I love Ryuuki's and Seiran's flashback scenes
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25 / F
Posted 11/3/08
What was the episode where Seiran first spoke because of the explosion, that was really funny??

When Shuurei goes "Can you pass this message to the emperor from me?? BASTARD!!!!! PROBATION?? YOU MUST BE JOKING!!!!"
Seiran "Let's give Tan-tan-kun a taste of hell tomorrow"
Seiran's eyes glowing red
Anything else that has Ryuuren, Ryuuki and Seiran in it
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Posted 11/4/08
It's the little gestures that get me.
My favorite parts are where Ryuuki slaps his face because he's about to cry.
I.e. second Cherry Blossom scene with Shurei, Tei (prime minister guy sp?) promises to be by his side, and boat ride with Ran's Princess and Black Wolf.
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Posted 11/5/08
I like the one when ran shuuei and the rest got drunk... 1st from 2 season...
Posted 11/20/08
I loved when Ryuuki and Shuurei meet
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