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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/27/08
Aoi: Aya! What happened to you? Why you cry so badly?
Aya: Eden plays my feeling! (Cries loudly.)
Aoi: What? How dare him to play Aya’s feeling! Let’s go find him, Ryusuke!
Ryusuke: I’m confused right now. Why he wants to play Aya’s feeling?
[Aoi, Ryusuke and Aya go to find Eden who is still standing there.]
Aoi: Eden! You play Aya’s feeling. Why you do so?
Eden: I think you should ask whether I play her feeling or not. Not asking me for the reasons I do so.
Ryusuke: Eden. What happened to you? You know that playing a girl’s feeling is very bad.
Eden: Why I have to play her feeling?
Aya: He is lying!
Aoi: Stop denying, Eden! You make Aya cries! She gets hurt badly because of you!
Eden: Hahahaha! It is really funny! (Laughs.)
Ryusuke: Hey! Why are you laughing?
Eden: We are just dating for one day and break up in the next day. Does she really get hurt badly?
Aya: You … say something that is cruel!
Aoi: Hey! Why you treat Aya harshly?
Eden: As I like. So?
Ryusuke: I can’t stand anymore! You damn jerk!
[Ryusuke punches Eden while Aya is shocked to see Ryusuke’s action.]
Aoi: Good job, Ryusuke! You better apologize to Aya. If not, I will beat you up!
Eden: A punch won’t affect me. Aoi, let me tell you. I do such thing to Aya because I want to repay you for what you had given me few years ago.
Aoi: What are you talking about? I don’t understand. (A little confused.)
Eden: I shout at you for the first time. You remember?
[Aoi thinks for a while. Then, she remembers. Few years ago, Eden had confessed his love to Aoi but being rejected by Aoi.]
Eden: Finally, you remember.
Aoi: Why you do such thing to Aya? You can revenge on me. Why you want to hurt Aya?
Eden: It is very obvious. She is your sister.
Ryusuke: What are you two talking about? What had happened, Aoi?
Eden: Ryusuke. Don’t simply punch someone or you may end up in the jail. Haha. (Laughs and walks away.)
Aya: Sis Aoi. What had happened? Why he wants to play my feeling?
Aoi: Actually …
[Aoi explains to Aya and Ryusuke.]
Aoi: Aya. I’m very sorry. This is my fault.
Ryusuke: This is not your fault! You don’t have to blame yourself, Aoi.
Aya: Sis Aoi. This is not your fault. It’s the liar, Eden! I’m fine already.
Aoi: Really? I’m glad to hear that.
Aya: Don’t worry about me.
Ryusuke: Let’s go back to our class, Aoi.
Aoi: But Aya is …
Aya: I’m fine, Sis Aoi! I can take care of myself.
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/25/08
Aoi: See you later, Aya.
[Aoi and Ryusuke go back to their class. Kaito is walking around and he notices Aya who is crying on the bench.]
Kaito: Why are you crying, Aya?
Aya: This is because … (Explains to Kaito.)
Kaito: Eden is such a damn jerk! (Frustrated.)
Aya: I don’t care about him anymore.
Kaito: You tell your sisters already?
Aya: I told Sis Aoi just now.
Kaito: Then, why she doesn’t spend time with you right now?
Aya: I’m just pretending that I’m fine. I don’t want her to worry about me.
Kaito: Oh I see. You are really pity, Aya. I wonder why you get treated like this. I will always be your side, Aya. No matters what! I won’t let anyone to hurt you anymore!
Aya: Thanks, Kai.
[She hugs him and cries on his shoulder. Meanwhile …]
Haruhi: What? Eden is that kind of person?
Kenji: It is unbelievable!
Aoi: I won’t forgive him!
Ryusuke: We never think that he really has a terrible desire for vengeance on Aoi.
[Eden enters the class. Then, he smiles at them purposely.]
Aoi: Why you smiles at us? Isn’t it funny? (Angry.)
Eden: Aoi is scary when she gets mad. It is true. Haha. (Laughs.)
Haruhi: You are no longer our friend, Eden!
Eden: You don’t have to tell me as I already know about it.
Kenji: You are pretending all the time. You get close to me so you can reveal my background.
Eden: Perhaps I should tell your background to everyone. Don’t you agree, Ken?
Ryusuke: You are the worst ever person in the world. You play Aya’s feeling and now you are blackmailing Ken.
Eden: I never say that I’m blackmailing him. Please don’t be mistaken.
Aoi: You will be punished by God for sure!
