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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/24/08
Aoi: How come you know Eden?
Aya: Erm … because we met before.
[They go to sleep. The day for the basketball competition has come …]
Aya: I’m sure that you can win, Kaori!
Yuji: I’m confident of you, Kaori.
Kaito: Do your best, Kaori.
Kaori: Thank you, everyone! I had watched ‘Dears Boys’ and ‘Slam Dunk’ before. So, my team can win!
[The basketball competition has started.]
Kaori: Aim for three points! Everyone! (Tells her teammates.)
[Not far away from Aya’s place.]
Ayu: So many people watch this competition.
Jiro: They play very well.
Yui: Both of the teams are very strong. I wonder which team will win.
[Meanwhile …]
Aoi: This competition is very interesting!
Haruhi: Their points are almost equal!
Ryusuke: I wonder why Ken and Eden can’t come here.
Aoi: By the way, what you want to tell me yesterday? (A little bit shy.)
Ryusuke: Nothing! Nothing at all! (Face turns red.)
Haruhi: In my opinion, Ryusuke asked Aoi to come out because he wanted to confess his love to Aoi.
[Aoi and Ryusuke feel embarrassed and their faces turn very red.]
Aoi: Don’t say something weird!
Ryusuke: Hey! Don’t say such thing, Haruhi!
[Meanwhile …]
Kenji: What you want to tell me since you say that you have something to tell me?
Eden: I found this article. (Shows to Kenji.)
Kenji: This is my parents’ tragic news! (Surprise.)
Eden: I guess you should tell me about your background now.
Kenji: Where you find this article and how you know about this?
Eden: I think I don’t have to tell you because this is not necessary for you to know.
Kenji: Then, you want me to tell you about my background?
Eden: Of course.
Kenji: Since you know about this, I will tell you but please keep this as a secret.
Eden: Sure. (In his mind, “If this is useful to me, I will spread this to everyone.)
Kenji: I come from a very poor family. One day, my father found a big bag near a river when he went fishing. He found a lot of money inside the bag. He quickly rushed back home and told us. We were very happy. After that, we knew that the bag was belongs to a rich guy who was having a vacation around this area and the rich guy had already lodged a police report. I asked my parents whether we should return the money to the rich guy or not. My parents said that they needed the money and might keep just a small amount of the money but if the rich guy found out, they will be in trouble. So, they decided to keep this money for themselves. Then, we bought lots of things and a big house. We lived like a rich family. Unfortunately, my parents died during an attack from a group if gangsters.
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/24/08
I felt very sad about this and thought that my parents would not die if they didn’t use the money.
Eden: Oh I see. What a sad story.
Kenji: I hope that you can keep this as a secret.
Eden: No problem.
Kenji: I think that we should watch the competition too.
Eden: I’m not interested at all.
Kenji: See you later then. (Walks away from Eden.)
Eden: Finally, I know about his background. Now I should … (Suddenly …)
Aya: Eden!
Eden: Oh, Aya!
Aya: Why you don’t go to watch the competition?
Eden: Why you don’t go too?
Aya: I just come out from there to find you.
Eden: Find me? What for?
Aya: Erm … do you know anything about Ken’s personality.
Eden: I don’t know.
Aya: Oh I see. (A little disappointed.)
Eden: I guess you should ask him directly.
Aya: What? Ask him directly? I can’t do that …
Eden: Be confident to yourself. Just go ask him.
Aya: Okay. I will ask him now.
Eden: You are not going to ask him. You are going to tell him that you like him.
Aya: What? … How you know about this? (Face turns red.)
Eden: You should chase after him now because he is going to watch the competition.
Aya: Okay. (Chases after Ken.)
Eden: So, the fish starts to come to my trap. Perhaps I should make some bait though.
[While Aya is running, she finds a wallet on the ground. Then she picks up and looks inside.]
Aya: This wallet belongs to Ken! … What? A photo of Sis Aoi! What does it means? Does it means that … (Kenji comes towards Aya.)
Kenji: Hi, Aya! Where you find my wallet?
Aya: The wallet is on the ground. I picked it up just now.
Kenji: Thanks, Aya. I should be more careful next time.
Aya: Ken. Tell me. Why you have Sis Aoi’s photo in your wallet?
Kenji: Ermm .. It is just one of my collections of some nice photos. Don't you feel happy to hear that picture of Aoi can be considered as a nice photo?
Aya: Yes. I agree. Sis Aoi is quite a pretty girl. Hihi.
Kenji: Anyway, thank you for returning the wallet to me, Aya.
Aya: Ken.
Kenji: Yes, anything?
Aya: I want to tell you that I … I like you. (Ken feels surprise.)
