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F / behind joo!
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/30/08
>.< i hope angela dies..hahaha..i mean on this for updating it! i couldnt stop thinking about it while i was away on the just had to see what was nxt..^_^
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warning: R18
some language contains mature context.
but i assure you this one is sweet! hehehe!

Author: Joy


Ella was sitting on the dresser wearing her oversize shirt that fell just below her thighs, drying her hair from the bath she took mid-night, she is still digesting the tidbits of information that she learned from Calvin. Her eyes were still swollen from crying, the long bath gave her the opportunity to relax and reflect on the things that Chun had gone through. It was not easy for her husband to suffer like that. Fate had played a cruel trick on him. Even though she was had several battles fought in her life, Chun experienced worse than her.
It’s just her prayer that Chun will soon open his heart to her completely and with our reservation, she longed to hear those three specials words from him.
Even though she longed to hear those beautiful words from him, she is sure that her husband reciprocate her feelings as well, she can feel it. She just wanted him to clear everything up to her. She wanted to be in his arms tonight to kiss and to hold him, and she is already missing him terribly!
But based on life’s experience she understood that he needs time to gain his self-confidence to learn to trust once again, because just like the old saying: once was burn twice shy. Chun endure so much that he doesn’t want to risk his heart to anyone again. And she was willing to wait for him, as long as Chun is will open his heart to her.
She loves him so much that she can’t bear to be away from him. Whatever he was doing or wherever he is was right now, she is sure that he can trust him, he will not return to Angela.
Because Calvin told her so, and she was one hundred sure about it.
She must focus on her goal right now. She needs to stand by him, to offer a lending a hand and help him to heal his wound from the past. Together they will set off for a brighter future…….

Chun’s mind was running away with him, he was too busy imagining and rehearsing things that he needs to explain to Ella, he had a hint that she will not speak to him, she was so angry and hurt that she needs to distance away from him because of his transgression to her tonight, and he can completely understand her if she will shut away from him.
Slowly he opens the door of their bedroom, he was so sure that she was sleeping or maybe crying herself to sleep, he doesn’t think he can able to stand her weeping her heart out to him.
But as soon he opens the door a stunning force hit him. Ella throw herself to him hugging him tightly at the same time crying and weeping her shoulders began to shake in heaving pain as she hides her face at the solid muscle of his chest. Chun just enfold her in his arms wanting to take away all her pain that he has caused, he let her cry, cry all her emotions, cry all her heart aches to his chest until she subsides. He can control his emotions, the more she cries in pain, the more he can feel his heart is constricting with pain, he hugged her tightly to permeate all his strength to him.
Ella was so happy that Chun is finally here that’s why she can’t stop crying, she though all her tears were already finished, but she was mistaken, feeling his arms around him is too good to be true.
Eternal minutes later, when he was sure that she already stops crying, he removed her from his chest, holding the side of her face, he tilt up her wet face and said “Are you okay now, my love?” wiping the tears on her face using her thumbs. She nodded her head in confirmation. And slowly and painfully she opens her beautiful coffee brown eyes, Chun almost sank on his knees of what he sees from her. He convinced himself that she will never be able to look at him like that…..
All the love in the world was shining in her eyes. He can see an amazing love right through her beautiful eyes.
“Aren’t you going to say something?” he whispered, swallowing in pain, as his eyes starting to get misty because of the poignant tugged in his chest.
“W-why a-are y-you late?” she said with such emotion that Chun suddenly can’t control his emotion. In the midst of one of the most poignant moments of his life, Chun burst out of laughing. He snatched her back in to his arms and laughed. He laughed and laughed until uncontrollable mirth of tears flows in his eyes.
“I’m so sorry, terribly sorry, my love, I promise to never do that again. Ever.” He said seriously after he finished laughing.
“If you think that I’m going too easy on you, you’re mistaken.” She said half seriously. He didn’t notice that she is just fooling around because he was so ashamed that he don’t dare to look at her.
“I understand your feelings Ella, I will take what ever punishment you will give to me.” He said with regret. Ella bite her trembling lips in hilarity, he was so cute when he is guilty. She said in a wobbly laughed. “Okay now, I therefore punish you, that you will be in prison here in this room and made love to me for the rest of your life.” After she said those words, she stunned him by tiptoeing and kissing him passionately, her hands travelled from his waist up to the back of his neck massaging his hair.
Chun heard himself moan with desire, he responded to her kisses. Never in his life he was expecting this unique reaction from her, in his heart he knows that Ella will forgive him but not like this, she was so forgiving and loving, how could a creature like her is so adorable, beautiful and sexy especially on her oversize “pajama.” She is an angel, He broke their kiss and said “But my love—“
“Shhhh,” putting her finger on his lips stopping him as he protested. “Don’t speak! Darling, what I wanted right now, is you, I want to give my love to you, I want you to be happy, I want to give you babies, our babies, babies that will fill this house with laughter,” She said with reverence that he made him weak. “And let’s just forget about the past and move on.” With that she took his hand and slowly placed it on her chest, on the top her heart. “Can you feel it?” she asked looking intently at him, he can feel the warm beat of her heart, and then she took back his hand and kissed his palm.
“I love you Chun, my heart belongs only to you” she her voice is shaking with emotion. “You know what I else do I feel?” a fat tear slid down on her left cheek. He wiped it with his thumb and shook his head to answer her question. “I feel like I’m falling… falling in love over and over with you again. It’s not just a feeling because I know that you are real, you are here beside me in your arms tonight.”
“GOD!” He can’t take it anymore, desire began to beat fiercely in his vain, as he snatched her in his arms and kissed her sensually, she offer her mouth to him, opening and giving her tongue to him, he groan audibly as his hands massage her back. A shudder racked his muscular body as she fitted herself to him and Chun’s hand tightened, crushing her to him, while his hand lifted, cupping her breast, his thumb brushing back and forth across her sensitized nipple while his tongue plunged into her mouth and withdrew, then plunged again and again in a wild exciting, ever-exciting rhythm that drove her half mad with yearning. She kissed him back with all the helpless devotion she was feeling right now. His hand started to travel below her thigh and begins to pull her oversize shirt. She breaks the kiss and shakes her head stopping him.
“No, darling let me do it for you.” She stepped back at him and slowly removed her shirt, she stand gloriously naked before him, unashamed while she look at him, he caught his breath of what he was seeing at this moment, his eyes travelled at the tip of her head, down to her lovely face to her gorgeous white plum breast to her pert nipple down to her abdomen all the way down to her long slim legs, his eyes is feasting with hunger for her. She went beside him and holding his hand pulling him beside their bed. When they are in the foot of the bed, Ella stared to undo the top button of his shirt, and kiss the flesh that was exposed every time a button is undone, finally she removed all of his clothes, when Chun was about to lay her down on the bed, she protested again, and she’s the one to lay him down on the bed. Suddenly Chun knows what was she was trying to do! She giving her self to him fully, without reservation, she will do all the work just to pleased him, he feels so humbled and touched by her selfless act. But he can’t permit her to take all the responsibility, and so he pulled her to him and kissed her wildly and passionately, endless minutes later he rolled her into her back. His hand cupped her breast, pulling it upward,
his thumb circling her nipple while he feels it harden into a tight bud. And with deliberately, aching slowness, he bent his head and put his mouth where his thumb has been. His mouth closed around her aroused nipple, his lips and tongue toying with it until, Ella gasped with pleasure, then he lavished the same reverent attention on her other breast. “I can’t get enough of you,” he whispered achingly, his eyes molten with desire as they gazed into hers while his hands sought and found the triangle between her legs. His eyes still holding her, she willingly parted her thighs for him, while his fingers toying and teasing her, penetrating her moist warmth, until Ella was writhing in helpless need, arching her hips against his hand, but still he would not stop. Hot, convulsive waves were racing through her in a trembling fury, she moaned aloud, her hands running up and down the bunched muscles of his arms, then she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and leaned into him. His skillful fingers became more insistent, and another moan tore from Ella’s throat. “I know, my love,” he told her achingly, “I want you too.”
He had unselfishly intended to give her a bursting climax this way, before he joined with in yet another one, because he wants to give her the satisfaction first—but his wife made him forget his intention. Tearing her mouth from his heated kiss, she put her fingers into the sides of his hair and whispered brokenly, “It’s lonely this way, without you deep inside me—“
With a shattered groan, Chun gave what they both wanted. Pulling her to him, he entered her with one sure powerful thrust. Ella pressed her hips hard against his pulsing thighs, and with his hands cupping her bottom, Chun joined with her in the most selfless act of lovemaking of his life. Driving slowly, rhythmically into her, he sought the only way to give her the pleasure with each deep thrust, while she, in the desperate need to please him, matches his movements.
I love you, he thought with each thrust of his body; I love you, his heart shouted with each thunderous beat; I love you, his soul cries out as Ella’s spasms clenched him tightly.
I love you!.
The words exploded in his being as he drove into her one last time and poured his life, his future, and all his disillusionment of his past into her tender keeping.
And when it was over, he held her tightly in his arms, filled with joy that was almost pass bearing, as he gazed into their dim room, as he can envision his life in the future. All of them has shapes and meaning right now.
When Ella resurfaces to reality an eternity later, she found herself in the arms of the man she loved the most. She weakly brush off the hair on his forehead, and slowly kissed his cheeks. “Promise me one thing Chun,” she asked in a whisper.
He focuses his eyes on her, and responded to her by kissing her beautiful eyes.
“Anything my love,”
“Don’t ever be unfaithful to me.” She said seriously her browse knotted fiercely.
Chun contains the laugher within him and tell her directly: “If you are pertaining about Angela, you don’t need to be worried. I already finished my business with her.” Seeing that her husband is telling the truth, she felt like a big torn was lifted on her chest.
After several minutes Ella asked a question that has been bothering her after they made love: “Tell me about Aaron? All about him.”
Chun took a deep breath, preparing himself to tell her everything. He stare at the ceiling and remember all his good memories towards his friend.
“Aaron was one of my best friends, he was special to me. I meet him together with Calvin when we were ten years old………….”


In a dark basement of an old building, a man dressed in black was waiting impatiently at his associate. In the silent still of the night he heard a clicking of a heel, he knew that he has arrived.
“Why are you late?” said the hard voice.
The man ignored him and asked a question directly. “What do you want for me?”
“Same as the old one, but this time, make it sure you dispose him properly. Don’t make another mistake just like before.” He said tightly.
“Well I can do that, if the price is right.”
“There is no problem with that. So make it neat and clean okay?”
“Got it boss.”
Then dismissed him with a silent nod and walk straight to his waiting car, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number, when the other side of the line pick-up, he said without hesitation; “Boss, everything was settle now, just wait for another few weeks.”


The ringing of the telephone both wakes them up from a deep sleep, Chun looked at the clocked at the side table, it is 10 am.
He and his wife slept late last night. After the long ordeal during the party and making love to his wife and explaining to him about Aaron, he feels so tired! He still wants some more sleep. The removing his hand from the curve embraced of his wife, he extended his hand to grabbed the phone on the side table.
“Hello?” he answered in a croaky sleepy voice
“Oh, Chun sorry to disturbed you,” It’s Calvin
“What do you want?”
“Um, uncle Dong was trying to contact you since early in the morning, but he can’t reach you.”
“Why, what does he want?”
“Umm,” he said hesitantly, “He said the hospital called; it’s about your grandpa….”

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F / behind joo!
Posted 6/30/08 , edited 6/30/08
hmmm...what happened?...was it cut off???..>.<..ahhhhhhhhhhhh..
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37 / F / dubai, UAE
Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/1/08
sorry for that drkngelzero!
i thought I copy the whole chapter....
anyway i already edited it....
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37 / F / dubai, UAE
Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/1/08
okay gals I will update now two chapters because I will be moving out tomorrow to a new flat and I dont know about the internet connection, I think they will reconnect it after two-three days or something, so I better not leave you hanging......

so here are the following chapters.....

