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Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
hehehe this is the much awaited chapter! i'm sure all the pervy out there will enjoy this! LOL!!!
so please those who are underage, i already warning you, if your reading in a public place like school or computer shop make your windows smaller! hehehe! just kidding!

Author: Joy


The three hour drive back to her place just took them for only two hours, Chun “volunteer” to drive her car, forcing her to give the car key to him. He drives the car for 180-220 kph, good thing that the road is clear. And he doesn’t mind radars ahead of them. They drive in silence, feeling like it’s an eternity for them.
Ella was thinking that this is “It”, she will finally do it, she is ready. She was ready ever since the first time that they kissed, he was the one for him, and she could never imagine that she could fall in love this fast! And to think that she’s still engage! No she was not it, finally dawn to her now that she never really loved Leehom, she taught she loved him, but it was just an infatuation on her part, she taught that she will be for him forever, but it was a mistake because, all these years, God has a better plan for her, he gave a perfect man for her, and he is waiting for her also.
She wanted to pleased him badly, to make it Amazing for him, that’s the only gift she could afford to give now, right this time, but how could she do it, she’s not well experienced in this kind of field, she’s an excellent joker, when it comes to that, but if you will do it for real, she feels like running away and hide, she knew that something will happened to them, but no idea of what to do first. But she must face this fact, Chun is her husband, and it’s a part of their relationship. Just thinking about what will happened makes her palm sweat, she rubbed her palms on her knees nervously, putting her right elbow on the window of the car, and she started to bite her fingernails.
When he stopped the car in front of her house he didn’t notice her reaction because he was too busy thinking of what going to happen in a little while. He opened the door, and she follows him slowly behind. As they enter inside the house, he turned around swiftly and kissed her torridly, crushing her in his arms, kissing her with all persuasive force, his mouth slanting over hers, his tongue teasing and provoking, she responded willingly showing him how much she loved him, giving him what he wants, she is willing to give her body and soul for him. Their lips still locked from the kiss, suddenly he carries her by putting his hands under her buttocks, pulling her upward as she opened her legs wrapping it around his waist, as she hold his head not breaking the kiss. He was such in a hurry that he can’t control himself, they bump into the wall of the stairway, lost in a passionate wild kiss, Chun finally found the bedroom and opened the door in a loud bang, but they don’t mind it. He sat down on the bed, with Ella still on his lap, the type of their position with her belly lock in front of his stomach was provocative, he conscience was telling him to go slow, because he was being too fast, any minutes now he will explode. He hands went under her shirt, her soft bare flesh felt like a liquid satin beneath his hands as he caress her narrow waist, he spread his fingers over her midriff, and then finally seeking her breast, the sweet sound of her moan was almost his undoing, it made his entire body throb while his fingers explored every inch of her breast and nipple, “God you are so sweet!” he groaned, as he started to pull her shirt upward, while she raised her arms willingly so he has no trouble of taking her shirt off, just looking at her bear white skin wearing only her bra, was almost his undoing. He pulled her out of his lap and helped her to stand in front of him, his eyes travelling around her body, he put his fingers at the buttons of her shorts and started to opened it, but suddenly she started to shy away. “Why love? What’s wrong?” he asked in a soothing voice, he doesn’t want her to be scared of him. “N-nothing,” she said uncertainty, daring not to meet his eyes, her cheeks were red in embarrassment, she’s started to tremble, seeing her reaction, his heart went out for her, “Oh love, come here” he invited her, opening his arms for her, she willingly go in his arms, hiding her face on his chest, as she sit again on his lap “I’m sorry….” She said in a whisper, “I’m not good at this”
“What are you talking about, darling, you’re perfect” he whispered to her ears, nipping it.
“Oh Chun, I’m sorry that I have no experience from this, I am just good in spoiling our mood, all I wanted to do is to please you so much, I want it to be good for both for us, but I don’t know what to do.” As she looked into his eyes, baring her heart and soul to him. Chun control his desire for a bit, he wanted her to be enjoy this as much as he do. He took a deep breath and said “I know love, that’s why nothing going to stop me from doing this, look, I know that married people say that this is a duty of the wife to please his husband, but we are doing this because of the “duty” of we have to do it, but we are both willing to do this.” To prove what he was saying, he took her hand and put it on his chest, “Can you hear it?” he asked her. “This is how much I wanted you.” He said, as she feels the pounding of his heart, “You don’t have to do anything, just follow the beat of your heart.” She looked at him innocently, but her eyes clouded with desire, seeing her reaction, he know that he was doing the right thing, “Come on love,” he invited “do whatever you want and I am at your service” he teased. She spread her palms on to his chest, then she started to unbutton his shirt, she kissed the flesh that was exposing to her eyes, he can’t control his groan, upon hearing his grumble, she felt powerful as she took of his shirt, and begins to she kissed the muscles in his chest, caressing his shoulders and arms, he can’t hold it any longer, he turned her face for a torrid kiss, slanting his mouth from hers.
Guided with love and pure instinct, Ella surrendered willing to him. He lay down the bed slowly, with her on the top of him, he sun is setting now from the window, the room is getting dimmer, more intimate, abruptly he changed their position as he rolled her on shifting their positions, now he was on the top of her, arms still wrapped around each other, not breaking the contact of their mouths, as his hands grope to find the clip of her bra at her back, when he release it, he removed and throw it behind. His big hand took its place, caressing it, teasing her nipples in attention, his mouth break the kiss and travel lips around her cheeks, down to her neck, tasting her bare flesh, leaving marked on it, then his lips when to the place were he fantasize for a long time, he kissed her breast, slowly drawing her hardened nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue against it, teasing her with his mouth. Her hands tangled in the hair at his nape, holding him closer to her breast, and when he sucked on her nipple, she gasped with pleasure, her whole body twisting against his. He trailed kisses along with her stomach, his hands gliding ceaselessly up and down her sides and breast and hips, and then he finally lifted his head, then he put his hands at the button of her shorts, ready to take it off, this time she helped him taking it off together with her undines, he straddle at her, filling his eyes with the wonderful sight that she was offering to him, then he stand up beside the bed and take off the rest of his clothes, he stand in front of her, her gaze never left him while he undress, he stand unashamedly at her, and soon her eyes began to travel against the solid muscles in his body. From his neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen until her eyes stopped at his lower part of the body, the way she watched him makes him reacted strongly, that why her eyes widen with shock of how “big” he really looked like, he quickly went again to her side.
While kissing passionately, she runs her hands to his entire body, until it stopped to his aching rigid shaft. She quickly removed her hands from there as if her hand touched a fire.
Passion rage through every pore of his body, he never felt like this before in any woman that he knew all he knows that this lady was becoming a woman right now willing to give her all for him, this woman who was deliberately driving him half mad with desire.
Hungrily, he open his mouth for more intimate kiss while his hands glided down her hips and thighs, then shifted, covering the curly triangle between her legs. She stiffed at his intimate touch, and closed her eyes with embarrassment swallowing hard.
With an effort that nearly sapped his strength, Chun made his hands still and slowly lifted his head. “It’s okay love,” he said in a throbbing whisper, as his hands began to move, gently but relentlessly caressing her most sensitive place, his fingers probing her moist warmth, seeking entrance. “Trust me.”
After a moment’s hesitation, the rigidity went out of her limbs and Ella’s thigh parted sweetly.
The surge of tenderness he felt for his innocent wife with the melting eyes at the moment was more that he could contain. He stared down at her, feeling humbled by her sweet, selfless giving, and her heated face was buried against his chest while his fingers toyed with hers, probing gently to prepare her for him, her hands clasping the muscle of his upper arms.
With a combination of blazing desire and genuine dread at the knowledge he was going to have to hurt her, he braced his weight on his forearms, he cradle her face between his hands, his throbbing shaft poised at the entrance of her body. “Ella,” he said in an aching voice that sounded strangely to his own ears.
Her amazing lovely eyes opened, and he could tell she already knew, she knew that the first time will hurt. Instead of closing her eyes, she puts her fingertips to the side of his face, and told him. “You’re so gentle…”
Moving his hips slowly, Chun penetrated her fraction with each stroke, pushing slightly deeper into her tight warmth until he found the barrier that blocked the further entrance, but no amount of gentle, normal pressure would break it.
His last hope that this would be painless and easy died in his breast. Lifting her hips to receive him, he withdrew almost all the way and covered her trembling lips with his own. “I’m sorry, love” he whispered hoarsely against her mouth. Holding her imprisoned, he drove swiftly into her. Her body arched and her soft cry of pain slashed a crossed his heart, but she never once pushed him away. Instead she opened her eyes; the brief pain began to subside. Her husband’s handsome face was dark with passion and harsh regret, and she put her arms around him. “It wasn’t that bad as that” she whispered.
The fact that she was trying to console him was more than Chun could withstand. With painstaking slowness, he to move within her, plunging gently, then retreating to plunge again, watching her lovely flushed face, as she began instinctively move with him.
With her nails biting the into the bunch muscles of his back, Ella strained toward him in trembling need, pressing herself willingly to the demanding, rhythmic thrust of his hard body, while within her uncontrollable inner excitement began to build, grating her body with quick, piercing stabs of desire.
“Don’t fight it, love” he whispered thickly, his shoulders and arms taut with strain of holding back, his chest heaving with force of each labored breath. Steadily, he began to increase the tempo of his driving rhythmic strokes. “Let it happen.”
Ecstasy exploded in Ella, spilling through her veins while spasms racked her body, making her cry out. The moment she did, Chun tightens his arms around her and drove fiercely into her. His body erupted like a volcano, pouring his seed into her welcoming warmth with the force that made his entire body jerk again and again. Convulsion of pleasure were still racking him as he gently lifted his weight from her and moved onto his side, taking her with him, his body still joined with her.

