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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/22/08
- All stories will be posted by IllidanEden only.
- Others members of RPG group can view and read the stories only.
- A part or an episode of a story will be post each day.
- The next part or episode of the story will be post using (GMT +8) time zone.
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/22/08
Dango Daikazoku team's story

Everyone has a love partner in their life. Well, is that true? It doesn't matter whether you fell in love with him/her or the other way round. Love is always there and always waiting for that special moment. The only question left is 'When'. Love is something you can't deny and you can't run from. Love can happen anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Like for example, you might even fall in love with the girl next door. Sometimes, love can even take place at the strongest places where you can never think about. You might even be in love right now and the best thing is that you might totally not be aware of it. Some people say “love” is a dream while some people call it a fantasy. What do you think about it? Does true love really exist or is it just a word that is used to describe a person’s feeling?
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/22/08
Aoi Minami
Age: 17
Description: The female protagonist or the main girl of the story. She is sweet, nice and caring. She will be scary when got mad. She loves to cook. She is a pretty girl in class. Her classmates are going to consider Aoi is the best ever girl if she doesn’t be scary when she got mad. She cooks very well too. Everyone knows that she cooks well but there isn’t anyone had tried her food. This is maybe she cooks and eats with her family at home only. She is quite a clever girl. There is a gossip in her school says that whether Aoi is the most famous girl in the school. Maybe, only the students who like her will say yes. She gets along with people very well. She is a friendly girl too.
Height: 162cm
Relationship with: Ryusuke Fujiwara, Kenji Sasaki, Haruhi Suzuki and Eden (Good friends) Aya Minami and Ayu Minami (Sisters) Dan Minami (Father) Rui Komatsu (Teacher)
Love interest: Ryusuke Fujiwara
Love rival: None.

Aya Minami
Age: 15
Description: The younger sister of Aoi Minami. She is cheerful, energetic, sweet, nice and pretty. She likes to tease Ayu Minami. She loves to eat a lot of food. She is a kind and soft-hearted person. Some people say that she is prettier than her elder sister, Aoi Minami. She has a crush on Kenji Sasaki. She joins the tennis club because of Kenji Sasaki who also joins the club. She is easily got hurt when it comes to love. She is friendly and cares about friends and family. She is determined to go through some events that will help her to become more mature. She is going to be a full of courage person.
Height: 158cm
Relationship with: Kaito Sugiyama, Kaori Fumizuki and Yuji Tanaka (Good friends) Aoi Minami and Ayu Minami (Sisters) Dan Minami (Father)
Love interest: Kenji Sasaki (In the beginning of the story)
Love rival: Unknown

Ayu Minami
Age: 12
Description: The youngest sister of Aoi Minami. She is shy, crybaby and nice. She easily gets scared. She is a playful girl. She will procrastinate when doing her homework but often ended up being nagged by her sisters. She is a cheerful girl. She is a smart girl but only done her homework depends on her mood. Everyone likes her very much. Her sisters care about her very much. Jiro Hamada always teasing her but she likes him as her good friend. She always cheers her friends who are feeling depressed.
Height: 150cm
Relationship with: Jiro Hamada and Yui Maeda (Good friends) Aoi Minami and Aya Minami (Sisters) Dan Minami (Father) Yuki Yoshida (Ayu's teacher)
Love interest: Unknown
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/22/08
Love rival: None

Dan Minami
Age: 40
Description: The father of Aoi Minami, Aya Minami and Ayu Minami. He is a caring father. He is nice and sweet especially when he is talking to his daughters. He is strict to the guys for some reasons. He is a obedient person. He still loves his wife who died young. He takes the responsibility to take care of his three children. He usually busy working in his company.