Kenji: You like me? .... Actually, I just consider you as my younger sister only.(Aya feels sad to hear that.)
Aya: Okay then. I understand. And there is no doubt about it.
Kenji: About what?
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/24/08
Aya: You like Sis Aoi, don't you? (Ken is speechless and blushed.)
Kenji: What are you talking about, Aya? Don't say something that is weird.
Aya: Why you still lie to me? Just admit it! (She runs away after that.)
Kenji: Aya! (Kenji feels depressed. His feeling for Aoi is being known by someone already.)
[Aya runs to the toilet and starts to cry.]
Aya: I can’t believe that my love rival is Sis Aoi! (Cries.)
[Outside the toilet …]
Eden: Oh I see. Ken likes Aoi. Fortunately, I followed Aya just now.
[Half an hour later, Aya comes out from the toilet and she sees Eden who is sitting in a bench.]
Aya: Eden.
Eden: What’s happen to you, Aya? Why your face is red? Do you cry just now?
Aya: Yes, I do. This is because … I feel very sad and confused right now.
Eden: Perhaps you should tell me because maybe I can help you.
[Aya tells Eden about the incident just now.]
Aya: I really don’t know what to do.
Eden: It is okay. Love is very complicated and we should face the incidents that had happened. You are still young. You may find a guy that you like one day.
Aya: I don’t know how to talk to Sis Aoi now. Furthermore, I feel very sad about this.
Eden: First of all, you shouldn’t think too much now because this may worsen your emotion. You should cry if you want to cry because you will feel much better after that.
[Kaito is walking nearby and he sees Aya cries on Eden’s shoulder.]
Kaito: Why does she cry? I think that I shouldn’t ask her right now. (Walks away.)
Eden: So, do you feel better now?
Aya: I’m better now but I’m sorry to make your shoulder wet.
Eden: It is okay. The competition ends soon. So, let’s go watch the competition.
Aya: Okay.
[They go back to watch the competition. Three hours later …]
Kaori: Yahoo! My team wins the competition perfectly!
Yuji: You play very well, Kaori!
Kaori: Thank you, Yuji.
Kaito: Aya.
Aya: Yes?
Kaito: Why you cried few hours ago?
Kaori: What?
Yuji: Why you say so, Kai?
Kaito: I saw Aya cried when I walked around.
Aya: this is because I’m being rejected by Ken.
[All of them are surprised.]
Kaori: What? How could he do such thing to Aya?
Yuji: If you don’t like a person, you have to reject that person.
Kaito: Are you okay now? (Doesn’t know why he feels sad after knowing Aya is rejected by Ken.)
Aya: I’m fine but I know that Ken likes Sis Aoi.
Kaori: That is ridiculous!
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/24/08
Yuji: Control yourself, Kaori.
Aya: It is okay. I can handle this kind of situation.
Kaito: Are you sure?
Aya: Yes.
Kaori: If you need help, be sure to find me, Aya.
Yuji: Me too!
Kaito: I will always be your side, Aya.
Aya: Thanks, everyone.
[As usual, all of them go back to their home.]
Aya: Kai.
Kaito: Anything?
Aya: What do you mean by “I will always be your side”? (Feels shy.)
Kaito: That means I will help you when you need help! (Blushes.)
Aya: Oh I see. I feel that it is a little weird when you said such words to me just now.
Kaito: It is okay since you are mistaken about the meaning of this statement.
Aya: I’m arrived. See you tomorrow, Kai.
Kaito: Goodbye, Aya.
[Aya goes to her room.]
Aoi: Why are you not happy today?
[Aya doesn’t reply to Aoi and goes to the bathroom.]
Aya: I really don’t know how to face Sis Aoi. (Locks herself in the bathroom.)
Ayu: What happen to Sis Aya?
Aoi: I don’t know.
[In the next morning …]
Aoi: The breakfast is ready.
Ayu: Sis Aya! If you don’t come yet, I’m going to eat all of them!
Aya: It is okay. I’m going now. See you all later. (Goes out from the house quickly.)
Aoi: Why she seems like rushing?
Ayu: Sis Aya really doesn’t eat any food and just goes to school?
Dan: Since she says that she is fine, we should respect her decision but I’m worry about her too.
[During the journey to the school, Aya meets Eden.]
Aya: Good morning, Eden.
Eden: Morning, Aya. By the way, where are your sisters?
Aya: I go to school by myself today. (Speaks softly and slowly.)
Eden: Just for today or for a while?
Aya: I … I don’t know. I don’t know how to talk to Sis Aoi. I’m not saying that I hate her but it seems like I feel embarrassed when I’m facing her.
Eden: I understand. So, you still can’t face her yet but this will be fine when time goes on. Since you go to school this early, have you take your breakfast already?