Ella surfaced slowly from the sweet, hot oblivion to which he has sent her moment ago. As she lay in his protective embrace, her head nestled beneath his chin. So this is how everyone feels after they made love….her eyes sting with tears, she can’t control the water pouring down at the side of her face, and then she began to cry.
Lost in his own thought Chun was preoccupied of the most wonderful thing happened in his life, he could never imagine that his dreams will become reality, and its ten times sweeter than he ever thought it could be.
He suddenly notice the wetness of his chest, and the trembling shoulders that shaking in front of him, then he instantly regret of what they did, he doesn’t want her to see like this suffering. “I’m sorry, love.” he said regretfully “I knew we shouldn’t do it yet, but please understand me, I wanted you so much that…” he swallowed hard, he can’t continue because he can see her suffering like this again.
She stilled and stopped crying when she heard his voice, “Go on” she said to him.
Chun put his chin down trying to read her face, “Excuse me?” he said in confusion. But he can’t see her lovely wonderful eyes.
“You said that you were sorry that we did this,” she reminded him, “But as for me, I don’t regret this. But it’s okay, coz you were getting to the good part”
“What? What good part?” he asked her again, he was so confused with her now.
“You said that you wanted me so much that what?”
“But I thought you were crying because I hurt you? That we shouldn’t let this happend.”
“No, I was not crying because of that.” She insisted shaking her head in emphasis, not wanting to look at him, while her fingers where drawing circle around his chest, and he was beginning to feel excited again. He caught her fingers by his hands in order not to make another “damage” to his uncontrollable desire to take her again. “But why are you crying?”
“Because I’m happy.”
“Because of the hundred of novels that I have read, I never knew that after making love, this is what every women was feeling”
“Why? What was every women feeling.”
“I felt love, unconditionally love, I felt complete.” She said simply, finally meeting his eyes, “And sometimes beauty makes me cry.” She whispered achingly.
“I love you” he said in his mind, showing the love in his eyes.
“I love you too” she whispered back to him as if reading his mind.
He was lost in those beautiful coffee brown eyes and the words that he was longing for him to hear, and then he pulled her again to his arms and take her to the place he wanted to take her.

thanks for reading, and i need you comments!
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Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
ZOMG!!!!! that was so mouth was open the whole time i was sucks cuz ur such a good writer with good description that it make me feel like im actually watching the story come to life...haha...does that mean i was watching porn...of ella and chun?...hahahahaha...thanks for the update!!!! lolxxx >.<
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Posted 6/24/08 , edited 6/24/08

Author: Joy


Ella was inside the elevator going to her office, with a smile paste on her face, it’s been already two days since they made love, and it was heaven, yesterday Chun stayed in her house the whole day, they cleaned her house together, cooked food, eat lunch, stroll in a small park near her house, and watched DVD and during night they filled each other senses with love, and now it’s the first day of the week, both of them need to get back to work, but today is different with any other Mondays that has passed.
The moment she entered the building at her work, she greeted enthusiastically all her colleagues whom she passes by. For them, it’s very unusual, because this past few weeks they can’t greet her properly because her mind was pre-occupied, pouring her self to the work non-stop, but now seeing her again with her eyes shining brightly and soft smile paste on her mouth, they were knew that some thing wonderful had have happened to her. They wonder what it is. They thought.
Chun suggested her last night after they made love that she “needs” to move in with him in house, because it’ll be more practical and accessible to her work because his house is nearer at her office, but she wants to suggest to him that they can make her house as their home, but she considered his feelings, she loves him so much that she don’t wish for him to get hurt, and besides she have still no idea what is his house looks like, he just told her that their house is big. So they decided to move this weekend, and tonight they will visit their grandpa in the hospital to check on him and tell him the good news about them. Everything was settling now, they were both happy and blissful; the only thing that is not settle is her case with Leehom.
She has no idea how she would tell him about her true heart, she doesn’t want to hurt him because after all he has been a part of her life, but she could not help herself, she loves Chun more than anything else in this world, if she could give her life again to him, she will do it without hesitation. She brush off thought in her mind about Leehom, she don’t have to worry about that, for now all she could think is Chun…..
She was still fantasizing and dreaming about him when she opened her office door, absently smiling at the same time ignoring her secretary, Mary, who were stationed at the small desk outside her office door, and was about to warn her that someone is waiting for her inside her office since early this morning. She was shocked when someone almost knocked off her feet, hugging her tight and crying.
It’s Hebe.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” she kept on apologizing and crying hysterically, shoulders rocking, her words is jumble because she was crying too much that Ella can’t understand what was she trying to say.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t meant it to h-happen to us, it just turn out to be like that, I- I didn’t mean to betray you….y-you see I-I love him since when I was in high school, I didn’t tell y-you about him, that I admire him long, long time ago, I-I—“
“Wait” she said, pulling of Hebe in her chest, she was holding her tight that she all of her oxygen supply is cutting off, taking a deep breath she shake her a little bit so she could stop taking rapidly and at the same time she was confused of what she’s trying to say that she loved Leehom long time ago….ever since she was in high school! Man! That was like 10 years back….
“Are you telling me that you have feelings for Leehom? Way back when you were still a teenager?!” she asked brows in knot, searching her eyes.
“Y-yes…” she said uncertainly, shame was eating Hebe that she can’t look at her straight in the eyes.
“Then, why didn’t you tell me the first time that you introduce us together?!” she demanded.
“Because, when he approached me after my 24th birthday and I thought he was finally going to asked me out, but it turned out that he likes you a lot.” Fat tears rolling down her cheeks.
“But, you are my best friend! At least you have told me the truth!”
“I have no heart to do that to you! I mean you were my best friend, you mean a lot to me, and I love him. Knowing that both of you were so happy. I have no right to dictate or tell you that you must not love him,” she said meekly, and then continues in a whispered voice “And now…. I don’t know how to tell you that….that….that…”
“Yes….that, that what….?” She asked nodding her head, waiting patiently what was Hebe is going to tell her.
Hebe took a deep breath and told her boldly, closing her eyes
“We got married yesterday!” she said fast and loud, getting ready for her best friend’s fury.
Ella eyes widen like saucers, her eyes balls almost pop out of it’s socket, and her mouth open wide, she was so shocked to hear the news. She just stands still in place not moving, like a statue.
When Hebe feels nothing had hit her face or head, she slowly opened her eye, first her right eye, peeking at her friend, she doesn’t expect her to be shock like this, if the situation is not serious she would laugh out loud because of her friend’s comical reaction, and then she tried to call her, “E-Ella…. Ella?” when she didn’t answer her, she tried to shake her shoulders, “Hey, Ella? Please don’t scared me like this..” shaking her harder, she was beginning to feel afraid now, Ella was not talking nor moving. “Please say something!” she was starting to panicked. She will not forgive herself if something will ever happen to her best friend.
“Please…. Sorry if I burst it out, but I don’t know how to tell you that, it just happened to us, he asked me to marry him, and I said yes, but I didn’t expect that he will brought me to the judge yesterday and immediately get married at the court.”
Ella was coming back to reality; at last she found her voice.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed loudly and at the same time, hugging her and jumping in delight.
“OH MY GOD!” Ella said, and then all of a sudden, after that jumping and hugging event she gave Hebe a childish kiss right in her mouth. This time it’s Hebe’s turned to be shocked of Ella’s reaction to her.
“CONGRATULATIONS!” she said excitedly, then she asked her rapidly with million of question, “Why didn’t you tell me? Does Selina have any idea about this? Oh My God! What did your parent say about this? They were in Australia right? And what about Leehom’s parents, gosh what will I will tell them, that all of a sudden, we broke up the engagement and you and him---“
“OK STOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she shouted at her.
She immediately stopped talking, and focuses her attention to her friend’s irate face.
“Aren’t you bothered that, we got married?”
“No.” she said giving her a smile
“Why? I mean you are his fiancée and all….”
“Oh, Hebe I was genuinely happy for both of you! You have no idea how relieved I’m right this moment.”
“May I ask why?”
“Because, I love my husband!”

