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Posted 6/15/08 , edited 6/15/08
warning: some context contain mature materials not suitable for very young audiences.
okay gals I already warn you okay!
and i think there are chapter that really contain adult materials but I assure you its very sweet! hehehe!

Author: Joy


“Promise me now, Chun that you’ll take care of Ella as his husband.” Que Shan told him again. Chun glanced at Ella to see her reaction.
Ella’s torn between happiness and sadness, she’s so happy to find out that this old man treats her as like her own, but also the same time, she can’t do what he’s asking her now. It’s impossible to have a relationship with his “husband” because she is already engage with another man.
Ella started to protest. “B-but—“
“Okay grandpa, I promise.” Cut Chun. Squeezing Ella’s elbow to gave her a warning not to speak anymore. She gave him a look that tells what-do-you-think-are-you-saying look, and then Chun responded with don’t-you-worry- and- just-trust-me-on-this look.
Grandpa saw the ‘bonding’ gaze at each other, and simply misinterpret it.
“I see that you two have a connection.” He said weakly, “I didn’t have a mistake when I chose the right decision of marrying you two when you were small. I bet your grandpa Sammy is smiling right now in heaven.”
Chun cleared his throat at his comment, then grandpa smiled, “So how did you two met?” he asked.
For two hours Chun fills in the details of their most unusual meeting, he is careful not to make her feel guilty that night, he tries to make her appeared like a hero. A while ago Que Shan only loved Ella but after Chun’s story, he worships her. When it’s time to go, Que Shan thanked again Ella, she can’t count now how many times Que Shan had praised her, actually she really feels embarrassed right now. “Please grandpa that was nothing.” Shaking her head. Seeing that she was embarrassed now, he saved her from his grandfather. Maybe his grandpa is ready now to build a monument for her. “Okay, now grandpa we’re going now, it’s getting late, I still need to drop her off, remember she doesn’t have a car because of me?”
“Okay, children be careful in going home, promise?” he asked as he open his arms to hug Ella, she go straight into his arms and kissed his parchment cheeks and made a promise that she will visit him often.
The moment they were outside and the door was shut, Ella’s remembered something and the smile on her face quickly disappeared, she quickly spun around and face him, “What are you trying to say to you’re grandpa that you will take care of me as a “wife”? Have you forgotten that I’m engage? How can you lie to that poor man, he’s expecting too much from us now.”
“Okay I’ll proposition to you. Let’s have a deal. I know it’ll be very hard for you, but it’s for the sake of grandpa.”
“What is this “deal” that you are talking about?”
“Can we just pretend that we’re “happily” married couple in front of grandpa?”
“WHAT?” she exclaimed her eyes widen, “Are you out of your mind? What will—“
“Ok, ok, calm down first.” Chun said, as he put his finger into his lips telling her to keep down her tone, while looking at his sides to check if somebody was listing to them.
“Are you out of your mind?” she repeated only this time she say it in whispered. “Leehom will not definitely consent, and you know that, he is a very sensitive person.”
“Yes but it for the sake of grandpa,” he insisted, then his mouth curve into seductive smile as if he’s scheming something that is not good. “And you promise grandpa that you will do anything for him, correct?”
“Yes…. I did but not to this extent.” She hesitated, she knows that she is going into a territory that is unfamiliar, and she has a prediction that it will not turn out good. Essentially she is threading to a dangerous ground. Pretending that they’re devoted husband and wife, was the last thing in her mind right now. She was too busy with her work and her preparation for her marriage, the last thing she didn’t want to do is pretending in front of his grandpa that they’re happy.….holding hands, exchanging sweet smile or even…kissing. No, no, no. she mentally shakes her head, her imagination run with her again. She doesn’t want anything to do with him. She’s afraid……afraid that…..afraid of what? She asked herself, she will not definitely fall for him! But when he’s near her she completely loss herself, maybe he’ll taught that she’s like one of his witless admirer, drooling at his feet and chase after him, because he was so handsome.
“Why are you afraid that you will fall for me?” he challenge her, bringing back Ella in reality.
“What me?” she said in a haughty voice putting one hand on her chest, pretending to look innocent.
“Yes, I think that you are afraid that, if we pretend in front of grandpa, you will certainly develop feelings for me.” Lifting up one eye brow.
“No.” she said her chin automatically went up in defense. “Why, because you think that even that you’re handsome, every kind of women will drool at your feet?” she asked him while they walk together towards the open elevator. When they are inside he push the button and the door closed and the lift started to go down.
“Why you do you think I’m handsome?” Teasing her.
She was about to make an acid retort, the elevator stopped at second floor, crowd of people went inside, forcing them to back up behind, when the people tried to come in, Chun accidentally push her back more, their position now was face to face, he can’t turn his back on her because of limited space, he just put his both hands at the side of her head, so they can have some distance with each other. Ella can’t look straight into his eyes and to his handsome face, she feels like suffocating, just a while ago she was about to face a battle with him but now standing very near at him, she feels like a turtle hiding inside it’s shell. So she just focus her attention to his chest, but the instant she saw the stain of the coffee, images of his funny face flooded her mind so, she started to giggle, covering her mouth with her hand. Chun’s attention was on her hair, from their position he can smell the scent of her fragrant hair, and the sweet scent of her perfume, it’s already end of the day but she still smell nice, he taught, then he noticed that her shoulders were rocking, then he heard the unmistakable giggle of her voice.
“Excuse me?” he asked, “why are you laughing?” he asked curiously.
“I-I just suddenly remembered your reaction when you spill your coffee this afternoon, I-it’s hilarious.” She said in a wobbly smile.
Chun put his mouth to her ears and whispered seductively, “Do you really think it’s funny?”
She was immobilized immediately, making her sober when his warm breath touches her ear, she felt a shiver down her spine. She planned to gave him a warning that he can’t take any liberties whenever he wanted, but as she put her head up, she encountered his face right in front of her like centimeters away…he was so close to her, it’s like the tip of there noses are touching. The eyes that was looking at her intently, dark eyes that is challenging her, she gasps unconsciously. They didn’t notice that all people filled out of the elevator, until aloud voice of a 3 year old child, walking inside the elevator sent them back to reality. “Look, mommy, somebody is kissing!” the kid exclaimed. They two swiftly separated from each other, making them feel guilty committing a crime. From their view behind they really look like kissing.
“Holy, mother of god!” the woman said making a sign of a cross, pulling the hand of her child and covering her child’s eyes leading it away from them. “I don’t know what kind of people are couples now a day! They can’t even control themselves.” The lady commented, making Ella’s face turned like a tomato from blushing. When the woman and her child scampered away Ella slowly walked-out the elevator, her head bow down, not bothering to look again at Chun. Seeing at her reaction, he wanted to laugh out loud, but he controlled himself because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.
After twenty minutes, they’re in front door of her house, the drive going at her house seems eternity because both of them kept silence. Chun breaks the silence.
“So have you agreed to our deal?”
She hesitated, but he had a feeling that she’s considering his proposal deal. “Okay….but let me asked Leehom first if he will agree, he has the right to know that we are doing this deal because of grandpa, and beside I don’t want him to misinterpret our situation.”
Chun has a different feeling whenever she speaks the name of her fiancé, and he doesn’t like it, he is beginning to dislike that person for no reason. “What if he doesn’t agree? Will you let grandpa down?” he asked her.
“Damn!” she curse him silently, he is manipulating her using his grandpa as his weapon. This man was really cleaver, she thought. “Okay, I agreed.” She finally said. Chun’s satisfied sultan smile appeared on his face, feeling that he won the first round of the battle.
“But…” Ella continued, “I have some terms and conditions before agreeing with this deal.”
Chun’s eyes narrowed, he doesn’t have a good feeling about this again.
“Let’s talk inside my house,” she said, getting her keys inside her bag and opening the door. After she opened the door, she switched on the lights, flooding the entire room with brightness. Her living room was very neat and clean, the flat screen gigantic television set was in the middle of the room, and a set of a home theater at both side. There was a coffee colored comfy couch with matching bean bag chair at the side, her living room looks cozy, and very comfortable, and the scented dried flowers inside the transparent bottle of jar were at the side table, producing a sweet aroma inside her living room. He liked it very well, he thought. His eyes roam around the wall, there are some large picture frame hanging, one of the pictures was a mother and child, the picture showed very well the love between mother and child, the picture capture precisely the priceless expression of the parent and child. There is some more master piece, from a breath taking mountain scenery, to a simple flower arrangement, she captures the natural beauty of it. She is really indeed was talented. He was impressed.
“Would you like some drinks?” she asked, placing her bag on the sofa and going straight in the kitchen.
“Cola will do.” He replied. He let himself seated at the comfy sofa, then waited for her to come back. After a few minutes she emerged at the living room with a tray of two coca-cola cans and two glasses with ice, also at the tray he saw a piece of writing tablet and a pen.
She put the tray down the coffee table, served his drink and the she seat down not so near beside him then pick up her writing tablet.
“Shall we begin our deal?” she asked, pausing the pen at her paper, she looked like an innocent school girl getting ready for the dictation of the teacher.
For the second time around tonight, Chun feels like shouting with hilarity, he doesn’t know that what’s with this lady the he is so contented just being near with her.
Sensing that he was not yet ready, she took the cue to begin.
“First of all, we keep the distance of 10 meters while we are together.” She write it on her paper.” With that statement Chun cannot contain himself anymore, he shouted out with laughter, the entire room vibrated with his voice, shoulders rocking.
“H-how can you say such thing, how can we are pretend to be “devoted” husband and wife when there is a big block of building between us?” wiping the side of his eyes with his knuckles.
“Oh, okay five meters will do.” She agreed, scratching the word “ten” on her paper and write the word “five” at the top of scribbled ten. With that Chun laugh harder, he wants to embrace her and keep her beside him forever, she was so adorable. He finished his laughter for a full one minute and composed himself. He clears his throat and said seriously. “Ella, an in-love husband and wife are always close to each other.” He explained to her slowly, just like explaining to a three year old child. Her chin went up a notch. “I know.” She said defensively.
“Then why do you want you want us to be away from each other as possible?” he asked, “are you afraid of me?” he finished.
As is reading her thought, Ella denied it by shaking her head very hard, making her short her bounce. “But why should I be afraid of you?” she asked innocently, she feels like sinking on her carpet. She is not very good in lying. “It’s just that Leehom might misinterpret us.” She told him. She bringing that name again, Chun taught, he is beginning to hate this man.
“How can he be possible jealous, if we are just pretending in front of grandpa, not in front of him.” He reminded her. After some thought, she reluctantly agreed, putting a line on her first agreement.
“Number two, no physical contact. No holding hands, no hugging, and definitely no KISSING.” she writes it again on her paper. With that Chun make an audible gasp, making his eyes wide. “Ella,” he begins again, this time he’s the one who is shaking his head. “Are we pretending to be a happily married couple or sworn enemies?” crossing his arms at his chest. “married couple,” she answered him, “But—“
“Please, I’m not a maniac; do you think that I’ll pound you every time we see each other?”
“No.” she said in a meek voice, bowing her head, she feels ashamed of herself, she thought, she always feels that he will do inappropriate things to her every time they’ll meet. Her imagination is taking her to another planet. And she hates herself for that. “I’m so sorry,” she apologized, “I have no right to say that, I know that I’m not that attractive to men…” he hastily look at her embarrassed face, and hands that are fidgeting her tablet and paper. His heart went out for her. Suddenly he feels like a moron teasing her like this, without knowing it, he put his hand on hers and squeeze it. “Actually I’m supposed to be the one who must apologize. I’m such an idiot. Okay, if that is what you want. I agree with you.”
“No please,” she disagreed, “it’s my fault, you’re right, how can grandpa knows that we are happy if we don’t do things like that.” The way she says “grandpa” was music to his ears. She doesn’t say “your grandpa” but the word grandpa only. She is treating him like a true family. An unknown force was attracting him to her, he can’t help himself. He quickly stand-up and take a deep breath, he can’t trust himself with her alone now, maybe he will start doing things that he was describing a while ago.
“Okay, just to be fair, let’s just act natural, just be ourselves, we can go along with each other the moment we met, right? So I think there won’t be a problem.” He conceded in a serious tone.
She senses that he changed his mood again. Ella wanted to lighten up the atmosphere. She tired to make a joke. “Since I agreed to make a deal with you, what are my benefits? Do I have a prize for all these?” she teased, pasting a bright smile on her face. He was overwhelmed with her kindness, she is really one of a kind…he’s supposed to be the one comforting because of the things he said, but at this moment she is the one whose consoling him, because of his moodiness. She is really such an angel. So he rides along with her game. “Okay since you asked for it. How about…” he put his finger under his chin and think. “I’ll give you a free ride going to your work and dropping you here in your house, given that you no have no car because of me,” he emphasis, then added “and I’ll treat you to dinner every weekdays, I’ll cook for you, you’re are the only person that knows my secret that I’m excellent cook, beside my best friend Calvin .” He said in a long statement.”
“No buts.” He insisted, “ So put that in writing now” he teased again, then added, “I’ll just treat you during weekdays, because I know that weekends is for your fiancé” he said sourly mentioning that word.
Awww… Ella though he is really a gentleman, still not forgetting her situation. With that she finally accepted his offers.