Aya: I haven’t eaten anything yet.
Eden: So, let’s go eat together then we go to the school.
Aya: We will be late to the school.
Eden: We won’t be late at all. This doesn’t take a long time.
[Ten minutes later, they arrive at Ng’s Restaurant.]
Eden: We are arrived.
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/24/08
Aya: I don’t even know that there is a restaurant in this area.
Ng: Hey, Boss! Good morning. What do you want to eat?
Eden: What is the special meal for today?
Ng: Garlic bread with egg or egg with garlic bread. Besides … (Mentions many kind of food.)
Eden: I want chicken rice with a half-boiled egg. What you want to eat, Aya?
Aya: Erm … I want this set of sushi.
Ng: Okay. Sushi Set 1 and one chicken rice with half-boiled egg. Today you are very happy, Boss. Bring your girlfriend along. (Smiles.)
Eden: She isn’t my girlfriend. This is just a coincidence. (Smiles.)
[Ng walks away while Aya feels shy and her face turns red.]
Aya: Why he calls you as Boss?
Eden: We know each other very well. I always go to his restaurant to eat every morning.
Aya: Oh I see. I feel that it is a little weird because I never see a restaurant opens in the early morning.
Eden: Oh. This restaurant opens for 24 hours.
Aya: Does this restaurant popular?
Eden: Yes, it is. The guy’s name is W.H Ng. People usually call him as Ng. He is such a great hawker.
Aya: Where are his workers?
Eden: I think they are doing something inside the kitchen.
Aya: Who is Ng? He looks like a tourist because his look is unfamiliar.
Eden: Ng is a Malaysian. He owns this restaurant.
Ng: Thanks for waiting patiently. The foods are arrived, Boss!
Eden: Let’s eat, Aya.
[They eat the foods.]
Aya: This meal is delicious!
Eden: His skills in cooking are superb. He had participated and won lots of cooking competition.
Aya: Awesome!
Eden: We finish our foods. So, let’s pay the bill.
Ng: Here’s the bill, Boss.
Eden: Here it is.
Ng: Thank you, Boss. I hope to see you again with this pretty girl.
Eden: Of course. Haha. (Laughs.)
[They go to the school.]
Aya: 6000 yen. I should give you back 3000 yen.
Eden: It is okay. I pay for you already.
Aya: I shouldn’t use your money.
Eden: Just 3000 yen only. Besides, I pay for you for the first time only. I’m not pay for you every time.
Aya: You are right. Anyway, thanks for the food.
[In Aoi’s class]
Kenji: Aoi.
Aoi: What’s the matter, Ken?
Kenji: Can we talk outside?
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/24/08
Ryusuke: A private conversation? It is interesting. (Curious.)
Haruhi: I don’t know.
[Outside the class …]
Kenji: Does Aya tell you anything?
Aoi: She doesn’t talk to me lately. I don’t even know what had happened.
Kenji: She doesn’t talk to you? … I have something to tell you, Aoi.
Aoi: What is it?
Kenji: On that day … (Tell the incident to Aoi. Aoi feels surprise to hear that.)
Aoi: Oh I see. That’s the reason why she doesn’t talk to me. By the way, you say that you … like me? (Face turns a little red.)
Kenji: Yes, I like you.
Aoi: Ken. Actually I … (Hasn’t finished talking and Ken speaks out.)
Kenji: I know you like Ryusuke. Understand.
Aoi: I’m glad that you understand. I don’t know how to solve the misunderstanding between me and Aya.
Kenji: I’m sure that you can handle this, Aoi.
[Meanwhile …]
Aya: Good morning, Kaori and Yuji. Where is Kai?
Yuji: Kai is absent today.
Aya: Why is he absent? He seldom absent.
Kaori: We don’t know.
Aya: I wonder why he doesn’t come to school.
[During recess, Eden is inside the toilet once again.]
Eden: Since Ken had rejected Aya, this should be easy for me. I should make some traps but I need to investigate about Haruhi first.
[Aoi and Ryusuke are walking nearby.]
Ryusuke: You are still worry about that, Aoi?
Aoi: Aya doesn’t talk to me even one. I don’t know what to do now. I think it’s is all my fault.
Ryusuke: You shouldn’t blame yourself. Love is neither correct nor wrong.
Aoi: I hope that the misunderstanding between Aya and me can be solved soon.
Ryusuke: You don’t have to worry about this. I’m sure that this matter will be solved.
Aoi: Thank you, Ryusuke.
Ryusuke: By the way, what does Ken tell you just now? (Nervous.)
Aoi: Erm … A secret. (Blushes.)
Ryusuke: Aoi.
