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Posted 7/15/08
Author: Joy


The defeated expression of Dr. Ching’s face as he stepped out of the ICU into the hall outside Ella’s room and closed the door made agony scream through Chun’s brain.
“I’m sorry,” he said quietly to the distraught group waiting in the hall. “There was nothing we could do to save them. When she got here, she was already beyond hope and beyond reach.”
Grandpa Que Shan put his hands to cover his face, shoulders are shaking with angry cry as Calvin put his arms around him, while Selina and Hebe sought their husband’s embrace and weep. Jiro’s hand came to rest consolingly in Chun’s shoulders then took his sobbing wife to the chair nearby to seat.
Turning to Dr. Ching, Chun asked in a confused and hurt expression. “What do you mean them?”
“Why you didn’t know?” he asked in puzzlement, “Your wife is six week pregnant.”
With word pregnant, Chun world seems to stop, his heart twisted in pain as if someone shot his heart. “NO! NO! OH MY GOD!” unstoppable tears of regret and pain slid down his cheek .
Que Shan totally break down in tears, weeping in anguish when he heard the news while the girls cry harder and Calvin wipe the tears in his eyes using the back of his hands.
“I’m sorry Mr. Wu we already tried our best, you can go in there in now and say your goodbyes, but she won’t hear you. She’s in a deep coma. In a few minutes—few hours, at the most—they will slip away quietly.” At the expression of raw anguish on Chun’s face, Dr. Ching added gently, “She’ll feel no pain, I promise you.”
A muscles work irregularly in Chun’s throat as, with a wordless, impotent rage directed at the innocent doctor, he walked swiftly inside her room.
Lying down of her bed, still and white as death, Ella looks so small and fragile, an IV tube was connected to her wrist, so was a small tube on her nose, her head was bind in a cloth plaster. The monitor for the heart beat is steady but a weak so was her pulse.
Swallowing the tears in his throat, Chun sat in the chair beside her bed and gazed down upon her beloved face, wanting to memorize every line of it. She had such a smooth skin, he thought achingly, gazing down past her still body until it stopped at her tummy, with shaking finger, he lay his big hand to cover her still flat stomach, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Then he grabbed her limp hand, his tears are uncontrollable, “Don’t die” suddenly he couldn’t stop talking to her. “Don’t leave me, Ella!” he pleaded, holding her tightly. “God, don’t leave me! There are a thousand of things I wanted to tell you, places to show you. But I can’t if you go away. Ella please, love….don’t go away.” He plead at her.
“Listen to me,” Chun begged urgently, somehow convinced that she would stay alive if she understood how much she meant for him and their baby. “Listen to what my life was like before you hurl out into the car while you rescue me that night. My life was empty. Colorless. And then you happened to me, and suddenly I felt feelings I never believed existed. I began to laugh again, you taught me that, you accepted my proposal that we are happy married even you know that there’s a possibility that your fiancé will leave you. You thought me to move on in my life, and not to live with my painful pass experience. You are so forgiving. You made me like a teen ager, always wanting to hold your hand when we are having a date, or going on a picnic, and kissing mindlessly at a public place, buying flowers for no reason, you’re my angel and protector, always saving my life…. …..and how about the baby? Our baby?”
Feeling her flat tummy, he laid the side of his face on it, wanting to hear and feel more their baby; he closed his eyes talking to their unborn child. “Baby, tell your mommy that she must still stay alive, Okay? So we can live and play together, laugh and cry….how can I experience changing your nappy? Or make your milk? She is so selfish! I want to see you smile, I want to kiss and hold you in arms just like I held your mommy in my arms during the night.”
Removing his face on her stomach Chun look back on her face while tears choked his voice and made it tormented whisper. “I love you, and if you die I’ll never be able to tell you that and our baby.”
Driven by anger and desperation, Chun clutched her hand tighter and abruptly switched from pleas to stern threats. “Don’t you dare die on me! Or else I will never talk to grandpa anymore. I will drown my self with alcohol, smoke, stop working and gamble all your money away! Do you hear me? And then I’ll make Angela Zhang as my second wife. She loves to fill your shoes as the mistress at the mansion…..”
The minutes became an hour, and then another, and still Chun kept on talking, switching mindlessly from pleas to threats and then, as hope finally began to die within him, “Think of my immortal soul, love. It’s black and without you here to make me mend my way, I’ll undoubtedly slip back to my old self.”
He waited, listening, watching her and the monitor, her lifeless hand gripped in his as he tried to infused his own strength in her, and then suddenly, the determination and hope that had driven him to talk ceaselessly to her crumbled. Despair wrapped around his heart, suffocating him, as his dried tear face began to wet again. Gathering her limp body into his arms, Chun laid his cheeks against hers, his massive shoulders racked with sobs. “Oh, Ella,” he wept, rocking her in his arms like a baby, “How will I go on living without you and our baby? Take me with you,” he whispered. “I want to go with you and our baby……” and then he felt something- a whispered word against his cheek.
Chun’s breath stopped and he jerk hi head back, his eyes frantically searching her face as he gently set her down against the pillow. “Ella?” he implore achingly, bending over her, and just as he thought the he imagine the faint flutter of her eyelids, he pale lips parted, trying to form a word.
“Tell me, love,” he said desperately, leaning close to her. “Say something please, sweetheart.”
Ella swallowed, and she spoke, her words were so faint that they were nearly inaudible. “What, love?” he pleaded urgently, not certain what she was saying.
Again she whispered, and this time Chun’s eyes widen as he finally understood. He stared at her hands and held it tightly in his and his shoulders began to shook as he began to laugh. It started to rumble in his chest, then exploded in great, booming shout of laughter that rang out along the hall and brought Qua Shan, Calvin, and the doctor running into the room in the obvious misinterpretation that Chun’s sorrow had destroy his mind.
“Calvin,” Chun said with a wobbly grin, holding Ella’s hand in his and beaming at her. “Ella thinks,” he said, his shoulders beginning to rock with laughter again, “that Angela Zhang has a tiny feet.”