Eden: I’m looking forward for it. Haha. (Laughs and walks away.)
[Time has passes and school is ended.]
Kaori: Are you fine, Aya?
Aya: Yes, I am.
Yuji: Well. If you need our help, we will help you, Aya.
Aya: Thanks a lot, my friends.
Kaori: See you all tomorrow. Goodbye.
Kaito: Goodbye, Yuji and Kaori.
[While Aya and Ken are walking, a guy who wears like a gangster walks past them. The guy is attracted to Aya and …]
Wakata: Yo! Pretty girl!
[Kaito and Aya pretend that they don’t hear him and they run away quickly because they don’t want to get any trouble.]
Wakata: Damn you two! Don’t let me see both of you again! If not, I’m going to beat you two up!
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/26/08
Aya: It was very dangerous just now.
Kaito: We should be careful next time. Gangsters are scary.
Aya: Kai. You don’t have to send me back home every time.
Kaito: It is fine for me.
Aya: I don’t want to go back home first.
Kaito: Then, where you want to go?
Aya: I want to have a walk around here for a while.
Kaito: Then I accompany you too.
Aya: I want to be alone for a while.
Kaito: I understand. Please be careful, Aya.
Aya: I will, Kai.
Kaito: See you tomorrow, Aya.
[Aya walks around the street. Eden is walking nearby too. Then, they ended up meet with each other.]
Eden: It is very rare to see you walking here alone. Want to calm yourself or you want to find a new guy? Haha. (Laughs at her.)
[Aya doesn’t care about Eden and walks away quickly. Wakata is walking nearby with his gangs and he notices Aya.]
Wakata: Hey! You are the girl!
Aya: Oh my god! (Runs away quickly.)
Wakata: Take her back to me! Go! (They chase after Aya.)
Eden: This is a bad news to Aya. What should I do?
[Aya keep running. She runs here and there. Unfortunately, she is surprise when she runs to the dead-end where is full of rubbish.]
Aya: What should I do? What should I do? (Feels scared.)
[Suddenly, someone grabs her.]
Eden: Please remain silent, Aya.
Aya: I don’t trust you anymore!
[She kicks his crotch and quickly runs away from him. Unfortunately, the gangsters notice her.]
Wakata: There she is! Go grab her! (His gangs grab her while Eden feels very pain.)
Aya: Let me go!
Wakata: I talked to you this evening and you don’t even reply to me. Take this, you bitch! (Slaps her hardly and she is fainted. Then, Eden comes out from the hiding place.)
Eden: Stop it, you fool!
Wakata: Who are you? Why are you hiding here?
Eden: Please let her go now!
Wakata: She is fainted already. So, how can she walk even we let her go?
Eden: I will bring her back to her home.
Wakata: I think you will bring her to your home! Haha! (Laughs with his gangs.)
Eden: Who do you think you are?
Wakata:: A good question. I am Wakata Hotohori. People usually call me as W.H.
Eden: Hotohori? You father is Watashi Hotohori?
Wakata: Of course. He is the boss in this area.
Eden: Then, your mother is Sora Yamato?
Wakata: No, you are wrong. My mother is the ‘queen’ in this area, Hakari Satorin.
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/26/08
Eden: Oh I see.
Wakata: Anyway, that is none of your business. You can’t take this bitch. She will be my partner tonight! Haha. (Laughs.)
Eden: Don’t you try to do anything at her!
Wakata: You are giving me a warning. Who do you think you are? I will rape her in front of you!
[Wakata tore her shirt into pieces.]
Wakata: Wow! A dark blue bra! Nice! (He laughs with his gangs while Eden is very angry.)
Eden: Damn you all!
[Eden grabs Wakata’s head in a sudden. Then, he knocks Wakata’s head to the wall as hard as he can for a few times. Wakata is fainted and injured badly. His gang members run away in fear. After that, Eden takes his shirt off and put his shirt on Aya. Then, he carries her on his back and goes back home. Eden is glad that Aya doesn’t being raped and he feels sorry for her.]
Eden: I don’t know that you are heavy. (Puts her on the bed.)
[Aya is awakens. She looks at Eden who is half-naked. Then, she finds that she is on a bed.]
Aya: What are you doing? Why I had worn your shirt?
Eden: This is because … (He hasn’t finished talking and Aya speaks out.)
Aya: Don’t come near to me!
Eden: I haven’t moved a step. I’m just tried to talk to you.
Aya: I remembered! A guy slapped me and I fainted. What had happened after that?
Eden: You guess?