Aoi: Yes?
Ryusuke: I want to tell you that I … (Suddenly, they see Aya who is walking nearby them and Aya notices them. Then, Aya runs away quickly. Aoi wants to chase but fails to do so.)
Aoi: Aya ….
[Aya stops running and walks slowly. She sees Eden comes out from the toilet again.]
Aya: Oh. It’s Eden.
Eden: Why you look so sad?
Aya: I ran away when I saw Sis Aoi just now.
Eden: I guess that you have other reasons.
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/24/08
Aya: Kai doesn’t come to school today.
Eden: So, do you miss him?
Aya: I miss and I feel a little lonely. I care about my friends.
Eden: Maybe he is busy or sick. By the way, how are you going to solve your problem?
Aya: I don’t know.
Eden: I suggest that you should have a long talk with Aoi.
Aya: I think I know what I should do.
[In Botany Club …]
Haruhi: Sir Rui, what do you think of my project?
Rui: Your project is great. Well done, Haruhi.
Haruhi: Thank you. Erm … I have something to give you. (Gives a box to Rui.)
Rui: Why you give me this box?
Haruhi: As … a present. (Face turns red.)
Rui: I understand. Anyway, thank you for your gift.
[Then, Yuki comes to the Botany Club to find Rui while Haruhi leaves once she greets Yuki.]
Yuki: I have something to tell you about the school festival, Rui.
Rui: Okay. Let’s discuss this matter in my office now.
Yuki: By the way, where you get this box?
Rui: A gift from Haruhi.
Yuki: You are such a famous teacher. No doubt about it. I wonder what is inside the box. Let me help you open the box. (Takes the box.)
Rui: Wait! (Wants to stop Yuki but she has opened the box already.)
Yuki: A … necktie? There is a letter inside.
[Rui quickly grabs the necktie and letter.]
Rui: Please don’t open someone’s box without his permission!
Yuki: Why you so nervous about this? Why she gives you a necktie as a gift and a letter?
Rui: It … It just a gift. (Nervous.)
Yuki: The letter is a love letter. Isn’t it? (Looks at him seriously.)
Rui: No! It is not a love letter.
Yuki: You don’t have to give excuse about this. If a girl gives a necktie to a guy as a present, it means she likes the guy.
Rui: I never heard of this theory.
Yuki: I know about this when I watched ‘Shakugan no Shana Second: The Return of Sabrac & the Mystery W.H Ng.
Rui: Never heard of it before … (Feels weird.)
Yuki: You like Haruhi. Am I right?
Rui: No! I don’t like her. (Denies it.)
Yuki: I can know that you are denying about this. I like you too, Rui!
Rui: … (Feels surprise to hear that and he is speechless.)
Yuki: I want to know that you choose me or Haruhi?
Rui: Yuki … It is too sudden. I … really don’t know how to answer you.
Yuki: Do you like me or Haruhi? It is very simple for you to answer. What you have to do is just ask yourself. Who do you like? Haruhi or me? That’s all.
Rui: Are you serious about this?
Yuki: Oh I see. You really like Haruhi. (Feels sad.)
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/24/08 , edited 5/24/08
Rui: I never say anything about this!
Yuki: Stop giving me excuses. If you like me, you will tell me that you like me. If you don’t like me, you will give some stupid excuses!
Rui: Where you hear about this? I’m not giving excuses. (Tries to deny it again.)
Yuki: I learnt from W.H Ng.
Rui: W.H Ng again? Who is this person?
Yuki: He is a voice actor. He takes the role as a new Mystes in ‘Shakugan no Shana Second: The Return of Sabrac & the Mystery of W.H Ng’ and as W.H Ng in ‘Harvest Moon: The Miracle Life’ recently.
Rui: Never heard pf him before. You sure know lots about anime too.
Yuki: Of course. Hey! Don’t try to change topic! You like haruhi Don’t you?
Rui: I admit that I like her! (Admits it because he thinks that she will understands and accepts about this since she is very serious now.)
[She remains silent for a while. Then …]
Yuki: I can’t accept that I’m being rejected! (Cries and runs away.)
Rui: What the? She remains calm just now! (Feels confused.)
[Someone is hiding nearby and he hears their conversation just now.]
Eden: Another piece of ‘cake’. ‘Teacher-student affair’. Really interesting.
[Eden is looking for Yuki.]
Yuki: I’m being rejected. I can’t believe that I lose to a girl who is still a student!
Eden: Ms.Yuki! (Shouts from behind of her.)
Yuki: You are calling me?
Eden: There are only both of us here. Of course I’m calling you. Haha (Laughs.)
Yuki: Anything?
Eden: I have something to ask you.