Height: 170cm
Relationship with: Aoi Minami, Aya Minami and Ayu Minami (Daughters) Yuki Yoshida and Rui Komatsu (Friends)
Wife: Sakura Umizuki (deceased)

Ryusuke Fujiwara
Age: 17
Description: The male protagonist or the main guy of the story. He is a nice guy. He is a kind of joker as he likes to joke. He is active in sport. He joins soccer club. He lives with his mother. His mother had divorced with his father. His mother is working oversea. She seldom comes back to home. He has a crush on Aoi Minami but doesn't confess to her yet. He cares about his friends. He is a handsome guy too. He is a responsible person. He doesn't feel sad and lonely because he has a lot of good friends who are always with him.
Height: 167cm
Relationship with: Aoi Minami, Haruhi Suzuki, Kenji Sasaki and Eden (Good friends) Rui Komatsu (Teacher)
Love interest: Aoi Minami
Love rival: Unknown
Father: Takumi Fujiwara
Mother: Sakuno Masaki

Haruhi Suzuki
Age: 17
Description: She is a cool girl. Many girls admire her because she is cool. She is a responsible person. She always complete any work or project perfectly. That is the reason why she is cool. Besides, she acts cool during presentation too. She likes to tease Aoi Minami. She is like a small girl as she always fights with Aya Minami for food. She loves plant. She joins Botany Club. She has a crush on a famous teacher, Rui Komatsu. She just keeps that feeling a secret. Many people would say that she admires Rui Komatsu very much. She cares about her friends too. She is nice and friendly. She is quite a clever girl.
Height: 163cm
Relationship with: Aoi Minami, Ryusuke Fujiwara, Kenji Sasaki and Eden (Good friends) Rui Komatsu (Teacher)
Love interest: Rui Komatsu
Love rival: Yuki Yoshida
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/22/08
Kenji Sasaki
Age: 17
Description: People call him as Ken for short. He is a 'mystery' guy. No one knows about his family and details even his good friends. He is serious person. He is the smartest guy in the school. He is quite rich. He is a genius too. He joins tennis club. Many girls like him very much. He is a quiet person. It is very hard to know his background. His background will be known by someone later. He has a crush on someone. It is shown when someone knows he likes someone. He is a handsome guy. He cares about his friends too although he is a quiet person. He most likely talks about work or project in the school. He is a hardworking guy.
Height: 166cm
Relationship with: Aoi Minami, Ryusuke Fujiwara, Haruhi Suzuki and Eden (Good friends) Rui Komatsu (Teacher)
Love interest: Unknown
Love rival: Unknown

Kaito Sugiyama
Age: 15
Description: People usually call him as Kai for short. He is a smart guy. He is responsible and hardworking. Besides, he is honest and trustworthy. He cares about his friends too. He easily gets blushed when people teasing him to Aya Minami. He has a crush on Aya Minami. He wants to confess to her but usually doesn't have the opportunity or failed to do so. He cares about his friends. Yuji Tanaka is Kaito's best friend. Some girls like him. He knows Aya likes Kenji Sasaki but he still likes Aya Minami in deep of his heart.
Height: 160cm
Relationship with: Aya Minami, Kaori Fumizuki and Yuji Tanaka (Good friends)
Love interest: Aya Minami
Love rival: Kenji Sasaki

Kaori Fumizuki
Age: 15
Description: She is a nice girl. She is an energetic person. She likes sport. She joins basketball club and she is a basketball player. She is smarter than Aya Minami. Besides, she is an anime lover. She easily gets jealous when girls come around Kaito Sugiyama. She has a crush on Kaito Sugiyama. She cares about her friends. She vows that she won't lose to any girl for Kaito Sugiyama.
Height: 156cm
Relationship with: Aya Minami, Yuji Tanaka and Kaito Sugiyama (Good friends)
Love interest: Kaito Sugiyama (In the beginning of the story)
Love rival: Aya Minami

Jiro Hamada
Age: 12
Description: He likes to play cards and games. He has a crush on Ayu Minami. However, he likes to tease her. He has lots of collection of cards. The most favorite card game for
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/22/08
him is "Pokemon Trading Card Game". He is a playful person. He cares about his friends too. He doesn't have the guts to confess his love to Ayu Minami.