“I DON’T AGREE WITH IT!” said Leehom standing up from his seat, the following afternoon, after her work. She called him this morning and told her that she has something to discuss with him face to-face. Chun already done his first day of duty as her “driver” fetching her at her house and dropping her to her work, she told him not to pick her-up this evening because she needs to discuss their “deal” to her fiancé and postpone their dinner.
Sitting at her chaise longue inside her office, she opened to Leehom about the situation of the grandfather of Chun, and the deal they made with each other.
“This is insane!” shaking his head on emphasis. “I oppose with it! Whatever your deal with that man, break it right now!” he demanded.
“But please, Leehom, try to understand the situation of grandpa Que Shan.” She pleaded, her eyes imploring him.
“And since when that old man became your grandpa?” biting sarcastically. Crossing his hands in front of his chest.
Ella step back at his words and the tone of his voice, it’s feels like he slapped her. Sensing her reaction, Leehom slowly uncrossed his arms, and his voice toned down a little bit and hesitated “I-I didn’t mean to say that, I’m sorry…It just that you only met that man yesterday, and now you are treating him like your long lost family. Especially his grandson.”
“Well he’s my long lost family!” she said irritable. “He is my only connection of my true identity, he was my grandfather’s best friend, and he spent his entire fortune just to find me!” she almost shouted at him, clasping her both fist at her side.
“Oh yeah? If he was really looking for you for how many years. Why just time he found you, if he truly spent his fortune finding you, he must found you long time ago! And to top all these he made you married at young, age! If this wasn’t insanity, then what do you call it?” he retaliated with a shout, then continue, “If he truly cares for you, he should wait for you to grow-up and let you choose your own husband, if he isn’t a sadistic son-of-a bitch,. He wouldn’t do that to you! Controlling your life!” he shouted at her face, his eyes cold like an icicle. That does it!
“How dare you!” she shouted back at him, she is fuming mad now at him, fury run at her vain in a slit second she forget about herself, she bring her full force on her right hand and slapped him with all her might.
Leehom jerk back at his left, his face stinging with pain, he put his hand to his reddening cheek and narrow his eyes on her. Her eyes and mouth widen with shock, gasping, she was immobilize for the moment she brought her hand to her mouth. Her entire body was like being poured by an ice water, she extended her shaking fingers to his cheeks, and a big fat tears rolled on her eyes. “I-I’m sorry, honey, I didn’t mean it.” Then she started to weep, intending to embrace him to let him feel how truly sorry she were. But he pushed her hands away, while she stood on the spot crying.
“If you really value our relationship, I want you to break of the deal with him.” He warned, going straight out to her office door. When he put his hand was on the knob to open it, he paused and said to her with out looking at her “Remember Ella, what I told him at the emergency room? I’m repeating it to you, so you must convey the massage to him. I will not let him take you away from me.” He said in a toneless voice, and then he open the door and shut it in finality.