The days flew very fast, it’s been a week since Hebe and Leehom’s wedding took place. Both couple has a good relationship now, at first Leehom was ashamed of Ella, he can’t face her, but when Hebe convinced her that, everything was okay now, and Ella has forgiven them, he finally got the guts to talked to her in private, last night they have a coffee in a local restaurant and settle things straight between the two of them, while Chun was pacing back and forth at her living room waiting for Ella to arrived at her house to asked her about the discussion that took over, so it has been decided that this the following next Sunday evening the three couples will have dinner at Chun’s house, that later on will become Ella’s.
She was driving her “expensive” car right now, it’s Saturday today, the day she had been waiting for, and she is going to her new “house”. Chun supposed to pick her up, but something happened that he can’t personally pick her, he will just wait for her in the house where an emergency business meeting going on that he can’t possibly postpone, so he just gave her the address of his house.
She stops her car in front this huge mansion, and then checked the address that was written in a piece of paper that she was holding right now, she was familiar with this place because these area was famous of all the rich people living in here, but her husband said that it was only a big house, she doubled checked the number on the gate of the mansion and her paper no. 23 it’s the same, but she was thinking if she heard him correctly when he said the number of his house, but she tried anyway, she pressed on the speaker phone outside the gate and wait for it to answer, finally a voice of an old man answers in the receiver.
“Yes, Wu Mansion Residence, Choi, speaking”
She was still debating if she heard the family name correctly.
“Um yes, Does a Mr. Wu Chun residing here at this mansion?” she asked hesitantly.
“Yes, he is the owner of this mansion; may I know who is speaking please?”
“Tell him it’s me, Ms. Ella Chen.”
The butler recognize immediately the name, and of course the face in the monitor outside.
“Good morning! Mrs. Wu, it’s finally good you came at last, please one second and I will opened the gate for you, please drive here immediately after I opened the gate.”
She heard a loud click of the lock of the gate, automatically the gigantic gate opened sideways, sliding. She went back to her car, and drive her car inside the “huge house” that her husband is talking about. She didn’t expect this much, all that he was saying is that he had a big house, but driving through a palatial mansion like this was vey different, the beautiful and well manicured garden stunned her to speechless, different kinds of flowers and plants was well arranged in the garden while she pass through and the long huge drive way, that impressed her, until she ends in front of the three-story, twenty room mansion, standing tall and proud in the middle of the beautiful garden! She has no thought, that her husband was very rich, this house was fit a royalty! The mansion was built in western style. With cream colored brick wall and the front lawn of the house is marble shiny floor.
Immediately all the uniformed staff line in a military precision in welcoming her, a uniform man opened the door of her car, as soon as she stepped out of the car, she feels like she was having a dream, as she shyly passed the column of twenty uniformed staff nodding at her, acknowledging her presence. At the other end of the column, Chun was patiently waiting at her, with a knowing look at his face. She joined him there as he introduces a familiar man beside him, “I supposed you remember Uncle Dong?”
She nodded, remembering the short, fat and cheerful man, that’s with him at the emergency room when she and Chun first met.
“Hello sir, how are you?” she greeted him, instead of answering her, the old man open his arms and took her in a bear hug.
“Welcome my dear nice, don’t call me sir, just call me Uncle Dong,” he said cheerfully, “anyway you’re the wife of my boy so don’t hesitate to call me uncle Dong.”
“Yes, uncle Dong.” She told him shyly,
“That’s my girl!” uncle Dong said proudly.
Chun clears his throat to get everybody attention. Twenty faces of staff gave their full attention to their master.
“Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my wife, Mrs. Ella Chen-Wu” he said to all his staff standing in perfect line and attention. Holding her back, as he pulling her to his side.
“From now on she will be the mistress of this house, you must cater to all her needs, give her best service that you all can offer. Whatever you show to her will also reflect how you treat me.” Then he continue in a confident voice, “Give her the loyalty, love and service that you all showed to me, respect her as you respected me, treat her, what like you treat me before. I’m not begging you to do it. I command you. Thank you all very much.” He finishes and dismiss all the staff with a nod, as he lead his stunned wife to the living room, while they were walking he whispered to her ears. “How do you like our “house”?”
She stops from walking and face him, asking in an accusing tone. “Why didn’t you warn me that your “home” is a palatial house? My God, this is the biggest mansion in this district? Whenever I passed this house, I thought a royal family lives in here!”
“Did you like it?” he said persistently
“W-well yes, I like it, but don’t blame me if I got lost inside our home,” she joked, and then added “But honestly Chun I love it! Especially the garden! Oh Chun it was so beautiful!” she exclaimed, her eyes shining with delight, she is like a little child going on her first field trip. He was so pleased of her reaction that he can’t help himself to take her into his arms and kissed her on the forehead, “Come on I’ll give you a trip around the house”
“But I thought you have a business meeting?” she said raising her left eyebrow, crossing her arms on her chest.
“Well…” he said guiltily, “actually you already knew that I only made that up, so I can surprise you in coming here.” He confessed to her, then he apologizes to her. ‘I’m sorry love” and then he forcibly pulled her hands so they can begin their tour.
The whole afternoon was filled with laughter; they ate lunch in the grand dining room with uncle Dong, the lunch was very lively because of the old man, he revealed all the childhood secrets of Chun, like running away from his afternoon tutor, hiding inside the closet to escape from his piano lessons and climbing up on the trees while Mama Manju chasing after him, and hiding his first alcoholic drink in one of the guest room etc, etc.
The maid had already unpack all her clothes, Chun specifically instruct the maid to put all her clothes, shoes, accessories in the master bedroom, he doesn’t want that Ella will have her own separate room, he wants them to share the room together.
Choi, the head butler materialized in the living room, while three people are chatting and laughing, “Mr. Wu, your friend Mr. Calvin Chen is here to—“
“You don’t need to announce me Choi, thank you.” A tall handsome man said with a beautiful smile on his face.
“Hello, Chun, how are you?” he greeted him, as he acknowledge uncle Dong’s presence then his eyes rested on the young woman beside his friend. “I guess this is the famous Ms. Ella Chen, the lady who steals the heart of my best friend.” Offering his hand to her for a handshake, she took it graciously and smile at him. “Hi, I’m Calvin Chen, your husbands best friend, and one of his VP in Q&S Corp, unfortunately,” he joked and then continue “you can call me Cal, at your service, by any chance do you have a younger sister?”
Chun hilariously breaking their handshake by pulling her hand away from his best friend. Then said dryly “Don’t try your charm at my wife while I’m in front of you. By the way, what are you doing here, are you supposed to prepare for your date tonight?”
“Well, in the first place I don’t have any date tonight, so I decided to stop by here to see for myself about your famous “wife” before tomorrow night”
“Well, well, well, are you losing your magic touch with the women.” Chun gently teased his friend, “and regarding about tomorrow night,” facing his wife, “I forgot to tell you about the annual event of out company, that all employees of Q & S Corp will have a formal party, and of course the president will be host, and since I’m president, I’m required to be there and since you’re my wife, you definitely have to be there love, and I’m very much pleased to introduced you to everybody.”
“Yes, that’s correct” Calvin agreed to him, then he added with a knowing tone “ and because he needs reinforcement at his all boring associates, coz when they began talking, he’s just too polite to excuse himself away from them.” He delighting enlighten her.
She puts her hand on her mouth to cover her laugh; she can imagine his husband uncomfortable and boring reaction when somebody is talking about weather, taking about golf etc. etc. and all the boring stuff in business.
“Okay Darling you can count on me, before the situation gets worse, I’m going to rescues you by making some excuse that I need you to come with me.” She winks at his husband.
“Thank you love, I know that I can count on you.” He gave her a brief hug and kissed her cheeks.
“Ahem,” Calvin clears his throat to break the intimate gesture of the couple, “I think it is too early for that, and Chun you know I’m not used to see you doing that to any woman, in your previous girlfriends you—“
“I think it’s not a good idea to talk about the things that happened in the past.” Chun gave him a warning look that saying he must not dare to continue with his story.
“Okay, okay” putting his hands up, surrendering, but continue to joke “I’ll retreat….for now, because it’s the first time I met Ella, but in the near future I’ll tell her all your “dark” secrets.” Winking at her.