Ella turned her head on the pillow as Chun walked through the door of her private hospital room. It had been two days since she was injured, two days and two nights of drifting in and out of wakefulness. Each time she had awaken, he was sitting bedside her bed, keeping a silent vigil, his fear for her was drawn in his expression.
Now that she was fully conscious, she would like to hear him talked again in sweet tenderness he used in the past two days, or to look at her with love burning in his eyes. But unfortunately his features are unreadable, just like few days before his birthday. Ella wondered if she’d only dream the tender, tormenting sweetness of his words to her when he believed that she was dying.
“How are you feeling?” he asked his voice conveying only polite concern as he came to stand near her bed.
“Very well, thank you,” she returned with equal courtesy. “A little tired, that’s all.”
“I know that you have some questions, you’d like to answer –about what happened two days ago.”
What Ella wanted was him to wrapped his arms around him and tell her that he loved her. “Yes, of course.” She replied, so tired of his mood swings.
“To summarized, two years ago Lu Dong Hui wanted me dead.” It’s so weird to hear him calling uncle Dong his full name, but she also felt shock that the man she thought to be caring and loving and almost part of Wu family was trying to kill her husband.
“According to grandpa, He met Dong, five years right after he and your grandpa establish the Q& S Corp, he saves him from bankruptcy, because he had a history of gambling and womanizing, that time also he was looking for an employment, grandpa took pity on him and saw his potential in handling business. He, grandpa and Sammy Chen became inseparable, but little that we know he had a grudge in grandpa, because he was always called his shadow, the second to Que Shan. His grudge was added when I was born because he know that I will be barricade his plans in getting all his wealth, and most of all when Que Shan and Sammy married us when we’re small. I just found out that the death of my parents, and your parents’ long time ago was not an accident, he planned it all. And he make sure that you will never be found out alive. But then he change his mind not to kill me anymore for the time being, so he molded me, let me grow-up to be a potential powerful man, so I can make the company bigger and better, in short he used me to earn some more money.
And little that he knew that grandpa was hiring secret detective in finding you, and he can smell that….so he tried to finally kill me, two years before, but Aaron saved me, so he lower his profile, and he discovered that grandpa found you out, so he tired again his luck in killing me, but little that I know and he know that you, my wife saved me. He just pretended to be shocked in the hospital the night we met, that it was the first time that he knew you. Time was running out for him, and he want money and vengeance, so he for the third time to kill me after my travel to Hong Kong, but it failed. He also tries to use you and Calvin by pointing all the evidence to you. Like the poison that they put in the wine when we had our fishing….”
“So you thought that I was trying to kill you? By just believing flimsy evidence like that?”” she said hurt for his continuing mistrust to her.
“Not only that, Jerry Yuang, the investigator I hired that night after I came from my travel and another attempt in my life. I already suspected that someone was trying to kill me. After that I instructed her to follow you, and they thought that you were having an affair with Calvin......and the evidence against both of you are very damming…………..” his voice is drifting away with shame as Ella turned away her face so much hurt by his accusations.
“I understand” she said bleakly
But she didn’t understand at all, Chun knew it. Or perhaps she understood too well, he thought grimly. No doubt that she clearly understood that he failed his promise to trust her and that he repeatedly rejected the love that she offered. She gave her all to him, her life, heart and soul. Little that he understands that she is the love that rescued him, How could he fail to see that she saved his life twice for his sake, not thinking of their baby, and in return he had rewarded her with callousness and trust.
Chun gazed down at her beautiful pale face, knowing well that he deserved her hatred and contempt. Now that she was fully conscious of the true dept of his heartlessness and stupidity, he waited, half expecting her to banish him from his life.
When she didn’t, he felt oblige to do it. “I know that my behavior is despicable and unforgivable,” he began tightly, the sound of his voice filled Ella with dread. “Naturally, I don’t expect you to want to remain married with me…..”
He stopped and cleared his throat as if it was clogged. “But I will definitely give a child support for our baby….”
Ella listened to that speech with a mixture of tenderness, anger and disbelief, as he added: “One more thing, Wong told me that you bugged him in reconstructing my old tree house, when you found my treasures, so I wanted to give you something…..” He walked towards her side drawer and took out a small picture frame; he went back to her side and gave it to her.
In the golden picture frame, a picture of two children wearing adorable formal suite, the girl wears her toothless smile at the camera…..their wedding picture, now fully reconstructed, from the old fade photo, it looks like new again. At the back of it there are words that were written:

The most unforgettable and happiest day in my life….. My wedding day

Biting her lips from quivering, Ella raised eyes to his. “I think,” she whispered, trying to smile, I shall asked Wong to displayed this at the living room, so that our visitors can see—“
With a groan, Chun pulled her into her arms.
“Now that you said all those other things,” she whispered when he finally lifted his lips from hers several minutes late, “do you think you could possibly say ‘I love you’? I’ve been waiting to hear that since you began and—“
“I love you” he said fiercely. “I love you, and our baby,” he whispered kissing her tummy, and then her lips, “I love you,” he groaned deepening the kiss, “I love you, I love you, I love you…..”

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Posted 7/15/08

With a baby cradle in his arms, Chun stared in fascination and tenderness at the little bundle that staring back at him. not certain what to say , and absolutely unwilling to give up the pleasure of holding his baby, he decide to give some parental advice.
“Some day Aaron, you will choose a wife, and it’s important to know how that sort of things should be done. So I will tell you a story:
“Once upon a time there was a wicked prince: Let’s call him”—he hesitated for a moment and continued “The Price of Q& S Corp”
Standing in the doorway unobserved, Ella swallowed her laughter, as Chun continues. “This prince is heartless and cruel; he shut himself from the world because of his painful experiences in life. Then, late one fateful night he was set upon by bad people, and just as his undignified life will come to an end, a extraordinary knight came to his rescue, because this knight has no shield and sword nor armor to protect himself, he was wearing an ordinary t shirt and pants. With his the knights help the prince manage to control the bad people, but during the attack the knight was injured.
“The cynical prince went to help his unconscious rescuer, but to his surprises his discovered that the knight was not a man at all, but a lady. She was small with a short hair, and smooth skin. And when she opened her coffee brown eyes. The cynical prince with an empty heart looked at those eyes of her, and what he saw took his breath away…”
Little Aaron stared at him, hypnotized.
“What did he see?” Ella asked in an aching whispered from the doorway.
Lifting his head, Chun looked at her and his heart was in his heart. With tender solemnity he replied, “He saw amazing love.”


thank you for reading and supporting this fanfic!!!!
love you all!!!

comments please......

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F / behind joo!
Posted 7/15/08
hahaha..omg...>.< i love it!!! i love it!!!...haha..yeah..i know i might be too late to tell u this..but...thanks for writing this!! ^_^ i had so much fun reading it!!!
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F / Philippines
Posted 8/3/08
i love your story . hehe . i hope ypu have more . ahaha . i love eet .!
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F / Jailed in Yesung'...
Posted 8/17/08
hell0 there...... even if i hadn't read ur s2ry yet, i think its fantastic..... u must p0st it t0 winglin... im xure many pe0ple will l0ve it.....
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37 / F / dubai, UAE
Posted 8/17/08

zygnet wrote:

hell0 there...... even if i hadn't read ur s2ry yet, i think its fantastic..... u must p0st it t0 winglin... im xure many pe0ple will l0ve it.....

hello dear i have no guts posting my stories in winglin...actually i'm not that expert...i still need to brush up my grammar....
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F / Jailed in Yesung'...
Posted 8/22/08

joy26 wrote:

zygnet wrote:

hell0 there...... even if i hadn't read ur s2ry yet, i think its fantastic..... u must p0st it t0 winglin... im xure many pe0ple will l0ve it.....

hello dear i have no guts posting my stories in winglin...actually i'm not that expert...i still need to brush up my grammar....

dnt w0rry abt ur grammar.... juz use the w0rds na alam m0..... 0r the basics.... wag ka lng gumamit ng w0rds na s0brang dddddeeeeeeepppppp....... na d m0 na alam kung tama ba cnasabi m0... gaya k0.. i just use the w0rds which are c0mm0n in my fanficz...... juz try! (^_^)....... i believe the p0wer 0f ur fanfic and in u t00...... JIA YOU! (^_^)
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24 / F / MunTinLuPa, Phili...
Posted 8/22/08
Yes!!! I believe u can do it,too!!! You must post it to winglin!!! It'll be great!!! Don't worry, there's lots more of people who make grammar mistakes in winglin! And I believe that many people will support your fanfic... Ate KAYA MO YAN!!!
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Posted 9/14/08
hello everyone!
well got bored so I decided to post my very first fanfic....actually Amazing love was my second fanfic...
now I wanted to test here if you will like or what will be your reactions to this fanfic! hehehe!

I dedicate this fanfic to drknangelzero because I love to read all you comments in my every chapter! hehehe!
hope you like this one!!!!