Aya: I know! You are tricking me again! What had you done to me? Why I had worn your shirt?
Eden: Hey! I never trick you this time. By the way, they are gangsters. Don’t you think it is dangerous to walk alone?
Aya: If they are dangerous, they should have caught both of us. Why both of us are still here unharmed? The gangsters are fake! You have tricked me again! Y … You rape me!
Eden: You are mistaken. (Try to explain but …)
Aya: I don’t want to hear! I don’t want to hear! Stay away from me!
Eden: How I going to stay away from you since this house belongs to me.
Aya: You had raped me while I’m fainted! (Starts to cry.)
Eden: … If you think so, I don’t have anything to say to you.
Aya: I’m being raped. (Cries loudly.)
[Eden leaves Aya alone in the room. Aya is still crying.]
Eden: That guy had remarried another woman. I guess I’m in trouble since I beat his son. Oh. Almost forgot! Aya is still in my house. Perhaps I should send her back home but I guess she won’t listen to me.
[Eden goes inside the room and finds that Aya is sleeping on the bed.]
Eden: She is asleep? I’m just away for ten minutes but now is already 12.00am. Her family should be worry about her now.
[Eden goes out to make a call to Aoi and Aoi answered.]
Aoi: Who is there? Aya?
Eden: Aya is fine. Goodbye. (Ends the conversation quickly.)
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/26/08
Aoi: Eden! Eden! Shit! He calls me by using a public telephone. I’m going to his house now. Wait a minute. I don’t even know where he lives?
Ayu: Why Sis Aya still hasn’t come back yet?
Aoi: She is … staying in her friend’s house today.
Ayu: Really?
Aoi: Yes. I go inform father now. You should go to sleep, Ayu.
[In the next morning, Aya awakes from sleep. She sees Eden is sleeping on the floor. Then …]
Aya: Now it is a good chance for me to run.
[When she tries to open the door, she finds that the door is locked. Eden is awakes too.]
Eden: So, you have wake up already, Aya.
Aya: Why you lock me here? I have to go to the school!
Eden: Today is a holiday.
Aya: Oh ya. Wait a minute. You don’t have to lock the door!
Eden: I scare that you will run away.
Aya: Of course I will!
Eden: That’s why I have to lock the door.
Aya: Hey! Let me out of here!
Eden: You should wash your face and brush your teeth. Bathroom is here. (Shows the direction to her.)
Aya: Don’t pretend to be nice to me!
Eden: I’m not. You should clean yourself in the morning. I go to the other bathroom.
Aya: You are right.
[She goes into the bathroom and feels surprise to see that the bathroom is huge and beautiful. However, …]
Aya: What the heck? There are many types of toothpaste, towels and the others. All of them aren’t being used even one time!
[She brushes her teeth and washes her face. She ‘cries’ when she sees Eden coming towards her.]
Eden: Why are you crying?
Aya: You perverted rapist! (Throws everything that she grabs to Eden.)
Eden: What the hell are you doing?
[Aya pushes Eden outside the bathroom and locks the door. Then, she continues crying.]
Aya: I want to commit suicide!
Eden: Hey, Aya! Opens the door. Don’t play inside my bathroom!
Aya: I’m not playing! I want to commit suicide!
Eden: Don’t do that in my bathroom! You can go back home and commit suicide.
[Aya opens the door and slaps him quickly.]
Aya: Let me go or I will call the police!
Eden: Don’t do something stupid.
[Aya quickly grabs Eden’s hand phone and tries to call Sis Aoi. Then, the house phone rings and Eden answers.]
Eden: Hello, may I help you?
Aya: Hey! This is a fake hand phone! You trick me again!
Eden: I never trick you. You are the one who trick yourself.
Aya: Where is my shirt? Give back to me!
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/26/08
Eden: Your shirt is being torn into pieces already.
Aya: You tore my shirt and rape me! (Cries loudly once again.)
Eden: Hey! I didn’t do so! Don’t simply say such thing!
Aya: Really? (Stops crying immediately.)
Eden: What the heck? How come you can stops crying immediately? Wait a minute … You have tricked me!
Aya: Finally you have figure out. A fake cry can be stopped immediately. I know that you saved me yesterday. Don’t you?
Eden: How I save you?
Aya: I’m just pretending to be fainted. Actually I’m really scared on that time. Furthermore, I feel very pain because of that slap. Anyway, thanks for saving me, Eden.
Eden: Not really. I have been tricked by you since yesterday. I let my guard down though.