The formal party was held at the grand ballroom of one of the five stars hotel in their country, the fact is it is not merely for the employees of Q&S Corp, but it is a gathering of all powerful influential people in Taiwan, tycoons, political person and some few celebrities gather at this occasion, Ella was speechless when she stepped out of the limousine that she and Chun ride on, good thing she was well prepared tonight. She really wanted to wear her simple black cocktail dress, but Chun ordered a royal silver blue glittering floor length gown that was made of one of the famous designer in the country, the gown hugged and cover her entire arms, chest and neck but when you view the back, her trim back was exposed down until the waist, and the long slash exposed her right upper thigh down to her legs until to the floor, she also wear a matching high heels shoe together with a simple diamond earrings and necklace, and the best part is, she was wearing her diamond wedding band, in the morning they have a short trip to the jewelry shop purposely for the ring, because Chun said, when they got married when they were small they don’t have wedding band, so they ordered a new one in Tiffany’s, she carefully styled and put on her make up, one of the friendly maid Kris, help her in preparing herself. The first time she stepped out of the staircase in their house, her husband was waiting down at the bottom of the stairs and when he finally saw her coming down from the stairs his eyes smiled at her and giving her a warm look that saying to her silently I love you.
Now that they are in the entrance lobby of the hotel, Chun collected her hand and tucked in his arms, she feels that they going for an awards night for movie stars, she started to tremble, and her palms started to sweat, she is just used to a small exhibition of her masterpiece of work for a formal party but not as grandiose like this one. But she calms herself that she needs to do this for the sake of her husband. She bravely put a smile on her face and put her back straight as if she were fighting a battle tonight. Chun saw the effort of what she is trying to do, he was very touch and proud of his wife.
As the party started, Chun personally introduces her to all the guest and visitors, they all acknowledge her and congratulating her about their wedding, they all said that it was all of the sudden that Chun already tie the knot without informing them, they just both smiled and gratefully shakes their hands, they don’t want to explained it to all how did they met and got married.
After two hours of socializing and greeting and drinking champagne and talking with different kind of people Ella feels a little bit tired, she excused herself from Chun and Calvin who were talking to a senator, she told them that she will just go in the ladies washroom, to refresh herself, she puts down her glass in one of the nearest table and pulled up her gown slightly to go in the ladies room, she went inside in one of the cubicle and put down the cover of the toilet seat, sit down closed the door and then she took off one of her shoe. Her feet are killing her! She’s not used to wear high heels shoes, she needs to take a break for sometimes, she automatically massage her aching foot, and then she heard two feminine voice coming inside the washroom.
“Have you seen the wife of Mr. Wu? The first voice asked her companion.
“Yes, I saw her, she is not that beautiful! She is just plain and ordinary looking.” answered the second voice.
“I agree, she just wear a beautiful gown and put on tons of make up, that’s why, she looks good with our president.”
“Well, we all know that whoever’s Mr. Wu partner will definitely look good, because he is so handsome!”
“Right!” said the first voice, and then suddenly her voice is filled with malice. “I wondered where did he picked her up? Anyway, did you hear the latest humor tonight! The voice said excitedly. “Mr. Wu ex-lover came from New York last night, the stage play actress-singer, Ms. Angela Zang.”
“Oh yes, now I remember, that beautiful sophisticated lady?” answered the other voice
“I heard they had a torrid affair two years ago behind the back of Ms. Angela’s old husband.”
“Ohhhh that was so scandalous, but I also heard that Mr. Wu dumped her because she’s not willing to divorce her old husband, in order for them to get married, but according to my source, her husband got jealous of Mr. Wu, that he took off his wife Angela in New York to settle there.”
“But why all of a sudden Ms. Angela came back here in Taiwan?” asked in lady in a confused voice.
“You old fox! Haven’t you heard the latest juicy news! Her husband passed away last month in the U.S., and she has one goal in coming back here in Taiwan.” The voice said triumphantly.
“And what is that?”
“To get back what she didn’t get two years ago, and that was who not what!”
“Of course it’s our president Mr. Wu Chun!”
“Oh this is exciting!” exclaimed the other voice
“And to top all these, she’s coming here tonight, at the party!”

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ZOMG!!!! angela?!!!! i hate the bottom of my foot!!!!...>.< lol...i swear..i hated her the moment she did romantic princess with chun...whaaaaaaaa...i hope she>.<...but i dont like her...thanks for the update!!!!!!! ^_^
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when i read chapter 10, i was laughing the whole time..
i just can imagine if i'm watching it on tv..
good job ate joy!!
how about chapter 12?
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angela zhang???
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awwww....>.< kay kay..ill wait..hehehe..=P!
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sorry gals for the late update, i forgot about it yesterday any way here it is......

Author :Joy


Ella’s heart twisted in pain, when she heard the horrid stories about his husband, her mind can’t accept the fact that he had an affair behind the back of someone else wife! Her stomach is crunching with that thought, Chun is a perfect gentleman! He is kind sweet, caring, and he was thinking of others before he focus on himself. The Chun that they were describing was the total opposite of him. Well she must not believe those ladies she just heard now, they are just plain jealous her! Because of the entire entire woman in the world he could have married, she’s the only one he chooses! That’s what she reassured of herself, even if he doesn’t say he loved her, she can feel and see it in his eyes, action speaks louder than words she thought, so her anxiousness is all for nothing. If she only she saw those malicious women she will give them what they looking for!
But wait she can’t make any scandal here, its her husband’s image is at stake here she needs to be careful. Suddenly she felt really tired, her shoulders dropping down and her entire body is complaining, especially her feet.
She massage it again for few more minutes, then she put her shoes back and slowly stand up, she needs to help her husband in entertaining all the employees and their guest, she forgot that she was the hostess of this party, for the entire day she studied all the details about the party, Ann, Chun’s secretary helps her in studying all the important people in Q & S Corp, but Ann “forgot” about the celebrities and politician that’ll be attending in the party, come to think of it, maybe she didn’t really forget, there’s a possibility that her husband instructed her not to tell her so she will be surprise again, well knowing Chun he loves giving her surprises.
Thinking of her Chun abruptly take away all her tiredness, he was really treating her good, he has been a good husband to her, and this is what she is going to repay him, by doubting him? She doesn’t think so, so must be loyal to him, Chun will never ever going to betray her, and she decided that there is a right time to ask all about that ugly humor about him, whether is true or not. But it will never be true, she encourage herself.
Jia You! She told cheer up herself for the last time, now it’s time to play hostess of this party.
Standing up, she unlock her cubicle door and whet out then she put her mini hand bag at the top of the sink and take out her pressed power and retouch her make up, she has to compose herself by giving herself in the mirror a big bright smile before going back inside the ballroom and meet countless of Chun’s associates.