Author: Joy


Chun and Ella were running for their lives in going to the hospital. After Calvin called, Chun was alertly woke up, and told his wife that they need to go in the hospital immediately. Without any explanation, the two rapidly took a quick shower and run in Ella’s car, because it was the one whose near at the drive way area. Chun takes the wheels.
Forty five minutes later after Calvin called the pair was in Que Shan hospital room, banging the door open.
“Grandpa!” he called
But no one replied him because the bed is empty.
Fear and pain poured cold in his body while his wife face became stark white with pale.
A young chubby nurse in her early twenties materialized at the corner of the bathroom door oblivious of the couple, she was engross in studying her file work, because it’s her first day of work in the hospital, Chun saw her and demanded tightly: “Where is he?”
Ella’s eyes began to mist with tears she had not yet recover from her weeping last night, and her eyes is completely swollen. She placed her hand onto her mouth, she can’t bear the fact of what happened to their grandpa, after they he and Chun promised last night that they were looking forward to a new future together including their grandpa.
Fate had played a cruel trick on them.
All their loves ones had been taken away from them, their parents……friend……..and now the only family that they have……
“Pardon me?” the nurse uncertainly, interrupting Ella’s taught.
The nurse was so stunned at the couple who looked like they came right out of bed and were almost crying. Did someone died? She asked herself silently. Anyway this is my first duty in work, and I can’t stomach someone’s crying because someone lost their life. She continued to think, but anyhow she must be brave, it’s her first job and she wants to give her best service.
She nervously clears her throat and straightens her back in confidence in dealing with this kind of situation, clearing her throat she asked in a steady voice.
“Excuse me, sir… miss…. may I know who are you looking for?”
“The patient here…the one who occupies this room….. My grandfather.” Chun asked incoherently
“Ah okay……..your grandfather sir?” she’s replied, she can’t seem to understand what he’s saying because of her nervousness, and because the man is a total hottie! But darn it! He seems like aggravated so as his wife. She mentally slap herself and focus on her job, it’s not the time to drool someone else husband. “Well let’s see about that sir.” Glancing at the bed’s footboard to identify the patient’s name.
“Oh, your grandfather’s name is Q-que Shan-n Wu?” she asked, having a hard time in reading. She mentally kicked herself again for being slow! Damn doctors! Why they need to scribble at all times! I can’t even read their handwriting!
Chun wants to pull his hair in frustration! This nurse is so damn slow!
He closed his eyes, and swallowed in patience, he needs to calm down himself.
“Yes, Wu Que Shan, where is he?” he asked in a near frustrated voice. The nurse looked back at her file eyes squinting in effort to find the name, of Que Shan…. and in the most unbelievable manner, she read the list of the names loudly! One by one in a painstaking slowness!
Ella suddenly forgot about their gloomy situation, an uncontrollable giggle escape from her throat.
But her husband doesn’t find it a bit funny.
“WHERE IS MY GOD DAMN GRANDPA!” he bellowed in a loud voice that made the poor nurse jump right off her feet and dropped her file on the floor. And so was his wife.
“Why are you shouting in that poor creature?” a familiar voice asked outside the door, three people looked together at the sound of the voice.
It is Que Shan.
He’s sitting comfortably in a wheelchair, with Uncle Dong at his back. He looks tired but definitely healthy, an IV was still connected to his wrist, but nevertheless he looks mighty fine.
The couple was completely dump struck! They can’t trust their eyes of what they were seeing. Que Shan was out of bed, with out any apparatus connected to him.
It was a miracle!
Que Shan was very proud of the reactions of his beloved grandchildren. He was so pleased, that a silly grin begins to become visible on his face. He wants to surprise them, and the doctors were right, these two has a priceless reaction the moment they saw him.
Ella’s the first one breaks under the spell, she runs toward Que Shan hugging and kissing his pale cheeks over and over again. She was so happy that her eyes begins to water again. Thank God! Thank God! She repeated over and over again.
“Grandpa! I love you so! Thank God that you are alive!” she finally said.
“Of course I’m alive! Who told you that I’m not?” he inquired but too pleased by his granddaughter’s reaction.
“But, Calvin called me a while ago, and he gave me the information that Uncle Dong was looking for me, and we need to go here, immediately! He didn’t gave us any further explanation.” Chun answers his question,
“so we thought…. We thought…” he can’t speak the words anymore, and so his grandfather finishes it for him.
“So you thought that I’m dead?” he said sarcastically, “That’s why you rushed in here,” rising his eye brows at him scrutinizing his grandson’s appearance. “…with your hair uncombed from shower, with your shirt miss buttoned…” and then he transferred his gaze to his granddaughter, “And that goes well with young woman! Are you out of your mind! What on earth are you wearing!” he exclaimed pointing at her exposed thigh and legs, “Is that what you called “short” shorts! And your blouse it looks like you wore it fifteen years back!” he scolded, “Young people now a days are really unpredictable!”
Ella feels her cheeks warmth with embarrassment while his husband is trying to fix his hair in effort to tidy up himself.
“Tsk, Tsk, tsk” Uncle Dong said for the first time clucking his tongue, and shaking his head, “the reason why I’m trying to call you in the morning was because of the good news. Your grandpa’s doctor was trying to reach you, and tell you about the good news regarding your grandpa’s miraculous recovery, that he is ready to discharge three weeks from today after they will do more series of testing and final observation to ensure that it is safe for him to leave the hospital.” He explained, and continues his long narration. “Like I said the doctor was trying to contact you, but because he can’t reach you ,and so he called me, then I tried to call you like a million times, but your phone is off and you are not at the office, then I called our house but they said, that they are not sure if you went home yesterday after your company’s party, they only saw your wife coming back at the house. So I came here in the hospital and received the good news, then I called Calvin, but I didn’t give the details, because I want to and your wife hears the good news first. So he called you, and he said that you and your wife are in your house!” he finishes.
Chun thinks back why his phone is off, and remembers that he off it, before driving Angela to her apartment he doesn’t want any interruptions when they discussed their issue.
Que Shan was listening intently at the narration of Dong, and gave his grandchildren a knowing smile. “Why the two of you are not in the office? And what are you doing staying late in morning at the house? What are you two doing? Hmmm…..” sounding suspicious and definitely teasing.
Ella was a hundred sure that her face is like a tomato right now in embarrassment! Avoiding the eyes of grandfather and Uncle Dong.
Que Shan continue to observe his granddaughter and thought something was very different with Ella….then he saw it.
“Why you’re eyes are swollen, my dear?” gazing now to his grandson who is avoiding his eyes and looking very guilty. “Have you two been fighting? Our butler said that you did not come with your wife last night? Why? Did you sneak in late at night to make-up?”
“NO!” Ella defended her husband, “We didn’t fight! I swear! It’s just a…a….misunderstanding. That’s all.” She finished weakly.
“Everything is settled now grandpa, so you don’t need to be worried.” Chun assured him.
“Okay, I’ll take your word for it. I trust you and your wife completely.” He said unhesitantly.
“Awwww, that was so sweet!” the forgotten plum nurse exclaimed, interrupting their family affairs, they were so absorb of their conversations that they didn’t seem aware of the nurse standing and witnessing their interactions.
Ella releases a soft laugh, and the young nurse begins to feel embarrassed . “Umm, sorry to interrupt your moment sir, ma’am,” looking at the couple and then the two old men near the door. “I’m so glad everything was okay now, and nobody died! So can I excuse myself now?” She asked nervously.
“Thank you very much for your help miss, we really appreciate it.” Ella said kindly giving her a genuine smile.
“Oh that was nothing! Don’t mind it” shaking her head and fending her hand, “It’s just doing my job….and…and…and…” a giggle escaped from her mouth as she cover it with her hand to manage herself.
“Your husband is so hot!”
With that she scurried away from the stunned group.

Two weeks flies rapidly for the Wu family. The entire house hold was busy preparing things for the coming back of their old master. Everyone is all busy in preparations cleaning, arranging and organizing. Especially Ella, she wants to please grandpa Que Shan when he comes back to his mansion, every staff also is excited, from the maids, gardeners and cooks. And the most eager of them all is Wong, the head butler, because he served Wu family in his entire life. He was with Que Shan when he was still starting his business, he was the most loyal and the most trusted staff in the entire mansion, actually he was like a member of the family just like Uncle Dong.
Ella and Wong collaborated with each other, even Ella had her work for ten to twelve hours a day, she still organizes and gave instruction to Wong.
Wong loyally and respectably reported back to his mistress, and follows orders from her.
Wong likes his young mistress anyway, because of all the women of his young master, she was the most kind hearted, sweet and beautiful. He can’t stomach the girls who came previously in the mansion feeling superior and prima donna. Ella is very different. She can manage herself and always thinking about others, actually she was familiar with each and everyone in the mansion, she’s knew their names and family, because there is no day that she find time chatting with them, calling their first name in her sweet deep voice and she has a smile reserves at them.
That was the main reason why all the entire staff love and adore and gave their loyalty to their young mistress, nobody can replace her.
Ella and Chun was blissfully happy in their marriage life, now that grandpa Que Shan will join them, at last! Their family will be complete, they will fill the with love and laughter and even when hand time will come they will face it together.
Ella was so busy the entire week because of her job and her duty at the mansion, organizing and straighten all the household stuff. While Chun works the whole day, and during the night, after dinner, they like relaxing on the bed, reading books or watching DVD, and most of the time they love conversing with each other, knowing more about each other, about their childhood stories, their first adventure, or their secret when they were young. Chun discovered Ella has a good skills in shooting, because when she was in high school she enrolled in a shooting school, she seem interested on it but her true passion is shooting pictures. While Ella discovered that Chun loves playing basketball with famous Senator, and he wet his bed when he was in high school.
For her, being married with Chun is like match made in heaven, they both love the same things, from the taste of their clothes, colour, shoes, accessories and food they both like the same things or brand. She is really blessed to have a man like him.
What more she could asked for.
Even though there were times that they can’t agree both with some issues, they opposed and debate with each other, giving each other point of view, most the time they ended up heatedly fighting over the issue, but when they finally realizes that they are both shouting at each other they ended up laughing and kissing and then after a while they will find themselves in bed.
That how they made up.

Ella glanced at the wall clock at her office. It was 9 pm. tomorrow will be the day grandpa Que Shan will be discharge from the hospital and will come back to the house. They prepared a little party for him. But she’s working late tonight because of the dead line for the magazine’s next issue, she must submit the photos tomorrow to the editor so she could go home early as possible.
Chun was not also in the house, he had an emergency board meeting in one of their company branch in Hong Kong, and he had to be there. He will be home later at around pass mid-night because his arrival at the airport is around 11:30 pm.
After thirty minutes, she done all her work, she quickly tidy up her desk and prepares herself to go home, she wanted to be home first, to greet her husband because it’s almost two days that they didn’t see each and she misses him too much. She grabbed her handbag and switch off her computer and the table lamp, and dash outside her office, as soon as she were outside she went to the elevator, while inside the elevator her mind is flying back again at the thought of her husband, she misses him so much, even he already called her saying that he was boarding in the plane a while ago in Hong Kong. She was so absorb of thinking about her husband that she didn’t notice that the elevator already had already open, and now its staring to close and she haven’t move an inch to go outside, when she was in her right mind she quickly dash outside the closing door.
But the door hit her so hard, twice! It hit her especially at her thighs and legs, she scream in pain. She was squiring in hurt when the elevator door closes.
She stand outside the door for a full minute to let the pain subsides, how she can be so careless!
She walks slowly in a limping manner going to her car, good thing her car was park near the entrance of the office lift, or else she have to endure the pain in walking going through her car. And she had a feeling that both sides of her thigh will have huge bruises tomorrow morning.

“Welcome to Taipei International Airport and Thank you for flying Cathy Pacific Flight no. HX 987, hopefully you have a pleasant and good journey. Have a Good day everyone.”
Chun breath a prayer of gratitude as his plane landed on schedule in the airport, they have a smooth travel and his meeting was a success, his company now is getting more and more huge, and their profit was now ever increasing. He now owns sixty five percent of the company stock, his overcoming his grandfather’s shares.
His wife also owns fifteen percent, because his grandfather told him four days ago when he visited him at the hospital during lunch time, he asked him to come to him and discuss something, then at the hospital he announces to him that he want to give Ella fifteen percent of the stock as his wedding gift to her. And he wants to tell Ella when he comes back to the mansion to surprise to her. Now that the company board was planning to build a branch in Singapore and Japan during the next three months.
The company’s vision in less than a year is to have branches in most of the country in Southeast Asia, their next target is to have branches in North America.
He pushed away the thought of his company and think about his wife; he was so excited about going home tonight, because he knows there will be a wife waiting for him.
He check out immediately in the immigration, and hurriedly went to the parking lot, were his car is waiting, he instructed one of their driver to leave his car there so he could drive back home by himself, because he doesn’t want to bother them anymore.
After fifteen minutes of driving, he suddenly remembers something. He forget to buy flowers for his wife! He mentally cursed himself for being love sick! Sometimes being married, he needs to be romantic, Ella loves white lilies. He diverted his route and went to his favorite flower shop, even though he knows that it was already close, the owner will open it for him just to give him flowers, because thrice a week he personally ordered flower from that shop.
Twenty minutes later he was walking back to his car holding a bunch of white lilies, the street is very dark because there was no moon on the sky that time and the street lamp only provides dim light.
The quite still of the night was unexpectedly disturbed by the screeching sound of a motor bike fast approaching, two riders were occupied by it, they are all black suit and wears bonnets that covers their faces. The passenger of the bike was pointing a gun at him, and when he saw it, he instinctively crouches down the ground beside his car, covering his head with his arms, still holding the flowers, while the sound of the bullet fire ringing pass above his head.
Startled dogs barks at the neighborhood alerting the houses, while the unknown men escapes away, but after a few faces in the middle of nowhere…. a big dog appeared in the center of the street causing the motor bike to wobble and breaks haltingly. The passenger was unseated, Chun watched him suspended in the air and was thrown down on the ground with a loud thud rolling.
Chun acted immediately, he stood up and throws the flowers aside and opened his car. He wants to chase that son of a bitch!
But passenger quickly recovers and ran back at the motor bike that was waiting for her.
It was a woman Chun suddenly realized because of her body shape there is no mistake that the passenger was a woman because of the slender figure and her breast was prominent in her all black suite. The pair quickly got away. But still Chun had the guts to chase them because the woman dropped the gun that she was using awhile ago.