Height: 151cm
Relationship with: Ayu Minami, and Yui Maeda (Good friends) Yuki Yoshida (Teacher)
Love interest: Ayu Minami
Love rival: None

Yuji Tanaka
Age: 15
Description: He is Kaito Sugiyama's best friend. He has a crush on Kaori Fumizuki. He knows she like his best friend, Kaito Sugiyama but he won't give up. He is a nice guy. He would do whatever for Kaori Fumizuki secretly. He is kind of naive and sensitive person. He usually become nervous and blushed when talking to Kaori Fumizuki. He is speechless sometimes.
Height: 159cm
Relationship with: Aya Minami, Kaito Sugiyama and Kaori Fumizuki (Good friends)
Love interest: Kaori Fumizuki
Love rival: Kaito Sugiyama

Rui Komatsu
Age: 23
Description: He is a famous teacher in the school. Besides, he is a counselor teacher. Most of the students like him very much. Most girls admire him very much. He is a handsome teacher. He loves plants. He is a teacher adviser for Botany Club. He is a good teacher. He is a kind teacher too. He has fallen in love with one of his student, Haruhi Suzuki. This makes him feels bad whether is it right to fall in love with his own student. However, he manages to put this aside and concentrate on his teachings.
Height: 175cm
Relationship with: Yuki Yoshida and Dan Minami (Good friends) Aoi Minami, Ryusuke Fujiwara, Haruhi Suzuki, Kenji Sasaki and Eden (Students)
Love interest: Haruhi Suzuki
Love rival: None

Yuki Yoshida
Age: 21
Description: She has a crush on her colleague, Rui Komatsu. She is a kind teacher. She is caring and nice too. She likes to play games. She likes anime despite her age and her status as a teacher. She always gets drunk when drinks beers. She is a fan of Margery Daw "The Interpreter of Condolence". She is a good teacher who can manage her time very well.
Height: 170cm
Relationship with: Rui Komatsu and Dan Minami (Good friends) Ayu Minami, Jiro Hamada and Yui Maeda (Students)
Love interest: Rui Komatsu
Love rival: Haruhi Suzuki
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/22/08
Yui Maeda
Age: 12
Description: She is a generous girl. She is honest and responsible person. She is nice too. She will become shy when someone praises her. She cares about her friends very much. She always helps her friends who are in need.
Height: 148cm
Relationship with: Ayu Minami and Jiro Hamada (Good friends) Yuki Yoshida (Teacher)
Love interest: None
Love rival: None

Age: 17
Description: He is the antagonist of the story. He is good at pretending and telling lies. He is a funny guy who likes to joke but he is just pretending all the time. He is a cold-hearted person. He wants to revenge to someone who done something bad to him in the past. He seeks revenge by playing a girl's feeling. He is a very clever guy and creative. He can make traps and tricks to his preys. He is a very careful person so there is no mistake and people wouldn't figure out the true of himself. He would do whatever to get anything he wants. His background will be revealed later.
Height: 168cm
Relationship with: Aoi Minami, Ryusuke Fujiwara, Haruhi Suzuki and Kenji Sasaki (Good friends) Rui Komatsu (Teacher)
Love interest: Unknown
Love rival: Unknown
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/22/08 , edited 5/22/08
[In the early morning …]
Aoi: God morning, father.
Dan: Good morning, Aoi. By the way, where are Aya and Ayu?
Aoi: They are brushing their teeth and washing their faces.
[In the bathroom …]
Ayu: Sis Aya, I still feel sleepy. Yawn …
Aya: I’m sleepy too, Ayu. Sis Aoi forces us to wake up by squeezing our cheeks.
[Few minutes later, Aya and Ayu go to the dining room.]
Aya & Ayu: Good morning, father!
Dan: Good morning, Aya and Ayu. The breakfast is ready.
Aoi: Father! Today’s meal is awesome!
Ayu: This is my favorite food! Yay!