Outside the grand ballroom, while everyone is busy chatting and drinking champagne with friends and associates. Chun and Calvin was having a conversation with Senator Wang, they are talking about having golf next week and Senator was inviting Chun if they can play one round of basketball in the following week after next with his son at their backyard, the Senator was a close family friend of Chun’s grandpa, the senator actually asked about the current condition of Wu Que Shan, and he gladly told him that he was feeling better since he met his wife, they are having a great time that they didn’t notice that the chatting and conversation noise is slowly dying down, because at the main entrance of the ballroom door stood a stunning beautiful young sexy woman, her shoulder length hair was styled in wavy curl, framing her small oval face, she wore a thick make and long false eyelashes but it still look good on her, her figure is perfect to others because her waist line is like a Barbie doll, she wore this elegant shimmering low-cut, long velvet red gown with a hole on both side of her hips, exposing her with flesh and a furry shawl was wrapped around her bare bony shoulders, that looks like some poor animal was being murdered because of its thickness. She was searching for only one person, slowly she walked through the crowd of people , while most of the people in the room recognize her popular face, she loves all the attention that the people was giving her, it’s like they have seen a person who came out from the grave yard, she bestow a sly smile at them, sometimes winking at them. Then she found what she is searching for, a tall handsome muscular perfect man that she ever laid eyes upon on, finally all her dreams will come true, after waiting for two long years for him she can finally get what she wants, and she feels giddy and excited, her heart started to beat fast, she misses him too much!
His smile, his eyes, and especially his lips and mouth that can turn her on in seconds.
She bet that he will be surprise and will be very happy, they can finally be together! They can pick-up the pieces they left behind in the past, they can make a bright future together. In Angela Zang entire life she always gets what she always wanted. No question about that. She was born in one of the most rich and influential Chinese family, she was spoiled by her parents by giving all what she wanted because they have no time to spare on her, because of their hectic schedule in business, so they make it up by giving her all the materials “wants”
Her marriage was set up by her father, actually her deices husband was one of the most important business associates of her father, of course at first she strong object about the arranged marriage because she told her father that she was in love with someone else, and when his father asked who is it, she immediately answer that it was Chun, but her father don’t want him as his future son-in-law because he is not “good enough” for her daughter.
That time Q&S was in the brim of being bankrupt, he frankly told her that Chun had nothing and they will just invite bad fruit in the family, and he threaten his daughter that if she will not marry his choice for her husband he will disown her, and all their asset, money and wealth will not be hers, so Angela for fearing of loosing all her material possession, choose to be married with the rich old man.
But now that he is out of the way, she convinced her father to reconsider Chun as her second husband, he is now more powerful, sophisticated and handsome. Making Q&S Corp out of the debit puddle and is making a recognition around the world just for two years. And just this month issue of Asia TIME Magazine Wu Chun was the main cover, gaining the title of the youngest at the same time Asia’s leading tycoon. Her father personally made a research about Q&S Corp financial status, and he was shock that it made in the Top 10 Asia’s most productive and rich company, he was very pleased with her idea of making Chun her second husband. He gives all his blessings to her, and he promise that he will help her to win him back, he also said that if it possible to let her win Chun back immediately so they can get married.
As of this moment she can feel the power overwhelming her, she can have him back, now her father was on her back, nobody can stop her, not even the saints in heaven, she thought, and she her body crave for him, it has been a long time for both of them.
She can now envision his shock and please reaction of his face, and she bet that he was waiting for her also all this year, because just last month before she came back here, she heard that he is still a bachelor, and one of the most sought after, and every ladies dream to be a perfect husband!
She put her chin up and straighten her spine as she walks toward him, she love the reaction of Calvin, his best friend, Cal’s glass wine was half arrested on his mouth the moment he saw her coming towards them, she put the most seductive smile on her face, while Chun was busily chatting with the senator about his grandpa that he didn’t notice the dark expression of Calvin in front of him, his back was facing Angela that’s why he wasn’t prepared of her, he just felt someone’s hand cover his eyes from behind him, he taught it was his wife goofing around again, maybe she was really tired that’s why she wanted him to take her home. He put a smile on his face and then put his hands on her wrist and remove her hand, and when he finally turn around to teased her about goofing around, his smile froze of his face, its not his wife, it’s Angela!
He was so shock that he just stare at her.
“I miss you so much, honey” she said and took the opportunity of him being paralyzed on spot, she hastily bring her mouth to him kissing him passionately, while her arms went around his neck…..

At the same exact moment Ella was walking back towards Chun, she was busily straightening the wrinkles in her gown that she didn’t bother to notice that the entire room was in death silence, she put a brave smile on her face and put her head up….
And that was the scene that she is just witnessing right now, her knees turned into jelly that she wants to sink on the floor, and her heart feels like someone had inserted a knife in it stabbing it millions of times, she can’t believe what she is seeing just now, her husband is kissing some one else, and because her back was turn against her, she can’t see her face but for sure she was a beautiful woman, and the way her arms wrapped around his neck, there is too much familiarity between the two. And she already knew that is was his husband ex lover Angela Zang.
Chun quickly recovered from his shock when Angela started to kiss him some more, he swiftly push her away from him, holding her shoulders, his eyes began to darken with anger, she taught it was due to passion that he was feeling from her.
“What are you doing here?” he asked sarcastically, then he notice Ella was standing a few feet away from them, and he reads the reaction in her gullible eyes, his breath stops as he saw the pain and betrayal in her eyes, tears now are threatening to spill, he quickly went to her side, brushing pass Angela off, but she started to follow after him. He intended to hold Ella, but she backed away from him.
“Don’t touch me!” she hissed, closing her eyes as tears flows at her eyes
“No, I can explain,” he said as he forcibly hold her in his arms as she continue to struggle, “Please love, listen to me, just for a second.” He whispered in her ears, voice pleading. She composed herself and straightening her spine in defense. She took a deep breath and uses her arms to push him away from holding her.
“I want to go home, now.” She said tonelessly.
Angela watching the Chun treating this certain lady caught her attention,
“So honey, your playing around when I’m not here, are you?” she said and then she added laughingly, referring to Ella “Oh dear, sorry if I left Chun for a while to you, don’t worry he is really like this, he kept on changing girlfriends like he’s changing his clothes, because women drools at his feet, well I don’t mind it, because we can see that he can easily charm all the ladies even in these entire room.” She shot her, then she finishes, “By the way are you one of his latest collections?” she said in malicious smile.
Ella put her chin up and said imperially “Well, I’m not his latest collection, I’m just his wife”
Angela gaps audible but she recovered quickly hiding the hurt in her voice by giving her a scathing comment, “Well, good for you dear, but I know Chun a lot better than you, sooner or later when he gets tired of you, he will dump to like a useless piece of cloth.” Ella’s temper was rapidly igniting and she fought it down with all her strength. Her eyes squinted with anger and her hands was itching to slap her pretty face, clenching her fist at her side, her nails was painfully biting her palm in the effort of controlling herself, she doesn’t want to start a scene in this kind of place especially when all the people was staring at them, anticipating what will happen next, its like the whole place turn into a tennis stadium, and all the spectators was looking from left to right awaiting for her to receive the ball and hit it back to Angela.
Chun faces Angela and told her in a dark voice, “Angela please don’t make any scene in here, and leave us alone.” The he took the hand of Ella pulling her to him as they headed to the door.
“Don’t you dare leave me here Chun, or else I’ll tell everybody in this entire room about your dark secret and I’ll tell every horrid exact details in front of your wife.” She said devious voice, posing like a tigress ready to attack its prey.
Chun stopped walking and looked back at Angela, her spine run cold as she saw the way he looked at her, but she ignored it, as long as she can get him back she will do whatever it means. Ella stood there and watched in fear to see Chun’s other unfamiliar side, her mixed emotion is ripping her heart, at first she was angry with Chun but right at this moment she felt cold just standing beside him.
“You want me to tell your wife what happened to Aaron?” raising her chin and left eyebrows and putting her arms on under her chest.
“What do you want!” he demanded in a tight voice.
“I just want to talk to you,” pointing her bony finger at him, “Tonight.”
He glanced at his wife with apologetic eyes, she knew already his decision. He slowly walked to Angela’s side.
Angela feels like she won in the battle, she wins over him, even only for tonight, she knew how to manipulate him. She gave Ella a haughtily gaze as they walked towards the opposite direction.
Ella quickly recovers from her shock, this is not possible! How come that Chun immediately agreed with her, she was clearly blackmailing him. And this is not the Chun she knows? She must do something before it was too late. She run after him and stops him by pulling his left hand.
“Don’t go!” she said in a firm voice, she doesn’t really care now if the whole world was watching them.
Angela hold his right hand and reminded him, “Come on honey let’s go, it’s getting late now, we have lots of catching up to do.” She purred
“Chun please, I’m begging you, don’t leave me alone here, whatever it is we can talk it at home, okay?” Ella’s voice was pleading now, her eyes was catching his, but he refuse to look at her.
“I’ll be fine, I’ll just drop Angela at her house, and Calvin is here to give you a lift.”
“No,” shaking her head, pulling him more “But I don’t want to!”
“Just GO!” he shouted at her pointing his finger at the door.
She can’t believe that he speaks at her in a tone like that! In front of many people, to save her face with embarrassment, her chin shot up and told him in a cold voice “Thank you for your concern, dear husband, but I don’t need Calvin to take me home!” with that she pick up her gown and run as fast as she could through the door, she is containing herself not to cry, not in front of many people.

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i already read this in CEFC...
its really great story...
the love scene parts... hmmmm PG!!!
ha ha ha....
two thumps up!!!
worth reading guys!!!
to the highest level!!!
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Posted 6/26/08 , edited 6/26/08 really crying for ella...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! im beginning to hate angela more than i did before...GRRRRRRR!!!
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okay drkngelzero , i update this for you tonight, because maybe tomorrow i'll come home very late.
thanks for reading this and also marinelle.....