Author: Joy

Chapter 1

“Yes!, 3 points for me!” Ella’s giving a victory sign on her hands.
“Awww, your really good Ms. Chen, we cannot defeat you, every time we played basketball!” exclaimed Marko, one of Ella’s pupil, he’s big and bulky and with a huge croaky frog voice.
“Well its not that….”replied Ella with a smile while ruffling the boy’s hair
“Ms. Chen we’re not yet done!! We want another round!!” demanded Patrick, one of the boy on a wheelchair.
“But guys Mr. Wong will get mad at us if we’re not in the classroom in 5 min, break time is over” Five of her pupils grunted unsatisfactory, they still want to play with their beloved teacher.
Ella is a dedicated 5th grade teacher in Choi Fat Academy, she loves her work, she devotes her time in teaching and taking care of her pupils, she’s doing voluntary work during weekends and tutoring special class in the evening.

“Ms. Chen?” A stern voice appeared in front “what are you and your pupils still doing here in the gym in this min? Its almost 4th period.” Said Mr. Wong the baldly principal, since Ella came to this small town community, Mr. Wong dislike her and when she comes to work in this school, Mr. Wong always look down at her, if not only for her parents Mr. Wong will not hire her.
“We’re about to leave sir!” explained Ella
“Umm by the way, somebody called you in the office right now, they can’t contact your mobile phone, they leave a message saying that your check is ready for pick-up this coming weekend.”
“Oh thank you very much sir!!!” Ella exclaimed excitedly
This is one of the happiest day for Ella, not only that she will get the check that she solicits for her special class she’s tutoring, but she will have the opportunity to go out of town this weekend.


“This is my last chance to escape from this rotten prison”, Chun said to himself over and over again, it has been 5 yrs when he was wrongly accused by murdering his ex-wife Angela, the media feast on his trial, just like a circus because he was one of the great young actor in the industry he built his career and gain respect for over 5 yrs, he started when he was just 18 yrs, he got nothing back then, only his handsome face, well build body, and of course his brains. One of the director in the studio notice him, while he was carrying props, he cast him in the movie to be an extra, but he knows that he has potential, and the rest is history, He studied collage in the university and learn directing in no time. Every women of age adored him, wants every piece of him, including his ex-wife…

He met Angela after 3 yrs in the industry, she was just another struggling actress that wants to come back in their “world”, she is just your typical actress looking girl, but for some reason they are paired up in a movie, after their promotion that night, Chun offered her a ride home seeing that she was boned tired, they chatted in the car and ended up in bed that night, Chun was capture by the charmed of Angela, next morning during breakfast Chun asked her
“Aren’t you tired of this job?”
“Well sort of ..” replied Angela,
“Maybe after 3 yrs I will stop and settle down have my own family and kids”,
that reply hook-up Chun and decided that she is the one for him, but it was one of the biggest mistake of his life!, after they got married after 3 mos, Angela accepted every opportunity that comes on her way, Chun badly wants children, but she kept on saying maybe next yr, her true color appears! Even the media speculated that she is having torrid affair with every actor she work with, Chun just ignore her, he knows that he’s been duped by this “great” actress, making him as her stepping stone in her career. One project gives Wu Chun an opportunity to enhance his directing skills but, she will direct his wife and this new hot actor Ken, unfortunately he caught them having sex in their hotel suite, Chun almost beat him to death if only not only the staff broke them apart, and Ken was needed to shoot another scene, they really need to finish this multi million movie, but Angela was crying hysterically, she said that she will get a divorce and get half of the money and fortune that Chun manage to built over the last few yrs!
“I will kill you both first! Before you do that!” threat Chun,
that very words send him to prison, because that fretful night they shot a gun shoot scene, that actor Ken supposed to die, but Chun change the scrip and make Angle died in the gut shot!, somebody change the toy gun into a real gun, and only Chun is the suspect. All the evidence is pointing at him, the media wants every piece of him because of his status, they convicted him guilty in first degree of murdering his wife, only his best friend tycoon and business partner Jiro knows that he was innocent, before Chun goes to prison he let all his fortune and assets handled by Jiro.
And now the time has finally comes! with the help of Jiro and some connection outside he will try to escape from this place this coming weekend…..
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F / Jailed in Yesung'...
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08
hell0 there..... h0pe ull like this lil st0ry 0f mine.... hehehe.... its just a 0ne-sh0t..... here are the links f0r my fanfics and with the special acc0unt c0z the st0ries in it are n0t just mine, but als0 0ur fell0w CE fans here in crunchyroll... here's the link:
well, h0pe u like this..... btw, the translations of some mandarin words are in the bottom.....
Technique in getting you....

Ella was going to the school gate to go home when someone call her.

???: ELLA! ELLA! WAIT! NEED YOUR HELP! (running towars her)
Ella: Huh?!? (turn around) Oh! Chun! What's Up?
Chun: (panting) I.......I..... need your
Ella: What? Why? What happen?
Chun: (looking around) Can we talk in your house? It's private.
Ella: (raises her one eyebrow) Huh?!?!
Chun: (notice her) Ei! I'm not going to do anything to you. I promise, best friend.
Ella: Okay! (smiling)
Chun: Xie xie ni. Thank you so much, best friend. Let's go to my car.
Ella: You know where's my house, right?
Chun: Wei! Of course, how many times i have been in there?
Ella: Aiyo! I forgot. hehehe
Chun: Let's go. (offering his hand)
Ella: (confused) What's that for?
Chun: Why? Is it wrong for best friends to hold each other's hands?
Ella: Hao le. Hao le. (holds his hand)

On their way to the parking lot, their close friends saw them and tease them.

Hebe: Aww! What a cute couple!
Ella: (getting her hand away & was blushing madly) Wei! Who tell you, people, that we are? We're just best friends you know.
Arron: Oh?!? Really? (smiling secretly)
Chun: (blushing madly) Ei! What Ella told you earlier are ALL true.
Calvin: Really?!? (smiling)
Chun: Really
Genie: Sure?!? (smiling)
Ella: 100% Sure
Jiro: No lies?!? (smiling)
Chun: No lies
Selina: Then...
Ella: Then what?
ALL except CE: Why are you blushing madly?
Chun & Ella: We didn't.
Ella: Aiyo! Let's go.
Chun: Yeah! Better go now. Bye guys...
Hebe/Arron: Where are...
Calvin/Genie: the two..
Selina/Jiro: of you going?
ALL except CE: On a date?
Chun: Aiyo! Can the SIX of you STOP it NOW?

Then the six of them laugh.

Ella: Aiyo! Let's go now.
ALL except CE: Bye-bye lovey-dovey. (laughing)

Finally, the escape their friends' teases and arrive on the parking lot. They then went in Chun's car.

Ella: It sure is hard to escape from our MONSTER FRIENDS.
Chun: Yeah! So... Let's go.
Ella: Hao le.
Then they drove off. Minutes later, they finally arrive in Ella's house. Ella let Chun came in and sit on the sofa while she went to the kitchen and grab something for them to eat.

Ella: So... what's the prob?
Chun: Ohh!... You're a girl right?
Ella: Of course I am. Wei shen me?
Chun: So... you must know what a man must do to win a girl's heart, right?
Ella: Of course. Why? Are you in-love?
Chun: (smiling) Well...
Ella: OMG! Who is it?
Chun: Don't tell to others Ok?
Ella: Yes! I promise.
Chun: Ariel Lin
Ella: (sad) Oh! (fake smile) Really? That's great. So what do you want to know?

While Chun was talking, Ella was not listening to him because she was in her deep thoughts.

Ella's thoughts: Oh! So he likes someone else. I feel my heart torn to pieces. I admit it. I like him. Aiyo! Chen Jia Hua, you're his best friend right? You must help him even though you like him.

When Chun ended, he noticed that Ella wasn't paying attention to him.