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Author: Joy


Inspector Jerry Yuang, a ruggedly built handsome man who specialized in handling delicate matter for a group of a very select client who did not what the authorities to be involve, glanced at his watch. It was nearly one , o’clock in the morning, as he sat across the desk of Chun, who had called and employed him just now to investigate the three attempts on Chun’s life and to learn who was behind them.
“My wife, grandpa and I will depart from the mansion the day after tomorrow” Chun was saying. “An assassin can melt at the street and alley of Taipei can easily come into our house. If it were my own life that is in jeopardy, I’d stay here in the city, but if Angela is behind all this, I will not risk my own wife out of this.”
Jerry nodded in agreement. “In the country, my man can able to spot an unfamiliar person within the perimeter of your rest house. We can watch them.”
“Your primary job is to watch my wife, when we are at the rest house.” He said curtly, “I’ll think of a plan that to draw whoever was in behind all this. Arrange four of your man to guard in the mansion twenty-four hours and when we travel to the rest house, when my family is there, I want additional man guarding us. Is that clear?”
“Is there any possibility that Ms. Angela Zhang shot you tonight?”
“Well that was my suspect……. at first….” Wearily kneaded his tired muscles at his nape. “It wasn’t her, at first in thought so, but my informant report to me that she’s been out of the country since last week. I’m not completely convinced that she was behind all this, because the treat in my life happened two years before, when my best friend was killed, and the following event is when I met my wife, so the possibility that Angela’s the suspect seems lesser. Although she warned me that she will get back to me.”
“The two most common motives for murder are revenge and personal gain.” Jerry said carefully. “Angela has a reason of doing that….”
“I just pity her, because of what I can see from her, she’s a loose screw. And I think her father controls her, she is just like a doll…a toy, without any freedom and I know for sure that the father and daughter has a new victim now, Mr. Zhou, an old and rich man, they will not waste their time on me, because there is more richer and older than me. She didn’t love me, she loved my money and possession, but if a wolf smells something more meatier, it will abandon its prey and hunt the other one. So I think I’m out of the picture.” He concluded.
“But Mr. Wu, I’m just giving you professional advice, don’t let your guard down. Anything is possible, we will never know what lays ahead of you. Sometimes the most unexpected person is the one who will betray you.” Jerry said, standing up and preparing to leave. “Everything will be ready on the day you set, and my men will be alert twenty four hours. From the time being, I’ll assign someone to follow your wife.”

“Why are you late? Ella asked in a sleepy voice, glancing the clock at the side table, it’s 2:30 am, Chun pressed a kiss on her forehead, kick his shoe and sit down beside her gathering her in his arms. “I miss you so much,” he replied instead of answering her query. “Why are you sleeping, you promise that you will be waiting for me at the door.” He teased at her. “Sorry about that darling, I’ll never do it again.” She said half-seriously, he gave out a soft laugh and tightens his arms around her. “I’m just kidding, love.” scooting closer to her, he accidentally bump her thigh and she reacted in pain “Ouch!” biting her lips automatically, holding her both of her thighs, “What happened?” he asked in concern. “It’s nothing, really. It’s one of my clumsiness.” Assuring him.
“Tell what happened?”
“Darling it’s because of you!” she ragged laughingly, “I can’t get you out of my mind, and then bang! The elevator door hit me.” she continuously laughs at her clumsiness.
“Huh?” he asked in a confused tone while he groap switching on the table lamp beside him. Dim light flooded the on them, then he removed the blanket swiftly over her to see if she is really okay. Angry huge marks of purple bruises spread across both side of her thighs, stunned he hissed his breath involuntarily, because she is wearing shorts her thighs was exposed. Ella quickly snatched back the blanket and covered her legs.
“Is this what you called ‘nothing’!” he exclaimed “Why are not you watching where were you going? You are not that brainless!” shouting at her, making his face red with anger.
“Well you don’t have to shout on me!” she shot back, “I don’t need your lecture on this.” She is very tired and this was all she was going to get. She never expected him to have this kind of reaction; he is always gentle when it’s about her concern.
“Come on.” Pulling her out of the bed.
“Where are we going? Where are you going to take me?”
“In the ER. You moron! The doctor needs to put something on that.” He said carelessly.
Her pride is more hurting now than her the pain in her thighs. Jerking her hands back, she said in an angry voice, “Well, I thank you dear husband for your concern, but even I’m a moron and brainless, I can take care of myself!” her chin notch up higher.
“Don’t be such a fool!” he sais tightly controlling his anger, he was not angry at her, he was angry at himself for being insensitive. He just don’t want her to be hurt, he doesn’t know what to do if something bad happens at her. He swiftly removed the blanket that’s covering her, and pulled her out of bed. He carried her like a sack of rice, her stomach is on his shoulder.
“You put me down right at this instance!” she demanded while beating his back.
She still continued to curse and scream at him to put her down in a loud voice, causing the entire household to wake-up, as Chun ignored her and walked down towards staircase. While the dumb struck staff in the mansion watched open mouthed at the scene that they are beholding right in front of their eyes.
“Stop shouting Ella, the staffs are looking at us.”
“I don’t care! Some body help! He’s kidnapping me!” she looked at Wong finding help from him.
“Master Wu—“
“Not now Wong, I’m just taking her to the hospital, you don’t need to worry a bit.” He explained to them.
Once there were outside the house, people who had witness the scene, looked at each other in puzzled amusement, as the couple went out of the house with Ella still bickering at Chun.
“This house will never be the same again.” Said Alice, the head maid.
“At least this house will not be boring as before.” Interjected Jin, the gardener.
“Ever since Master Wu got married, this house begins to be in chaos.” Yang, the head cook shared his thoughts, shaking his head.
“Ms. Ella is a good wife, she’s perfect for Master Chun. But he is so serious though.” Alice told the group
“Yes, Ms. Ella is kind, but I hope she will be fine now, I’m wondering what going in between the two? I seldom see them fight like this.” Jin said seriously
Wong clears his throat to get their attention. “Everyone, please, go now to your respective rooms, we still have a big day in less that five hours, Master Que Shan will expecting something good from us. Come on!” clapping his hands to dismiss them.

The sun is shining bright at the blue sky above, every one is excited at the coming back of Master Que Shan, all the uniformed staffed are align in a straight precision with a genuine smile on their faces, they make sure that everything is prepared, from the tips of their shiny shoes up to their well brushed hair. They are standing in a military manner, while at the door; the couple are still not yet talking to each other.
The approaching vehicle parked in front of the drive way, the chauffer opened the door. Uncle Dong stepped out followed by Grandpa Que Shan, a wheelchair is waiting for him.
Ella quickly went t his side giving him a kiss on the cheek then assisting him. Que Shan gave a smile on his granddaughter and his eyes was searching for Chun, whom was standing there in silence, expressionless.
He cleared his throat and said loudly: “Has anybody seen my grandson?” raising his left brows that Chun really misses.
He removed his hands in his trouser pocket and went to his grandfather to greet him.
“I’m sorry grandpa, how are you feeling?” hugging the old man.
“ Fine. It seem like you are not happy that I’m back. Why?”
“Don’t think about that grandpa, I’m happy that you’re finally back.”
“Well your eyes tell me something different.”
“Oh grandpa just ignore him, the important thing is you’re here with us now.” Ella smiled at him. The staffs get the hint from her. Altogether they bow their heads and said in a loud firm voice: “Welcome back master!”
He acknowledged them by nodding. “Thank you all for your loyalty and support you have given me when I’m not here, and most of all thank you for accepting Ella as you’re your new mistress.” Then he focuses his attention to his mansion, he misses this place too much, and he can see some improvements while he is not here, Ella push his chair in towards the house, while Que Shan note every detailed changes, from small furniture, decorations and displays, there are somehow feminine touch in the place, and he love it so much, his home is becoming a real house now. Thanks to Ella.
The three of them went to the dining area for breakfast, where the foods are well prepared. All his favorite is there. Ella made a research about Que Shan’s favorite foods, and she feels satisfy when she saw her reaction towards the meal. She want it for him to be perfect because it’s the first day that he will eat food that not from the hospital.
All through out the entire meal they were talking and laughing reminiscing old memories, except one person, his smile was force and his mind was not focus on the meal nor the conversation that’s taking over.
“Chun, son is there something bothering you?” Uncle Dong asked.
He snapped back to reality, his mind was thinking of how he will announce to this family about his plan of moving temporarily to their rest house, and because while this morning he’s not in good terms with Ella because of the incident.
“Umm nothing much,” shaking his head, “I was just thinking about the company,” then he focus his attention to his grandpa, its better to let it all out now. “Grandpa, I was just thinking, do you remember our rest house in Hainan?”
“Yes, why?”
“Maybe we could stay there in a few weeks?” he suggested.
“But son, I just came here at the mansion, I miss this place so much, I wanted to enjoy here in the meantime.”
“Yes, I know, but that place there, will be better for you. The air is fresh, there peace in the community, and the scenery is superb. One more thing, my wife didn’t visit there yet. I want to show her the place.” Putting his arms around his wife, pretending to be jolly.
His stunned wife just says nothing, she is controlling herself not to hit him, why he is so insensitive?! He didn’t even inform her about his plan to go in the country side.
It hurt her a bit because he didn’t even inform her, sometimes she really doesn’t understand him at all.
“Well…. What do you think my dear? Are you in favor with your husband’s suggestion?” Que Shan asked Ella’s opinion.
She doesn’t want to have an argument again with her husband in the morning, so she just nodded in agreement.
“When is your plan to go?” Uncle Dong asked.
“Will tomorrow be fine?” he asked his grandpa.
Ella can’t take it no more, “Tomorrow! Why this is such a short notice, you didn’t even tell me, that you are planning to go there, how about my work? I still have tons of work to finish!” her voice is notching up.
“Just leave your work to Selina, or Hebe, and don’t worry there an access on the internet there, just bring your laptop, and work there if you want, and as for me, I’ll let Calvin and Uncle Dong handle the company, and I’ll also bring my laptop, and some of my paper works so I will be still be able to work there.” He said rationally.
She just remain silence, when she did not speak anymore, he added “so I think that settle your problem so everything now is set?”
“Then if the two of you will be working how about me? I want to enjoy your company, I thought the reason we’ll go there is to relax, and enjoy the place and why are you two both working?”
“Of course, grandpa, I want you to enjoy, that’s the main reason we will go there right?” he took a glance at his wife. She looked angry and hurt, something tugged at his chest, and he doesn’t want to see her like this. He was just doing this for her, he wants to protect him, someone is trying to kill him, and he discerns that his wife is also the target. He must take an action before everything will be too late…..

The following day, everything was settled and ready, Chun instructed the staff to be prepared, even the staff there in Hainan, Wong and Alice were the only staffs that will be accompanying them. They will all ride in a van.
While the people that Chun hired to followed then discreetly are stationed near the street their mansion.
They have a smooth travel, Ella enjoys looking at the views, and she was talking animatedly to Que Shan in order to entertain him, while Chun was busily working silently on his laptop. He knows that they were safe. There will be no trouble while they are traveling. He ensured Jerry about that.
When they finally reach the rest house, Ella was stunned by the beauty of it.
It was standing in the middle of the place; there is no visible house nearby it. The two-story house had a nice wide parking space at the entrance of the gate, with kiosk at the side. Windows are made of huge glasses, with marble pillars holding the terrace on the second floor and there hallway at both side that she assumed that were leading to a beautiful backyard waiting for her. She immediately fell in love with the place. Her husband is not boasting around that he said that it was the best rest house in Hainan. Actually it looks more like a small inn than a house.
“I already forgot how this house looks like before, When did you rebuilt it, son?”
“Just last year. Actually I totally forgot about this place, luckily one of the business associate in the company was looking for a place to stay, and I suddenly remember about this place, and so I let him stay her for about three days. He loves it. So I decided to re- construct it. From that day on, whenever there are business associates that is visiting from a foreign country, I let them stay here, compliments of the company. ”
“That’s my boy! Come on, let’s go in. I’m quite tired from travel.”
Three of them went inside and rest, the time flies every minutes, just by unpacking the clothes and re-arranging the place, Ella feels tired since two days before, just yesterday, she held an emergency meeting in her company, she announced that she will most probably working in Hainan, she told them that she will stay there for a while due to personal reason, but she will keep up to date off all that is happening around their company. Her two best friends only know the reason why she will stay there, like her, they were also puzzled about the abrupt decision of Chun for staying there. She took a deep breath, Oh, let it be! Well it’s better to enjoy the scenery, than thinking it as a problem.