Aya: Why you want to revenge to Sis Aoi? I know that she had rejected you few years ago.
Eden: I’m a guy who desires to vengeance on people who had hurt me before.
Aya: You can change, don’t you?
Eden: Why should I change?
Aya: You still have a kind heart although you are a bad guy.
Eden: A bad guy owns a kind heart? I never heard of it before.
Aya: Everyone can change his/her personality if he/she has the will to do so.
Eden: You are the one who has changed. You are different than usual today.
Aya: Thanks to this book. (Shows him a book.)
Eden: Hey! Why you take my book without my permission?
Aya: I found this book yesterday and I had finished reading the book.
Eden: That’s why you could trick me. This book is awesome, ’10 Ways To Become A Bad Guy With Justice’. By the way, I went away for about 30 minutes include the phone call last night. How come you manage to finish reading the book?
Aya: I read a little last night. I woke up early this morning and continued reading.
Eden: I have a new rival then. (Smiles at her.)
Aya: You are not an ordinary person. Don’t you?
Eden: What do you mean by that?
Aya: I just want to know about your background.
Eden: I don’t want to tell you. You have to be careful, Aya. The gangsters are going to look for us too.
Aya: I understand. You should be careful too, Eden.
Eden: I’m not scared of them and I wish Wakata’s father will come along with them.
Aya: Why?
Eden: Because … he is my father.
Aya: What? (Feels very surprise to hear that.)
Eden: I think I should tell you about my background but you have to keep this as a secret.
Aya: I understand.
Eden: Long time ago, my father was an ordinary gangster. He always had sex with prostitutes. One day, he had sex with a prostitute without a condom. The prostitute was pregnant and gave birth to me. However, they didn’t want me. Fortunately, I was being adopted since I was born. A rich woman adopted me because she needed a baby. She had cheated on her husband for told him that she was pregnant. Actually this was a lie. So,
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Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/26/08
she needed a baby after 10 months. My adopted father was a billionaire. When I was 4 years old, my adopted father found that I was not his son and he was very angry. However, my adopted mother was really pregnant on that time. She asked her husband to leave me with some money. After that, I lived in an orphan. I always being teased and insulted by my friends there. So, I started to hate them since that day. I watched television, read newspapers, comics and others. I had learnt a lot. I vowed to become a professional villain.
Aya: Oh I see. You don’t have to feel sad about that. You have friends like us.
Eden: I think you hate me because I play your feeling.
Aya: I hate you but not anymore.
Eden: Then, good guys play your feeling and you will forgive them?
Aya: No, I won’t. Nobody can play my feeling again.
Eden: I have something to tell you, Aya.
[Meanwhile, Aoi is very worry about Aya at home.]
Aoi: Where is Aya? Why she hasn’t come back yet?
Ryusuke: You don’t have to worry about her much. I’m sure she is fine.
Aoi: Eden is the one who told me that she is fine last night! I can’t believe him!
[Dan goes into the room and is shocked to find Ryusuke inside the room.]
Dan: Ryusuke. When you come to my house? Now is 7am in the morning and I haven’t open the front gate yet.
Ryusuke: Good morning, unvle. I …
Aoi: He stayed here for a night since yesterday, father.
Dan: What? (Extremely shocked to hear that.)
Aoi: Actually …
[After Eden called Aoi last night, she called Ryusuke for help. Ryusuke told her that she didn’t have to worry about Aya. Then, she asked him to accompany her for the whole night. He quickly agreed and rushed to Aoi’s house. Ayu was sleeping happily so she didn’t know what had happened.]
Dan: Why you have to worry about Aya? Doesn’t she stay in her friend’s house?
Aoi: I … I was just felt lonely last night.
Dan: What were you two doing last night? (Nervous and a little bit scared.)
Aoi: We were sleeping together …
Ryusuke: Happily! (Smiles.)
[Dan is fainted immediately.]
Aoi: Father! Are you okay?
Ryusuke: Probably he is too happy to hear that.
Aoi: I think so.
[Meanwhile …]
Watashi: My son! How come you are injured?
Wakata: Father, I was being beaten up by a guy and a girl.
Watashi: What? How dare them to do beat my son. Go search for them, everyone!
[Eden accompanies Aya back to her house.]
Dan: I have a headache now.
Aoi: You have awaken, father.
Ryusuke: Take care of yourself, uncle.
Ayu: Sis Aya is back!
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Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/26/08
Aoi: Really?
Ayu: Sis Aya is back with Eden!
[Dan is fainted once again while Ryusuke and Aoi are surprise to hear that.]