Chun: Aiyo! Chen Jia Hua! Hey! Wei! CHEN JIA HUA!
Ella:(screams) WHAT HAPPEN?
Chun: O.O Aiyo! Ella. You're not even listening to me.
Ella: Oh! Dui Bu Qi, Chun. What are you saying again?
Chun: Oh! What must I do in order to get her?
Ella: Hmmmmmm... You know, some girls are pretty hard to get. But in order to be successful, you must be close with her first. Closer than before. That's it for today. (stands up)
Chun: Wa...What? Wait! You have to explain it to me first.
Ella: (looks at him and sit back down) Hao le! Now in order to be close with her, you must always be with her, talk to her or even joked with her.
Chun: Ahhh!! (nodding)
Ella: (whispered so that Chun can't hear) Or even lived together in one house.

Chun got sharp hearings so he hear what Ella said.

Chun: What did you said?
Ella: Oh! nothing. (giggling)
Chun: Hey! I hear it.
Ella: Then why did you ask? (standing up)
Chun: Oh! YOU! (grabs Ella and started tickling her on the sofa)
Ella: (laughing) Hey! Chun! Sto..stop ti...tick...tickles.

Chun continued tickling her until he fall above her and their faces were just an inch away.

Chun: (blushing) Dui bu qi Ella. (standing up)
Ella: Ahh... No wo..wo...worries.
Chun: Gotta go now. Bye!
Ella: Zai Jian!

Chun then leave. Ella can't explain her feelings. She got mixed emotions. She was happy at the same time she was sad. While Chun, on the other hand, was very happy. A big smile was painted on his face.

Chun's thoughts: Finally, she's going to be mine. Glad that someone's helping me.

Then he went home. The next day, he did what Ella told him. Seeing the scene that Chun and Ariel are so close together, she can't control her feelings. She was jealous and sad. Days passed by, Chun and Ariel became closer and closer. Chun and Ella ,too, became closer than before. When class ends, Chun did his daily routine (A/N: going to Ella's house for consultation, of course *sigh*).

Chun: So now, we're closer than before now. What's next?
Ella: Well, mostly, girls want to receive flowers, chocolates, anything.
Chun:Oh Yeah! How can I forget that?
Ella: That's because you're stupid.
Chun: Wei! (attempting to tickle her again)
Ella: (he was interrupted by her) Don't you ever dare to do that again or else I will not help you ANYMORE.
Chun: Hao le! I lose again.
Ella: Bwahahaha... Now time for you to go home.
Chun: Hao le! Hao le! Good night.
Ella: Good night!

Then Chun went home. The next day, Chun gave Ariel som chocolates and pink roses. Ella didn't dare to look at them for she can't control her feelings. Later that evening, Chun did his daily routine. (A/N: As usual *rolling my eyes*) But this time, he was bringing something. When he entered already in Ella's house, he gave her the things he brought for her.

Chun: Chocolates and Red Roses for you, Ella. It's for my favorite teacher.
Ella: Oh! (blushing) Thank you, Chun.(accepting it)
Chun: Your welcome. So.. what's the last thing I need to do?
Ella: One word. Confession.
Chun: Oww! Yeah! Do you think I can do it?
Ella: Aiyo! Where's the great and brave WU CHUN I know? (smiling)
Chun: Yeah! Thanks for cheering me up, best friend.
Ella: Bu ke qi. Ei! Wanna join me for dinner? Kinda lonely eating alone.
Chun: Hao le! I'm hungry, too
Ella: (giggling) You're ALWAYS hungry.

They then eat together. After the wonderful dinner the just had, Chun went home. One week passed, Chun said something to Ella.

Chun: Ella, tonight will be the night.
Ella: Really? (sad) Oh! JIA YOU Chun! Good Luck Chun!
Chun: Aiyo! Ella, you're coming of course. Before I go there and tell her, I have to talk with you first.
Ella: WHAT? Hao le! Hao le! Where?
Chun: No worries. I'll pick you up. Hmm.. Around 9:30 p.m. Okay?
Ella: Hao le! Hao le! Gotta go now and prepare.
Chun: Yeah! Can't wait.

Chun drive Ella home and told her again. At around 8:00 pm, Ella took a bath and change. She was wearing a black minidress. (A/N: Imagine her in Zen Me Ban MV). At exactly 9:30 pm, Chun pick her up. When Chun saw her, he was so shock to see her. Seeing his reaction, Ella just smile.

Ella: Come on, your princess might be waiting.

They then drove off. Ella was just sitting quietly while they're on their way to the venue while a smile was painted on Chun's face. Finally, they arrived.They can now see Ariel sitting on a table with candlelights.

Ella: Hmm... Nice setting, Chun.
Chun: Yeah! Nice right.
Ella: Oh! Remember, this is your chance now to tell her that you like her.
Chun: Okay! (placing his left hand behind him and snaps)

Ariel the stood up and went to a mini stage where there are some musicians standing and Ariel started to sing "Crazy For You". Ella heard the song and was confused.

Ella: Ei!?!? Why is she there singing? (looking at Ariel)
Chun: Ella Chen...
Ella: Yes? (looking at Chun)
Chun: Ella Chen Jia Hua, WO CHAO XI HUAN NI.Aiyo! no, WO AI NI.
Ella: (shocked) O.O.... ?!?!?!
Chun: WO AI NI will you be my girlfriend?
Ella: (still shock) hu...huh?!?!
Chun: Aiyo! Come on Ella, speak up.
Ella: (still shock) Chu...Chun di...did you ju...just sa...say tha...that..
Chun: I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?
Ella: Bu...but Chu...Chun.
Ariel: (appear suddenly) Me? Chun doesn't have feelings for me. He just ask me to do that. That's his only way. He actually have feelings for you. (A/N: the one that chun thoughts that says "finally she's going to be mine", the "she" there refers to Ella and "glad that someone's helping me", the someone there refers to Ariel. You might think that it's vice versa right? hehehe)
Ella: this is your technique eh?
Chun: (smiling) Well, the first time I did this. This is one special technique jus for you. (leaning closer to Ella)
Ariel: Wai...wait... still here.. Gotta go now. Excuse me.

Then Ariel walks away.

Ella: Ei! You trick me with your technique huh?
Chun: Yeah! This technique will only be for you. By the way, your answer?
Ella: (looking down) But...
Chun: (noticed her) But what? What's wrong, Ella?
Ella: What if... we broke up? I don't want to lose my one and only best friend.
Chun: Don't think like that. We'll be together, forever. I promise. You will not lose me and I will not leave you. I promise. So your answer?
Ella: Hmm.. (looks at Chun which looks like a kid begging for a candy). Yes! I love you, too Chun.
Chun: (happy) Really? REALLY? wwwwhhhhhooooo.....(hugs her). Don't worry Ella. I'll always love you. No one but you. You're the first and shall be the last woman I'll love. I will not hurt you and that is a promise.

Chun let her go and gave her a passionate kiss.

THE END........

eNgLiSh TrAnSlAtIOnS...
HaO Le: OkAy!
WeI sHeN mE: wHy
DuI bU qI: sOrRy
wO aI nI: i LoVe YoU
wO cHaO xI hUaN nI: i ReAlLy LiKe YoU
bU kE qI: yOu ArE wElCoMe
XiE xIe Ni: ThAnK yOu

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time to update!
this time i'll add more chapters so all the silent readers who loves to read longer....

btw congrats to zygnet for fanfic!
here it goes......