After two days in staying there, grandpa Que Shan had a feeling that the couple is not in a good condition, he can observed that, they’re pretending to be jolly whenever he was their presence, otherwise they are just polite at each other, there is something wrong going on between them. This two needs reconciliation, so he called Wong……..

It was dawning when Ella went outside the house, with Wong trailing behind her, carrying two large baskets. Wong, put down the baskets, excused himself and went back inside the house.
Grandpa is running late. She thought. Que Shan invited her for fishing yesterday. He said that he wanted to spend quality time with his granddaughter, so he told her that he knows the best fishing spot in the area, and told her that when he was young he and Sam, his grandpa they used to go fishing. He wants to remember the good times they have. She was touch with the idea of grandpa Que Shan. It has been a long time since she held a fishing rod. Her foster family used to take her during spring time to fish, and now she’s looking forward it. Her absent husband went to the city yesterday so she never expected that he will join them, and beside grandpa said that it’s exclusively for their ‘bonding’.
She snapped back in attention when she heard a car approaching in the house.
It was Chun, fresh from the city. He stopped his car in front of her, after which he got out if the car gave her a polite kiss on her cheek then take the baskets into his car.
“Where are you putting that?” she said in a puzzled voice.
“Well, are we going for fishing, aren’t we?” he asked.
“B-but, grandpa said that he and I will go for fishing not you, he told me to wait here outside.”
Chun digested the words of his wife, and closed his eyes in defeat. He had been duped as well as Ella; this is all his grandfather’s entire plan.
Yesterday his grandfather called him up, and invited him for fishing, he said that it has been a long time since they go out together. So he accepted his invitation. The moment he saw his wife standing at the entrance, something tells him different.
He knew it.
His grandfather can feel that he and his wife is not in that good terms, so he made a plan that they will spend time together. He silently applauded him for his effort. He took a deep breath of defeat, it’s about time to end their game, he feels tired of everything that is happening, he needs his wife… and beside he miss her terribly, for the pass three days that they are just pretending to be happy in front of his grandpa. That doesn’t feel good. Without her, he feels like his in hell.
He slowly went to her… Ella was unsure of what he is going to do, she felt nervous, he was going near her. For sure she looks like a frighten rabbit! Damn! Why I’m feeling this way. I must be strong, I’ll prove him that I’m not weak. And so she put her chin up ready for battle…. But instead scolding her, he did the opposite, he gather her into his arms, and gave her a long passionate reconciling kiss that took her breath away.
“I’m sorry, so sorry” Chun said after he broke the kiss endless minutes later. “I miss you so much, it was my fault, I shouldn’t says those things to you….”
Ella opened his passion filled eyes and looked at him, “Shhh…I understand you, I miss you so much….” With that she tipped her toes and kissed him putting her arms around his neck to prove that she meant her words….
After few minutes later, Chun breaks the kiss and told her teasingly “Grandfather will not be happy if we do not follow the schedule.” He took her hands and lead to the passenger door, before he started the engine he told her seductively, “there is much more time for that later.” Kissing the tip of her nose, then he drives away from the house, where the two old men watched in amusement at the window. “See, I told you my plan is brilliant!” Que Shan told Wong in a supreme voice.
“As you wish sir…” bowing his head in defeat.
“Now where’s my $20?” extending his hand get the money.
Wong shake his head in defeat and almost cried when he handed out the bill.
“I know that I shouldn’t agree with the bet…..”

“Wow, this place is beautiful!” Ella exclaimed excitedly like a school girl, he laughed at her, lacing his finger on her, “I this place is the best for fishing. When I was small, my grandfather always bring me here.”
The tall trees are offering shade to the sun, while the sound if the running stream excites, her. How she wish that she brings her swim suite, she feel that she needs to deep her body to that inviting cool stream.
They set up their things in the nearby grassy banks. “Is this for breakfast?” pointing at the two large basket. “Well you grandfather said the I must prepare until lunch, or if you want you can catch your own food over there.” Pointing her mouth into the direction of the stream.
“Well, you ain’t see me catches fish,” he boasted, lifting his head with supremacy. “and if I catch a big one, I’ll never share it with you.” He told him like a boy. She squeak with laugher after seeing his reaction, she retailed to him but throwing a worn that was wiggling in the can that Wong prepared for them, and it landed straight on his cheeks.
He closed his eye in reaction, and then slowly removed the worn looking at Ella with a mischievous glint is his eyes.
“Don’t you dare it!” she chucked helplessly, holding her hands out as if to fend him off as she back away faster. He increased his pace dramatically, holding the worn of his fingers. “Now Chun--“ she laughed shakily. “No!” she cried, whirling to go in the stream, and when she got there she scoop the cool water and splash on his face.
Chun stopped dead releasing the wiggly worm, “That……does……it!”
Ella scream, running laughingly as Chun caught her carrying her like a sack of rice, while he playfully slapped her buttock “You Ms. No butt, will get it from me.” he said while wading in the stream, she hit his back playfully, “put me down!”
“As you wish my, love” With that he throws her slowly in the water…… she was suspended in the air for a second, but she extended her arms and caught his neck, Chun eyes widen with shock. Together they fell deep in the water, they submerge laughing and coughing and playing………

On the secluded stream in Hainan, laughter rang out often during the perfect morning; the couples chase each other and swim at the stream, the forgotten fishing equipment left at the banks.
“Sir, everything is fine now, there is no sign of any danger with in the parameter. Shall I leave them?” said the man on his mobile.
“Okay, you can leave your post; Mr. Wu instructed us that when he is with his wife, you can relieve your duty.”
“Yes, sir.” He hung his phone and smile foolishly at the sweet scene he witness. I must find my own wife, he told himself as he whistles away from the stream.
Unaware that not far behind him, there was a pair of eyes watching closely its prey…..

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“I’m wet!” Ella said laughingly, as she squeezing water out of her shirt. Chun removed his shirt off and wagged it on her, sending sparkling water on her. “Stop it!” she said in a shaky laugh, but she can’t resist staring at his husband’s muscular body, she can compare him with Zeus, the roman Greek god, the of all gods…… Chun can feel that his wife was staring at her, so he focuses his attention to her; she immediately looked away as if caught in the act. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment.
Chun shouted with laughter.
“Hump!” giving him a dirty look, and putting her arms under her chest. “You think that I’m one of your admirers who will drool at your feet whenever they saw you shirtless.” She said in an irritated voice. He responded to her by throwing her a roguish grin, and then he slowly walks towards her…. “What are you going to do….” She asked nervously backing away from him. “Why are you afraid my love?” he teased. She looked around her surrounding her afraid that someone might see them, “Hey Chun, not here please….” pleading him.
“What’s ‘not here’?” he asked knowingly, still getting nearer to her. “You know what I mean!” she said in a near frustrated voice. The fact is she was not afraid of her husband she was scared that she can’t control herself in front of him. He stopped in front of her, their body nearly touching each other, and he slowly he put his head down to her face, their breath mingled, that sent Ella to excitement, but he misses her lips…… went to her ears and whispered:
“If you do not change your clothes you be sick.”

Ella stood there dumb struck as Chun took her hands and lead her to their car. “Where are we going? We haven’t eaten our food yet?” she finally recovered from the spell she’s under, actually she was relieved that her husband’s intention was not the one she is thinking of.
“You need to change your clothes dear.”
“But I don’t have any spare, I didn’t bring any….”
“Well your lucky that I have clothes in the car, and towel too, you can use mine first.” He took out the spare clothes at the compartment area, gave it to her while he leads her to the rear area of the car, “Go inside love, and quickly change your wet clothes, I’m quite hungry now.” He reminded her kissing her forehead then pushing her inside the car closed the door.
Fifteen minutes later they are seated on the mat that Ella brought for the breakfast picnic that she supposedly sharing with grandpa. She removes the food one by one inside the basket, steamed bread with sauce, fresh vegetables salad, banana his favorite, stir friend noodles that she especially cook because his grandfather requested it and a bottle of white wine which her grandfather also instructed to bring. While she was preparing all the foods Chun was sitting across her, silently observing her, she looks extremely hot and sexy with his oversized shirt, his gaze traveled from her perfect breast that is under his shirt that engulfed her small frame, now she appears like a child because of it was too large for her, but she definitely not looks like a child because of her trim sexy long white thigh and legs that were exposed because it just covered her mid thigh good thing the bruises are healing fast now…. He remembered that incident that caused their misunderstanding; he shook his head because of the memory……
His mind was occupied of the recollection of their last misunderstand and the incident that happened to him that night, he’s mind take him away to the possible suspect that was trying to kill him, that he wasn’t aware that Ella is offering him the wine, her hand outstretch holding the wine glasses with both hands, he tipped it off her. Splashing and slipping wines on the mat. “Aiyoo!” he hissed and quickly apologizes getting the tissue beside him mopping off the wine. “That’s okay darling.” She said putting away the glasses and added: “I don’t feel drinking it today.” Shrugging her shoulders.
“I have to agree with you love, I don’t feel like drinking today,” looking intensely at her eyes, “You know what I want?” he asked her, she knew what does he mean with his words, swallowing she said shakily, “But I’m hungry….” Looking away from him.
“I know me too……” he said in a husky voice.
“I mean with food….” she defended. Her whole body is shaking, any time now she will gave in to him, she missed him so much, and three days of being polite with each other was a torture to her. But not in here! She feels that they are exposed in public!
As if he can read her mind…. he just delay his plan of making love to her…..even though it was killing him. Instead he gave her mouth quick and hard kiss and abruptly took his lips away from her. “Okay love, let’s do it later.”
She gave out a breath of relief; she has this weird feeling behind her neck that somebody is watching them. But she put that thought at the back of her mind and starts offering him food, they ate comfortably, and she make sure that she will amend to him later. They talked animatedly, laughed and teased each other…….

Saturday mornings is such a bore. She told herself. Lying on the bed late Saturday in the morning. It’s weekend again. Chun woke her up by kissing her on the forehead, saying that he going to work. He needs to go to the office in the city during Saturdays.
For her she doesn’t like Saturday because she has no work but her husband has. Now she needs to stay home especially that they are not in the city. Some of the Saturdays she spent it with her two best friends but now that she’s in the province, she’s too lazy to drive all the way to the city.
I might as well enjoy my stay here, even with out my husband. She yawned and gave a lazy stretch on the bed, and stepped out of it. She prepares her bath, she opened the faucet and filed the bathtub, she put some scented soap for her bubble bath after a few minutes she stepped in the bubbling fresh citrus scent bath and closed her eyes in pleasure. She needs to relax her tired aching muscles. She planned her activity ahead, she will asked grandpa to go shopping in the local mall, but she has doubt about it, maybe grandpa will get tired of the activity. She will just explore the house and the garden, she was planning to plant some flowers especially lilies when she saw the garden when they first came here.
She was strolling at the back yard, inspecting the small garden, the Bermuda grass looks so green and some of the shrubs were visible around the garden, she walks toward the huge tree at the far side, as leaned on the huge trunk and smell the fresh cool air, she looked behind her noticing a pathway going through the woods, she follow the small road that surrounded by small bushes while she was walking she can see a tree house on the top of the tree few yards away, the old tree house was already dilapidated, but curiosity was eating her, she wants to climb up the tree and see what is inside the tree house. Looking at the broken stepped in the tree house, she decided to take a look inside of it, she can surely climb up the tree, when she was small her adopted parents took her to province as they enjoy the urban life she runs around the field and climb trees. She came near the tree inspecting it looking for a tiny step that will help her up. She saw and took it, her right hand are groping for a another branch that she can used and found it, she climb up slowly until she reach the top of the tree house. The ceiling is as big as her, she inspected the walls, and there were small old chair at the corner wall and a table that matches the chair, a medium box that is filled with dust, was under the table. She took it out and sweeps the powder on the chest and then she opened it and found an old picture, small toy car and a bottle with a piece of paper inside.
A cute little boy and a girl was smiling wildly at the camera, they are wearing a formal cute suit, its looks like it’s a costume party……she was staring hard at the photo and find out that the boy and the girl seems familiar...............her eyes widen with recognition, there was no mistake the boy was Chun, and the girl…….was her! She was two years old then, she looks like a baby!
So this was there wedding picture!
Their expression is they don’t care about what’s happening in the world…..but why these were here? She asked herself, a vivid memory flooded back at her……………

The small office were occupied by six adults and two kids, the children were running around the room chasing each other dressed in their Sunday’s best while the two pair of couple were busy chatting with each other and the two old man were signing some legal documents and after a while the two men seal their agreement with a firm handshake.
“Sam, I know that we made the correct decision to let our grandchildren marry even in their young age.” he smiled broadly at his best friend, he feels like achieved something great, greater that establishing his company
“I agree with you Que Shan, this is the happiest day of my entire life!” he said jolly and then called up the children; “Chun, Ella come here for a while” waving his hand to call them. When the children were in front of him he explained to them “from now on children you’re married, although it’s very hard to believe but you are fated to be together…..”