Yuki: What is it?
Eden: Actually one of my friends is being rejected by a guy who she likes. She feels sad.
Yuki: Really? (Feels surprise to hear that because she is facing the same problem.)
Eden: She doesn’t know how to face the guy. She feels embarrassed when both of them meet. She tries to avoid him. So, she wants to change school.
Yuki: Why she wants to do that? This is a not a very big problem. She doesn’t have to change school.
Eden: The main problem is that she can’t face the guy. So, I want to ask you what I can do for her.
Yuki: Erm … Just comfort and advice her is enough.
Eden: I understand. Thank you, Ms.Yuki.
[Eden goes away.]
Yuki: Change to another school? … Do I really have to change to another school?
[Meanwhile, Ryusuke is talking to Aoi near the school garden.]
Ryusuke: You seem unhappy recently.
Aoi: Aya is still avoiding me.
Ryusuke: Never mind. Both of you will solve the misunderstanding soon.
Aoi: Thank you very much, Ryusuke.
Ryuske: Aoi, I … (Suddenly, …)
Haruhi: Be cheerful, Aoi! (Drags Aoi.)
Aoi: Where are we going, Haruhi?
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/25/08
Haruhi: We go to swim! Haha.
Ryusuke: Do we have swimming class today?
Haruhi: Don’t care about that. Just go to swim to refresh ourselves. Be sure to tell our teacher, Ryusuke. See you later.
[Ryusuke sees Haruhi who is dragging Aoi to the swimming pool.]
Ryusuke: I miss the chance again.
[In the next day, Aya is talking to Kai in the library.]
Aya: Why are you absent yesterday?
Kaito: My mother was sick yesterday. So, I had to take care of her.
Aya: Oh I see. Do your mother feeling better now?
Kaito: Yes, she is. Anyway, thanks for caring about my mother.
Aya: I was really worried about you yesterday.
Kaito: Sorry for make you worry about me, Aya.
Aya: It’s fine.
Kaito: Aya. Actually I … (Kaori approaches them along with Yuji.)
Kaori: Kai! Aya! We have something to do!
Yuji: It is very important. So, let me explain to you two first.
[Time passes very fast. It is already at night. In Minami’s house …]
Dan: I want to say something to you two, Aoi and Aya.
Ayu: What you want to tell to Sis Aoi and Sis Aya? (Curious.)
[Aoi and Aya remain silent.]
Dan: What had happened to both of you lately? You two never talk to each other recently. Do both of you have argument?
Aoi: No, father.
Dan: Then, why both of you don’t talk to each other? Don’t tell me that both of you are fighting because of a guy.
[Aoi and Aya feel nervous.]
Ayu: I think so.
Dan: What? This is totally nonsense! Don’t you two think this is ridiculous?
Ayu: I’m just kidding only, father. Don’t take it seriously.
Dan: You shouldn’t be kidding about this, Ayu! We have to talk things seriously sometimes!
Ayu: I understand, father.
Dan: Let’s eat now.
[After the dinner, Ayu is going to bath.]
Aoi: A … Aya.
Aya: Y … Yes, Sis Aoi?
Aoi: I’m … sorry, Aya.
Aya: You don’t have to apologize to me, Sis Aoi! (Surprise to see that Aoi is apologizing to her.)
Aoi: You must get hurt badly.
Aya: I’m fine already. I’m glad that I’m being rejected by Ken because I don’t have to waste time on him.
Aoi: I’m glad too because you don’t hate me.
Aya: I don’t hate you, Sis Aoi! We are good sisters.
Aoi: Yes, we are.
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/25/08
[Both of them chat happily. In the next morning, they go to school together once again. Then …]
Aoi: I’m happy today.
Ryusuke: You don’t have to worry about that anymore.
Aoi: I’m sure that she will find a guy that she likes one day.
Ryusuke: By the way, I have a football competition tomorrow.
Aoi: I don’t even know about that! Why you don’t tell me?
Ryusuke: You feel depressed lately. So, I don’t want to tell you until you feel better.
Aoi: I will cheer for you, Ryusuke. (Face turns red.)
Ryusuke: My team will wins for sure! (Happy to hear that.)
[Meanwhile …]
Kaori: We will have a general meeting now.
Yuji: We will discuss about school festival.
Kaito: Isn’t it a little weird?
Jiro: There is only seven of us. Where are the seniors?
Kaori: The seniors are useless nowadays. So, we have to make plans for school festival by ourselves.
Yui: I will help you for sure!
Ayu: Sis Aya. Where is my teddy bear?
Aya: I hide inside Aoi’s bag.
Ayu: Why you do that? (Grumbles at Aya.)
Yui: We are here to discuss about school festival.