Aya: Thank you very much for preparing the breakfast, father.
Dan: Nope. Aoi helps me too.
[10 minutes later …]
Aoi, Aya & Ayu: We are done with our breakfast, father. We have to go to school now. Goodbye.
Dan: I’m going to work too. Goodbye.
[During the journey to the school …]
Aya: Ayu, I ask you a question. Who is your favorite sister? Sis Aoi or me?
Ayu: Ermm … Can I choose both?
Aya: No. You have to choose either one.
Ayu: I love both of my sisters. I don’t know how to choose.
Aya: If you don’t choose, then it means you don’t like your sisters.
Ayu: No! It’s not true. I like my sisters very much! (Getting to cry.)
Aoi: Please stop teasing Ayu, Aya.
Aya: Okay, Sis Aoi.
[Finally, they arrived in the school. They go to their own classes.]
[Aoi’s class]
Aoi: Good morning, everyone!
Ryusuke: Aoi, you look pretty today.
Aoi: Oh! Thanks a lot, Ryusuke.
Ryusuke: You don’t have to thank me because I’m just joking. Haha. (Laughs at her.)
Aoi: Do you know that I’m angry about your joke? (Angry smile.)
Ryusuke: Just make some fun only. Take it easy, Aoi. (Smiles.)
Haruhi: Perhaps I know why Aoi is angry about this. She hopes that it is true... Hehe. (Tries to tease Aoi.)
Aoi: Hey! Don’t talk nonsense, Haruhi! (Blushes.)
Ryusuke: Huh? What do you mean by that, Haruhi? I’m not so sure about this.
Haruhi: Nothing, nothing! I’m just joking only. Haha. (Smiles at Aoi purposely.)
Ryusuke: What a weird joke and not funny also. (Curious about this.)
Aoi: Ken, how are you? (Approach Ken who is sitting nearby them.)
Kenji: I’m fine. I’m reading some books now.
Aoi: Okay then. (Goes away from Ken and approaching Ryusuke and Haruhi.)
Ryusuke: You are late, Aoi.Haruhi is about to do the school project with Ken.
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/23/08 , edited 5/23/08
Haruhi: You two keep chatting then. See you two later. (Approaching Ken and they discuss about the school project.)
Aoi: By the way, where is Eden?
Ryusuke: I don’t know. He hasn’t come to the school yet.
Aoi: The class us going to start soon.
[Five minutes later, the class teacher, Akira Kabahachi enters the class and the students greet him.]
Akira: As usual, please say ‘Yes’ once I mention your name for attendance. Here it goes. Eden... Eden? … So, Eden doesn’t come to … (Suddenly …)
Eden: I’m here! (Greets his teacher quickly and then he goes back to his seat quickly.)
Akira: Eden! You haven’t given me your reason because you are late.
Eden: Sir. Here’s the letter. (Gives to Akira and goes back to his seat.)
Akira: I understand. Let’s continue, class.
Students: Yes!
[During recess …]
Aoi: You shouldn’t do that to our teacher, Eden. (Laughs.)
Haruhi: I feel pity for our teacher though.
Ryusuke: You are cool and awesome, Eden! There is nothing he can do. (Laughs too.)
Aoi: I agree. What do you think, Ken?
Kenji: Ermm... No comment though.
Eden: I’m just giving him a letter. What’s wrong with that?
Aoi: We know that the letter is a lie. Don’t tell me that you are late for no reason.
Haruhi: I saw you walking in a street yesterday. It is about 12am. You sure wake up late. Just admit it.
Eden: You all are wrong. I have something to do. Be right back, everyone.
[Eden goes to the toilet and locks the door.]
Eden: These fools… Don’t care about them. Ken’s background is unknown yet. I guess I have to make a move. What should I do? Hmm… Perhaps I should get closer to him.
[Suddenly, someone knocks the door.]
Kaito: Hello! Can you open the door?
[Eden opens the door.]
Eden: Sorry for make you wait.
Kaito: Why you lock the door?