A day after the wedding Sam was talking seriously at his children, “Why do you need to go? I can provide you a good life here in Taiwan, why do have to move in Canada!”
“But dad this is a rare opportunity that the company offered me. There is no reason or me to decline them.”
“Yes there is!” he feels like pulling his hair in frustration. “My granddaughter just got married! This is my dream that we merge our family to the Wu.”
“I know dad, but look, Ella is just two years old, she needs to explore the world by herself, I want to give her an independent life before her time has come to leave us and lives with her husband. And it’s also in your agreement that, at the age of eighteen we will tell her the truth about her marriage as well as Chun.”
“But I want them to be familiar with each other, I want them to be friends”
“Yes they will, dad, we will try to communicate with you and uncle Shan about our life in Canada, and will still spend our summer vacation here.”

Her parents were driving in a snow cover street in Canada, she was busily playing her favorite stuff toy mushroom at her car seat at the back, enjoying the sound of the laughter of her parents them out of nowhere she heard a piercing scream from her mom….the last thing she remember is that she was crying and looking at their burning car…..

She snapped back to reality oblivious of her tears streaming down her cheeks, now everything is clear to her.
Her memory came back how did they got married and the fateful night that she loses her parents. That’s the reason why she is having nightmares when she was young. And the young boy that was chasing her in her dream when she was small is her Chun her husband, it finally dawn in her.
She put her mind back to the present, she must forget that event, about the horrid accident of her parents, the most important thing is she that she is alive and their grandfathers gave them an amazing gift of marriage, this is how they are supposed to be.
She took the bottle and remove the piece of paper inside and then she started to read it.
A childish scrawl were evident to the six year old hand writing who had written them.

Dear God,
Today is my 7th birthday, and I’m really sad because my mom and my dad were not here with me. Grandpa said that they are in heaven watching over me, although I try not to cry at night, because my classmates in school were teasing me that only girls, cries not boys, I still feel like it.
My only wish for today is that I want to see my old friend, I met her 3 years ago, we are very happy because I love playing with her. Grandpa said she is very special to me, but I don’t understand what does he means by that. Is she not coming back to visit me? Like mommy and daddy?
I wish that she comes will come today for my birthday.

Tears of sorrow were sliding down her cheeks wetting the letter, unthinkingly she crumpled the paper and put it in her heart. It must been very hard for both of them, what they had been through!
There is no doubt that her husband loves her, even they were at the young age he can’t forget her!
The reason why he stopped thinking of her is because, his hope died that she will never return to him.
She opened again the letter and re-read the innocent letter of a boy to God for his birthday wish…..then she notices the date….
10th of October.
A month from today!
His birthday is coming up! She suddenly feel happy and alive, she will take care of it. She wanted to make up for his 7th birthday, he will be turning 28, she ,must have a surprise party for him, she want it to be the most unforgettable birthday he ever have.
She took out her mobile phone and dialed Calvin’s number.
“Hello, Calvin, this is Ella, can we meet today, maybe after your work?”

Ella was seated at the local restaurant at exactly 7:00 pm, and Calvin was striding towards their table. “Sorry Ella, I’m late.” He apologizes.
“I don’t mind Cal, it’s okay” she said with a smile, as Calvin sit across her.
She just made an excuse to her husband that she’s going to meet the girls tonight and she will be late because she’s be coming from the city. She also called Selina and Hebe to back up her, because her plan is for the sake of her husband.
“So what’s the special occasion that you called me up, and tell me that I must keep it as a secret to my best friend?”
“Well it’s your best friend birthday, you moron!” she teased sweetly
“Really?” he said half seriously thinking, riding on her game. “I though that dude’s birthday will be next month, not today.”
“I know, that is the reason why I called you up……….”
“To make a surprised party for him?” he asked innocently
“Wow Cal, you are so genius! How did you know that!” she teased
He laugh dryly, “because, I think that you discovered that his birthday is coming up, how did you know that? He seldom celebrates his birthday, ever since he was eight years old. I know this might sound absurd but, Chun never celebrate his birthday, the last birthday that he celebrates is when he was sever years old, from that day on he never celebrates, I really don’t know why.” he said seriously.
His statement makes her emotions mixed with pain and joy, it’s because of me….she said silently. “Don’t feel bad about it” Calvin said reading her reaction. “Maybe he has a reason why he stops celebrating his birthday. Hope your plan will work out, because the last time I attempt to celebrate with him, he just coldly shows his back to me.”
“Don’t worry Cal, I know this will work” she said excitedly, clapping her hand in delight, which Calvin found it endearing. How I wish she had a sister. He said half seriously.
He cleared his throat and catch her attention back, “okay lets’ get into our business,” he began, “What do you what me to do…….”
Three hours later, after they ate their dinner and discuss Chun’s birthday, Ella’s mind was still full of idea. Calvin look at his watch and told her, “My dear friend if you want, your husband to be happy before his birthday you better get going, or else he will suspect that something fishy is going on.” He reminded her with a smile. Ella was genuinely delighted because of Cal’s loyalty and kindness to her, especially to her husband. She stares at his eyes, and said appreciately, “Oh Cal, thank you very much!” she said with emotion, he was surprised when she came near to him, hugged him tightly and kissed his cheeks. Calvin can’t help but to hug her back. “I don’t mind, Ella, as long as I’m here, and it’s for my best friend, I’ll offer my support to you”
“Thank you.” she repeated. Unconsciously not aware of the man observing not far behind them.
He also took their picture from his mobile camera.

“Mr. Chun, a man named Jerry Yuang is here to speak to you, sir.” Wong announces.
It has been 3 weeks since he hired Inspector Yuang to help him to solve the case. Sitting at his mini office in their rest house, he glanced at Wong and nodded his head to let Jerry enter the room. As soon as the inspector sit down, Chun asked for the progress of the case.
“Mr. Wu I have with me right now some documents that somewhat connected to your case.” He began putting the thick plastic envelope on his desk. Chun opened and studied the papers for just few minutes.
The lines on his forehead was visible when he asked him.
“What is the meaning of this……” sorting the financial statement of Q&S Corp 5 years ago…..the are huge amount that was deposited in a unknown account to powerful banks in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
“We’d discovered this with the collaboration of the federals, that Q&S Corp has been depositing huge money to these following banks unaccountable, and the mysterious part is an unknown man had the access in all the bank accounts, and there is huge amount of money being with draw quarterly.”
“Yes I have known this before, I suddenly remembered one time before my best friend died that this event have already occur…..but later on I ignored it because I thought Angela was making up horrid stories to get even with Aaron.” He said curtly, he had a bad feeling about this, and he get feel in his guts that someone is backstabbing him, and he wants to know the reason why.
“Mr. Wu, we followed your detailed instruction and of course I have also my own investigation……” he said hesitating, he needs to the will power to say it to him. He found the something that is not acceptable and he knows that his client will not like one bit of it.
“Yes Mr. Yuang please do continue.” He said waiting for whatever bad news he had to deliver, but deep in his mind he wants to catch that son of a bitch who was trying to kill him two years ago.
“Sir, do you remember what did I tell you that anything is possible in this kind of situation?”
Chun nodded his head in affirmation, and looked straight in the eyes of the inspector.
“I told you before that most of the time in these kind of cases, the most unexpected person will that is very close to will is the one who will betray you. Did you ever think about that?” he asked again.
Chun entire body is warming with suspicion, and the feeling is horrible. “Spit it out! Whoever is that son of a bitch must pay!”
“It’s CALVIN CHEN, your best friend.”
He was immediately off his feet, planting both of his hands on his desk, leaning forward as his blazing eyes was scrutinizing the inspector. “What are you trying to prove?” his voice was hissing with anger. “Are you saying that it was Calvin…. my best friend was the one who are all behind this?”
“Sir, if you could just me a change to explain all my deduction, I would gladly state the facts to you.”
Chun wants to block in ears in denial, his best friend will never do that to him, next to his wife and grandpa, and he considers him like a true blooded brother. He trust and love him, and his mind is refusing the fact that he was one who had betrayed him. “NO! I can’t accept your accusation to my best friend; Calvin would rather die than betraying me! This is absurd! I would believe you if you tell me that Angela Zhang plan was behind in this entire ordeal……….but Calvin, it’s impossible!” his face is red in anger, he’s containing himself not to punch the face of the inspector.
“Sir, calm down your self please. I’m just doing my job; you hired me so I’ll do my part.”
He stared at Inspector Yuang for a very long time, and then he slowly conceded by sitting on his chair and taking a deep breath, he prepared himself of whatever illogical things this man is going to tell him.
When the inspector saw that his client is ready, he decided to answers his assumption regarding Angela Zhang.
“First of all sir, Angela Zhang has nothing to do with this, I assure you a hundred percent. Right now she’s out of country, not only her, but also his father, and according to my source she right now engage to an old rich man named Jin Zhuo, a royal blood in Brunei, he owns one of the top oil mining company in south east Asia. Like you said before Angela just care nothing except money, and we went to monitor all her activities.
Before she flies to Brunei last two weeks ago, we just found all her activities boring, all of it were shopping, gambling, spas and all the predictable activities spoiled rich women would do in their boring life. And if you do not believe me, I have tapped her phone calls and we I found nothing suspicious about it especially linking to this case.”