Chun found her weeping at her office, crying her heart out, he was worried with her when she was not answering her mobile phone, he knows that there will be a discussion between her and her fiancé , he wanted to help her by explaining to Leehom that all was this was his plan, not hers, he knew that there will be friction between her and Leehom, he is anticipating that, he wanted to come and help her explain, and it has been an three hours since after her work….
He wasn’t expecting her down on the floor, crumpled like a ball, hugging her legs, and rocking herself back and forth in comfort. As soon as he saw her with that kind of situation, he was on her side in seconds, holding her tightly in his arms. When he hugged her, Ella cried harder. His heart was like being torn into million of pieces.
“I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” He said in pain, he felt his own tears running down his cheeks. “It’s my entire fault… I’m sorry.” He apologizes again. Rocking her in his arms, when she still cries, he pleaded her, “Please don’t cry anymore.” He consoles her, Ella’s shoulders are heaving with pain, and she can’t seem to control herself.
Chun feels like a part of his body is dying right at this moment. “Please don’t cry….you’re hurting me this way.” He said
She immediately bit her lower lips, stopping her cries, but her tears kept on pouring, Chun was touched on her bravery, she’s controlling her cry just for him, he puts his hands at her face and lifted it up so he can see her, her beautiful eyes were closed and she’s biting her lips, he wiped her tears using his thumbs. “Look at me Ella…” he said, she shook her head not wanting to see her like this. “No Ella, listen to me now, look at me…please” he whispered. She heard the beseeching gentleness of his voice, that wasn’t like him. Her eyes flicker….then she slowly opened her coffee brown eyes….and when she opened it, he caught his breath on what he saw…he saw that beautiful eyes that was full of sorrow….beautiful teary eyes that was filled with pain staring back at him. Her eyelashes were wet with tears….
He can’t control himself; he kissed her eyes, forcing it to close, he felt the tears dropped at his thumbs, with that he groan to himself, and he quickly pulled her chin up, and bring down his mouth to hers, the first touch of his mouth she stop breathing. He kissed her softly, making butterfly kisses to her lips, it was the most sweetest kiss that she ever felt in her entire life, then he dragged his mouth to her cheeks, kissing it softly, tasting the saltiness of her tears, his lips goes back again in her mouth, only this time with a little bit of force, molding it to his mouth, he slanted his face towards her to make a better access, filled with high sensation, passion and desire were eating him up, while Ella’s hands that are draped around her legs slowly creep up at his chest, going up and wrapping it around at the back of his neck. The hands that was on her face was now massaging the back of her head, holding her fragrant hair, he wants more of her, she tasted so sweet. Chun wants to stop himself right now, he must not take advantage of her because she was upset, he needs to end this insanity. But he can’t stop! He forces her mouth to open by probing his tongue inside her lips, and when she opened her mouth, the kiss exploded. He doesn’t know which one of them moaned after a few minutes. He has to stop now, slowly he pulled away from her mouth, and then he heard her moaning. “Darling if we didn’t stop now, I’ll be dying in a few more minutes.” He whispered achingly kissing the tip of her red nose. Unguarded brown beautiful eyes stared back at him in confusion. “Please don’t look to me like that, unless you know what you are asking for.”
“Huh?” she asked in confusion, eyes searching his…then her gaze looked down on his lips still not waking up from the spell she has been under.
Chun stared back at those eyes and her swollen lips, and then unconsciously licked her lips, with that he completely loss himself.
“GOD!” Bringing his face down to her and taking her mouth for another long and sweet kiss.

thanks for reading!
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Posted 6/16/08 , edited 6/16/08

nikkimeimei wrote:

mixcieaicie wrote:

nikkimeimei wrote:

nice! your going to create one? o.O

mmmm....its just a plot...but i can make a few details and make one....though i really have to think this one thrgugh...i'll try and make the first chapter and if most likes it or many have viewd it then mybe i can go on with the story....

no worries, i'm gonna support you. hehe

i like plots with 'forced to marriage' scenes. haha:]] give me the link if you started. xoxo

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Posted 6/19/08 , edited 6/20/08
hey, joy.. great story.. please update soon!!!
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hi joy!
i've finished reading them all..
thnks for creating one..
let's proceed to chpter 7..
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joy26 wrote: heart wont stop if i just realized it my first love..haha..jk..but yeah great story...cant wait till u post the next really..i can wait...i dunno why but i was soul just left my body with that last scene...your a great writer..well from my point of view makes the reader capture every last detail of the story and bring it to life..there were flaws..but i love it anyway...the best fanfic ive read of chun and ella..^_^
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Author: Joy

okay here is the next chapter since many of you is requesting already!


Endless minutes later, they broke the kiss, eyes still closed, she leaned her head weakly on his chest, taking a deep breath. He rested his chin over her fragrant hair, inhaling her sweet scent, God! This the first time that felt that way to any women that he knew, never in his life he never felt this tender poignant emotions that was shooting straight into his heart. It makes his whole body tremble and shake with fear, this was foreign emotion that was very new to him, he is just contented the way he runs his life, his mind and heart are tormenting him, he’s very confused right now, but he is conceding what was his heart is telling him….
Lost with her own thoughts, she knew that she was definitely out of her mind, letting him kiss her like this and she succumb willingly at his kisses, she was completely insane! She thought, she has a good looking fiancé, a good career and wonderful friends, but when this man came into her life, her well organized life where completely ruined, her plans ahead was in chaos. In addition with all this she never been felt this tired, she never cried a too much since she was a child, she even knew that she was alone in this world, she never cried like this before, they just knew each other for three days and she felt that she already cried liked an ocean of tears. And now clinging to him, she feels like a fool, she was ashamed of herself, unwilling to accept that the truth was right in front of her face.
She’s in love with his husband!
But she scarcely knew him, all she just know that right at this very moment she was falling for him, and she hates herself for feeling like that. She hates herself for being weak and helpless; her heart is shattering in pain loving him.
What will happen to her pending marriage….to Leehom. With that reflection she was completely awaken now in this dream, she sober as she remove herself from his warmth embrace and made a decision, she tries to stand up, but Chun was already up offering his hand for support, she ignored it and stand by herself, she felt worn-out from all the circumstances that happened this day.
“I’m alright now, really.” She said not daring to meet his gaze, she doesn’t want to look at his eyes, because she was afraid that he might read her mind, she quickly build a defense shield by moving very far away from him. Judging from her actions he knew that the wind blows a different direction. Okay fine whatever she wanted to do it’s up to her, he understand what she is feeling at this very moment, but he was quite a little hurt because he was still not over the kissed that they shared awhile ago.
“Come on, let’s go now, you need to eat dinner.” he said casually as if nothing happened between them. Her heart twisted in ache at the tone of his voice, as if the beautiful kiss they’ve shared never happed, she said to herself sadly.
“No need, I don’t feel like eating now, I just wanted to go home and be alone.” She said in a defensive tone.
“Whatever you say” he replied, “I’ll drop you home.”
“NO!” she almost shouted, she knew that being near with him is very dangerous, so decided that from now on she must stay far away as much as possible. “I’ll just take taxi. Please.” She pleaded.
This was excellent for both of them, he thought. “Okay then, whatever you like, just promise me that you’ll go straight home and take a rest.” He sternly reminded her.
“Okay” she said nodding her head.