Aya: I’m back! I miss you all so much.
Eden: Why are you here in the early morning, Ryusuke?
Aoi: Hey! I’m the one who should ask you this question. Why are you here?
Eden: I accompany Aya to come back here.
Ryusuke: I’m really confused about this.
Aoi: Why you still want to be with Eden? He is not a good guy! What had happened to you last night?
Aya: We were …
Eden: We were doing the same thing as both of you did last night.
Ryusuke: What? (Surprise.)
Aoi: Is it true, Aya? (Surprise too.)
Aya: No. Eden just makes fun of you two only. What are you doing here, Ryusuke? I just open the front gate just now. How come you are inside my house?
Eden: It means he was here since last night.
Aya: Sis Aoi and Ryusuke slept together. Amazing!
Aoi: How do you know that, Aya? (Blushes.)
Aya: It is very obvious.
Ryusuke: What the heck! Obvious again?
Eden: Both of you haven’t brush your teeth and wash your faces yet. Don’t you think it is obvious?
Aya: I think both of you had something to do beside slept together last night. (Smiles at Aoi and Ryusuke.)
Ryusuke: No! We didn’t do anything!
Aoi: We were just sleeping together. We didn’t have sex!
Aya: You are the one who say so! I never say that.
Aoi: You tease me, Aya! Where you have learned this? (Feels embarrassed.)
Ryusuke: I think Eden had influenced Aya.
Eden: I never do that!
Aoi: I don’t understand, Aya. Why are you so close with Eden? He hurt you before.
Aya: Let me explain this. He …
[Aya explains to Aoi and Ryusuke. Eden is playing computer games while Ayu takes care of Dan. In the next day …]
Eden: Kai.
Kaito: I don’t have anything to talk to you.
Eden: You haven’t known about it yet. It’s fine. Here are the two tickets for the funfair. (Gives the two tickets to Kaito.)
Kaito: Why you give me?
Eden: I give because I want you to have fun in the funfair! Dummy!
Kaito: The other ticket is for whom?
Eden: If you don’t know who you should give, you can go commit suicide now.
Kaito: … Why you give me? Isn’t it a trap?
Eden: If you think so, then it is.
Kaito: Please don’t hurt Aya again. If not, I will not forgive you!
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Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/27/08
Eden: Is it a proper way for you to speak with your senior?
Kaito: I don’t have to be polite when I’m talking to someone like you.
[Aya approaches them.]
Aya: Kai! Eden!
Kaito: Hi, Aya.
Eden: I have something to do now. See you two later.
Aya: Bye, Eden.
Kaito: Why are you two so close?
Aya: Actually … (Explains once again.)
Kaito: Oh I see. Hence, I’m the last the person to know about this.
Aya: Sorry about this, Kai. I told Kaori and Yuji just now and don’t have a chance to tell you.
Kaito: Aya. Would you like to go to the funfair with me? (Nervous.)
Aya: Where you get these tickets from?
Kaito: Eden gave me just now.
Aya: Eden. He likes to make fun of people. So, you don’t have to care about him.
[She is daydreaming about what Eden had told her. On that day …]
Eden: Aya. You sure have learned a lot from this book but you still have a lot to learn.
Aya: I know, Eden.
Eden: You are having problems with your love life. I can see that.
Aya: What do you mean by that? (Blushes.)
Eden: You say that you like Ken. Actually you are just admiring him because he is a genius. You don’t like him at all.
Aya: I really like him on that time.
Eden: You have mistaken about the word ‘like’. You like everyone but not likely to consider a guy that you like the most as your boyfriend.
Aya: Then, you want to say that I like you?
Eden: Of course not! I had tricked you only. You believe what I had said to you. So, you agree to be my girlfriend. You think that I can protect you and you will do the ‘duty’ as someone’s girlfriend. You are not taking it seriously. You don’t like me at all.
Aya: Then, who do I like?
Eden: Nobody. If you don’t know who is the most important person to you, then the answer is nobody.
Aya: My family is important to me.
Eden: Don’t include your family! It is your love life!
Aya: I think I have an answer.
Eden: you don’t have to tell me who he is. What you need to do is ask yourself whether you like him or not.
[Suddenly, Kaito calls Aya.]
Kaito: Aya! Aya!
Aya: Yes, Kai?
Kaito: You are daydreaming, don’t you?
Aya: Sorry about that, Kai.
Kaito: Aya. You … haven’t given me an answer yet.
Aya: I can go with you. (Speaks softly and her face turns red.)