Perfect Couple
Author: Joy

Chapter 2

Ella’s whistling happily in her brother’s Calvin car, she finally got the fat pay check she needs for her special tutorial class, she is teaching women who are illiterate, from mother to single women who can’t read and write, and doesn’t have confidence in themselves. She needs money for the special materials she will use for them. For now she have 6 women she’s currently teaching, her passion currently started when she met a young woman 5 months ago in the grocery store, she notice that she’d having a hard time choosing a brand of milk.
“Cowbells is best for fresh milk” Ella suggested.
But the young woman looked down as if humiliated,
“Um, can you pls. tell me which one is cowbells here?.....”
Ella knows the feeling of frustration, knowing that you can’t read anything. That’s the courage she gets to teach young women who are illiterate and give them a special tutorial lessons, Ella was just like her when she was 13 yrs old, she can’t read nor write, because she was a street kid, no family at all, and she was adopted by a loving family, with her new father and mother and two adorable handsome brother Calvin and Aaron, they treated her like their own flesh and blood, they totally forget her past and accepted her, she loves them dearly, so she promise herself that she will devote her life to her family and she will help other people just like what her family did to her, that’s why she become a teacher, a perfect role model in the community.


“Are you ready Chun?” Zou asked, Chun’s inmate and surprisingly his only friend and “fans” in prison, Zou was caught by the cops stealing imported cars, he has a great connection outside but for some reason his uncle let him stay in jail to teach him a lesson, he stayed in prison for 5 yrs just like Chun.
For 3 months now every Saturday afternoon the warden Mr. Kang always tag along Chun and Zou outside to be his personal driver and assistant, he has the satisfactory feeling of insulting Chun every time Chun drives his car, and also during those TIME Chun wants to pounce Mr. Kang’s sarcastic face, he was just holding himself back.

“Lets go over the details again, our plan must be flawless” Chun said “After I dropped you and Mr. Kang in the building, I will tell him that I’ll need to get some stuff in the store, after you assist him in his office you will try to find and look for me, after 20 min you will alarm Mr. Kang that you can’t find me, so you will not be suspected as my accomplice ok?” Chun asked.
“But why I can just go with you!” whispered fiercely by Zou
“Don’t be a fool its harder both of us to escape!” “Don’t worry as soon I’m settled I will get you out of here” Chun said.
“Ohh! , you’re my hero Chun” Zou replied delightedly, imitating girls drooling over Chun
A man in duty came to them and said “Both of you its time to go out, Mr. Kang is waiting in the car”.
“Let the game begin…..” muttered Chun in his mind


Ella parked Calvin’s four wheel car in the empty space parking lot, its her first pit stop for her 4 hr drive back in town, that’s why she didn’t bring her small own car because its not suitable enough for a long drive. She went inside the coffee shop, and ordered coffee and cheese cake, then she sit on a vacant table, on the other table they were a mother and her two children, the two kid wave and smile at her, so she replied back to them with a smile.

Mean while Chun had already change his prison clothes to a shirt, jeans and a demin jacket, he got also a sunglass and bull cap, he got all his stuff from the duffle bag that that’s been hidden inside the trash bin in the nearby public toilet, Jiro prepared it for him, in the bag includes money, car key, map, a piece of paper written the details of his itinerary, small gun, and a small conventional knife. His car was park outside, Chun can feel the adrenalin rushing his blood, at last the scent of freedom!!!, but as he went outside,…
his car was being towed!..........
He froze and his mind went blank….. “its too late now to back out” he said to himself, Chun walk ahead for two block and saw a coffee shop, he saw two car parked in the area, he curse to himself of what he saw in the window,
“great! two women how could I steal from them…..” then he heard a police siren coming….. he immediately crouch down beside the four wheel car, and inspiration struck to him!!!,……..
he gets his small knife and poke the side of the tire.

Ella sees the police car pass in the highway while going back to the car, she didn’t notice a man beside her tire, until she bump and almost tripped over him.
“Oh, what are you doing there???” she asked suspiciously
Chun slowly stand up and answer her with a warm smile
“Ah because, I notice that you have a flat tire” “ Me and my friend Capt. Zong wants to change your flat tire as soon as we saw it, but unfortunately duty calls him, that why he leaves me here”,
“Oh he’s police officer who passed by?” asked Ella, but she stared at him he seems familiar, but she could not recognize him because of the sunglass….
“Yes, if there’s no emergency call he will probably help me in to fix your tire.”
Ella’s suspicion disappear, he knows that this is a good man.
“Well where is your spare tire and tools?” asked Chun
“It’s somewhere in the back, actually this is not my car, its my brother that’s why I’m not too familiar with it” Ella tried to laugh at her own.
While Chun is changing the tire, Ella went back to the shop and get some coffee for her ‘savior’ after 15 min he was done, Ella give the coffee, and say “Thanks!”, Ella knows ‘thank you’ is not enough….
“Again thanks for changing my tire, I know its rude for me to offer you a money..”
“You guess right” answer Chun curtly
“Ah by the way were is your car?” asked Ella concerned
“ I don’t have a car, my friend supposed to give me a ride but he’s two hour late” he replied
“I’m going to Fen-lu, how about you, maybe I can give you a ride?” Ella knows that it’s not good for a lady like her to offer a ride to a stranger.
“Oh I’m heading there also, I have a job interview this afternoon” he lied, “damn!, it’s the opposite direction” Chun said to himself. But anyway he NEEDED a ride desperately!, every second is wasted!!!
Ella notice that his jeans is new, so she taught it’s for him to empress his new employer, and he seems to be worried if he cant’ make it in his job interview. He has no car at all, and the bus hardly comes in this area, Ella’s heart went out for him. So she made up her mind.
“Ok hop in!” Ella said with her angelic smile.
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Perfect Couple
Author: Joy

Chapter 3

After 15 minutes of riding in the car with this crazy young woman, Chun curse himself for riding with her, she’s one of a hell driver!!! She drives very fast. Chun is gripping the handle above the window.
“Okey! you can breath now!” Ella teased her ‘passenger’
“I know that you’re holding a death grip there” pointing here lips to the handle “well this is the way I drive, that’s why my brother Aaron doesn’t want to ride with me” she said with a smile.
Chun slowly release his breath, he don’t know what is it from fear, or the smile that this young woman is giving to him. He observe the girl beside him, she seems to be young, and carefree, and kind hearted too, with her short hair, tight hugging jeans and plain tank top, she seems tomboyish to him, she just look like an ordinary girl, but there is no ordinary about this girl, he find himself uniquely attracted to her, he throw away the concept of that, he is an escape convict, and he doesn’t deserve this girl.
“How old are you?” Chun asked suddenly, damn what was wrong with him!!!
Ella is almost choked with the question but she answered anyway’
“I’m 26, by the way we don’t introduce ourselves properly,” Ella said with her smile..
“I’m Ella Chen a primary school teacher”
“What!!!” Exclaimed Chun, then clearing his voice “ahhhem sorry for that, because you don’t look your age, your seems like 20, and sorry to offend you, you don’t look like a TEACHER!
“Well some old people always saying that” she replied
‘Do I look like an ancient to her!?’ Chun said to himself
“How about you, Mr, can I know your name and AGE??” she asked teasingly
“I’m Vince Cho, 28 yrs old.” He fabricated
“Well nice to meet you Mr. Cho, and what work are you in line with?
Chun was hoping for a silent travel along the way, he doesn’t want to give anymore clue about him. Good thing he saw ahead an empty phone booth, he needs to have a phone call having a mobile phone is too risky the cops can trace your call.
“Can you pls. just stop ahead, I need to use the phone” he asked politely.
“You can use mine, I don’t mind” she offered
“NO!” he almost shout at her, “Umm I mean is an international call, that too way expensive, but thanks for the offer” he said with a relief
“Okey…” Ella said puzzled, what’s with this man??? Ella asked herself
She stop the car at the side, they seem to be in a private road there nobody passing vehicle ahead of them.
“Thank you” Chun said politely, “ It will just only take a minute “ he promise
“No its fine take your time”, with that Ella went at the back side of the four wheel car and took her jacket, the weather is getting chilly, when she came back inside her seat, she ON the radio and notice the map sticking out of Vince’s bag, she decide to take a look at it so she knows where she can dropped him properly, she intended to asked permission but Vince back was on her.
On radio the announcer said “we interrupt you with a flash news report! A Former Actor and Director Mr. Wu Chun a convicted murderer, guilty in homicide has escape from prison this afternoon, he was last seen……..
Ella tried to located the place in the map, but it was different, he is not going to where she was going, it’s the opposite direction, and the piece of paper said, he will stay in the house in a secluded mountain!!! It’s not a job interview…..