The pounding of the door in Hebe’s apartment in one o’ clock in the morning made Hebe sit up right quickly and eyes fast alert. Someone was calling her name outside her apartment, and shiver with fear, she doesn’t feel good about this, something has happened she knew it. She prayed that nobody was in serious danger or someone met an accident. She swiftly removed her blanket and put on her slippers and gets her sleeping robe from the back of closet door. And run in pace going to her front door.
When she opened the door, she was surprised of what had greeted her; a drunk Leehom flung himself at her, completely wasted. The strong scent of alcohol was burning Hebe’s nose, as she staggered back at his weight, she almost toppled backward because of his dead weight. “What happened to you?” She asked as he tried to push him away and struggled to put his arms to her shoulders, “Why are you drunk?” she asked they walked heavily through the living room, as they finally sit together at the sofa set, she removed herself from him and kneel down beside him and she began to unlace his shoes and removed it. “Okay spill it. Tell me you’re problem” she began as she works expertly on her tasked, because ever since they were collage, when whenever Leehom has a problem he will get drunk and always end up at Hebe’s house, good thing that her parents are always on travel so most of the time she’s alone, now her parents had settled in Australia, but she doesn’t want to moved with them her heart and career was here in Taiwan. She remembered the first incident that he was drunk, he was broken hearted about a girl. Leehom’s shock absorber was Hebe. And she always end up waking every morning, fixing up his mess, and like every other morning he always thank her give her a friendly hug and then leave her house.
“I-I’m suu broken harted!” he slurred, “I-I hayte thaaat mannnn!” he continued wagging his fingers at her.
“Whom do you hate?” she asked as she arranged the pillow at the sofa so he can lie down for a while, because later she’s going to prepare coffee for their long talk.
“The husband of my fiancée! He is fulllllll of shhhhittttt!” Hebe was shocked by his use of words, never in his life entire Leehom was like this. “Okay, tell me again later, I’ll just prepare the coffee.” Hebe went straight to her kitchen, while making coffee, she was thinking what happened tonight was all about Ella and Leehom, she already guess that they have an argument, whatever the reason might be she will have a tough decision because she loved them both, right now she was feeling torn between the two, ever since they began their relationship she was anticipating this, whenever Ella had a problem with Leehom, she was the first person that will know, and same as Leehom. She hate this part because she always settle their problem, and in the end she will feel spent and tired the only thing that motivate her to continue her life was that both of them was her best friend and they were happy. But now another man came into the picture, and he is not just an ordinary man, he’s Ella’s legal husband, and he has the every right to her. She went back in then living room, holding the tray of steaming mug of coffee, she put down the try at the center coffee table. And gently help him up and gave him the coffee. “Now tell me what really happen, don’t leave any other detail, okay?” she begins.
For the next two hours he told her what happen at her office, he told her about the deal that Chun and Ella made, that he was very frustrated with her, and he said some words that he didn’t mean to speak.
From Hebe’s point of view, she has a feeling that Ella and Chun are falling for each other, because the way they treat each other…it’s not unusual, even that you’re husband and wife the never in entire life met before, and you were strangers. Strangers will not have instant connection with each other, they only met three days ago, but they have already spent most of their time together. When Leehon and Ella began dating, they just go out during weekends, not nearly everyday.
“Tell me what will I’m going to do, Hebe?” he asked for advice.
“Honestly Leehom, I don’t know what to say, because both of your situation is complicated, and I think the person who is more hurt now is Ella.”
“But, but why just she just get a divorce. All are planned now, the wedding will happen after six months. We were very happy; I just hope he didn’t appear three days ago”
“Okay let assumed that he didn’t appeared that night, you and Ella were married, then he appeared, your marriage was invalid because he has an evidence that they are the real husband and wife. It’ll be more difficult for everybody. I think everything that happened in our life has a reason, they are some unknown mystery why everything happening right now” she narrated. He digested everyone words that she was saying, but still stubbornly closes his mind. “I’ll still not let go of Ella, she must realizes that we are meant to be together, whatever happens, I’ll not let her go.” He said in finality. Then he quickly put down his cup and lied down on the sofa, showing his back on her.
She closes her eyes in defeat, he was really stubborn, God why did I loved this kind of person. She thought, he was so immature, she didn’t force herself to love him it just happened and she hated herself for that!

The following days Chun still continue to pick-up Ella in the morning, but it turns out to be that she already left the house, or told him that Hebe’s going to pick her up because they’ll go straight at the photo shoot location, or she simply took a taxi. Even during the evening when he is supposedly pick-her up and have dinner, she has another excused that she will work late at night, or she’s not in the office. He has a feeling that she was deliberately avoiding him! And he needs to talk to her. It has been five days now! Pacing in his spacious office, he take his suit jacket at the back of his office chair, it seems like today is eternity, he wants the day to end so he could go straight at her house to settle this once and for all, his mind was filled with her images, he kept on thinking of her everyday since that kiss at her office, he promise himself that whatever decision she makes he will accept it, it’s the best solution to this condition and to his unbecoming love sick idiot! He is becoming like lunatic, and moody. So he just spent his time working hard. But nobody in the company liked it. Not one bit, the previous days that has passed he wa easily got angry, his poor secretary cried in front of him because she just made a wrong spelling at the legal letter for distribution. The committee on finance was very scared of him because they just delayed their reports for just an hour, and they received a memo from him. From the cleaners until to his V.P’s everyone was scared at him now. The tension at their company building is about to crack, just today, no one laugh or joke whenever he is passing on their way, the employees were affected by his mood that no one greeted with each other anymore. He needs to end this now!