[Kaito is happy to hear that. Meanwhile …]
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Aoi: You dummy, Eden! Why you give my tickets to other people?
Eden: Hey. If their date is successful, you may have a brother-in-law!
Aoi: I don’t care about the ‘brother-in-law’. All I know is that my date is cancelled!
Ryusuke: It is okay. We can go there next time.
Kenji: Here are the tickets, Aoi. (Gives to Aoi.)
Aoi: Where you get these tickets from?
Kenji: Eden asked me to give you few hours ago.
Aoi: Why you don’t tell me, Eden?
Eden: I’m just trying to make fun of you but ended up being scolded by you.
Aoi: Sorry about this, Eden. I hope you don’t mind.
Eden: I really mind about this, Aoi (Smiles at her.)
[In Ayu’s class …]
Ayu: I hear that many seniors in this school are dating recently.
Yui: I also heard about this too.
Jiro: They are awesome but most of them don’t like to play card games! What a shame.
Ayu: I wonder why you like to play card games so much. Isn’t this game really fun?
Jiro: Of course, it is fun.
Ayu: By the way, we need to prepare for the school festival.
Yui: I agree with you, Ayu.
[Two days later …]
Aoi: It should be a nice day for us today.
Ryusuke: What to do? They are going for a date to today.
[Aya and Kaito are walking on front while Aoi and Ryusuke are behind Aya and Kaito. Half an hour later, they are arrived.]
Aoi: Let’s go, Ryusuke!
Ryusuke: Wait a minute!
[Aoi grabs Ryusuke to play some games.]
Aya: What should we play now?
Kaito: Any game that you like.
[All of them are having fun and enjoy themselves. Few hours later …]
Aoi: I’m very happy today.
Ryusuke: Me too.
Aya: Thanks for spending time with me, Kai. I’m very happy today.
Kaito: I’m having lot of fun too. (Blushes.)
[They go back to their own houses. In the next morning …]
Haruhi: Actually I’m the president for organizing this school festival. So, I had made some plans already a long time ago. During the school festival, we will have ‘Anime Characters Cosplay’. Please explain to everyone briefly, Kaori.
Kaori: Yes! First of all, I suggest that some people have to be ‘cosplayers’. They dress up as anime characters. Besides, they have to act exactly like the actual character. So, the school festival should be more interesting.
Yui: I have a question! What the ‘cosplayers’ need to do if they dress up as anime characters?
Kaori: A good question. As I told you all just now. Just act like the anime character and walking around the school. I almost forgot to tell you all about one thing. ‘Cosplayers’ aren’t allowed to take a rest. They have to walking around the school for the whole day.
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/27/08
Jiro: I would prefer to be a guest than a ‘cosplayer’ in the school festival.
Ayu: So, who are the ‘cosplayers’? I want to know!
Haruhi: The ‘cosplayers’ will be chosen by me and I had already chosen the ‘cosplayers’ few days ago. Please tell to the chosen ‘cosplayers’ about their roles during the school festival, Yuji.
Yuji: Yes. Firstly, I will take the role as ‘Yuji Sakai’.
Kaito: A Mystes? Impressive!
Yuji: Jiro will take the role as ‘Yugi Mutou’ since you like to play card games so much. Yui will take the role as …
[He informs everyone about their roles and it takes about half an hour. Then …]
Kaito: Why I have to take the role as ‘Saito Hiraga’? Furthermore, Haruhi had asked me to stare at girl’s boob! I’m not that kind of person.
Aya: It’s fine. Just a ‘cosplayer’ for one day only.
Yuji: Haruhi will be angry to hear that. Fortunately, she has something to do now.
Kaori: I wonder why all the anime characters don’t have their partners? Nobody take the role as ‘Shana’ or ‘Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere’.
Jiro: Who is Louise?
Kaori: She is Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere.
Jiro: Whatever. (In his mind, ‘What a damn long name!”)
Ayu: I take the role as ‘Karin Hnazono’. I’m very happy.
Aya: Control yourself, Ayu. I take the role as ‘Sakura Kinomoto’. I don’t know whether I can do that or not.
Kaito: You can do that, Aya.
Aya: Thanks, Kai.
[Ryusuke, Kenji, Aoi and Eden approach them. Yuji informs them about the ‘anime characters cosplay’.]
Ryusuke: What? Why am I had to take the role as ‘Ryosuke Takahashi’? I’m not a racer!
Aoi: it is fine, Ryusuke. Just a ‘cosplay’. You have to make some poses only. You are the easiest role to act.