“…… is said that Wu Chun is armed and dangerous if any body seen him pls. contact the local authorities.”

With that words Ella looked at the man in the phone booth, he was facing to her now, he not wearing now his sunglasses, he was frustrated to speaker at the other end of the line, and HE notice what was Ella’s holding,…

his MAP!!!

He slammed the phone down and went inside the car, Ella was immobilized by fear, “he is a murderer! A criminal! He is a murderer, a criminal”, she said over and over again in her mind, in a spit of second Chun was on her side…. That is when she made a loud piercing scream


Chun quickly put his left hand on her mouth, and the other one is reaching inside his jacket to get his revolver, he point it beside her waist,
Ella froze and began trembling, ‘I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die’ Ella kept chanting on her mind, Chun was sure that she’s completely scared, told her,
“Okay I will remove my hands now, but don’t scream” he warned. “or else you will end-up picking the pieces of your brain in this car” he said slowly.
That sentence bring Ella’s fear into hatred
“H-how could I pick-up my brain i-if I’m dead??”” demanded Ella with her eyes getting round as a saucer!!!
“How can you suggest a joke when I’m in the e-end of MY LIFE?!” Ella demanded,
That earned Chun her a little respect, maybe with other girls in this situation, they will just cry dementedly or faints!, but with this girl, she’s picking up with fight with him!!
“Okay give me your mobile, shut-up! and drive” Chun ordered. Ella reluctantly surrender her phone, but instead of driving Ella just stare at the wheel as if thinking,
“Don’t you dare to try something stupid” Chun said, “I said DRIVE!”
“DRIVE WHERE?!!” she shouted back, “listen you dick-head! I will not drive you until in the mountains!!!

Chun got his answer, he have to take her with him, this was not part of the plan.
“You saw the map right?, drive there” Chun said tonelessly. Ella prayed silently, she is asking God why do she have to deserve this?, isn’t she a good girl, she tried her best living a decent life?, maybe what Mr. Wong is true, ‘a leopard will not change its spots’!! After all she’s a bad kid back then.
After 2 hour of straight driving, Chun needs to make a phone call,
“Parked the car ahead I can see another phone booth,”
Ella’s mind became alert, she needs to get away from him, How???
She stop the car beside the booth, “Umm, can I get my pen and notebook, I need something to ease my tension, because if I did not let out my emotions…..” she babble unwittingly, Chun look suspicious on her, when did she become friendly?
“Ok but I’ll watch you over the booth, so don’t try anything.”
“Okay!” Ella smile over brightly.
The moment Chun was outside She write on the piece of paper HELP I’M BEEN KIDNAPPED, and then fold it in a small piece then clip it with a $50 bill, and when Chun tries to check on her, she write something in her notebook

“Mr Wu Chun a former Actor and Director was wrongly accused by murdering his ex-wife, due to this biased society, they sent an innocent person in the jail”

After the failed phone call Chun come back to the car immediately and snatch the notebook Ella was holding, then he reads it! He’s eyes went big as a saucer!!, he looked at Ella ‘is this girl for real?’ he asked himself, Ella wants to laugh hard when she saw his reaction. After 30 minutes Ella tried to talk to him, “Umm can we have food I’m kinda hungry?” Ella asked him, Chun’s mouth water, it’s been 5 yrs since he have a decent food, thinking of it, he feels famished.
“I saw a sign back there, there’s a fast food coming ahead of us” she said,
“Okay” Chun replied, Ella was so happy she can’t contain herself, she smiling from ear to ear! Chun notice it! “what are you smiling all about?”
“Nothing!, I just get excited thinking about food!”
Chun can understand her, he loves food, before he was sent to prison, he can eat whatever food he wants, but in the prison the food was rotten!!!
When they arrived in the drive through of Mc Donald, they ordered from the monitor and pass through the main window, “This is your order sir, ma’am, two cheese burger with two large fries and drinks!, It’s for $24,” Chun tries get some money, but Ella stop him, “It’s on me!” she said with an over bright smile, “How nice of you Ella…” Chun taunted, “well that’s me!” Ella handed her $50 bill with the paper attached to it, when the crew, unfold it, the paper fell, she pick it up without looking at it, “Umm is this yours? The crew asked Ella giving it back to her, “ No that’s not mine, what is it by the way? Just take a look at it” she suggested.

“Oh it’s for me,” Chun said with his melting smile and get the paper. The crew blushes with the smile that Chun gives her. Ella panicked, her planned failed!! “ O my God!”
Chun whisper to her ear “ let’s go the parking lot darling!”, “or else this crew is dead” he warned, smiling warmly to the crew. She parked the car and eats all her food with out tasting, cuz Chun is poking his gun on her waist, “Smile!!! The crew is watching us!”

The sun was setting now, Ella notice that Chun is sleeping now, she thinks of another plan to escape from him, then ahead of them there is a vacant lot with 3 trucks park on it, she prayers that there will be big muscled man in those truck, slowly she loose her step on the accelerator from 120kph,…110….100…90….80…50….30…then Chun wakes-up!
“What the heck!!!?” he asked, Ella was so scared that she hits the break, and jumps outside the car!! She landed on her side hip with a thud!! Then she tries to stand and scream for help. HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP! One of the truck driver went outside his truck and look with curiosity…


CUT IT OUT ELLA!!! The voice of Chun overpowered her voice.
Chun run and tackle Ella on the ground, he was on top of her.
“What are you doing honey!, stop playing around?” while he give a fake laugh, Ella was trembling under him, because he poke again the small gun on her waist, “Smile or his dead! He is referring to the truck driver that slowly coming to them.
Chun desperate that his temporary freedom will be finished, kissed Ella suddenly, but seeing that she is not participating. She feels like wood underneath him, he pleaded with his life, this is his last resort, in a small and meek voice he said “Please, please help me….” Ella’s brain was confused, some warning signal tells her that don’t believe him, but, in his voice there is honestly, just like the voice of truth….slowly her lips responded to him, he slanted his head to her and opened his mouth, seeking and tasting her, his tongue plunged inside her, she moan unwittingly, she shyly put her tongue to his mouth, while she puts her arm around his neck. His right hand caught her head, to make her face closer to him, while his other hand slowly exploring her soft body…..then the kiss explodes!!!...........