Fixing dinner at the kitchen, she was busily cutting tomato and onions for her vegetable salad and her roasted chicken was cooking in the oven, her bake macaroni was done. There a reason why she prepared especial food tonight. It’s her twenty-fifth birthday today, she has been following this date as her birthday according to the orphanage house in Canada. She invited Leehom, Hebe and Selina with his husband Jiro to come over her house and have a little celebration. She made the first move to talk to Leehom, because partly it was her fault what happened the night when they had a fight. She apologizes and told him that she will not ever again talked to Chun, but she negotiated that she will still visit Chun’ grandpa in the hospital. Actually she was at the hospital during her lunch break, it’s the first time she came back there, after her last visit.
Grandpa Que Shan was delighted when she came for a visit, as a matter of fact, he was looking for his grandson, he was asking why he wasn’t with her. She just made up an excused that he was very busy with work that’s why he couldn’t come along with her. Her time spent there was full of laughter because grandpa was telling her stories of his adventure with his late best friend, and he promised her that her next visit with him he will tell her about Chun’s childhood stories. When he mentioned his grandson, she can feel the warmth in his eyes, he truly loved his grandson… he is really fortunate.
But she suddenly feels guilty of avoiding him she knew that she must at least tell him that she don’t want to do anything with him, because every time that she remembers the incident in her office about their shared kiss, she feels guilty that she was betraying her fiancé and she was so afraid that she will make a cake out of herself in front of him. But sooner or later she must clarify things with him, and she is just not ready to face him yet. So in the time being, it’s better this way.
Snapping back her attention to her chore she set the table for five, then she went to the fridge to get the champagne and put it in the ice bucket at the corner side of the table, everything was ready now, she examine again her dining table to check what is missing, then she went to her room to change her clothes. During her birthdays she usually dressed herself up. Because for her it was her special day even only they just celebrate simple dinner at her house. She remembered that her only best friends Selina and Hebe were the one who celebrated with her every year, but this year is very important because Leehom is coming and it was also the first time that they will celebrate with him, and it’s also the first time that Jiro, Selina’s husband will come and celebrate with them. But suddenly she feels a little sorry for Hebe, because she hasn’t found her Mr. Right, she prayed that she can find her own man soon.
She put on a light make-up on her face and carefully styled her short hair, adding some volume. Then she stepped on a simple red tube cocktail dress that hugged her slim figure, and wore matching red strapped high-heel shoe, her skin looked more fairer because of the color of her dress. She was applying her lip gloss when her door bell rang, she hurriedly tidy her dressing table and gave a quick check on her appearance in the mirror, satisfied she run through the door, even though she had the hard time running, because of her shoes. She was already a bright smile when she opened her door.
“Hi! Wel—“ her smile fade away slowly…
Chun’s reaction also slowly changes, he planed to scold her the moment she opens her door, to demand an explanation, but his eyes begins to travel to the tip of her short hair to her lovely face, down to her bare white skin shoulder and linger to her ripe breast down to her trim waist, and to her expose legs until to the tip of her sexy red strapped sandal.
She clears her throat to get his attention, because seconds ago when he was inspecting her she blushes like a strawberry, but quickly recovered her senses.
“Have you finished dissecting me?” she asked in a haughty voice putting her chin up. His dark eyes encountered a pair of irritated coffee brown eye.
“I’m the one whose supposed to be angry at this situation.” He reminded her, “Would you like to invite me in…” he swiftly looked at her living room and smell the aroma of delicious food, “to your little party?”
“Tell me first your reason why are you here and maybe I can invite you in.”
“Oh, don’t be so cruel, Ms. Chen, don’t pretend that you didn’t knew?” raising his left eyebrow.
She opened her mouth to give a scathing comment but she cannot think of any words, she her hands made a surrender gesture and side step at the door signaling him to come inside. The moment the door was closed she begins without preamble. “Okay you have exactly five minutes to talk, then you can leave. I’m a little bit busy tonight.”
“Well if my intelligent mind can guess I think you have an “intimate” date tonight?” he said acidly. Judging the type of her dress.
Jealousy is eating him up, he wants to smash the teeth of her fiancé when he’ll see him, images of intimate thoughts flooded his mind of Leehom kissing her, and he can’t take it!
She was watching the ferocious growl on his face….he looked some kind of funny, then without knowing it, she started to giggle. Bringing her palm to her mouth so she could not make a sound. His attention somewhat came back to her, because he heard an unmistakable sound of giggle. His face was turning slowly into a smile because of her contagious laugh.
Then suddenly the door in her living room swing open making a loud bang at the same time a chorus of four people yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA!”
The two jumped back in surprise. Three smiling people quickly walked in her living room, Leehom leading the way, but stopped still when he saw Chun, making the three other people collided behind him. His eyes squinted when he saw him, “What are you doing here?” he demanded, “Did you figure it out that it’s her birthday today that’s why you invited yourself in our party?”
Chun looked at Ella confirming what he said is true. “It is your birthday today?”
She nodded her head in answer.
Hebe just saw Chun and her intuition tell her that something will bad happened tonight before the party began, so she took the initiative to defuse the tension inside the room. She quickly went beside Ella and kissed her cheeks, “happy birthday, sweetie!” she acknowledged Chun, shaking his hand “Hi! Chun, how are you, it’s great to see you here!” she said brightly, the moment Selina heard the name, she took her cue by rushing in to Ella and greet her also by kissing her cheeks and greeting her luck for her birthday, the she gesture to her husband to come near. “I supposed you remember my husband, Jiro?” she joked. Jiro came to her and greeted her with a kiss, Jiro and Ella were classmates in collage in their minor subject, and they were friends first before she introduces him to Selina. “How’s my favorite girl?” he teased her, “Of course next to my lovely wife.”
“I’m quite fine, thank you.” Giving him a genuine smile, “So how about the twins? Are they fine.” She said softly. When Chun heard her voice and saw the soft smile on her eyes, there’s no mistake that she is very fond of their children. Leehom broke the smile on her face when he asked her again what was Chun doing at her place. Chun answered him instead. “I’m here because I wanted to clarify some things to her, and for your information, I didn’t know that it was her birthday today”
“Really?” he said in a mocking tone. “Well, if you’re not sticking your butt to my fiancée, you wouldn’t know.” He said in a warning tone.
“Umm,” Jiro said putting himself at the middle of the two men. “Please be decent; let’s just make it peaceful tonight because it’s the birthday of Ella.”
Jiro already knew the strange story of Ella’s marriage to this man. Selina already told him, as the matter of fact the first time that he heard it, he laughs off his feet, including how the two met. He taught Selina was not being serious but when he finally met the infamous “husband” of Ella, but he actually though he was nice.
“Ella, would you kindly introduce us to you’re other guest?” Jiro said pertaining to Chun. She gave quick introduction to the group and decided to let him joined the party, because it’s rude to throw him out of his house, but she is not comfortable because of Leehom, but she told herself Leehom will not do something stupid in front of her together with her friends, and beside she knew that Chun is sensible person, they’re both adults.
“Honey, please.” She said to Leehom going beside him “Let’s just celebrate my birthday peacefully. Okay?” she didn’t wait for him to response, she just take his arms to follow her in the dining area. The group follows her inside and they all take their seat. Ella set another plate and they began their dinner…..
Ella’s birthday was indeed peaceful, because nobody talked the entire time of dinner, because of the tension nobody dare to speak, it’s suppose to be a happy celebration not a funeral. Sensing that Ella was unhappy, Chun tries to cheer her up. “If I knew that it was you’re birthday I’ll bring you a present! How insensitive of me!” he laughed loudly, then Jiro seconded by laughing also, both man looked foolishly hilarious that Ella started to giggle as well Selina and Hebe. But only Leehoom is silent.
Ella noticed that her fiancé wasn’t laughing at all, so she stop giggling, then she stood up and said to the group “I’ll just bring the dessert, let’s have it in the living room, so if you could all please go there and wait for a while,” scramming from her chair, then added “if you wanted to watch television you can do so.”
“Wait!” Hebe said “I’ll help you prepare”
“So I guess I need to help also?” Selina teased.
The ladies to the kitchen to prepare the cake while the men stood up and went into the living room with their champagne glasses. Leehom sit at the comfy couch while Jiro sit at the small chair beside it, Chun also sit on the far side of the couch. They drink their champagne in silence, Leehoom was a little bit tipsy now because he already drank too much of wine, and speak carelessly at the men in the room. “You know,” pointing his hand with the glass of champagne, “Ella and I have really lots in common” he said boastfully to Chun. “We have the same taste of type of food, same favorite movies and same kind of music.” He sneered, “I bet both of you don’t have something in common.”
Chun just ignore him, he doesn’t want to go down in his level, especially when his drunk. Seeing that he has no reaction, Leehom trigger him more, he wants a fight, ever since they met he want to give him a punch on the face, and because he’s always sticking on Ella’s affairs. “I’m the first man that Ella said “yes” when her other two previous boyfriends proposed to her. I’m her FIANCE” he stressed the word ‘fiancé’.
“and I’m her HUSBAND.” he replied, that Jiro made choked on his champagne.
Leehom narrowed his eyes in anger, and then said scathingly “Ella is innocent, never had sex with anyone, you see she said that she is saving it for our wedding night.”
“Yes, I knew it the moment we kiss at her office.” Chun said tonelessly, while he gulped the whole content of his wine. A surprise punch smashed the side of face sending him down at the floor, at that moment the girls went inside the room with the cake and plates. The scenario went very fast. Jiro was shouting them to stop, putting down his glass to pull them apart, but the two men was throwing punch at each other, the ladies scream in of the site they have seen, Ella dropped the cake that she was holding and rushed at the two men, while Selina was sensible to put the plates down on the floor, and then Hebe was rushing into Leehom’s side. Chun hold the collar of Leehom intending to give another punch when Hebe suddenly attacked him by hitting him with her small closed fist, screaming and kicking at him without sense, with that Ella scream at her telling her not to touch him and then pushed her away from him with all his might, sending her to the floor, that gave Leehom an opening, he throw another punch at him even if Jiro was pulling him, Chun retaliated by preparing for a big blow, but before his fist connected to Leehom’s mouth his elbow linked to something soft at his back, he ignored it and sent Leehom staggering back, the chaos continued the house of Ella while the night seems to become weary……..

Leehom was sitting at his apartment’s kitchen while Hebe was tending at his bruises by applying ice on it. He cursed in pain when Hebe accidentally put too much pressure on it.
“Sorry” she apologized. Then she continued tending at him.
“This is all that bastard’s fault!” he said angrily, “If he didn’t appeared in our lives, everything will go into plan, me and Ella were happy right now.”
Hebe shakes her head and explained to him clearly and slowly. “Can’t you see it Leehom or are you just pretending to be blind? They are in-love with each other, yes they are husband and wife in a piece of paper but surely they are acting like one!
“No, I won’t believe it!” he said stubbornly.
“Please let Ella go, you don’t really love her, the reason that you are not giving her up is that your gigantic ego is hurting your pride! You’re just completing with Chun in typical macho image but not to Ella’s heart.” She said in a near tears on her voice, when Leehom was still in silence, her dark eyes pleaded him, wanting him, to understand, folding her both hands, she said in a shaking voice “please….look they are some other woman that will gave their heart and whole life to you….” Like me, if you could just give me a chance, giving him a look of longing, she let him see her emotions, her hidden feelings for him that she had kept for a very long time….
“Like who?” he asked “I don’t think there is anymore woman who’ll—“
She closed her eyes in defeat, and firmly shakes her head.
“I can’t believe that I’ve fallen in love with a moron like you”
“What did you say?” he asked suddenly
“Can’t you see me, standing beside you all along! I didn’t say or show anything to you since you and Ella became a couple, I love Ella so much, I treat her like my own sister, I didn’t want her to know that I have a feeling for you.”
“What?” he can’t seems to understand what was she was saying… “So you are saying that you love me?”
“Yes! Ever since we were in high school, I admired you already, even though I’ve seen you with other girls, I kept silence…and it hurts me so much, but now seeing you pursuing Ella and she doesn’t have anymore feelings for you it pains me.” She said with feelings, “Because I knew the very feeling of that”
Leehom stared at her, he can’t accept the truth of what she is confessing, but he can finally see the other image of her, Hebe helping him in his home works during their school days, Hebe tagging along with him and cheering for him at his basketball matches, and Hebe helping and advising him whenever he had problems….
“Oh please Hebe, I don’t deserve these.”
“I know you idiotic moron! But I love you anyway!”

thank you for reading!
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Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/20/08
ehehehe..^_^ omg..i love you right now..for updating..hahaha...and you havnt failed to amuse me..great job! ill be waiting! but no pressure =P! lol
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drkngelzero wrote:

ehehehe..^_^ omg..i love you right now..for updating..hahaha...and you havnt failed to amuse me..great job! ill be waiting! but no pressure =P! lol

hahaha thanks dear, actually this story is already finished there in CEFC, i'll update now okay?
thanks for the support!!!
love yah too!!!
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Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
Author: Joy

this one is dedicated to drkngelzero! hope you like it!!!