Ryusuke: You are right. Then, I’m glad to have this role.
Kenji: What about our costumes for the ‘cosplay’?
Yuji: Haruhi said that she have the costumes just now too.
Kenji: I am ‘Ryoma Echizen’ … Mada mada dane.
[Time passes very fast. The school festival has comes. Everyone is very exciting. In the school hall …]
Haruhi: Good morning, everyone. Today is a very special day to us. We have organized an ‘Anime Characters Cosplay’ this year. You all will have the chance to see your favorite character around the school. Here is the ‘cosplayers’ and their roles. (Reads one by one.)
Yui Maeda as Haruhi Suzumiya.
Yuji Tanaka as Yuji Sakai
Kaito Sugiyama as Saito Hiraga
Aya Minami as Sakura Kinomoto
Jiro Hamada as Yugi Mutou
Ayu Minami as Karin Hanazono
Kenji Sasaki as Ryoma Echizen
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/28/08
Ryusuke Fujiwara as Ryosuke Takahashi
Aoi Minami as Lacus Clyne
Eden as Renji Hiiragi
[Everyone has lot of fun. There are some exciting scenes about the ‘cosplayers’.]
{Scene 1}
Jiro: Haha! (Simply laughs.)
People: Show us your cards.
Jiro: I don’t bring any cards along with me. Isn’t that we are not allowed to bring cards to the school?
People: No cards? How come you can be a ‘King of Duelist’ if you don’t have cards along with you?
Jiro: I … (Speechless.)
{Scene 2}
Ayu: I’m a God! I’m a God! I’m a God!
[Nobody cares about Ayu.]
Ayu: … I’m a God! (Keep repeating the same words.)
{Scene 3}
Kenji: Mada mada dane.
People: Show your skills to us!
Kenji: Mada mada dane. (Swings the tennis racket.)
People: Boo!
{Scene 4}
People: Ryosuke! Can you tell us more about Project D?
Ryusuke: Project D is a project with a ‘D’ grade.
People: Do you think Takumi can be the world number one racer?
Ryusuke: If you think you can, you can.
[People keep asking him questions. However, it is said that that he takes the easiest role.]
{Scene 5}
People: Stop staring at a girl’s boob!
Kaito: I don’t mean to do that. I have to do that.
People: Don’t you think it is very rude to stare at a girl’s boob?
Kaito: I don’t mean to do that. I have to do that.
{Scene 6}
Yui: Keep up the good work, everyone!
People: We will, Haruhi!
Yui: Keep up the good work, everyone!
People: We will, Haruhi!
Yui: Keep up the good work, everyone!
[They go away already.]
{Scene 7}
People: Sakura!
Aya: Hi, everyone! (Blushes.)
People: Wait a minute. You are from which anime?
Aya: Erm … I don’t know. (In her mind, “I don’t even know who this girl is!”)
People: She doesn’t know! Then, she doesn’t have any memory! She is Princess Sakura from ‘Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle!’
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/28/08
Aya: Hah? (Doesn’t understand.)
{Scene 8}
People: Yuji! Use your restricted spell! Fuzetsu!
Yuji: Fuzetsu!
People: Nothing happens.
Yuji: Hey! Don’t compare this world to anime.
People: Then, why you take the role as Yuji Sakai?
Yuji: … (Speechless.)
{Scene 9}
Aoi: Hi, everyone! I’m Lacus Clyne.
People: Lacus! Lacus! Lacus!
Aoi: Thanks a lot. We should be united and protect our world from enemies.
People: We know, Lacus! We want to hear your song!
Aoi: Okay. I will sing ‘Shizukana’. Shizukana Konoe Yoru Ni …..
People: We guess the original singer is much better than her.
{Scene 10}
Eden: What the heck? This sword is sucks. It doesn’t look like a demon sword!
People: Hello. May we know what role are you taking as?
Eden: Final Fantasy VIII, Squall Leonheart. Lion Heart!
[Eden is running around and swinging his demon sword everywhere.]
People: What’s wrong with that guy? Does he gone mad already?
[Few hours later …]
Haruhi: The school festival is very successful. Thank you all for your hard works!
All ‘cosplayers’: Nope. (In their minds, “We don’t want to take the role again!”)
[School holidays have come. So, they decide to have vacation on a boat. It should be a happy day for them. When the boat is going to start to sail, one gang of gangsters who are hiding inside the boat come out suddenly. The gangsters had been following them for a long time. So, they manage to hide inside the boat since they know Aoi and the others are having a vacation today. The gangsters stop the boat from moving. Aoi and the others are frightened. They are about 12 people in total include Wakata and his father, Watashi. They surround Aoi and the others. They have weapons with them.]