Eden: For some reasons. (Walks away from Kaito.)
[While Eden is walking, Aya is running nearby and ended up bump into Eden.]
Aya: Ouch! It is hurts.
Eden: Are you okay, younger sister of Aoi?
Aya: How do you know I am her younger sister?
Eden: Aoi is my friend. Of course I know who you are. Aya Minami.
Aya: You even know my name! Does Sis Aoi tell you?
Eden: Nope. Perhaps you are very popular in this school.
Aya: I don’t even know about that. By the way, you can call me as Aya. What is your name?
Eden: People call me as Eden.
Aya: Eden? An English name?
Eden: Yes, it is.
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/23/08 , edited 5/23/08
Aya: Then, what is your family name?
Eden: I don’t have a family. I live by myself.
Aya: Sorry for saying such words.
Eden: It is okay. Recess time is over. I will explain to you about my details briefly next time.
Aya: Hope to see you again, Eden.
Eden: Goodbye, Aya.
[Both of them go back to their own classes and continue their studies. Few hours later …]
Haruhi: Aoi! Let’s go shopping now!
Aoi: Now?
Haruhi: Of course. I want to buy some jewellery and clothes.
Ryusuke: Perhaps she wants to wear those stuffs when she is going to date with her boyfriend. Haha.
Haruhi: Not even a funny joke! (A little furious.)
Aoi: We are going now. Would you all like to join us?
Ryusuke: Of course, I do. (Full of smile.)
Kenji: I want to go back home to study. Sorry about this.
Aoi: It is okay. How about you, Eden?
Eden: I’m quite busy today.
Haruhi: Let’s go now! (Runs while drags Aoi and Ryusuke along.)
Ryusuke: Hey! Stop dragging me! I can’t breath!
Aoi: … (Remains silent.)
Eden: Ken!
Kenji: Eden? I think that you go back home already.
Eden: I have something to ask you.
Kenji: What’s the matter?
Eden: Who are you? (Speaks slowly. Ken stops walking.)
Kenji: What do you mean by ‘Who are you?’
Eden: Who are you? Where are you come from?
Kenji: I’m Kenji Sasaki. That is the only answer that I can give you.
Eden: There isn’t anyone who knows about your background even your good friends. Why you don’t tell us when we ask you about this?
Kenji: I guess you should answer this question too. We only know that you come from a wealthy family. You never tell us to. So, why you have to ask me about this?
Eden: This is because … We have one thing in common. That’s why you should tell me about your background.
Kenji: Since we have one thing in common, I’m sure that both of us don’t want to mention anything about our backgrounds and consider this as our own private details. So, why you still want to know about my background?
Eden: Of course I do. This is because I’m curious. Curiosity can make people to keep asking you about something they want to know.
Kenji: You are different than usual, Eden. You are not the kind of Eden that I know since primary school.
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/23/08 , edited 5/23/08
Eden: How can I joke when we are talking about something that is important and serious? I won’t joke or make fun of something. It depends on any kind of situations. (In his mind, “What a clever guy. I should be very careful about it. I have to ‘trick’ him by now.”)
[Both of them have a serious expression in their faces.]
Kenji: Sorry. I won’t say anything about my background.
Eden: If I tell you about my background, will you tell me about your background too?
Kenji: I’m not interested and don’t have to know about your background.
Eden: It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me. By the way, may I go to your house?
Kenji: What for?
Eden: I guess it is better to complete the project together.
Kenji: Let’s go then. By the way, I wonder whether you are going to search and find any information about my background.
Eden: There is no doubt about it if you think so. Haha! (Laughs.)
Kenji: Here comes the funny Eden again. I wonder whether you are pretending. (Smiles.)
Eden: You guess? I don’t think that anyone would pretend to be a joker. Funny things or moments make themselves feel happy. Why would they want to pretend since it is not a bad thing?
Kenji: You have the point. I’m agreeing with you.
[Both of them go to Kenji’s house while chatting happily.]