He absorbs all the facts that he told him, and he had a mixed feelings about this, he doesn’t know if he will be relieve that Angela didn’t mean when she threatens him about harming him and Ella or he’d be angry because it maybe better if Angela was all behind this.
“Now tell me about your “deduction” about my best friend,” he invited, but before the inspector was about to start, he gave out a fair warning: “But be sure that all that you will say is the truth, or else I swear to God that, you wish that you were never been born in this earth.” He finished in a cold voice.
Inspector Jerry Yuang, can totally understand his feelings, he is in denial stage, but hopefully he will come to light when he told him the truth, after all it’s his life that was at stake here.
“Mr. Wu, like you said a while ago that the incident of money depositing in some huge banks started five years ago, three years after it happened again that is the time when your best friend died, and if I’m correct, you suspected him of betraying you over that unknown account, and he heatedly denied it. I’m I correct?” he asked, and continues. “Now that you have mentioned it, at that time Calvin was just being promoted as your financial vice president…”
“Yes so what?”
“So….he had all the access in the account, correct?”
“Yes that was one of the job descriptions of the financial VP, so what? And beside you said it was five years ago, that time he was not the financial VP.”
“Correct but that time your grandfather officially accept him as one of the family and can have access to the bank account, So he have the power of signatory in any banks even without your consent. And take a look at this…” he took one folder containing the list of assets of Calvin, “He purchased a brand new car, bought a new town house in Taipei, and the last one is he acquired an island in Camiguin at the Philippines. All this happens last two years ago….”Chun studies the file, not only two years back, just last year, Calvin also obtained property in Pintung, there are still more…. And Chun can’t believe that these are all real, Why didn’t Calvin informed him about all the acquired wealth that he got? They have been best friend since their elementary days he trusted him so much?
Then he asked a question: “What do you think the reason why he wants to kill me?”
“Greed” he answered flatly,
“Calvin wants all that belongs to you, haven’t you thought about it? Ever since you were small, you stole the spotlight from him?
You are the best in the class, you were the black belter in Karate class, you won the heart of his parents, you are the first one to be noticed by girls, and you’re wealthier that him.
He is just your shadow, even when Aaron joined your team; Aaron admired you first and gave his loyalty to you first before he became close to Calvin. He was forever branded as your ‘shadow’.
As a man Calvin wants to have an identity by himself, he doesn’t want to be the shadow anymore. If you were out of his way he will have all the opportunity to tell the world that he is better than you or anybody else.
If you were dead, all the assets of the company will be going to him, because as we know you consider him as your family, and from what I can recall your grandfather officially acknowledge him as one of his grandson, he signed the documents, isn’t he?
And he will be declared as the new President of Q&S Corp.”
Chun almost laughed out loud at his assumption, “Well most of all that you said were true, but I have known him ever since he was small and we would never do that to me. I trusted him with all my life, so you better junk all this predictions you have, Mr. Fortune-teller, oh I mean Mr. Inspector. You’re fired!” Inspector Jerry ignores the insult that he gave to him.
“Okay if that’s your wish, Sir. But before I go I just wanted to tell you that you’re so called best friend not only wanted your money….he also wanted your wife.
His last statement was like bomb that dropped in front of him. He was so speechless that he rooted of his chair. This is insanity!
“Do you recall sir that you instructed us that our primary job is to follow and protect your wife…..”
Chun had a bad feeling about this; he heart begins to accelerate with suspicion and fear.
“Have you noticed that you’re wife were often visiting the City? Did she say something to you of where she is going?”
“Yes….she said that she was meeting her two best friend, Selina and Hebe, that she misses them so much that’s why she frequently going to the City, and she had also a work that she needs to follow up…..”
“Well sir, your wife is a liar, because she is not doing any work nor meeting her girlfriends, she was meeting your best friend, Calvin. Come to think of it Mr. Wu I think your wife belongs Calvin already.”
With that Chun jumps out of his seat and grabbed the collar of Inspector Yuang, aiming a punch on his face, but Inspector Jerry is a skilled officer, he stopped his fist before it landed on his cheeks by blocking it with his palm. “Before you do something irrational sir, can I enlighten you why did I release those words…..”
Chun pushed him away and pointing at the door. “You have one minute to get out of this door Mr. Inspector, otherwise I can’t help myself in murder you.”
“Okay and then give me 60 seconds to explain why your wife is involve now in murdering you.”
Chun vision was completely clouded with anger, “I said you---“
“You’re wife and her lover was trying to kill you! They collaborated to kill you.
Did you recall the last three weeks ago that you said that your attacker was a woman? It might be her, because I have discovered her old records when she was a teenager, your wife was an excellent shooter, I have research that she had shooting lessons before and she highly excels on it.”
“I already knew that you moron, she told me so, so what?”
“Did she also told you, the bruised on her thigh was because of the elevator door? Or it’s because she fell in a moving motorbike, like the description you told me about the night you hired me. Your staff ay your mansion told us that they don’t know the whereabouts of your wife that night of your arrival here in Taiwan.”
Chun suddenly remembers that night, he was so angry of Ella because her thighs looks like an eggplant full of bruises, and the possibility might be link to that event.
“And have you also remembered your fishing trip? She prepared the food and the wine, and we discovered something, the wine she was giving you was poison. A stray dog was killed when it licked the spilled wine in the grass, and I also asked kitchen people to give me the wine bottle that Ella offers you to drink. The results were here from the laboratory.”
He glance at it and read the content.
It’s positive with poison.
Chun head began to throb, and he has having a hard time to breath. “This is impossible! Why is she trying to kill me?”
“Because, she wants also the whole company by herself. Just like your best friend. And according to my investigation, the two got really close after you gave a party you gave to all the employee of Q&S. Calvin was smitten by your wife the moment you introduced them to each other. And because, all of you’re employees witness that, at the night of the party, you scolded your wife in front of everyone and you choose Angela over her. She wants to get even with you, and since they become close, I think that they are having an affair. We just don’t know that Calvin is convincing your wife that, you still have eyes for Angela. Another fact is your grandfather already transferred some of the company stock to her, as he wedding gift, so Calvin persuades her that the two of them must made a move to clear you out of the way so they can enjoy your money.”
Chun gave the inspector an intent look, and after a few minutes, he told him: “Have you done talking lies in front of me? If you are, you may leave out-of- my -house” He said in a weird calm voice.
“You still do not believe me, take a look at this.” Handing the last folder file, and when he opened the folder, he doubled in pain, it likes somebody hit him in the stomach. His hand started to tremble while holding the pictures.
It’s the photos of his wife and Calvin, laughing together in the restaurant, her eyes were shining with happiness, she was very beautiful and photogenic, and in the last picture, he saw her kissed Calvin at the cheek while her arms is around him……
He wanted to shout and scream all the pain he was feeling inside, he wanted to throw something inside the room, to alleviate his suffering….
He wanted to die.

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ZOMG!!..okay so i havnt read the whole story..but im suspicious...with the inspector...i think he works for say such lies..i mean seriously..>.< ahhh...chun better not believe that inspector guy..and he should confirm ella about it before jumping into conclusions and believing some old jerk...clear up the!!
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hehe! i'm here at my old house so i have a connection so i shall upload the next chapter!!!

Author: Joy


“Calvin, I need to meet you urgently this weekend for the final detail plan for my husband, same time same place like last time. Bye” she said whispered on the phone for fearing that her husband will over hear her. But it was too late she didn’t notice that Chun was just behind the door coming from his office with an unknown guest, when she having a conversation with Calvin.
Ella whirled around as Chun stalked into the living room, a dazzling smile on her face faded slightly as she beheld the hardness of her husband’s taut jaw and the cold glitter in his eyes. “Is—is something wrong, Chun?”
At the gentle use of his name, the muscle of his face clench so tight a nerve in his cheeks began to pulse.
“Wrong?” he repeated cynically, “Who are you taking to in the phone?” he asked.
“Oh it’s Hebe, she is just asking some work related stuff.” She lied; trying not hard to look guilty and besides she doesn’t want him to know about their secret plan for his birthday.
After what Yuang reported to him tonight, he refuses to believed in him, even all the evidence was pointing at her and Calvin. But hearing her from her own lips, and lying at him shamelessly makes him wants to shout with anger and frustration.
She betrayed him.
With his so called best friend.
He shot her by giving her an insulting look, his gaze wandered over her body, inspecting her breast, her waist, then her hips, before lifting to her face. “Oh okay, that’s excellent.” He replied with mocking indifference.
Ella’s mouth went dry and her heart begin to beat in heavy, terrifying dread as she sense that he might have been over heard her conversation with Calvin. And he must misinterpret what they are talking about. Panic drove her to think of something that she must excused to him, mindlessly she saw the wine on the bar, she immediately went through it and pour a glass of wine for him, walking back to him, she outstretch her hand and offer the wine to him with a wobbly smile on her face. “Would you like some wine?”
His eyes turned to blazing daggers as they shifted to the glass she held, and the nerve in his cheeks began to pulsate widly. When he raised his gaze to her, Ella stepped back in alarm from the unexplainable violence gleaming in his eyes. With the gaze reverted, he took the glass from her hand. “Thank you,” he said in a spit of second before the fragile stem snapped in his hand.
Ella uttered an alarmed little cry and whirled around, looking for something to use to clean the broken glass on the marble floor.
“Don’t bother,” Chun snapped, catching her elbow and jerking her roughly around. “It doesn’t matter. Leave it.”
“Doesn’t matter?” Ella uttered in confusion, what’s with him tonight? Just this morning they were laughing and teasing each other……
Softly without emotion, he said “Nothing matter.”
“Shall we dine and eat, my love. Grandpa is waiting for us.”
Swallowing her rising panic, Ella nodded. He had made ‘my love’ sound like in different meaning. “No, wait!” she burst out nervously, and the she added with a big smile: “I have something I want to give you.”
Poison? Chun thought sarcastically, watching her while Ella fidgeted in getting something inside drawer at beside the sofa set.
She had been meaning to give Chun the little thoughtful treasures that she found in his tree house several weeks ago, and she thought tonight was the best time to give it to him.
“Here….” she said and held her hand out to him.
Lying across her open palm was his old wish birthday letter when he was six years old, including the aged photograph of him and a little girl, the girl that he badly wanted to see long time ago…………..… and now it dawn to him that very little girl was her, his wife……..….
The wife that is trying to kill him because of the money. She wasn’t contented of what he can give her; she wanted the whole wealth for herself and her lover. She is just like all the women he knew; they are shallow, weak and greedy.
She is just like Angela, a lying convincing bitch!
He can’t believe that he was been duped again! Maybe she and Calvin were laughing behind his back of how ignorant he is.
Raising her glowing eyes to his, Ella asked unsteadily: “Do you remember what these are?”
For one horrible, incredible moment Ella actually thought Chun will deny it. Instead he took it and put it carelessly on the top of the sofa set. “That was very old, why did you bother to bring some garbage here inside the house.”
If he had slapped her, Ella could not have been more hurt or more bewildered. Like a puppet she follows him to the dining area where Grandpa Que Shan was waiting for them.
Though out the meal , she tired to vainly to convince herself she was merely imagining his complete change of attitude towards her, but in front of grandpa he’s still the same old Chun…..
When he did not take her to bed and made love that night, she lay awake, trying to understand what she had done to make him regard her with distaste.
When he stopped speaking to her altogether the next day except when grandpa is around, she endured it for an entire day before she finally swallowed her pride and meekly asked him what she had done wrong.
He looked up from his work on his desk, furious at her interruption, his eyes raking over her as she stood over like a nervous supplicant, her shaking hand behind her back. “Wrong?” he shot his eyes is like a cold dagger. “Can’t you see that my hands are full? And I’m in the middle of a meeting.”
Ella whirled and saw a small man in the corner of the room, doing something at his laptop, while her husband was signing some documents.
“I’m sorry….” She said in an embarrassed voice as she almost run outside Chun’s study room.
That night, she wanted to end the cold war between her husband even that she can’t comprehend why his sudden twist of behavior. She took a bath and dressed at her most seductive lingerie that Selina gave her for a belated wedding gift.
Chun enters their room and immediately saw what she is wearing, he curse under his breath and walked swiftly pass her, as if she didn’t exist, and go directly straight in the closet, to change his clothes.
She was dumbstruck when he ignores her, she twist around and saw what he is trying to do. “Where are you going, and why are you changing your clothes?” she asked as soon as she saw him getting some of his pillow at the bed.
“I’ll be sleeping in the other room, I don’t want to be distracted. I still have some work to do.”
“Chun, please…..” she said softly her beautiful eyes was showing all that she feels and her hand was outstretch asking for supplication. “Tell what’s wrong? Just tell me what mistake I did? Please don’t shut me off.” She said in a whispered.
Chun gazed down into her coffee brown eyes and his hands clenched at the side as he fought the simultaneous impulse to strangle her and the stronger urge to take her to bed and pretend that just for one hour longer that she was still his alluring loving wife.
He wanted to hold and kiss her, to wrap her around him like a blanket and lose himself in her, to blot out the last days of hell. Just for an hour. But he couldn’t, because he couldn’t blot out the tormenting picture of her and Calvin embracing and planning his murder.
Not even for an hour. Or one minute.
“I have lot of things to do, so if you could just not disturbed me, I would highly appreciate it.” he said tightly then walked out the room and shut the door behind him, the framed vibrated because of the impact the closing door.
“I see….” Ella whispered as she turned away.
But all she ‘saw’ was the tears that blinded her as she walked towards their empty big cold bed.