Almost tripping at her own foot, Ella was hurriedly preparing all camera equipment the following morning, she had a sleepless night because of what happed recently, last night the two men finally parted after countless minutes later, Ella and Selina was holding Chun while Hebe and Jiro to Leehom, both man are panting from great efforts they had exerted from the fist fight. The room was in a total mess, the cake was scattered on the carpet, her antique vase that she brought from her travel last year was shattered beside the side table, the couch was overturned, and her some of her photo master pieces were broken, laying upside down on the floor. Leehom was still threatening Chun, while Hebe dragged him out the house. After a few minutes of silence, when the pair left, Chun leaves the house without saying anything.
Jiro and Selina gazed at her in sympathy and just help her in tiding up the disordered living room, but after a while their maid called in Selina’s mobile phone telling them that they must go home immediately because the twins are running a slight fever. The couple apologizes to her, and they hurriedly left the house. “Well, happy birthday to me!”She told herself, wiping the threatening tears that will fall on her yes, she took a deep breath and calmed herself, she needs to be strong in this kind of situations, she’s a brave girl, Jia You! She cheers herself up. She started cleaning up the mess of the two most important persons in her life….but she must choose between the two men, or else it will go on like this forever, and she must end this! As if she had a choice! But her heart had already desired one person. The worst thing is how could she face the other man and tell him that she’s sorry and she must follow what’s her heart and mind dictating her.
The phone rang at her living room, sending her back to alertness, she puts down all her things on the couch and she ran to pick up her telephone, a female voice at the other end of the line, introduces herself as the manager of one of the most expensive motorcar showroom in Taiwan, she was confirming if their people delivered her new Mercedes- Benz four wheel drive today.
“You must be mistaken, ma’am, I didn’t bought a new car,” she said in a confused voice, then she is getting impatient, she will be late for work now. “Please I—“ the door bell cut her explanations, and asked the lady to hold on for just a second.
When she opened the door a cheerful face of a middle age man in company uniform of a motor showroom greeted her enthusiastically “Good morning, ma’am I’m looking for Ms. Ella Chen?”
“Yes, speaking? Can I help you with anything?”
“Oh, good ma’am, yes I have a special delivery for you, your brand new 2007 Model of Mercedes- Benz Four Wheel Drive.” He said jovially
“But there must be some mistake I didn’t bought a car” she said she is beginning to get annoyed now, she has no time for practical joke, “Look if this is one of the “hidden camera joke”, please reveal yourself now!” the man looks genuinely hurt from her tone, and said defensively “Ms. Chen I’m not what you think about, I’m doing my job perfectly and proudly for the last fifteen years now.” He said with smugness raising his chin up, “If you want miss you can confirm it with our company.” When he said that she suddenly remember the phone conversation, “Oh I’m sorry just a moment, I forgot something.” She excuses herself at the man and ran back to the phone, “I’m sorry about that, Ma’am but I think the car that you are talking about is here…but I’m telling you honestly that is not mine.”
“Okay miss thank you for confirming, but anyhow that was already paid so there’s no more any problem, Thank you and have a nice day.” The line went dead. She stared at phone for a full minute then slammed it down and said in frustrated voice, “What’s with the people now a day!” She walked back to the delivery man, waiting impatiently at her door. “So miss have you confirmed it?”
“Yes, but—“
“Okay, that a positive answer for me, so this is the key and if you could please sign in this release paper…” handing out the paper on a clipboard and a pen, as if an unknown magnet was pulling her, she signed it without delayed and accepted the car key.
“Thank you miss, and have a good day.” She watched speechlessly drives his truck, leaving behind the shiny new black Mercedes- Benz Four wheel drive. She walked gradually towards the car, as if it’s going to bite her, when she was near it, she her trembling hands touch it, as if she was having a dream, maybe she won it from a raffle draw, she told herself, but she shake her head and remembers that she didn’t remember joining or buying raffle ticket, how could this happed. The world is getting crazy now! She shrugged her shoulders with I-don’t-care manner, and then ran her fingers to her shiny black four wheel car. Eyes in amazement! Wow I got a new car! No, shaking her this isn’t mine I should return this.
After a few minute later she heard a car approaching on her drive way, she recognizes the car and wait for it to stop. Chun went down from his car, smiling handsomely at her. “Hi” he said going to her side, “So do you like it?” he said with a proud smile. Coming toward her,
“What do you mean like? Why is this some—“
“Happy Birthday, Ella.” He greeted her, and then his feature changed into shyness looking down at the ground, with an adorable smile on his eyes and lips.
She gaped her mouth open, pointing at the vehicle, finally understanding what he was saying to her. “Y-you mean this is for me? From you?” her eyes was bulging from its sockets. He laughed softly at her, he is not expecting her reaction but he was very pleased with the outcome. Putting his right palm on her face to wipe away her funny reaction, he said in a laughing tone, “Sorry for my late birthday present, and this car is gift of how truly sorry I was last night.”
She could not talked for a while, she was totally out taken with him, she feels herself warming from his sweetness ad tenderness, her heart began to beat in a loud thud, she put her hands on it to cover, as if fearing that he can hear it’s beating. But her beautiful eyes betray her emotions.
“So are you ready for the road test?” he teased, very pleased of what he can see from her, She shakes her head and told herself she must not feel this way, she still have a relationship with her fiancé….her fiancé! Oh My God, she forgot to call him to check his situation.
“Sorry, Chun but I think, I need to call someone.” She apologizes and then hurriedly went back inside her house.
He was immobilized on the ground, it’s the first time she called his name since they met, and it’s a pleasant sound to his ears, he feels like was in paradise….. He recovers himself from a foolish state, grinning from ear to ear, and then quickly follows her inside her house. When he was there, it was the same time that she dialed her telephone.

The shrill of the telephone ringing, wakes up sluggish Hebe, she was in bed with Leehom. Both of them were naked. Only comforter covers their body from exposure. Unwrapping herself at him, still drowsy from sleep she did not bother to open her eyes and search blindly at his phone, groaning and complaining, for her lack of sleep and tiredness the whole night, she found the phone and put it on her ears.
“Hello?” she said in a sleepy croaky voice.
For a moment Ella hesitated, was it Hebe? She thought, maybe she spend the night there to help Leehom in his hangover. “H-hello, Hebe?”
“Yes, Ella it’s me, what’s up?” still in lethargic voice.
“Is Leehom there? I need to talk to him.”
“Okay” she responded passing the phone to half-awake Leehom, he was disturbed of the conversation that was going on beside him. “Leehom, it’s Ella, she needs to talk to you” the moment she passed the phone to him she immediately went back to sleep, snoring. He accepted the phone from her and asked in a yawning voice, “What?”
Ella was shock at how fast Hebe pass the phone to Leehom, she had a bad feeling about this. “Umm, Leehom are you okay alright now? She asked
“Yes I’m fine.”
“Could we meet tonight, I-I need to talk to you.”
“Fine” he said sleepy, then hand up the phone
“Okay…. Bye” she said at the dead line. For the second time around this morning she stared at her phone as if an unknown creature grows at it. Is there something wrong with her phone today? Or am I beginning to have a mental problem?
Chun was closely watching her reactions, he was starting to get worried about her, and she doesn’t look good, “What’s the matter? Have something happened?”
“Yes…” she answered him after a few moments of thoughts. Then suddenly she look at him in an inquisitive eyes, “I think my fiancé and my best friend spend the night together in bed” she answered in bewildered voice. Now this time it’s Chun’s turn to opened his mouth in shocked……then without knowing it, he snatched her into his arms and laughed loudly……. he laughed so hard that his eyes begins to water, his shoulders shaking then he hold her tightly, putting his face on her fragrant hair, his life for the past week is full of surprises. But he was feeling blissful every time he was with her, there was never a dull moment when he was with her. His wife.
It’s about time to collect his wife.
After a few minutes later, he asked her in laughing tone. “Shall we get even with them by doing the same thing?”
“Stop fooling around at this situation” she said in a nervous laugh, freeing from his embrace, giving him a stern look, then to her delight shock Chun give her a surprised quick kiss on the mouth, and then released her.
“Come on, let’s go for a road test.” He said turning his back and taking her hands dragging her outside the house, “and cancel your work today, I have a surprise for you.”

thanks for reading!
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Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08>.< thanks for the update again!!! thank you thank you!!! so looking forward for this whole story..good thing ur finish with it ^_^im excited to read all of it...haha..ive read other chunella fanfics but they bored me to death..but im loving this every chapter ^_^ yays!!!!
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warning: PG, some languages and context contains adult materials......
but for me this is so sweet, okay, actually this is very light, the next one will be more heavy. hehehe!