Kenji: Welcome to my house, Eden.
Eden: Let’s begin with the project. You have to serve me some drinks first before we start our project.
Kenji: Sure.
Ayu: A lot of homework to do today! I’m lazy to do so. (Feels boring.)
Jiro: You are a lazy token Asian girl. Haha.
Ayu: What do you mean by that! (Grumbles at Jiro.)
Yui: Stop teasing her, Jiro. You should treat her as … (Jiro speaks out quickly.)
Jiro: As my love …. (He stops in a sudden.)
Yui: As your what? (Asks quickly because she is curious while Ayu is nervous.)
Jiro: As my lovely friend. Haha. (Laughs.)
Yui: Stop making fun of us. I really think that you are going to say ‘as my lover’.
Ayu: I’m speechless. (Blushes.)
[Actually Jiro wants to say the word ‘lover’ but he can’t say that.]
Yui: What should we do now? It is already 1.30pm.
Ayu: I don’t know. What do you think, Jiro?
Jiro: I want to play ‘Pokemon Trading Cards Game’. Furthermore, I want to buy some ‘card booster’. By the way, can you borrow me some money, Yui? (Full of smiles.)
Yui: No problem. How much you want? (Jiro quickly speaks out.)
Jiro: If the sum of your money is increases, the percentage for me of getting rare and legendary cards also increases. Yahoo! (Jumps happily.)
Ayu: You are too generous already, Yui! Don’t borrow your money to Jiro!
Yui: Never mind. I shall borrow some at least.
Ayu: No, no, no! Don’t borrow to him!
Jiro: Hey! I just borrow some money only. Why you don’t allow me to borrow, Ayu?
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/23/08 , edited 5/23/08
Ayu: We should spend our money wisely. My father told me so since I’m still a little girl. This reminds me about … (She is remembering about the past.)
[5 years ago …]
Dan: Be a good girl, Ayu.
Ayu: Yes, father.
Dan: Always take care of yourself.
Ayu: Yes, father.
Dan: Spend your money wisely.
Ayu: Yes, father.
Dan: May God bless you.
Ayu: Yes, father.
[After she imagines about her past …]
Ayu: We should spend our money wisely. So, we go eat pizza now and Yui is going to pay the bill. Let’s go now! (Feels happy.)
Yui: What a great idea!
Jiro: … (Speechless.)
[Outside McDonald …]
Kaori: The foods are delicious! I’m full now.
Aya: You ate a lot of food just now.
Kaito: You ate three burgers, Kaori. I’m a little surprise though.
Kaori: I’m hungry after the basketball training. That’s why I eat lots of food.
Yuji: You shouldn’t eat a lot of food, Kaori. Overeat is bad to our health. Besides, these foods are fast food.
Kaori: I’m not always eating these kinds of foods.
Aya: Are you sure? I guess that you are the one who always asks me to eat with you in McDonald. (Smiles at Kaori purposely.)
Kaori: It is … (Doesn’t know what to say.)
Kaito: We have to say goodbye to each other now.
Yuji: Since our ways to go back to our home are different.
Kaori: Yuji and I go left while Aya and Kai go right. See you two in school tomorrow.
Yuji: Bye!
Kaito: Goodbye!
Aya: See you two tomorrow.
[While Kaori and Yuji are walking …]
Kaori: Yuji. Can you do me a favor?
Yuji: what you want me to do, Kaori? (Feels nervous.)
Kaori: My team will have a basketball competition with a team from other school. The competition will be held in our school’s basketball court.
Yuji: I know about this competition.
Kaori: So, can you go there and watch me playing? (Speaks softly.)
Yuji: Of course! (Replies quickly with a happy emotion.)
Kaori: Please ask Kai to come too!
Yuji: I will ask him as soon as possible. Leave this to me. (A little disappointed.)
Kaori: Thank you very much. (Full of smiles.)
Yuji: I hope your team wins the competition this Saturday. (Blushes after Kaori thanks him.)