Ella stared at her laptop mindlessly, she can’t concentrate at her work. After days of enduring Chun’s frigid, unexplainable distain, her face was pale, and she was forever on the brink of tears. Her chest ache from holding them back, and her heart ache because she couldn’t find a reason of Chun’s behavior. And the most painful of them all is her surprise birthday party for him is fast approaching, only two days left……
Suddenly she felt the room spinning around, she grabbed the table to steady herself and gradually sink down to the blessed darkness…..………………….
Few minutes later she regains her consciousness, opening her eyes while her head was lying down on her desk. She slowly she sit up straight, her head still spinning but she was much better now and wondered what had happened to her. Yesterday, she also lost her consciousness, but she totally ignored it, because she thought it she had lack of sleep because of her problem with Chun.
Alice the head maid, knocked on the door and went straight in when Ella told her to come in, she was holding a tray filled with green tea, cardamom milk, toasted bread and strawberry jam and cheese. She was concern with the girl because she was eating poorly these past few days. She smiled at her kindly and put the tray down at her desk.
The aroma of the food arrested her nostril, as the scent of cardamom upset her stomach and automatically she almost vomit on the spot, she stop herself and covered her mouth by using her hand as she runs towards the bathroom and relieve her self on the sink, followed by concerned Alice, massaging her back, “Are you okay now miss?”
Ella nodded her head and gargle some water and wipe the tears at the side of her eyes.
“When was this started miss?” Alice asked
“I think yesterday, and I don’t like it one bit, I hate the feeling of throwing up.” She answered still heaving and her hands are still shaking. The maid stops massaging her back and thought for a full minute……………and it dawn at her!
She clasped her hand excitedly and announces: “I think miss, your pregnant!” she exclaimed. “When did your last menstruations arrive?” she asked.
She gave it a thought, last month her period didn’t visit her, she thought she was only delayed, because of the things that were running in her mind she didn’t notice that two weeks has passed and still she didn’t have her period.
“Oh Alice you think so?” she said hopefully, holding the hand of the older woman.
“Of course dear, I’m a woman too you know, and I already have a children of my own. To make it sure dear, I’ll buy you a pregnancy test and let’s confirm it.”
She just nodded her head in delight; she’s going to have a baby! Chun’s baby.
Their baby.
But she doesn’t want to get her hopes high she must confirm it first, and if it’s positive, she will tell him on his birthday. It’s the greatest gift ever, and who knows, this baby will end their misunderstanding. She thought.
An hour later she was staring at the plastic tube tester. It’s positive.
“Well dear, what’s the result?” Alice asked her excitedly as soon as she went outside the bathroom. Ella giggles in delight as she throws herself at her. “It’s positive! I’m going to have a baby! Six weeks!” she said blissfully as she hugs the old kind woman that she’s almost considering as her second mother, as Alice almost dance in delight. But Ella stops her and looks at her intently.
“Alice, look at me,” catching her attention. “Promise me one thing first.” She command, it isn’t a request. “You have to be silence for a mean time. Okay? Don’t tell anybody about this news.”
“But why? Your husband must know about—‘
“I’m know, Alice…..but I want to tell him in the right time. He must be the first one to know. And I’m planning to tell him at his birthday, remember that we have planed all these?”
“Okay.” She agreed immediately, anyway it will be two days more before the “big” day.
“So in the mean time, you must eat healthy foods and be in a proper diet so your baby will be strong like his father. I don’t want you to skip meal okay?” Alice said sternly, and then she take a deep breath and tell her frankly, “Even if you didn’t tell us, miss, whatever you and your husband has been going through, I pray to God that it will be resolve. We’re not blind. All of the people around the house can see what was going on. Between the two of you, even Master Que Shan, he already asked us about it, and we told him that we have no idea what was going on……He was very concern about your marriage, dear. Every normal couple had misunderstanding, and our heart went out for you miss,” she said loyalty, “he doesn’t have the right to ignore you! It has been ten days! I wanted to hit his head and flick his ears so he will open his mind about your situation.” she said frustrated voice, but then again she thought for the second time, and shake her head, “but I don’t want to judge your husband and I know he had a strong reason why he was doing this. I’ll hope that this baby will end all your misery.” She said finished kindly.
Ella was touch by her benevolence; unknowingly her tears slid down her cheeks, now that she was emotionally sensitive for the passed few days because of her pregnancy. She hug the old woman thanked her for all the encouraging words she said to her.
She really hopes and prays that there will be a miracle on his coming birthday, and be optimist that he will be very happy about the good news……

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Posted 7/14/08 , edited 7/15/08 so happy for her..but im still mad abt chun not confirming it with her..i hope he doesnt do anything bad until his birthday..>.< good story lines..^_^i knw the story has been done for quite a while..but i havnt read it..somy comments are innocent!..hahaha ^_^ thanks for updating it! ill be waiting for ur next hope u get ur int connection at ur new home
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Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/15/08
i have to post all the remaining chapters now because i have to still wait for a week to get my connection

drkngelzero, this chapter is dedicated to you!!! enjoy!!!!

Author: Joy


“Is everything ready at the Mansion, Wong?” Ella asked after two days, when she asked him to come over the library, where she was taking on the phone with Hebe to confirm that they will attend the birthday party of her husband and she said the Leehoom, Selina, and Jiro will be there and some of their closest staff in their company.
Few minutes ago she was also confirming with Calvin and he reported to her that most of the vice president and some powerful people will be there also, and will just be there on time before they arrive at the mansion.
“Yes is it, miss, but…” he said hesitantly “do you think master will be happy about all these? I mean I have known his personality since he was young, and he doesn’t approve this kind of things, and the worst part is he’s still ignoring you.” His tone is beginning to get angry, “Even he is my master, I’m getting furious of that boy! He is so heartless to treat you like that, he’s not using your bedroom anymore and I want to break his leg for pretending that everything is fine in front of your grandfather!”
“Wong please, don’t start it now. Let’s just hope for the best this afternoon.” Ella suddenly feels very tired and now her head started to throb in pain, morning sickness again, but its okay, she told herself, just the picture of a baby cradling in her arms makes all her pains go away. It’ll pass soon she must endure this situation for the next two months, she sorely miss her husband, he must be there for her now that she’s carrying their child. Her eyes started to water again as she hold her head in pain.
“Are okay? Miss” Wong asked in concern. “Maybe you should not drive in that condition, I’ll just ask the driver to do it for you.”
“No, Wong, thank for your concern, but I need to do my role, and besides I already asked him this morning that I’m going to take him for a ride.” She recalled a while ago when she went to his study office, and he has a meeting with Mr. Yuang, his new business associate, she had fully expected to plead with him to accompany her for a ride. At first, Chun started to refuse her request, but then he hesitated, glanced at his business associate and then abruptly agreed.
“But miss—“
“Wong just trust me please?.....” her eyes is searching Wong faded black eyes.
“As you wish, miss” he agreed reluctantly.

“Everything is ready Mr. Wu,” Inspector Jerry Yuang was assuring Chun in the study room. “My men will tail you from behind your wife’s car, I instructed them to stay out of sight until the assassin or assassins confront you along the way. I asked them to stay in touch with me. God knows why your best friend chose the highway instead of a small vacant storage room or somewhere in private.”
“I do not believe that this is happening.” Chun bit out, shrugging into a fresh shirt that he got from his room a while ago. He stopped, momentarily struck by the absurdity of putting on a fresh shirt so he would look nice when his wife led him into a trap meant to kill him.
“It’s happening,” Jerry said with the deadly calm of a seasoned soldier. “And it’s a trap. I could tell from the sound of your wife’s voice and the look in her eyes when she asked you to ride out with her this afternoon. She was nervous and she was lying. I watched her eyes. Eyes don’t lie.”
Jordan stare at the inspector with a bitter scorn, remembering how deceptively, radiantly innocent Ella’s eyes had once seemed to him. “That’s a myth,” he said contemptuously. “A myth I used to believe.”
“The call that we tapped from Calvin an hour ago is no myth,” Yuang reminded Chun with a quite conviction. “They’re so confident we’re ignorant of their plans that they are becoming careless.”
At the mention of Calvin’s call, Chun’s face become as expressionless as a stone mask. Calvin’s voice in the phone were very clear and familiar when he called Ella, and his words marked into Chun’s brain:
Everything is ready here. All you have to do is to get him there.
An hour ago, the pain of hearing it had nearly sent him to his knees, but now he felt—nothing. He was past the point of feeling anything, even the sense of betrayal or fear as he prepared to face his own beloved assassins. Now all he wanted was to have the thing over with, so he could somehow begin blotting Ella out of his heart and mind.
Last night he laid awake in bed, fighting the stupid urge to go to her and hold her, to warn her to go away- for whether or not she and Calvin succeeded in killing him today, Jerry Yuang already had enough evidence to ensure that she and Calvin would spend the rest of their life in prison. The image of Ella wearing prison clothes was almost more that Chun would bear, even now-when he was about to become her target in a open highway.
Ella was waiting for him in the hallway, looking bright, innocent and gorgeous, today she was wearing a summer light blue sleeveless dress that fell just below her knees with thin strapped sandals that emphasized the pearly with legs and ankle. She didn’t usually dress this way, he thought, they’re really planned this well. She tuned and watched him walked down the staircase; her smile was bright and eager. She was smiling, Chun realized with nearly uncontrollable surge of fury, because his beautiful wife intended to rid herself of him for good.
“Ready to go?” she asked him brightly.
Wordlessly he nodded, and they walked out to the Mercedes- Benz Four Wheel Drive car that he gave for her on her birthday.
Beneath her lashes, Ella stole another sideway peek at Chun’s profile as the car went on steady 80KMP in the highway. Despite her husband’s outwardly relax pose as he sits on the passenger side he saw his gaze moved around restlessly over the rear and side view mirror of the car, as if he was watching for something, waiting for it.
Chun didn’t notice that they are nearly at the mansion because his mind was preoccupied with thoughts of the “surprised attack” that he was anticipating.
“What the—?” Chun breath in amazement as he gazed at the incredible sight that greeted before him as Ella put drives the car on the drive way of their mansion: Huge banner was waiving in the air, and all his staff at the mansion and in the company were gathered in front reception area, smiling people were waiving and grinning at him. He saw his grandfather, Uncle Dong, Calvin and Senator Wang were in front of the crowd, while behind them were Calvin, Selina and her husband Jiro, Hebe and Leehom. Balloons were scattered all over the place, lights were on the plants and the trees.
Drawing the car in to a full stop, Chun turned sharply to Ella, “what is this all about? He demanded. The eyes she raised to his were full of love and uncertainty and hope. “Happy Birthday, darling,” she said tenderly.
Chun simply looked at her, his jaw tight, and said absolutely nothing. Smiling uncertainly, she explained, “I know that you never celebrated your birthday since you were eight years old, and that you hated having surprise party…but I still decided to do this for you, because you deserves it. Please don’t be angry at me…. I have invited all of your friends and colleagues and also my friends….I just want you to have a special day today……” she begins babble in nonsense.
Chun looked around at the crowd in angry bewilderment. Could this whole elaborate setting actually be a backdrop for murder? He wondered. Was his wife an angel or a she-devil? Before the day was out, he would know.
“HAPPY BIRTDAY!” chorus all the people present, as they cheer and gave their wishes of good luck, health and long life.
Long life? Chun asked him self sarcastically, but he gave his nod of gratitude to all the people present.
“Happy birthday, son!” Grandpa Que Shan greeted him and gives him a bear hug, noticing his passive expression “Are you not satisfied with the preparation? Your wife planned this all. Aren’t you happy in this special day?”
“No, grandpa I’m happy.” He gave out effort to smile for the sake of his grandpa.
Uncle Dong stepped forward and greets him, next is Senator Wang gave his warmest greeting, next is the girls, Selina and Hebe with their husband, and when finally its Calvin turn, Chun whole body became stiff.
“What’s wrong, Chun?” Calvin asked.
“Nothing.” He said tonelessly. Sensing the building tension, Ella announces to everyone that they can proceed to the swimming pool area at the back yard to begin the party.
At the backyard more balloons, decorations, lights, tables and chair were scattered around the swimming pools area, while in front of the staircase in the reception area, a long table of different food was being warmth in the stainless containers. There is also a small stage with a group of small band whom Ella invited to sing the whole night, but before that there will be a short program for the birthday celebrant were they can say all their birthday wishes for him, there will be also a short talent contest among the staff of the mansion and some staff in Q&S Corp.
After the talent contest were concluded were Chun was the judge and declare the winner, Senator Wong announced that buffet dinner table is served, he stands as the emcee of the party. While the people were busily getting their food, Selina and Hebe pulled Ella at one corner were they can talked in private.
“Ella, how are you? Is your husband okay I think his mind is somewhere else today.” Selina begins.
“Honestly, I don’t know what to do with him.” she answered.
“Why is something wrong with him?” Hebe asked and then added. “Ella tell me honestly, are you happy with him?”
“Yes, of course!” she said with conviction, “It’s just normal for married couple to have misunderstanding.”
“Ella, we are just here to help you, just tell us the problem and will try to help figure it out the problem.” Selina said kindly to her, Ella’s eyes started to water, she just control herself not to burst out, this is a special day for her husband she must not feel blue and she’s looking for the right timing to tell him about the good news about them having a baby. Unknowingly she cover her flat tummy with her hand. I love you baby, no matter what happen I’ll let your daddy to be lonely.
“Thank you girls, I know I can count on you, just leave this to me, I’ll just shout for help if I need any, okay?” she tease them, her eyes automatically search for her husband checking if he was eating or mingling with other visitors, and then suddenly she saw a familiar man standing beside the tall bushes in the far end side of the pool.
At the other side of the pool, Calvin is chatting with Jiro and Leehom. “Man, I thought your friend is approachable and a good man, the reason why I’m here is because my wife dragged me here and told me that he is good man and a good catch as a business partner, but now looking at him, his expression is like he will eat alive whoever goes near him.” Jiro said to Calvin
“If my wife didn’t drag me here tonight, I’ll not come. For me, I still see him as Mr. High-And-Mighty, my first impression to him never changed.” Leehom told the men.
“It’s not like that,” Calvin defended, as he took a deep breath and continue. “Maybe he still doesn’t like the idea of this surprised party.” his gazes was searching for his best friend.
Helping himself for another glass of champagne on the table, Chun propped his shoulders against a tree, his expression thoughtful as he stood at the perimeter of the backyard, watching Ella as her gaze search the crowd, obviously looking for him. She’d been watching him all night, Chun knew. So had Calvin. And both of them were wearing the same uneasy expressions as they expected him to be more overjoyed with his birthday celebration.
His gazed returned to Ella as she saw her went to his grandpa and whispered something to him that made his grandfather burst out of laughter, he could almost hear her musical laughter and even in the fading afternoon he could almost see the way her eyes lit when she laugh. His wife. A murderess. Even the thought of it, his heart screamed on protest that his mind could no longer overrule.
“I don’t believe this!” He bit out softly, furious whisper. The woman who could plan all this could not be planning his murder. The girl-woman who held him to her in the night, and teased and played with him at the stream could not possibly be trying to murder him.
“Mr. Wu?” Yuang urgent voice stopped Chun from as he straightening, intending to mingle with some visitors. “You must leave this instance,” Jerry whispered, falling into steps beside him.
“Don’t talk crap,” Chun snapped, completely out of patience with Jerry Yuang theories. “The meaning behind Calvin’s phone call is obvious—they planned this party for me together, and that’s undoubtedly why they met in secret few times together.”
“There isn’t time to argue about all that,” Jerry said angrily. “It will be dark in a few more minutes and my men will have a hard time in watching for any suspicious person, the crowd is too many.”
“And you want me to go back at the rest house? It will be darker on the highway.”
“I cannot be responsible for what happens if you don’t leave here at once,” Jerry warned before he turned on his heel and staked off.
Selina and Hebe were talking animatedly with Ella as they listen and watch people dancing in the music that the band was playing. She nodded absently at them, scanning the open cheerful familiar faces of the visitors, her gaze stopped at the on one familiar face that wasn’t cheerful at all. Suddenly, for no reason at all, she found herself recalling the night she met Chun, when unknown man held Chun at gun point.
“Grandpa,” she turns and asked Que Shan, “Who is that man over there, the one wearing black shirt with long hair?”
Que Shan followed her gazed and shrugged, “Maybe someone bring him here, I guess it was one of the relatives of the staff.”
Ella’s attention wandered, dismissing the ugly thought of that night, she had not a good feeling again, her mind and heart were bugging her……maybe she just imagining things she told herself. Without realizing it she began taking inventory of those she cared for, watching to make sure that they were safely within sight. She looked for Calvin and she could not see him, then she anxiously sought out Chun and saw him drinking champagne under a tree watching the party.
Chun saw her looking at him, he nodded slightly. The sweet tentative smile she sent him made him ache with uncertainty and regret. Then a familiar voice behind him make his back straight as a cold gun was pointing at his waist. “Don’t make a sudden move. There’s also a gun pointed at your wife. Make one sound or my partner will blow her head off. Now move side ways and follow my voice, we will get out of here; tell your security guards that we will just make a short walk outside the mansion.”
Chun tensed and slowly lowered the wine glass that he was drinking. Relief, not fear, surge through his bloodstream as he turned and the voice ; he was ready for his long awaited confrontation with his unknown enemy—eager for it. He can’t believe what this man is saying that his wife was in danger, he just a trick to make him obey.
Two paces brought him into the dim darkness behind the house.
“Where are we going?” he asked the man.
“To a vacant warehouse. Now get in front of me and start walking.”
His body tight with a coil spring now, Chun moved forward holding the wine glass, “What shall I do with this?” he inquired with fake meekness, turning slightly lifting his right hand.
The man shifted his gaze to the glass and that the opening that he need, he splash the liquid in his eyes and simultaneously gave him a punch, sending the startled man into his knees, as Chun take his gun way from him, and used it for him. “Now get up! And start walking; I’ll take you to take that little stroll you wanted.”
Reaching from his own pocket Chun felt the gun that he had on his belt, Yaung gave it to him for safety.
They went outside the mansion with out any problem with the car waiting outside for them, Chun let the frighten man drive the car through their destination where his enemy is waiting.
Chun has no idea that Ella witnessed everything that happened to her husband, her mind is still reeling and her whole body is shaking with fear, watching the disappearing car, she must act now, with an instance she runs to her car, in tending to follow Chun, she needs to know what are they planning to do with him, she must save him no matter what.
“Ella!” she heard Calvin calling restlessly his name. “Where are you going? I just saw Chun going with the man with a gun in his hands.” She was inside her car starting the engine “I need to follow them,” her eyes blinded with tears, as she put the car into a full gear.
“Wait!” Calvin banging the window of her car, “It’s dangerous!” but it was too late, her car is already moving away. “Shit!” he cursed as he go back and find his own car to go after his best friend and his wife.
“Foolish people!”