[One hour later, in Aoi’s class …]
Aoi: What the heck? (Holds a teddy bear and everyone laughs.)
Rui: Aoi. You shouldn’t bring a toy to the school although you like this toy very much.
Aoi: Sir Rui. This teddy bear belongs to my sister.
Rui: How come this teddy bear is inside your bag?
Aoi: I don’t know.
Rui: Anyway, I have to take away this teddy bear since you don’t obey the school rules.
Aoi: No! Ayu will be sad if she lost this teddy bear!
Rui: What to do? You bring this toy to school although you don’t know.
Aoi: Please don’t take her teddy bear.
Rui: We should obey and follow the school rules, Aoi.
Haruhi: Sir Rui.
Rui: Yes?
Haruhi: I think you shouldn’t take her teddy bear. (Smiles at Rui.)
Rui: Erm … Okay. I don’t take this teddy bear to the principal. Please don’t bring again, Aoi.
Aoi: Thank you, Sir Rui! (Smiles at Haruhi and Haruhi replies back with a smile.)
[Eden is inside the toilet during recess.]
Eden: Ms. Yuki will not resign for a while now because there is a school festival. I should get closer to Aya now. I’m waiting for this chance for a long time already!
[The school has ended.]
Kaito: We really have lots to do for the school festival.
Aya: We will be very happy if the school festival is successful.
Kaito: I hope so.
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/25/08
Aya: Shall we go home now?
Kaito: I have to stay back for a while because I need to do something.
Aya: Then, I go back home myself. Bye, Kai.
[While Aya is going back home, Eden calls her.]
Eden: Aya! Wait for me!
Aya: It’s you, Eden. We always meet with each other.
Eden: I have no idea about it. Haha. (Laughs.)
Aya: So, how are you recently?
Eden: I’m fine. I heard that you and Aoi are become good sisters once again.
Aya: Yes. Anyway, thanks to your advice and support.
Eden: I shall do so. By the way, are you free tomorrow?
Aya: Yes, I am.
Eden: I want to invite you to go to the funfair to have some fun. So, can you come?
Aya: Just both of us only?
Eden: Yes. I really hope that you can come.
Aya: I think that I can come. (Feels shy.)
Eden: I’m glad to hear that. So, I meet you tomorrow. Goodbye, Aya. (Walks away.)
Aya: We are going out for a date. Are we? (Asks herself.)
[Not far away …]
Eden: You have to come, Aya. I have made a trap for you.
[In the next morning, the football competition is going to start …]
Aoi: I know that you can win, Ryusuke!
Ryusuke: I will win, Aoi!
Haruhi: I’m getting very excited.
Kenji: The competition is just started and you feel hyper already.
Aoi: Where is Eden?
Kenji: He said that he is not interested just now.
Aoi: Don’t care about him. Let’s cheer for Ryusuke!
[Eden is waiting for Aya in the funfair.]
Eden: She should be here by now.
[Five minutes later, Aya is arrived.]
Aya: Sorry for being late, Eden.
Eden: You look pretty today. (Looks at her.)
Aya: T … Thanks. (Feels very shy.)
Eden: Let’s have fun, Aya! (Holds her hand and they go to play some games while Aya feels very nervous when Eden holds her hand.)
[Meanwhile …]
Aoi: Yeah! Ryusuke scores again! Keep up the good work!
Haruhi: Hey, Aoi. You are over excited already! Try to control yourself.
Kenji: Amazing. Ryusuke scores hat-trick in the first half of the game.
Jiro: Yui, can borrow me some money again?
Yui: Okay.
Ayu: Hey! We are watching competition now! Don’t borrow him, Yui.
Jiro: Sad …
[In the funfair …]
Eden: We play lots of games today.
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/25/08
Aya: I feel very happy today.
Eden: I’m glad to hear that. Haha. (Smiles at her.)
Aya: Thanks a lot, Eden. You always spend your time with me.
Eden: I like you, Aya. Can you be my girlfriend?
[Aya feels surprise and nervous to hear that.]
Aya: I … (Suddenly, Eden hugs her and her face turns red.)
Eden: I really like you. I will always protect you. No matters where you go, I will follow you. If you are sad, I will cheer you up. If you are happy, I will make you become happier. (Speaks softly near her ear.)
Aya: Really? (Speaks slowly.)
Eden: Yes, I will. I will do everything for you.
[Few hours later, they go back home.]
Aya: I’m arrived. See you tomorrow, Eden. (Goes inside her house quickly.)
[Dan notices them because he is just back from work.]
Dan: You are Aya’s friend. What is your name?
Eden: I am Eden.
Dan: Eden? What a weird name.
Eden: Is it anything wrong with my name?