Author: Joy


Ella kept on running until outside in the main lobby of the hotel, she doesn’t care if all of the people she had passed by stared at her.
The tears that she was holding was slowly falling into her eyes, “You can do this Ella, not here” she told her self, she painfully swallowed and covered her mouth in effort not to give in. But grief, pain and sorrow, was slowly killing her…. she wants to die…. Someone is calling her name, she ignored it and continue to ran ahead not knowing or thinking where she is going. When she reach outside the hotel, the a uniformed staff saw her condition and immediately asked if she wants to get a taxi, she just helplessly nod her head for conformation, her shoulders heaving with endless pain, she is so stupid to believed that Chun loves her! She was silently crying that she didn’t realize that Calvin was running after her calling her, until she felt a warm hand her right shoulder, offering her comfort.
“Ella please, let me take you home” he suggested
“No.” she said in a flat voice.
“You are not in right condition if you go home alone, please let me help you, and Chun sa—“
“Don’t say that name!” she hissed, “I hate him!” she said with such emotion.
“Please don’t say that to him,” he said tautly, grasping her by the shoulder and giving her a slight, angry shake “I know you’re angry and disillusioned, but you are important to him, he loves you!”
She shakes her head and laughed bitterly “Love me?” removing his hands from her shoulders “How could you say that! Have you seen the way he treated me? He choose that bitch over me!” she can’t contain herself anymore, she doesn’t care what Calvin will think about her right now, all she wants to do, is to be alone. She turned away from him, but Calvin stopped her. “Please be reasonable, let me take you home” he begged her.
“Reasonable?” wiping the tears at the back of her hand, putting her defense by putting her chin up and continued “Okay, if that is what you want.” Clearing her voice, “Do you still believed that Chun doesn’t do anything wrong tonight, that his action is justifiable?”
“Yes” he answered with out second thought.
“If in that case, would you kindly remove your hands- off- me.” She said in slow painstaking voice, ‘I don’t want anyone whose connected to him offering help to me” she said angrily.
“Ella please, don’t say that!” he insisted, “he has reasons why acted like that tonight.”
“Yes, his reason is that he’s not yet over to Angela!”
“That is not true! Look—“
“Oh please don’t save his butt for me, I don’t want to hear anymore of this.” She stubbornly shakes her head and put her hands to cover her ears.
The taxi was approaching now at the entrance of the hotel, she was running ahead to get on it but Calvin dropped a bomb on the next words he says to her.
Ella stopped dead.
“If you could give me a chance to tell you about Chun, I’m willing to do so, but please don’t close your heart to him.” his hands make a pleading gesture.
She slowly turn, wanting to see Calvin if he was joking, but all she could see in his soft eyes was regret and sorrow.
“Are you willing to listen to me right now?” he asked
She nodded her head, just for now because her ability to speak robs her of what she has heard, she wants to know the real story behind Chun’s secret.
“Let me just get my car, and wait for me here,” he said, he was starting to walk away but then he remembers something. “Promise me that you will not go anywhere, or else your husband will kill me.” He said half- seriously.

They were in the library at the Wu Mansion, Calvin suggested that they talk there for the fear of someone might over hear their conversation.
“Please tell me now!” she implored, the moment they stepped in the library.
“Sit down first before I’ll tell you.”
“No, Calvin I swear I’m going to explode! What are you talking about that he killed someone and how this involve Angela?”
“Calm down please, you need to be composed when you hear this.”
“How could I not be anxious, you’re killing me right now, by not telling me!” she answered in a frustrated voice.
Calvin took a deep breath and prepared himself. He walked to the sofa set opposite the long mahogany desk, which belongs to Chun’s grandfather and sits on it.
He know that he was making the correct decision by telling her about his friend, she was his wife after all, he was just helping him, even if Chun will surely get mad at him when he finally tell her his secret. But it’s for the benefit of everyone, once and for all Chun must free himself from the guilt he was carrying for over two years now, and Calvin’s instinct that only his wife can help him to move on, nobody else, including him.
“As you have known Chun and I are best of friend since we were small,” he began, “but there is one person that you didn’t know, he was also our best friend.”
She can already discern when Calvin told the word was. There is a painful story behind this mysterious friend….
“His name was Aaron. Me, Chun and Aaron grew up together because we are in the same neighborhood, actually Aaron was younger than us, I can still remember the first time we met in this district, I and Chun was running away from his tutor when he was ten years old, and we encounter this bunch of kids bullying a seven year old kid, they were hitting and beating him, forcing him to give up his lunch money, but this boy was stubborn that he doesn’t want to succumb to their authority. We were astonished how brave this little boy was, so Chun started to help him, but I tried to stop him and told him that this matter is not our business anymore, but he would not listen. He walked the five kids and tried to talk to them rationally, of course they will not give their time to him. They’d just answered him with their fist instead of their mouth, good thing Chun knew about taekwondo because he was taking lessons during afternoon. From that day on Chun gained a small brother and admirer, Aaron tagged along with us when ever were we go, for him Chun was his hero, Aaron gives his loyalty to him, even though Aaron comes from a poor family that doesn’t hinder our friendship, actually Aaron’s father was a drunkard and his mom was a prostitute, that day when he doesn’t want to give up his money is because he earned that he it was for their food in the entire week. Seeing the situation of Aaron, Chun persuades his grandfather to give him a scholarship for his studies, and Chun’s grandfather easily accepted because his knew that Chun has an excellent intuition. That he was making the right decision, in giving him scholarship, and his grandfather was correct. Aaron gives his full allegiance to Chun, and vice versa, so we grew-up together treating each other like true blooded brothers. We attended at the same school during high school and collage with Aaron three years behind us, we’ve been together through thick and thin, we never have a serious fight, we just argued with small little things but it never comes between out friendship, until Angela came……”
She can’t contain herself anymore “What is the connection among Aaron, Chun and Angela?”
“Angela was the former girlfriend of Chun, she was rich beautiful, came from a good family, he knew that she was a nice catch, and He was being practical also, but Aaron totally opposed their relationship, because he knew that Angela will just use him for her personal leisure, that he deserves someone better than her, and he was loud and very opened about it. But Angela was so angry with Aaron that she retaliated by telling Chun lies about him. At that time Aaron was employed in Q&S Corp, he was one of the appointed VP of the company, and there is a mysterious hocus focus that was happening in the company, millions of money were missing and not accounted at the company, and Angela said that there is a possibility that Aaron might has something to do with it, Chun doesn’t want to believe it because he knew that Aaron would never do that, we knew each other since we were small, until….he saw some of the financial statement document on Aarons drawer, and he got a hint the he might be involve, but he kept his cool about it, he was to clarify things up first before jumping into conclusion. At the end of that day he corners Aaron and asked him about the funds of the company, but of course he has nothing to do with this, but unluckily Angela poison the mind of Chun telling him that it was Aaron who did it, they had a heated argument that day and parted ways with heavy heart, at that unforgettable day a tragedy happened.
On the way Chun’s home, while driving his car, three armed men riding a black van corners him in an empty highway, threatens his life. Just in the nick of time while Aaron was passing by, by the same road with his car saw what was happening and without any hesitation helped Chun. Both of them fight with the unidentified men, they almost got them all when suddenly the leader of the group got possession of the gun, aiming fire at Chun, Aaron saw it immediately, he has no way to protect him, that’s why he put himself as a shield to cover him, everything happened instantly that Chun has no time to react, when Aaron dropped in front of him, he saw a gun lying down on the ground, he use it to kill the assailant. There is no time for Aaron, he was dead instantly because the bullet went straight into his heart.” Calvin didn’t notice the tears sliding down his eyes when he was telling the tragic story to her, as for Ella she can’t believe an unfortunate thing happened to her husband and his best friend, her eyes became blurry with tears as she cover her mouth with her hand and silently cries, she wept for her husband sake for losing his best friend whose willingly gave his life for him, she wept for him, for understanding his pain that they parted in bad term and then his best friend gave his very life for him even they are not in the good condition.
Calvin painfully swallowed the tears in his throat and continued, “I was there in the other room when I heard them arguing that last hours before he died, “I swear Chun, I got nothing to do with this, somebody set me up!” Aaron depended himself and continued in a sarcastic tone “Did Angela tell you all these lies? I told you Chun, stay away from that woman! She is just using you! She doesn’t love you!”
“How could you say that to her, you don’t know her?”
“Yes, I did! You know why? Your woman whom you taught were angelic was not at all, she used me also! We slept together!”
I heard Chun punched Aaron, that is when I interrupted them, but Chun was very angry at him and threatening him “Consider your self lucky Aaron, that’s the only thing I done to you”
Aaron realized that he breaks the news to him carelessly, he understood his reaction so he calmed down, but still tried to persuade him, “Chun, I apologized, but please I’m begging you, don’t let her ruined our friendship, you’re my best friend, I looked at you as my big brother.”
“You are the one who ruined our friendship; from this minute you’re dead to me.” Chun said in a flat tone and cold eyes…….
“Those were the very last words Chun told Aaron, before he died and gave up his life to him that fateful night”
Ella’s knees slowly give away, she sits on the ground and wept for Aaron, the person she never met, but deep inside her heart she had a connection with him, she loved him for giving her Chun, for Chun is alive today because of him.
“And that night, Chun was holding Aaron in his arms, telling him to wake-up, that he was so sorry that this thing happened to him. But the only words that Aaron said before his last breath was: thank you for being my friend, I already paid my dept to you. You saved my life when I was a kid, now is time that I’ll do mine.”
She could imagine the pain and suffering her husband, holding your dying friend, saying being grateful because he saved your life. She cried harder, her shoulders were shaking with regret, she didn’t notice Calvin were beside her weeping with her…..
And she totally hates Angela for weaving lies about Aaron.
“The week that Aaron died, Angela announced that she was getting married to an old man, but she still went to Chun to explain to him that their marriage is just for convenient because she is just following her father’s wishes, and that she will divorce the old man immediately.
That day Chun knows that she had been duped by Angela, his guilt double its pain knowing that he must have listen to Aaron, and that he said those horrible words to him the day before he died.” He said painfully.
“I hate that Angela!” Ella spit those words in her lips.
“Now you know why Chun is very sensitive about his dark past, he doesn’t want anybody to know about his transgression to his best friend.”
She nodded her head and took a deep breath, and she stare in space for quite some time, remembering all the words Calvin told her an hour ago. Then she suddenly recalls something. Her eyes searches Calvin and asked a question: “What do you think they are doing right now? Angela and Chun?”

thanks again for reading!
comments please!!!!