Author: Joy


“Wait!” she stopped and forcing him to stop by pulling his hand back, she like the feeling of holding his warm big hands engulfing her tiny hand. “Where are we going?” she asked in a puzzled expression.
“Where else? Around Taiwan,” rolling his eyes smiling sweetly at her, “Come on, let’s break in your car, drive wherever you want and stop wherever you like,” then he paused to think of something, “ Oh I forgot to tell you, bring your camera. So will have remembrance on this trip.” He said in a wise voice that she found very sexy.
“Okay wait, let me get my camera.” She went back to her house and grabs her camera on the couch and then she went and get her purse on the side table. While Ella was busy getting the things that she needs at her house, Chun walked to his back to his car and opened the back door, he took out a blanket and picnic basket that he personally prepared for their lunch, even though they have maid and cook at his house, he still loves cooking, it’s one of his passion beside eating delicious high class to ordinary food. As a matter of fact, never cooks food for any of his previous dates, he found it tiring, and time consuming. He rather wants to eat in a restaurant. But being with her is different. He want to pamper and shower her with expensive gifts, because she deserves it, he wants treats her in a very special way, because she is special, not only that she is his wife but she is also his savior, until from the beginning, and he can feel that she reciprocate his feelings as well , he was aware of it. He remembered last night, maybe she was not conscious of what she is doing, that she almost break Hebe’s neck by pushing her away from him while Hebe is attacking him, and she was screaming at her, shouting “Why are you hurting him! Don’t hurt him! He didn’t do anything to you!” she kept on repeating that but it seems like Hebe is not listening. Then he didn’t know what happened next because he was too busy punching Leehom’s face. He doesn’t want to recall about last night, he just wiped the ugly memories from the past. Today he wants to start with something new, a fresh start for both of them, he want to dropped off the past and look forward to a new future.
Snapping back to the present time, Chun was very excited of their “date” today, if that should be the right term of it. He was looking forward that she will love the foods that he prepared. He woke up early in the morning just to prepare for it and he wanted it fresh, so he put it in a special container that it still remain hot and fresh when they eat it for lunch, and was hurrying in coming to her house, because of the fear that she already left the house, but good thing she didn’t because the new car was there to delayed her. He likes everything about her, from her physical appearance, sexy, beauty and natural. And what’s the most important of all is her attitude that’s what’s make him attracted to her, caring, loving, down to earth, honest and brave, from now a days you can seldom find women like that. And the best thing that he likes about her; was her wonderful beautiful eyes. Eyes that reflect her heart and soul, eyes that sparkle every time she looks at him, eyes that was angry at him when he did something wrong, and eyes that reflecting love…she is so transparent! No pretentions at all. What more he could asked for an ideal wife. Now thinking back, he was really grateful to his grandfather, if he hadn’t have the idea that they got married when they are young, he will not know the feeling of being in love…
In love!
Yes, his in love for the very first time he admitted that he was in love with her, never in his entire life, he felt like this, he is love with his wife!
He wants to shout at the top of his lungs, “I’m in love with my wife!” he wants jump and scream with happiness, if being in love is like this, he can call himself mental, grinning like a fool, daydreaming about her in the middle of his meeting, getting angry at all of his employees when she was avoiding her for a week, then waking up in the middle of the night sweating because of her! But now is totally different, he was feeling excited like a stupid teenager with his first crush, that he will do anything just to impress her.
“Thank you grandpa” he said thinking of him, he is very appreciative to him for giving him this wonderful gift, now he can totally understand his grandpa, his prayer right now is the he will recover quickly so they can move in their house altogether. God! He was thinking of taking her to his hour now! Of course she belongs to him only, and he wants him soon! Or else his going to die of waiting. But before that he must woo her first to gain her trust and confidence, he was so damn happy that his wife was exclusively his and him only.
Ella materialized after a few minutes carrying her bag and camera, good thing she wore her casual outfit today, pink loose blouse with a wide oval neckline, three-fourth jeans and her rubber shoes, they are ready for their short outing this weekend. They opened the back compartment of the car and put all their things inside Ella took the camera and hang it on the neck. They are all set and ready.

Driving her new car, the glass roof was open over the top, Chun opened it awhile ago so that they will have fresh air in the morning, with the wind blowing her hair, she feels great and free, as if all of her problems in the world was blown away together with the wind, the best part was sitting beside him in the new expensive car that he gave for her, it was more than she could imagine, she is not teenager anymore to feel like this! But her mind and soul are screaming for him, gosh, she could easily gave in to him, she’s like a puppet controlled by him, but this puppet has a feeling, a very special feeling because someone makes her happy, or sad, actually her emotions being with him is like roller coaster. Most of the time she feels blissfully happy near him, some other time just thinking of him is very painful, because of the situation that they are in. She’s going lunatic, anytime from now she will be admitted to the mental sanitarium, and her case will be “total insanity because of her husband!” Just looking at his warm sexy smile she could melt on the spot and died in happiness, her heart is lurching non-stop when he’s being near with her. She was so afraid that maybe she will do something stupid in front of him, like confessing her love to him! Gosh that will be so embarrassing! She is really a stupid fool; she wasn’t contended with her fiancé now she’s in love with his husband!
Maybe he will think that she is a brainless idiot or like a trained puppy that whatever he told him, she’ll just follow him anywhere without thinking, obeying his every command, but what could she do? She can’t seem control her own heart or emotions. But she like the sensation is being near with him, she doesn’t want to think, but she just wish to be with him forever….
“Let’s make a stop after the next intersection” he told her after awhile
“Huh?” she asked in confusion she was still day dreaming about how good looking and sexy he is. She straighten up her back and clears her throat and went back to reality, she doesn’t want him to think that she was a stupid witless teenager. “But the next stop is the zoo, why are we going to the zoo?”
“Of course it’s the Zoo,” he told her with a smile. “I haven’t been here since we have school field trip when I was in my primary grades,” he said his eyes sparkling with excitement, “and I want to relax and have a stroll, and enjoy watching those cute creatures.” He said excitedly like a child going to his first trip to the zoo. Actually she also want to go to the zoo long time ago, but Selina and Hebe doesn’t like it, especially Leehom, they don’t want to walk a long mile and looking at the bored animals staring back at them, but she loves zoo, she likes to see different kinds of animals, she wants to feed some of them, she wants to know more information about them, now thinking of it, she is contagiously feeling excited.
They parked her new “expensive” car near in the entrance good thing that they are the first one to be there, or else later the parking lot will be packed because some family will be there to have their weekend trip and some tourist also, she grab her camera and opened the door, they walked into the gate and paid the entrance, Chun gets some guide map beside the door to plan what should they see first, the zoo is very big, it will take you hours just to see all the animals. So they decided to go in east first, they went to the birds first, to colorful parrots that is very noisy, to the owls, beautiful peacocks, big ostrich to the biggest and the smallest different kinds of birds. They took pictures of them, laughing and then feeding them, Ella took secrets picture of him, when he is busily looking at the animals, smiling foolishly, them he told her later on that they must have a picture together with the animals, so whoever passed by they asked them a favor to take a photos of two of them together, some tourist was gladly do the favor, they always wish them both of luck in their love, because they thought they were a newly wedded couple. They just laugh and smile at them saying thank you, they round the whole zoo for the next two hours, holding hands, pointing at the animals, taking pictures, sometimes they just took a photos by themselves with Chun holding the camera, while they pressed their heads together and both of them where smiling and making a funny faces.
They took a break by buying jumbo hotdog on sticks, and sandwiches with a big glass of cola-cola, they are walking while eating, sometimes feeding each other, it seems like that it’s very natural of them to do it. They talked about their funny childhood stories, that makes them laugh out loud, and it makes the people stare at them, even the animals where curious about them, because they are disturbing the peaceful mid morning at the zoo, then they suddenly stops laughing otherwise the people might throw them out of the zoo! They talked about their individual work, they talked about their friends, and they never had a dull time with each other. After they finished their breakfast, they rounded the place in the zoo that they haven’t yet visit, and took some pictures again. After an hour they are back in her car. Exhausted, they were both panting from a laughing, and walking. “Are you fine?” he asked in a concern voice. “Of course, I’m fine.” She answered him breathlessly, “Let me just catch my breath.”
“If you want, I can drive in the rest of out trip?” he suggested.
“No I’m quite fine.” Shaking her head, giving him a soft smile “and beside this is my new car and I’m the one doing the road test” she proudly putting her chin up, and pointing the thumb on her chest. He shouted with laughter, because of her funny expression and the whole car vibrated because of his voice. Then he can’t help himself, he swiftly grabbed her and kissed her senselessly in the car, endless minutes, he released her, putting him away from his lap, removing her arms around his shoulders, she didn’t notice that he puts her on his lap awhile ago while they were kissing. “Okay darling that enough already, because the security guard at the gate was about to break his neck cringing pretending not to look at us” he said teasingly. She blush embarrassedly, running her fingers to her hair to give it a little comb to arranged her messy hair, while she glanced at the security guard that was observing then. Then she continued to fixed her hair, the way she did it, Chun finds it very seductive, he closed his eyes and lean on the headboard on the passenger seat, God if he will not control himself now, he could take her right in here! In her new “expensive” car! I must calm down, I must calm down he prayed to himself, he took a deep breath and opened his eyes and told her brightly. “Come on let’s go!”