Fifteen minutes later Chun and his assailant was down in the car, and was about to enter inside the empty warehouse, “How many are inside?” Chun stopped and demanded, even there was no light showing inside through the closed door to indicate anyone was there.
“No one’s there,” the man grunted, then gasped as he felt the cold kiss of the gun pressing against the back of his skull. “One or two. I don’t know,” he amended quickly.
Chun’s voice was cold as death. “When we get inside, tell them that you got me. Say anything else and you’re dead got me?” For emphasis, he shove the gun harder against the frighten man’s skull.
“Right!” he gasped, stumbling slightly as they enter the huge door and walked through the wide space were some gigantic cylindrical container were at in a line, their hills are echoing on the ground, from the far side of the warehouse they can hear two men laughing, “I got him!” he called out to them, the men changes their expressions when they saw them appears behind the containers with their associate frighten with fear. The man on the right reacted first intending to draw the gun from his waist, Chun shot his left leg, as he howl in pain, and he warned the other man. “Try it, and I’ll blow your brains off.” The thug stopped dead, “Throw the gun near me.” Chun commanded as the man took out his gun and do what Chun said. “Now get the rope from the table and tie your friend up.” While the man was tying up the other thug, Chun asked him a question: “Who paid you to do this?” When the man didn’t answer, he raised the gun to his head, almost pulling the trigger of the gun. “Okay, okay,” he said rapidly. “I don’t have to say the name, because I can hear it coming.” They can hear the clicking heels on the floor. With one swift motion, Chun struck the man’ skull with butt of his gun and sent him sprawling to the floor, unconscious, then straightened his arms leveling his gun at the approaching long awaited enemy……

Ella was hiding lurking behind the door, pressing her ears at the door listing to the sound, and when she heard the gun shot, she cover her mouth to stifle the scream that coming on her mouth, he face became pale, images of wounded Chun was now flooding in her mind. She needs to go inside and see him.
“Ella, wait!” Calvin stopped her, holding her arms, she was hysterically now. “Leave me, Calvin, my husband is there and I heard a gun shot, I need to see him.”
“No, Ella, listen to me,” holding her shoulders “Calm down, you must be strong for Chun okay? And besides it’s risky. I’ll be the one who will go inside, just wait here okay, and call the police.” Ella wiped the tears in her eyes and tries to calm herself, she must not act like an ignorant person, and she must keep her mind open before anything happened to her husband.
“Just stay here okay.” With that Calvin entered the warehouse, while she dialed her phone to call the police.
Making sure that everything is clear, Calvin went through the huge containers, when he peeked behind, a man was lying on the floor, and the other man was tied on a chair, and saw the gun lying down on the floor, he took it and search for Chun.
“At first I don’t believe that you’re behind all this, now that you reveal your self, I applaud your bravery.” Chun said from behind Calvin he turned and saw the gun pointing at his heart.
“What are you talking about Chun?”
“You know dammed well what I’m taking about. You’re trying to kill me. You want to have the whole company by your self and took away my wife to so the two of you can enjoy all the bounty by your self, why? Why aren’t you satisfied of the wealth that you have. What I have done wrong to you, I treat you like my brother and you betrayed me.”
“What the hell are you taking about?” he demanded, he stepped forward to go near him to explain. “Don’t come near, or else I’ll use this gun to you.”
“You’re mad!” Calvin whispered.
“Is that a gun you’re holding? Drop it.” he commanded, Calvin throw the gun on the floor. “Chun, tell me how do you came up from all of these absurd things?”
“Shut up!” Chun snapped, his head tipped toward the sound of the footsteps approaching them. More than anyone, his rage was directed at the woman that he was obsessed since he was small child, the scheming liar who had made him believe she loved him, the little bitch who had lain in his arms and surrender her eager body to him; the beautiful, laughing angel that made him loose his wits for her.
The short hair with familiar coffee brown eyes peeks behind the container, the eyes that widen like a saucer when her gaze reverted on the gun in his hand.
Expelling her breath on a rush of relief, she rushed toward Chun. Tears of fright streaming down her face, she wrapped her arms around him. “I knew it was him- I knew it! I-“
She cried out in surprised pain as Chun grabbed her hair and viciously yanked her head back. His face only inches from hers, he bit out, “Of course it was him, you murderous little bitch!” and with a cruel jerk of his wrist, he flung her sprawling onto the floor, her hip landing painfully on the ground.
For a moment, Ella simply sat there, staring at him through fear-widen eyes, unable to assimilate what was happening.
“Are you afraid, love?” he taunted smoothly. You should be. Because tomorrow’s headline on news will be: “Famous lady photographer convicted for planning the murder of her husband” The prison cell will be no good place for you.”
“Chun, what are you talking about?” Ella cried, and then recoil in terror at the blaze of his eyes.
“I want answers not questions” Chun snapped. Estimating that it might be another ten minutes before Jerry Yuang realized that he was missing and last seen heading this direction. Chun relaxed a bit, “While were waiting,” he invited smoothly, pointing the gun to Calvin, “supposed you fill me some details for me. What else has been poison in my house?”
Calvin’s eyes lifted from the gun in Chun’s hand to his relentless features. “You’re mad Chun.”
“I wouldn’t mind killing you.” Raising his gun to him.
“Wait!” Ella said, “Why are you doing this?” she asked desperately
“I’m the one who supposed to ask about all this, after you try to kill me.”
Disbelief and fury drove Ella slowly to her feet. “You think we’ve trying to poison you?” she breathed, staring at him as if he slapped her face.
“I know you have,” he countered, enjoying the anguish he saw in her eyes.
“Actually, you’re wrong.” A familiar voice said behind him. “Your wife has nothing to do with this including your best friend.” The face staring back at him pointing a gun in his heart nearly sent him to his knees with shock and pain.
Lu Dong Hui was standing at the far corner of the spacious room; the small robust man with happy smiling face now wears an expression like the devil himself. “Uncle Dong?” Chun said in disbelief, shaking his head in denial.
“Why are you surprised? Why you don’t believe people like me will plan everything up like this?” he said in a demonic laughed that make the hair of Chun stands at the back of his neck. “Actually Chun, you’re very hard to kill, my plans didn’t work two years ago, when Aaron saved you, so I made another strategy to get rid of you, but your stupid wife saves you again, so I planned to use her instead of besmirching my character. Now drop your gun, Chun. I have to kill you anyway, but if you don’t drop it, I’ll kill your charming wife first, while you watched.”
His body coiled like a tight spring, Chun tossed the gun down slowly and straightens his body.
“But before you kill us, tell me why you did this?”
“You’re asking why? Okay I’ll tell you, there is only one reason. Money. And of course I hate you! Ever since you came to this world Que Shan gave all his life to you, I was the one who was with him when he is starting the company; I gave all my life to the god dammed company. And what did I got? Only a small portion of the stock. I’m very mad at him! Of course if you were out nobody will inherit the assets of Q & S but your wife came and that is a big problem for me so I have to get rid of both of you.” His voice is bursting out with triumph, then he glance at Calvin and amended, “all of you, but first I have to kill the heir”
Ella’s gaze shifted to the man on the floor she saw him slide his hand on the fallen gun, behind him she saw a man stepping on the scene, raising his gun.
“Chun!” she screamed, and because there is no other way to protect him from three men, Ella threw herself in front of him at the exact moment two guns discharged.
Chun’s arms automatically clasped her to him as Dong collapsed, shot by Inspector Yuang and the man on the floor rolled over, clutching the wound in his arms inflicted by Chun’s spare gun on his waist. It happened so fast that it took a moment before Chun realized that Ella was suddenly very heavy, a dead weight sliding down his body. Tightening his arms, Chun tipped his chin, intending to tease her about fainting after everything was over, but what he saw struck a stark terror in his heart: her head had fallen back lolling limply on her shoulders, and blood was streaming from then would at her temple. “Call an ambulance!” he shouted at Calvin, and lowered her to the floor.
His heart was hammering with fear, he knelt beside her and ripped off his shirt, and tore it into strips , binding the ugly wound in her head. Before he’d half finished, blood had already soaked and spread around and through the white linen, and her color was rapidly turning an ashen gray.
“Oh My God!” he whispered. “Oh My God!” he had seen how Aaron died, he knew the signs of a helpless fatal wound, even while his mind was recognizing that she will not make it through the hospital, Chun was snatching her into his arms. Cradling her against his chest, he ran outside the warehouse and saw her car, he decided to take to the hospital, his heart hammering in frantic rhythm with the refrain pounding in his heart: Don’t die……don’t die….don’t die….
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