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hi ate joy!
i was wondering yesterday why didn't you update it yet..
i thought you forgot about it already..

good thing you updated 2 chpters already..
cause i'm still waiting for the approval so that i can read in advance!!
thnks ate joy..

can't wait for chapter 13!!!
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THANKS!!! A LOT!!!! ^_^ really great stunned..and i hope the story will keep me stunned!!! thanks for updating!!!
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Author: Joy


Chun was driving the car in silence the whole time when they travelled by the road, they are going directly at the exclusive apartment of Angela.
She smile seductively and make a comment: “Do you still remember my apartment? Well I’m not surprise honey.” Putting her hand on his lap.
Chun immediately stops the car in a screeching halt forcing Angela to hold a grip at the side of the window and made a small scream.
“What do you think you are doing?” Chun demanded in an angry voice.
“You almost killed me there!” she said in a voice that starting to match him, she was beginning to feel that she was loosing him, ever since they were in the car, she started to talk and she doesn’t get any response to him at all. Maybe he really changed because of his damn wife! She taught. But when she notices that Chun is staring at her with a cold eyes, she instigated a new tactic to get back his feelings for her alone.
From her irritated eyes, she changed her feature into a meek and pathetic injured creature. She holds the back of her neck and pretended to be hurt in the impact of the stopping car a while ago.
“Awww, o-ouch….” She begins, “I think I hurt my neck honey… see look at it please….” Bowing her neck and leaning near to Chun.
He rudely ignored her and swiftly opened the door of the car come out and slammed the door closed with a stunning force. He walked straight at the door of the building not bothering to help Angela to open the car and assist her.
Seeing that her lame ploy didn’t work, she rapidly opened the car and run after him, “Wait!” she said trying to stop him from walking fast. But he still continues to ignore her.
“Please, Chun, wait for me.” She begin to increase her pace in order to reach beside him because he is now pressing the elevator buttons going to up at the third floor were her flat is located.
Again they ride in the lift in silence, Chun’s appearance is like a grenade ready to explode anytime you pull out its pin, and she ignores the chill that runs into her spine just by looking at him. “Did I over done it?” she asked herself, but she knows that Chun’s weakness was ladies in distress, he likes to play night and shining armor. Is he loosing his touch?
When they are in front oh her flat’s door, he just stands at the side, waiting for her to open the door.
She smile at him maliciously, and said “Why are you standing there honey? Have you forgotten already the password at my door?” raising her left brows, “I didn’t change it, because I know that you will be back to me. Two years ago you just like to surprise me here by—“
“Just open this god damn door!” he said tightly clenching his teeth in effort to control his anger.
She heard the difference in his voice, she only heard that tone to him way back two years ago when Aaron died, at that time Chun ended their relationship together and told her that he doesn’t want anything to do with her. But she just convinced herself that he is just angry because of what happened to Aaron that he is too guilty of what he did to Aaron, and she told herself that it will pass, and she will just give him a break and he will come back to his old self…..
She opened the door quickly and went inside preceding after him. While he was closing the door, Angela took off her furry shawl and hand bag down in the sofa set, rapidly thinking how to seduce Chun, she must get him back, impromptu! Or else she will loose him forever. And every fiber of her being is telling her that right now! She must do something or anything.
“Would you like to have some wine? Before we start the night” she offered with a soft seductive tone.
“No, I want us to talk right now, and clear everything out.” He said harshly
She went immediately at his side pressing her bosom, encircling her arms around his neck and said in a doleful eyes “But honey, I miss you so much, I can’t stand—“
“Yes, I can’t stand you anymore, Angela!” biting his teeth in effort not to do something inhumane to her, pulling away her arms, but she added pressure to her arms, not letting him go.
“I will give you two second to remove your hands off me.” He said in an awful voice that she cringed and quickly removed her hands.
“Oh honey, you are so boring! Don’t do this to me! I terribly miss you.” Making her tone in wounded, pretending to be hurt she put her arms under her chest, and exclaimed “Chun dear you are really different now! I want my old Chun back!”
“You old Chun was already dead.” He said in a cold voice, that Angela almost shakes with fear. “Don’t say that ho—“
“When Aaron died your old “Chun” died with him.”
“But that was long time ago you can’t possi—“
“Because of you, I lost one of the most important person in my life!”
“It’s not my fault honey, and besides you didn’t foresee what will about to turn out that night, so don’t feel guilty about that small thing.”
“Small thing?” he said sarcastically
“Yes, Aaron is such a loser he—“
“Don’t utter a single demeaning word about Aaron, or else you will regret it!”
“Oh, please Chun, don’t be such a baby, Aaron betrayed you! Remember?”
“You are the one who betrayed me!” pointing his finger at her in emphasis. “And I hate you for that! All my life I treat Aaron like my little brother and you poison my mind in saying those lies over him, you are deceitful, lying, convincing bitch!” After saying those words Chun turned his back to her and walked straight to the door, but Angela stop him with her words: “Is it because of your wife that you can’t come back to me? Okay if that is what you want, I’ll give you a warning—I’ll tell her all about you and Aaron, if you do not come back to me, I’ll tell her that you are a murderer! You murdered your own best friend!”
In a slit one second Chun was her side, strangling her neck, his red face with anger is inches way from her, eyes cold, and he said to her tightly “Don’t ever go near to my wife!” She is struggling for breath, circling her hands to his wrist to let her go, and her face is beginning to loose its color, but he still continue to hold her neck , “This is just a fair warning, you can do whatever you want in your sorry life, but is you ever contact Ella, I swear to God…. I- will- kill- you!” he said with hatred and with that he roughly let her go, she tumble backward over the sofa, catching her breath and cough non stop then her tears are now flowing in her eyes, because of the pain he inflicted to her and then she started screaming at him.
“You son of a bitch! You will regret this day that you lay your fingers at me and say those things at me!” she grabbed a hold of the pillow in the sofa and throw it at him. “I swear I will not give you and your so called
wife a peace in your married life!” then she cried hysterically, swearing and throwing coarse language at him. But he ignored her and went straight to the door, and before he put his hand on the knob, he looked back at her and give his final warning, “You have to kill me first before you ruin our life, but before you do that, I’ll do it you first.” Then he opened the door go out and slammed the door with such a force that her whose apartment almost shake.
“Damn you! You will regret this!” she shouted, her voice almost break with effort in shouting at him, she grabbed a vase on the side table and throw on the closed door.
You can’t do this to me Chun! I swear, you’ll regret this, she say it over and over again. She can’t believe that he actually strangled her, he almost choked her to death! She must make a way to get back at him; she will not let her pride to be in tatters!
But what will I do? she asked herself, then she suddenly remembers he father, an evil smile appeared on her face as soon as she dialed the number of her father….

Chun slump his shoulders down on the steering wheel the moment he was inside of his car. His hatred to Angela is overwhelming that he can’t control himself that he almost killed her! Good thing he still has the control to calm down himself, or else he will kill another person.
Pushing way the thought of Angela, and focuses more on his impending problem, about his wife, he suddenly remembers the pain in her eyes when he told her to go home, it’s imprinted on his mind, her hurtful expression in her face. He is sure now that Ella can’t forgive him. He’d hurt her so much that he can’t bear to look straight into her eyes, now he don’t know what he is going to do, he never expected this will happened to him, his past is still hunting him, why he can’t let go of the pass? It will just hinder their relationship….. so therefore he must let go of the past and make a fresh start, he owe his wife something, so he better be honest to her.
He needs to compose himself, and he can’t bear to look at her now because of the pain he inflicted to her, then he suddenly decided to do something else, he needs to talk to someone. He took out his mobile phone in his jacket pocket and dialed Calvin’s number.
At the third ring Calvin answered his mobile phone. “Calvin meet at the Mark’s bar, I’m going there now.” Then he hung up the phone. And drives through the bar where, he, Calvin and Aaron used to hang-out and drink whenever problems occur.