The next two hours they spend it in conversation again, while she drives the car, it’s like that they never run out of topic, that’s why the times flies very fast they didn’t know that they are near to their next destination in Guanzi Hill, one of the popular tourist spot in their country, they walked hand in hand in the historical place, reading the tablets studying back it’s history, Ella take picture of the scenic place, it was indeed beautiful, the breath taking view of the green hill was refreshing and beautiful, the air was so nice and cool, actually the weather today was nice, it’s not too hot nor cold. It’s just the right temperature. It’s already nearing 2 pm so they walked to the grassy park at the opposite side of the hills, they found a tree that was secluded, but it still part of the park area, he unfold the blanket that he was carrying and lay it on the cool grass, and then they sit on it, while they prepared their lunch.
“So you cook all these?” she asked her voice was in doubt, rising up her left eyebrow.
“Yes. Why? Do you think I just buy all this in a convenient store?” he replied with a meek hurting tone, but his eyes are teasing her, she didn’t get that he was just teasing, because she was too busy arranging the steamed dumpling and deep fried shrimp tempura packed in a stainless bowl with a mini sauce dip in the middle of it, actually all the foods looks appetizing, the stir friend noodles with colorful vegetable is mouth watering, together with the mongolian friend rice, the mushroom soup was still warm because it was place in a special kind of container that the temperature will still remain for hours. The ceramic plates and silver spoon and fork were glistening in the sun. “Okay, I’m sorry,” apologizing to him, she taught that she hurt his feelings by her comment, then said in a meek tone, not daring to meet his eyes “I’m just messing with you when I said that.” Then she added in an animated exaggerated tone, to bring back the merry mood that they have the whole day “Hmm this was all delicious!” folding and clapping her hands in excitement. Chun find that very endearing so, the tugging feeling in his chest makes him experience sweetness and tenderness at the same time. He just laughed softly at that then, he gets the red wine in the chiller and he pours it on the two wine glasses and handed one to her. He proposed a toast to her, putting his arm up he said, “To you Ella, happy birthday” clinging their glasses, she for the first time of the whole trip she was speechless and tears stung her eyes, he’d done so much things for her, buying her an expensive gift, preparing and cooking food for her, making her feeling happy today, and the best of all that he found her real loving family for her, what more she could asked for him. She swallowed hard she will make a cake of her self again in front of him, so she quickly organize herself.
They started eating the delicious foods, she was doubled shocked when she tasted it, it is truly scrumptious, “Where did you learn how to cook?”
“Well when I was small had a nanny, mama Manju, she was half Chinese- half Indian, as her cooking was like the best I’ve ever tasted, every time she cooks I was there in the kitchen bugging her millions of questions about cooking, but she just patiently answers all my questions and teach me the culinary arts of cooking, she was with us for about ten years, but…”
“But what happened? Did she go somewhere else to cook? Maybe she got feed up of your non-stopped litany” she joked
“Yes, she did go somewhere else, she went to heaven” he said tonelessly. She made an audible gasped, and quickly apologizes to him.
“Don’t worry I bet she was very happy there right now, I bet she cooks food for all the angels there.” He said teasingly, so he could ease her worry. “But look when she produced now, an excellent cook! Hmm I miss her sometimes” his eyes clouding with memory, actually he treats her like his own mother because he has none since he was a child. Observing his expression, she automatically comforts him by putting her hand to his and squeezing it in encouragement. He didn’t expect it, staring at her small hand on the big one; he laced his fingers to her, then bring it to his mouth for a kiss.
“Thank you” he said simply, but when he met her gaze, her great beautiful teary eyes, were threatening to spill, he was shock that she was crying. “Why? Why love, why are you crying?” he asked softly.
“B-Because y-you are truly amazing.” She answered her shoulders began to shake and her voice breaking.
“What!” he exclaimed then once again, he looses himself because of her, “Oh love, don’t cry for me! I don’t deserve this.” As he pulled her into his arms engulfing, her small frame to his big body, putting his chin on her head.
“Y-yes, you d-do, you know why?” she said as she searched his eyes pulling away from his embrace
“Because…” softly touching his chin with her fingertips “you’re an angel” she said in a trembling voice.
He curse, and pulled her swiftly on her arms, holding both sides of her face, he brings her mouth to his, and the moment her lips touches his, he can’t contained it any more, he kissed her with fierce tenderness with all the passion that he felt her, his mouth slating on hers, forcing her mouth to open, and when she did he groans audibly, his tongue search inside her mouth tasting her sweetness, and when she imitate him by offering her tongue to him, he was lost. Slowly her hands began to travel to his chest going up to his neck to his nape, and she wrapped him tightly with her arms, lost in wild and passionate kiss they shared he started to lower her down the blanket, pushing all the food aside, he was on top of her, he started to caressed her bare soft skin on her waist, under her blouse, Oh God she feels so soft, his hand travelled to her stomach, up into her ribcage, until it stopped on her soft breast, she moans passionately bringing her body in more close contact to her, he must stop this now! He told himself, but his mind was not functioning properly, he started to teased her breast by caressing it, he broke the kiss in their mouth and bring his lips to her ears, nipping and whispering “Tell me to stop now love, please.” But she just continues to moan. “We can not do it here, love” he reminded her. With that she opened her eyes are look at the bright cloudy sky in front her. OH God! She completely lost herself to him in broad day light! Not only that, they were exposed in public! It’s a good thing that they are the only two person in that time in the park, or else….
Sensing that she was sober now, he removed his body away from her, and his hands away from his breast. Seeing her flushed face and her mouth swollen from his kisses, he likes to take her again, but not now so he just kissed the tip of her nose and told her. “Shall we get out of here?” she nodded obediently, and then he asked the final question: “You’re place or mine?”

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OMG!!! excited...lmao..wait..does that make me a pervert?...hahahaha..i just wish this would truly hapen to them..haha..cnt wait!!! another heart pounding chapter..hihihihihi ^_^ thanks for updating!!!!!!!
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thanks for updating!!
how many chpters all in all?!?!
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you're a good writer!
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hi ate joy!
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chunellafanatic wrote:

thanks for updating!!
how many chpters all in all?!?!
i'm so excited to read them all..
you're a good writer!
thumbs up!!

it got 20 chapters i think....hehehe....
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