Dan: I just want to know your name.
Eden: If you don’t have anything to ask me, then I have to go now.
Dan: Wait a minute, Eden. I want to know about your background.
Eden: Why you want to know?
Dan: It is because I’m a little curious about this.
Eden: My background is one of my private details. So, I hope that you can understand.
Dan: Okay. I don’t have anything to ask. You may leave now.
Eden: Goodbye, uncle. (Walks back home.)
[Few meters away from Minami’s house …]
Eden: A strict father but he is a dummy. He is not a threat to me at all.
[Meanwhile, Aoi and Ryusuke are going back home together.]
Ryusuke: My team wins! Yahoo! (Feels very happy.)
Aoi: You play very well, Ryusuke.
Ryusuke: Thanks, Aoi. (Hugs Aoi.)
Aoi: Ryusuke … (Her face turns red.)
Ryusuke: I like you, Aoi.
Aoi: I like you too, Ryusuke.
[Both of them hug each other. Then, they kiss passionately. After that …]
Aoi: I have arrived.
Ryusuke: See you tomorrow, Aoi.
[Ryusuke gives a ‘goodbye kiss’ to Aoi and Dan sees them.]
Dan: What are you two doing?
[Both of them are surprise.]
Aoi: Father. This is … (Speechless.)
Dan: How dare you to do such thing to Aoi! You brat! (Takes a broom.)
Aoi: Ryusuke, please leave now! Hurry!
Ryusuke: O … Okay! Goodbye, Aoi and uncle! (Runs away quickly.)
[In the dining room.]
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/25/08
Dan: This is totally nonsense! Don’t you think this is ridiculous, Aoi?
Aoi: Father. Ryusuke is my boyfriend. It is just a common thing about giving a goodbye kiss.
Dan: You are still a student! Why do you need to have a boyfriend now? You have to concentrate on your studies. People who are dating usually can’t concentrate on their studies.
Aoi: I don’t agree with you, father. Besides, I can concentrate on my studies.
Dan: Are you sure that he is a good guy? Does he is the guy who is trustworthy and someone that you can count on.
Aoi: I’m sure that he is.
Dan: So, you have made a decision. It is fine that you can be together with him. However, you need to face whatever incidents that happen in the future. Nobody can help you. Only you can help yourself.
Aoi: I understand, father.
Ayu: Are you two finishes talking? I’m hungry?
Aya: Let’s eat!
[After the dinner …]
Aya: Sis Aoi. You and Ryusuke kissed passionately just now. How does it feel?
Aoi: It feels like … (Suddenly, Aya speaks out.)
Aya: Feels nice yet disgusting. Isn’t it? (Laughs.)
Aoi: Hey! Don’t make fun of this, Aya. It feels good and nice.
Aya: Oh I see. By the way, I want to tell you something, Sis Aoi.
Aoi: What is it?
Aya: Eden confessed his love to me this evening.
Aoi: What? How you reply to him? (Surprise to hear that.)
Aya: I accept him because I like him too. He treats me very well.
Aoi: You are dating too, Aya! (Smiles at Aya.)
Aya: Can you tell me about Eden?
Aoi: Eden? I only know that he changed his own name to Eden many years ago.
Aya: That’s all? I want to know more about him.
Aoi: Perhaps you should ask him since you are his girlfriend.
Aya: I will ask him tomorrow.
[Meanwhile, Rui meets Yuki in a garden.]
Rui: Yuki?
Yuki: Rui? Why are you here?
[Both of them are a little bit nervous.]
Rui: Mr. Dan asks me to come here because he has something to tell me.
Yuki: Me too! I wonder what he wants to tell us.
Dan: Sorry for being late, Mr. Rui and Ms. Yuki.
Rui: What’s the matter, Mr. Dan?
Dan: I just know that Aoi and Ryusuke are dating.
Rui: What? They are dating?
Dan: Yes, they are. So, I want you two to advice them. They are still students. They have to concentrate on their studies.
Yuki: There is nothing wrong for a couple to date.
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/25/08
Dan: No. This may affect Aoi’s studies. So, please advice them for their future. I count on you two, Mr. Rui and Ms. Yuki.
Rui: Well. I try my best, Mr. Dan.
Dan: Thanks a lot. I have to go now. Goodbye. (Walks away from them.)
Yuki: Do you really agree with him, Rui?
Rui: I can’t reject his request. Furthermore, I shall do so as their counselor teacher.
Yuki: I understand but I don’t think they have to break up.
Rui: If their relationship doesn’t affect their studies, it is fine for them to maintain the relationship.
Yuki: Rui. I have something to tell you about that incident.