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/24/08 , edited 5/24/08
Kaori: Thank you again, Yuji. I’m gong back to my house now. See you tomorrow! (Enters her house.)
Yuji: … (Walks back home silently with a sad emotion.)
(Meanwhile …)
Kaito: Aya. You seem so happy today. (Smiles at her.)
Aya: I have a lot of fun today. (A happy emotion is shown in her face.)
Kaito: I’m glad to hear that.
Aya: Hihi. (Smiles at Kaito.)
Kaito: Aya. I … I have something to tell you. (Nervous.)
Aya: What’s the matter?
Kaito: I … I … (He stops speaking when Aya stops walking.)
[Aya looks at the Kenji’s house which is nearby them while Kaito remains silent. Then, they see Eden comes out from the house.]
Kaito: (In his mind, “He is the guy who locks the toilet door!”)
Aya: Hey, Eden! (Greets Eden by waving her right hand.)
Eden: Hi, Aya and the guy beside you too. (Smiles at them.)
Kaito: So you are Eden. I’m pleased to meet you. I’m Kaito … (Suddenly, Eden speaks out before Kaito finish his conversation.)
Eden: Kaito Sugiyama. Kai for short. Am I right?
Aya: Wow, you even know about Kai’s details! (Surprise.)
Kaito: How you know about me?
Eden: I heard about you. Some girls are talking about you in school.
Kaito: What? (Surprise and nervous to hear that.)
Aya: I don’t even know that many girls like you, Kai. (Smiles at Kai purposely.)
Kaito: No, Aya! I don’t like them at all! Please don’t be mistaken! (Reacts quickly because he doesn’t want Aya to mistaken about him.)
Aya: Why are you so nervous? Be calm, Kai. (Smiles at him again.)
Kaito: Please don’t tease me, Aya.
Aya: Haha. By the way, what are you doing in Ken’s house, Eden?
Eden: I’m doing some project with Ken.
Aya: Oh I see.
Eden: Sorry. I have to go back home now. Bye.
Kaito: Goodbye.
Aya: Goodbye.
[Eden walks away from them.]
Aya: Kai.
Kaito: Yes?
Aya: You said that you have something to tell me just now. What you want to tell me actually?
Kaito: Er… Nothing! Nothing! Just a stupid question. Anyway, I forget already about the question I want to ask. (Blushes.)
Aya: You are forgetful today. (Laughs.)
[Finally, they arrive at Aya’s house. Dan just returns home too. Dan looks at Kaito who is beside Aya.]
Aya: You have come back, father!
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Kaito: Hi, uncle. I’m please to meet you. I’m Aya’s friend, Kaito Sugiyama. (Greets Dan politely.)
Aya: People usually call him Kai for short.
Dan: Please go inside the house, Aya. I want to have a conversation with Kai for a while. You don’t mind, Kai?
Kaito: No. I’m glad to talk to you, uncle.
Aya: Then, I go inside now. Goodbye, Kai.
Kaito: Goodbye, Aya.
Dan: Kai, can you please tell me more about you? (With a serious expression.)
Kaito: Erm… I’m just an ordinary boy. There is nothing specials about me. (A little bit scared.)
Dan: Oh I see. How about your family background?
Kaito: Family background? … I come from an ordinary family. (Surprise to hear Dan asking such question.)
Dan: That’s all I want to ask. You may leave now. Goodbye, Kai.
Kaito: Goodbye, uncle. (Walks away.)
[Meanwhile, Eden is resting at his house.]
Eden: Kai likes Aya but Aya likes Ken. It is interesting. Perhaps I can make some plans to reveal his background. Hahahaha! (Laughs.)
[In Minami’s family dining room]
Aoi: The food is ready!
Aya: I bet that the foods are delicious. Thank you, Sis Aoi.
Ayu: I help Sis Aoi too! (Grumbles at Aya.)
Aya: Thanks a lot, Ayu. Haha. (Laughs.)
Dan: Stop talking and start eating, my precious daughters.