Calvin was at his home when Chun called him, he knows what his best friend wants, he was to unburned all his troubles and mind regarding in the mess that Angela was creating.
Good thing Ella already calm down and understood Chun, he left her in their house much feeling better, of course he won’t tell his best friend that he reveal his secret to his wife, he wants, him, Chun to personally tell his wife, about his tragic event that happened to his life.
And the reason why he told Ella is that, anyhow Ella might know the reason behind Chun behavior tonight. Now it’s Chun turn he told himself, after consoling his wife, now it’s his friend turn.
For Calvin it’s okay because only the way that he can repay Aaron’s sacrifices for Chun and him. He treat him like his own brother, because like Chun, he was the only son in the family, he enjoy his company since they were small, nobody separates them. He even that both of their family were rich they don’t go boasting around people that they affluent and loaded, both of their feet are still standing on ground that’s why many people respect and admire them.
The only mistake of Chun is, when Angela came to the picture, for him also he doesn’t really like her, he knows what kind of woman she is, but unlike Aaron, Calvin didn’t utter a word to Chun, because he believed that Chun will find out himself what’s the classification of Angela, but now he regretted it, if he had helped Aaron in depending himself, he’s probably with them by now. But everything happened for a reason; he asked God why he has to take Aaron away from them? Or why he created people like Angela, whose evil blood is running to her veins. But he already knows the answers to all his questions. If Aaron is still alive, Chun will be not here, right now. And if Angela doesn’t exist, Chun will never have a change to find his wife. Everything has a purpose in a way that we can’t understand what he is trying to tell us. And HE controls their lives, not to make us suffer but to make us stronger each obstacle and challenges that comes in our way.
He also knew that right now based on his observation, Chun really changed in a long way, ever since after Aaron’s death he became ruthless in terms of relationship with his past girlfriends, he doesn’t trust women anymore, all he knows is that all of the women is are the same, all deceitful, fake and weak, they can’t stand much if they have no man in their life, but when he met Ella everything started to transform, he learn how to laugh and smile again, he beginning to show himself to the world again, unlike before he becomes aloof with everyone, but he is the only one who can understands him, he will do everything to his friend in order to him to gain true happiness, he is his only family right now, he doesn’t want to loose another dear friend in his life.

Chun was waiting for him in their usual spot, in a secluded room for the VIP with karaoke video inside, he already ordered their drink and food, Calvin can recognize that he doesn’t want interruption and noise in the club. And he also observe that Chun already started to drink without him and so when he sits down beside him, he gave him a glass of wine and clink it on his glass and gulp down the scotch in one straight drink.
“My friend, take it easy, the wine will not go anywhere.” He tried to joke to lighten up the atmosphere.
“It was my entire fault!” he started it on again, beginning his litany of telling him that it’s all his fault why Aaron is dead right now. While he poured another drink to his own glass.
Calvin takes away the bottle of scotch from him and begins to give his advice.
“Chun, please let go of yourself from guilt, and also Aaron, give him peace that he mostly deserves.”
“But I killed him! I’m the one you are supposed six feet under!” He shouted at him, taking back the bottle of scotch from him, but Calvin didn’t allow him, he is the one who is sober between the two of them.
“No, your not! You didn’t kill him, are you aware of what I’m telling you?” Calvin holds both of Chun’s shoulder and starting to shake him in awareness. “Chun, listen to me, look at me.” He command him in a firm voice, Chun tried to focus his drunken eyes to his friend, and when Calvin is conscious that he is prepared to listen at his explanation, he take that opportunity.
“Look, you must not do this to Aaron, he sacrifices his life to you, you must be grateful to him that you met your wife, if is not for him, you will never have the chance to meet Ella.”
“Yes I know that! This is why I’m so guilty because I do not deserve to be happy with my life knowing that my best friend gave his life to me in order for me to be happy. And the worst part is, we parted in bad term, knowing that all wants is to protect me! And I don’t believe a word that he was trying say.” He didn’t notice tears are slowing sliding down his cheeks; he swallowed painfully and continues, “Why I didn’t trust him? I’m I that blind?”
“No.” he said firmly and shakes his head in emphasis.
“It’s Angela’s fault not yours, there are really some people that are plain evil. You are just a victim as well as Aaron. You don’t deserve to be under her spell till now, because the way you are acting right this moment proves that she still have the control in over your life. Let go man!” Calvin pleaded, and he know that Chun is beginning to understand what he is saying so he added more: “Look at the bright side, think of your future, the only way that you can pay back Aaron, for all he’s done for you, is live life without any regrets and be truly happy, because if you did not, all his sacrifices to you will be void, he deserves more from you.” Chun was very silent to a long time digesting the words Calvin has spoken to him.
The he remembered the time when Aaron is dying in his arms “thank you for being my friend, I already paid my dept to you. You saved my life when I was a kid, now is time that I’ll do mine.”
Now everything was dawning to him, Aaron deserves more from him. He must continue to live his life.
Because of him he met this bubble, down to earth lady that almost give her life to him also.

He also reminisces the day he met Ella, when his life was on the edge of death again, her car was fast approaching she was half asleep that when she didn’t see three gun man was trying to a hole in his chest, and after he car hit the tree, she came outside not aware of her surrounding because her fore head is bleeding, and without hesitation when the leader of the gunman almost killed him, she shot the gun the masked man and fainted. She doesn’t think of the consequences she is facing for helping a total stranger, he knows what she is feeling that she accidentally killed someone to protect a person. “Welcome back, Shorty” Chun teased him, he taught he was a teenager, he can’t believe that this short young man saved him from the bad guys.
Ella focuses her sight to the most handsome man she had ever seen of course next to her fiancé she almost caught her breath because of this man, now oblivious of what he was doing to her right now.
“Stay still.” He ordered as he carries on of what he is doing. She was about to say something to him when finally his hands encounter her breast. “Aiyo!” Ella exclaimed as she leaned forward in shocked then crossed her arms around it when his hand touched her breast. Chun immediately took back his hand as if he was burned.
“You’re a girl!” he said in an accusing tone.
“I can’t help it!” she answered back putting her chip up.

He also remembered the day both of them went to visit his grandfather. When is grandpa finally found his long lost granddaughter-in-law, he told her that he was ready now to die, because he finally paid his promise to his best friend that he will look for her, but she gave her unconditional love to his grandpa. “Now that you’re here, I can die peacefully.”
“No!” Ella protested moving away from his arms, then looking at him, taking his both hands “Do you hear me grandpa, I will not allow it, I have just found you, my connection to my real family.” She put his old hands to her chest, a sign that she really mean what she says, her eyes was pleading still wet with tears.

And the day he found her crying at her office, because she has a huge fight with her fiancé because she was trying to help him and his grandpa, she was crying pitifully when he found her “Please don’t cry anymore.” He consoles her, Ella’s shoulders are heaving with pain, and she can’t seem to control herself.
Chun feels like a part of his body is dying right at this moment. “Please don’t cry….you’re hurting me this way.” He said
She immediately bit her lower lips, stopping her cries, but her tears kept on pouring, Chun was touched on her bravery, she’s controlling her cry just for him, he puts his hands at her face and lifted it up so he can see her, her beautiful eyes were closed and she’s biting her lips, he wiped her tears using his thumbs. “Look at me Ella…” he said, she shook her head not wanting to see her like this. “No Ella, listen to me now, look at me…please” he whispered. She heard the beseeching gentleness of his voice, that wasn’t like him. Her eyes flicker….then she slowly opened her coffee brown eyes….and when she opened it, he caught his breath on what he saw…he saw that beautiful eyes that was full of sorrow….beautiful teary eyes that was filled with pain staring back at him. Her eyelashes were wet with tears….
They shared their first kiss magically, and passionately and he remember the day they had a picnic in the park when he told about his nanny Mama Manju, de didn’t notice that she was crying just for him. “Why? Why love, why are you crying?” he asked softly.
“B-Because y-you are truly amazing.” She answered her shoulders began to shake and her voice breaking.
“What!” he exclaimed then once again, he looses himself because of her, “Oh love, don’t cry for me! I don’t deserve this.” As he pulled her into his arms engulfing, her small frame to his big body, putting his chin on her head.
“Y-yes, you d-do, you know why?” she said as she searched his eyes pulling away from his embrace
“Because…” softly touching his chin with her fingertips “you’re an angel” she said in a trembling voice.
Now he knows when Aaron gave up his life for him.
Ella and Aaron are like an angels sent by God to protect him…..
Aaron deserves better, and it’s now time to pay him back.
And now it’s time for him to return to his home, his family.

thanks for reading comments please!!!!
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Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/29/08
wow ate joy!you really are a great writer!!!
thanks for the update!!!
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