“Hey Chan!! What is the commotion there??” asked the other truck driver
“The hell man!! To grown-ups playing like kids” Chan said
“If they will not stop, they will make a KID in no TIME!!” the driver laugh hearty!! Then the two truck driver went back inside to their truck. Ella is slowly coming back to reality, after what the truck driver said, she tried to push him, but he doesn’t want to stop, his in heaven right now!! She break the contact of their lips, “I said stop!, the performance is done now. He’s not here anymore, so pls. stop pretending , Ella pleaded to him. Chun stared at her, that was the most hottest kiss ever! Then slowly he smiled at her,
“Don’t misinterpret this one, I just feel sorry to the truck driver” she said
He knows that she’s lying because she can’t look in his eyes, and her whole face is red.
“Let’s go I’m tired” she said, Chun stands-up and offer her a hand.
“I Don’t need your help! Don’t touch me!!” she said
Chun decided, that it doesn’t hurt to play a little game with her, while she’s with him…
He smiled secretly to himself
“Don’t think about it Mr. Movie Star!!” Ella told him after she notice his looks
“I’m not that kind of girl!”
Chun just keep silent, once there are inside the car, Chun said to her teasingly “I think your running a fever ELLA…”
“Pls. stop the pretence!! you’re not my friend!!” she was being teased by this man just like they have known forever!!!

Ella started the car they are heading to his hideway..
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Perfect Couple
Author: Joy

Chapter 4

“Were in hell can she be?” Calvin Chen paced across the small office of his bro Aaron Chen. “She’s supposed to be here right now!?, Mom and Dad will get worried if she misses dinner tonight!”. Even though the three siblings has their own apartment, they don’t forget to have dinner every Saturday night at their family home.
“I wish I know where she is!” Aaron replied
“Well you’re the cop, you supposed to know that!” Calvin shouted,
“But I can’t file a police report yet, you know a person will be consider missing after 24 hour” Aaron explained.
“ I’m just worried, she must might have call us or something, she never changes her plan, and besides she knows that I need my car tomorrow.”
“Yah your right, and I have a bad feeling about this, remember the news this afternoon Wu Chun escape from prison in Fen-lu…..
“So what if he escape…..what are your thinking…?
“That’s the route where Ella’s passing by, and the humor said, that somebody saw Chun near the coffee shop, he is fixing some four wheel car, and the description of the car’s is just like yours…”
Calvin stare at his bro “So your saying……”
“The cashier in the shop thinks, she saw him get into the four wheel car with the woman who’d stopped by there for a coffee and cake.” Aaron turn his back to his brother and look at the window. “ Of course I’ve talk to the cashier….. unofficially….the description she gave me of the woman who drove away with Chun in the car sounds like Ella”
“Oh My God!”
“Just don’t tell it yet to Dad and Mom, they will get worried” Aaron turn around to look at his brother.
“What shall we do? we cannot possible don’t do anything?!
“Let’s just go to Mom and Dad’s house, they will get mad at us we forget our Saturday dinner.”
The two men went out in the station with sour faces, then a shiny red BMW convertible parked outside the station, and a pretty, young woman stepped out in the car, she seems oblivious of the two men until she saw Aaron….
Aaron look at his ex- wife Hebe, she still look gorgeous and attractive, but he hates that face most in the world…
“Hi Aaron, how are you?” Hebe greeted, but Aaron just ignore her, so she paid her attention to his brother, “ Hello Calvin, how are you? I heard that you are married to Ariel last month, Congratulations!” Even though the marriage of Aaron and Hebe failed, Hebe is still best-friend of Ella they were friends since collage, Hebe’s family is one of the riches family in town. Her dad is the owner of a construction company, where Calvin is employed.
“Thanks,” he said politely, “um by the way your back it town, what brings you here?” he asked,
“I’m getting married next month…..” she sneak a glance to his ex-husband “I heard Ada is a great designer in wedding gown, that why I’m here…”
“Well congratulations! To your SECOND wedding, hope it will not fail just like us!” Aaron said sarcastically.
“But Aaron I told you it’s not my fault….” Hebe explain
“Pls. stop it I don’t want to talk about it!, if you excuse us we are late for our dinner”
Aaron ended the conversation.
“Sorry Hebe, but pls. say hello for me to your dad” apologized Calvin in behalf of Aaron. The men get inside the police car of Aaron, Hebe remember that today is Saturday, family dinner of the Chen, she used to be with them ….. but she doesn’t want to bring back the painful memories of the past, she want to focus on her future….

“WE’RE LOST, I KNOW IT! WERE IN GOD’S NAME WE ARE GOING? What could possibly be up here except a deserted logging camp?” Ella voice shook with nervous tension as she peered through the rain wiping at her wind shied. It started to rain two hour ago, and they already left the highway and turned into a steep road that climbed the mountain with endless series of small bridges. She stopped the car in front of the small bridge ahead of them, the water is overflowing…, its like a mini river that flows out of their banks.
“I can’t drive through that, it’s dangerous”, she said to Chun
“But we cannot go back now” he said to Ella, but as soon as he saw her nervous and tired face, he makes-up his mind.
“Ok get out!” he ordered
“What! You want to leave me now in this area?, are you sick!”
“I said get out of the car! I’ll drive across the bridge, if it holds you can walk across it and get into the car on the other side.”
But when she started to get down, Chun told her, “and if the bridge doesn’t hold, here…’, he is extending his hand, he is giving her phone back!!! “ just get some help”
Ella was too dumb struck, why is he thinking of her safety now? He could just let her drive and die and leave her here… If he is really a cold-blooded murderer why he is concern with her safety?
Ella climb down the car and watch him slowly drive the car, she doesn’t notice that she is praying hard now for his safety….
The car successfully passed across the bridge, Ella went back inside and Chun continue to drive, after 15 minutes they arrived at the huge house, actually it looks like a mansion, with tall window glass and the wall is made up of native stones and expensive marble.
“Who in the world built a grand house in a secluded mountain?” Ella asked, “that’s a little bit of crazy”
“Of course people who wants some privacy”
“Did they know that your gonna use there house?, somebody you know?”She asked
“Just shut-up and help me find the key, maybe it’s under the rug”, after a few minutes they can’t find the key, Chun get a flower pot beside the door, “What are you doing now pls don’t tell your gonna break that huge window”, then she looks at the tall window glass, they will be lucky enough not to die after the glass falls on them.
“No, I’m looking for the key” he throws the pot of the ground, and the soil scatted over the floor, them he start digging on it, “See I told you!” holding the key.
The house have 2 bedrooms, a huge kitchen, and an attractive living room with a cozy fire place, its just like a resort, Ella thought, Chun went inside each room and took out all the telephone connection, and went beside Ella.
Here’s the situation Ella: the there’s no other communication here beside these phone, there is no other houses in this area, if you are planning to escape on foot, you better think about it, the next road is 1 hr drive away, so don’t even try it, do I make myself clear? He asked Ella. She just ignore him, she went to the kitchen at look for something to eat, the fridge is stock with frozen goods and vegetable, but she’s very tired to cook, all she want to do is to get some sleep. She found a can of tuna in the cupboard.
“Think you can cook for us?” asked Chun
Her chin went up and said to him “ I will not cook for you, and by the way I’m the hostage here, so you better take care of me!” then she yawn, she’s really sleepy and tired now, “Pls were is my room I want to get some sleep?” she asked
“You can take the smaller room, by the way there are some women clothes there you can borrow it for a while.”
She nod her head and went to the bedroom, she’s too exhausted to argue with him. ‘ I will just think of another plan after I sleep’ she told herself.