Rui: I … I apologize about that incident. I really don’t know that you like me but I …
Yuki: It is fine. During these days, I finally understand and accept this rejection.
Rui: I’m so relieve to hear that. By the way, what makes you think so?
Yuki: An advice from Margery Daw in ‘Shakugan no Shana Second Special OVA: Margery’s Advice’
Rui: Oh I see. (In his mind, “What the heck?”)
[In Eden’s house.]
Eden: Finally, the time has come. I wonder what will happen to her.
[In the next morning, Minami’s family is finishing their breakfast. Then, Aoi and her sisters are getting to go to the school. Suddenly, they see Ryusuke is waiting for Aoi outside.]
Ryusuke: Good morning, everyone. (Smiles at them.)
Aoi: Good morning, Ryusuke. (Smiles at him.)
Ryusuke: Shall we go now?
Aoi: Sure!
Dan: Wait a minute. I have something to say.
[Aoi and Ryusuke feel nervous.]
Dan: Please take care of Aoi, Ryusuke.
Ryusuke: I … I will, uncle! Don’t worry about that.
[Aoi and Ryusuke are holding their hands and go to the school happily.]
Ayu: Why things have turned out like this? We don’t even have the chance to say anything.
Aya: What to do? Sis Aoi has a boyfriend now.
Dan: Hey. Why both of you still standing here? Are you two don’t want to go to the school?
Aya & Ayu: We go now. Goodbye, father. (They rush to the school.)
[In Aoi’s class …]
Haruhi: Awesome! You two are dating!
Kenji: Anyway, congratulations to both of you.
Aoi: Thanks, Ken. Where is Eden? He always is missing when we are looking for him.
Ryusuke: Maybe he is busy dating with her girlfriend. Haha. (Laughs.)
Haruhi: I hope that I can have such a relationship with him too.
Aoi: Who is ‘him’?
Haruhi: He is … a secret!
Aoi: We already know about him. So, you should admit it. (Smiles at Haruhi.)
Haruhi: He is a teacher and I am a student. It is really confusing. (Replies quickly.)
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26 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/25/08
Ryusuke: Erm … Aoi. Do we really know about ‘him’? (Haruhi feels surprise to hear that.)
Haruhi: O … Oh my god! You have tricked me, Aoi!
Aoi: It is okay. By the way, you like a teacher! Who is he?
Haruhi: I don’t want to tell you all!
Aoi: I think he is our class teacher, Sir Akira.
Haruhi: No! You are wrong!
Aoi: Then, he is the principal.
Haruhi: No! No! No! Don’t say anything that is totally nonsense.
Kenji: I shouldn’t bother about this but I guess that the guy is Sir Rui. Am I right?
[Haruhi blushes and her face turns very red.]
Aoi: Oh I see! You like Sir Rui! How you know, Ken?
Kenji: It is so obvious.
Aoi: I’m not quite understood but we should help Haruhi to confess her love to Sir Rui!
Haruhi: Don’t do anything stupid, Aoi!
[During recess, Aya finds Eden.]
Aya: Eden!
Eden: Oh. It’s you, Aya.
Aya: Where should we go after school?
Eden: I don’t have the mood to go any place today.
Aya: Oh I see. Then, let’s go to eat together after school.
Eden: You are so disturbing, Aya.
Aya: W … Why you say so? (Feels sad to hear that.)
Eden: It really annoys me when you are around me. Don’t you have other things to do? You are wasting your time.
Aya: I … I just want to spend some time with my boyfriend.
Eden: A couple doesn’t have to talk to each other everyday. If you are free, then go find something to do. Please don’t disturb me.
Aya: Why you treat me coldly today? Do you have problems?
Eden: You are the one who have problems. I’m fine and healthy.
Aya: You are mean, Eden! (Starts to get angry.)
Eden: I’m mean. So?
Aya: You shouldn’t treat your girlfriend like this way!
Eden: What are you talking about? I don’t have a girlfriend.
Aya: I am your girlfriend. Don’t say something weird.
Eden: You are the one who is talking nonsense. Let me tell you once again. I don’t have a girlfriend and you are not my girlfriend. You are just a nobody.
Aya: You promise that you will be good to me yesterday! (Getting to cry.)
Eden: I’m just joking only. Please don’t take this seriously. Haha (Laughs.)
Aya: Y … You play my feeling! Don’t you think this is very bad?
Eden: I’m planning to do so from very the beginning. You are so dumb, Aya. You are easy to be tricked and trust people easily. I had never seen such a stupid girl in my life like you. Haha!
[Aya cries loudly and goes to find Aoi while Eden is laughing happily. Not far away, Aoi is walking with Ryusuke.]
Aya: Sis Aoi! (Still crying.)
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