[All of them eat happily. Meanwhile …]
Rui: How are you recently? You have any problem with your students?
Yuki: I’m fine and I don’t have any problem with my students. They are good students.
Rui: That’s great news to you, Yuki.
Yuki: Yes. I’m glad to have them as my students, Rui.
Rui: A teacher isn’t an easy job. Don’t you agree? (Looks at the dark sky.)
Yuki: I agree with you. (Smiles at him.)
Rui: I have to go now because I need to plan some activities for the school festival.
Yuki: School festival? We still have three more months!
Rui: What to do? The principal had asked me to complete the plans by the end of this month.
Yuki: See you tomorrow, Rui.
Rui: Goodbye, Yuki. (Walks away.)
Yuki: What to do now? I’m boring.
[She goes back home. Then …]
Yuki: Ten cans of beers left. Never mind. I will buy later.
[She drinks a few beers and ended up got drunk.]
Yuki: Rui … Oh … Rui. Do you like me? … I know that you like me! Hihihihi … Hohohoho. (Laughs like an idiot.)
[After ten minutes, she falls asleep.]
Yuki: Zzz … Rui … Zzz … I like you … Zzz … Rui …
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/24/08 , edited 5/24/08
[Yuji is going to phone Kaito about Kaori’s basketball competition.]
Kaito: Hello. Who’s there?
Yuji: It’s me, Yuji.
Kaito: Oh, Yuji! Anything?
Yuji: As you know that there is a basketball competition this Saturday. So, Kaori wants to ask you to go there and watch her playing. Can you come on that day?
Kaito: Erm … I … (Yuji speaks out quickly and Kaito hasn’t finish his conversation yet.)
Yuji: Please go there this Saturday!
Kaito: Okay. I will come.
Yuji: Thank you very much. I’m going to tell Kaori now. Goodbye.
Kaito: I feel that Yuji is a little weird just now.
[In Minami’s house, the phone rings and Aoi answers the phone.]
Aoi: Hello, who’s there?
Ryusuke: It’s me, Ryusuke.
Aoi: Oh, Ryusuke. What’s the matter?
Ryusuke: Can … can you come out to have a talk with me? (Nervous.)
Aoi: What? Er .. Okay, I can … (Face turns red but suddenly, Dan takes the phone and …)
Dan: Aoi is vey busy. So, please don’t disturb her! (Ends the conversation.)
Aoi: Fa … Father! Why you do such thing?
Dan: This must be a trap. He can tell you anything through the phone. Why he still wants to ask you to come out?
Aoi: Ryusuke is not that type of person.
Dan: You are still young, Aoi. People will change their personality when they grown up.
Aoi: But …
Dan: It is okay. He can tell you in the school tomorrow. So, you don’t have to worry about it.
[In Ryuske’s house]
Ryusuke: Why I always don’t have the chance to confess my love to her? (Feels disappointed.)
[Aya is chatting with Aoi while Ayu is sleeping.]
Aya: Sis Aoi. Do you feel sad because you miss an opportunity? (Laughs at her.)
Aoi: Stop teasing me, Aya! I know you like Ken!
Aya: Hey! You are teasing me now! (Blushes.)
Aoi: Your face turns red. Haha.
Aya: I like Ken and you like Ryusuke!
Aoi: Perhaps I should tell Ken. Haha. (Smiles at Aya.)
Aya: No! Don’t do that, Sis Aoi. By the way, can you tell me more about Ken?
Aoi: Ken? He is such a mystery guy. I don’t know much about him. Maybe Eden, Ryusuke and Haruhi will know about Ken’s background.
Aya: So, who is the closest to Ken among all of you?
Aoi: I think I am the one who is closest to Ken. Haha. (Laughs again.)
Aya: Are you the closest person to Ken? I saw Eden came out from Ken’s house few hours ago.
Aoi: What? I don’t even know about this. Then I guess Eden will know about Ken’s background.
Aya: Eden … Maybe I should ask him.
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