She woke up with a great aroma of food being cook, after 2 hrs of sleep she feels refresh, when she open her eyes, she wonder where could she be?, she’s not in her house or a hotel… then she finally realized, its not a dream! Wu Chun kidnapped her, he’s a murderer! Her mind now is completely alert.
She must think of a plan to escape from this house, and then she remember his warning, “I need to get out of here!” she climb down on the huge bed, and looked at herself, she’s wearing only bathrobe, she remembers that before going to bed, she put all her clothes including her underwear in the dryer. She quickly put back her old clothes and went outside the room.
She search for Chun if he’s in the house, she found him in the kitchen cooking. She quietly observe him, he was now wearing different clothes, slacks and a knitted sweater, he looks like the man who owns this house, even though he stayed in prison the 5 yrs his body never get out of shape, and he is much more handsome than ever!
Chun feeling that he is being watch, turn on his back and look at her,
“So your awake, dinner is almost ready, you just wait in the living room its better to eat…..” then he notice her clothes, “I told you to use some clothes in there…..”
“I don’t feel like wearing stanger’s clothes, I prefer wearing my own clothes even if they are not fresh!
“Pls. I don’t want to argue, I just want to have a decent meal after 5 yrs., just wait in the living room, and I’ll bring the food”
Ella obediently went to the living room, ‘what does he mean by decent meal, he wants now to be friends with her!, excuse me but they are enemies’ she must not let her guard down, when she’s with him.

She is waiting for him in the coffee table in the living room, she clears all the content of the table to have enough space for their food. He is carrying two plates, he put down in front of her a plate on which he had upended a can of tuna fish. That was all, no garnish, no vegetable, no nothing. While on his plate are juicy steak and baked potatoes.
Ella opened her mouth and closed, then give him a dagger look.
“Isn’t that you wanted?” he innocently. “or you prefer a nice steak like the one I left in the kitchen?”
There was something about the boyish prank, something about his engaging and smiling eyes that cause unexpected , uncontrollable, and under this weird circumstances… she started to giggle. And started to laugh, her shoulders are still shaking when he walked back to the sofa carrying another plate with a steak on it and put in front of her.
“Is that a little better?”
“Well I can forgive you for kidnapping and terrifying me, but it’s a bad offence that you will just feed me tuna while you eat steak.
She was just eating her food in peaceful silent, when he asked him what happed to her bruised wrist.
“O this one, it’s a basketball injury”
“A what?”
“I was playing basketball with my pupil, but unfortunately, my hand got stuck on Patrick’s wheelchair”
Sensing that he wants more conversation, Ella told him about her job as a teacher. After between bites and taking, Chun observe her, she is really one of a kind woman, she’s very passionate and loving teacher, she very devoted in helping other people based on her stories.
“What where you doing in Fen-lu the day we met?
“I’d gone there to see the grandfather of one of my handicapped student. He’s quite wealthy, and I hope to convince him to donate money to an adult literacy program I’m involve in at school.”
“Did you succeed”
“ Yes. His check is in my purse.”
“What made you decide to become a teacher?”
“I love children, and teaching is very respectable profession, my mother once was a retired teacher, and my father is one of the respected person in our town”
“Why?, what does he do? A Jugde?
“Nope! His a Minister!”
“My God! I manage to kidnapped a minister’s daughter!”
“Yes! That’s His boss”, sensing that Chun is feeling guilty, she manage to change the topic…… ..
After they finished their food, Ella volunteer, to wash the dishes, but Chun stubbornly decline.
“Just watch t.v. or something I’ll just fix this”

Ella switch on the television, and its happens to be the news. The serious face of the newscaster glued the eyes of Ella in the television “Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Two days ago Mr. Wu Chun, who was once regarded Asia’s greatest leading man and a gifted director, escaped from the Fen-lu State Prison, where he was serving forty-five years prison term for slaying his wife, actress Angela Zeng 5 years ago.
Then on the screen flash the photos of Chun and Angela, the newscaster continues
Wu Chun is believed travelling with this woman…….. then Ella saw her own picture in the screen. “Authorities in Fen-lu report that the woman Ella Chen, twenty-six, was last seen in Fen-lu two days ago where a man fitting Chun’s description was observed getting into a gray four wheel car with her. At first the authorities believed that Ms. Chen had been taken as a hostage against her will…….”
“At first?!” Ella burst out, looking at Zack who is behind her. “what does he means at first?”. The newscaster “The hostage theory was exploded late this afternoon when Eric Chan, a truck driver reported that he saw a couple matching Wu’s and Chen’s description at the Winam rest stop near sunset last night……
Eric Chan’s cheerful face appeared on screen, he was being interviewed by a reporter, and what he was saying made Ella feel sick and fury and shame: “ The pair of them are playing and having fun just like a couple of kids, then the woman, sure that was Ella Chen, falls down and Wu Chun landed on her top and the next thing I knew they was kissing, necking,. If she’s a hostage she wasn’t acting like one.”
“Oh, my God!” Ella said wrapping her arms around stomach, swallowing the tears clogged in her throat. Ugly reality soon appears on her mind, the cozy atmosphere of the mountain cabin, quickly disappears, he was murderer! Criminal!, before she recovers from another tormenting scene, the screen showed-up the face of her parents being interview by another reporter. Her father’ beloved face looked at the screen and said “If Ella is with Chun, then she’s against her will. That truck driver who says differently is either mistaken about who he saw or what he was happening” he finished, while the reporters are still trying to asked him some questions, he looked at them and told them “That’s all I have to say.”
With shame pouring inside her, he faced Chun with blur of hot tears as he walks towards her. “You bastard!” she choked, backing away from him, as he goes nearer to her.
“Ella” Chun is reaching her shoulders in attempt to comfort her.
“Don’t touch me!” she cried trying to fling away from him, while he wrapped her around his chest.
“My father is a minister” she wept, “He’s a respected man and you’ve made his daughter into a public slut! I’m a teacher!” she cried hysterically “ I teach little children! Do you think they’ll let me teach children now that I’m in a national scandal!
“I’m sorry Ella” he was having a hard time finding his voice.
“I’ve spent the last fifteen years of my life” she sobbed brokenly, struggling hard to escape from him embrace “trying to be perfect. I’ve been so perfect!” she wept, she wept and she wept, “And it- it was all for nothing!” As if she’d finally exhausted herself physically, she stopped struggling and her head fell forward , but her shoulders continue to jerk with sobs. “I’ve tried so hard,” she choked “I become a teacher so they’ll be proud. They won’t let me teach anymore after this-“
Suddenly Chun cannot bear the weight of her sorrow. “Stop it please” he whispered achingly, wrapping her in his arms, cupping his hand round her head “I understand and I’m sorry, I know exactly what you feel”
Ella choked back her protest at his rough handling as she saw the fury in his face and the agony in his eyes. His voice was raw with emotion. “I didn’t kill anyone! Do you hear me? Lie to me and say you believed me! Just say it! I want to hear someone say it!”
Having just experience herself a tiny part of what he would feel, if he was truly innocent, Ella cringed inwardly at the though of what he could be feeling.
If he was truly innocent…. She swallowed, her blurry eyes was searching his.
“I believed in you!” she whispered, fresh tears started to roll down her cheeks.
“I do.”
Chun heard the sincerity in her tearful voice; in her brown eyes he saw the dawning true compassion, and deep within him, the wall of ice he’d kept around his heart for years began to melt . Lifting his hands, he laid it against her soft cheeks, his thumb helplessly rubbing her hot tears. “Don’t cry for me,” he murmured
“I believed in you!” she repeated, and the tenderness of her reply demolished what was left of his reserve. Chun’s throat constricted around an unfamiliar knot of emotions. And for a moment he stood there, immobilized of what he saw, heard and felt. She kept on crying that she can’t controlled the tremble of her lips, she bite in down to stop it from trembling.
“Please don’t cry,” he whispered achingly as he lowered his mouth to her………

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F / behind joo!
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lol..^_^ sorry joy i havnt been able to read ur latest post of ur fanfic! but ill find time!!! ive just been busy with school lately! but im so looking forward to start reading your "perfect couple" fanfic!! =)
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F / Jailed in Yesung'...
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ThAnKs AtE jOy!!!!..... hOpE u LiKe It...... hehehe
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