Wakata: We meet again, you three especially you! (Points at Eden.)
Watashi: So, you are the one who beat my son until he injured badly! How dare you to beat my son!
Eden: I’m his ‘brother’. Of course I can beat him.
Watashi: What do you mean by that?
[Aoi and the others except Aya are surprise to hear that.]
Eden: Do you remember that you had dumped a baby many years ago.
Watashi: You … You are my son?
Eden: The fact shows that I’m your son.
Watashi: Oh, son! You have grown up already! You should join me.
Eden: Can you let me think for a while?
Watashi: Why would you still want to think about it? Just join me!
Eden: Fine. May I go to the toilet because I can’t stand anymore.
Wakata: You want to run away, don’t you?
Eden: He is my ‘father’. So, why should I have to run?
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/28/08
Watashi: Hey, my son. Let me tell you. I will beat you up if you try to do something stupid even though you are my son.
Eden: I won’t do anything stupid.
Watashi: Okay. I give you ten minutes. If you don’t come here on time, I will treat your friends ‘nicely’.
Eden: As you wish.
[Eden goes to the toilet inside the boat. Ten minutes later, he comes back.]
Watashi: So, you have come back.
Eden: I have something to do now.
[Eden hugs Aya tightly.]
Watashi: You want to show off in front of me by hugging a girl?
Eden: Just a hug.
Aoi: Hey! When you all are going to freed us?
Wakata: Keep quiet! If not, we are going to beat you up. Father, he beats me before! (Points at Eden again.)
Watashi: It is easy. You have to apologize to my son. Then, the problem is solved. (Tells Eden.)
Eden: If I apologize, will you going to free my friends?
Wakata: No. You will be safe and join us only.
Ryusuke: What about us?
Wakata: We don’t have any idea yet. We will beat you all up for sure.
Eden: If I join you guys, what will benefit me?
Watashi: You will have power, money and women!
Eden: Then, may I know what my real name is?
Watashi: A name, huh? Let me think about it.
Eden: I want a special name.
Wakata: You are wasting time.
Eden: I’m not wasting time. Who will respect me as the son of Watashi Hotohori if I don’t have a good name?
Watashi: You are right, my son. By the way, what is your current name?
Eden: My name is … Wait a minute. I have to do something. Can you lend me a sword?
Watashi: Here it is. (Lends Eden a sword.)
Eden: Go inside! (Shouts at Aoi and the others.)
[Aoi and the others go inside the boat. Then, Eden closes the door and pretends to lock the door. Aoi and the others know about it. Fortunately, the gangsters don’t notice about it.]
Watashi: What a smart boy! Lock them inside the door.
Eden: Sure.
Watashi: So, what is your name?
[Suddenly, one member of the gangsters who is scouting around the area shouts.]
Gangster: Police are arrived!
[All of the gangsters are surprised. They quickly run away except Watashi. Watashi quickly takes out a gun and points at Eden.]
Watashi: You little brat! You have cheated me!
Eden: I will pay to you for what you had given me before!
Watashi: You don’t think that I wouldn’t fire at my son.
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/29/08
Eden: I’m not scared of it.
Watashi: Then, you should try to take this. (Getting to fire at Eden.)
[Suddenly, some of the police are coming and give a warning to Watashi. When Watashi loses his concentration on Eden, Eden quickly pushes Watashi to the sea. Hence, Watashi drags Eden along. Both of them fall into the sea. Then, Aoi and the others quickly come out and look at the sea. They hear a gunshot. The police have arrested all the gangsters who are trying to run away. Then, the police search for Eden and Watashi with the help of police marine force. They find that Watashi is died because he is being shot. They classified Eden as missing after they failed to search for him about a few hours. Aoi and the others feel very sad. Some are even cry.]
Aya: Eden gave me a hug just now. I can feel that it was a ‘goodbye hug’. (Cries.)
Aoi: I can’t believe that Eden is missing. (Hugs Ryusuke and cries.)
Ryusuke: I’m sure that he is still alive.
Kenji: I found this letter in the toilet.
Haruhi: Let me read!
[The letter’s content]
“When you all are reading this letter, I’m probably leaved this world already. It is impossible to run away safely. So, I sent a message to W.H Ng to cal the police. I have something that I want to tell you all. First of all, I want to apologize to Aya. I had played her feeling before. I know that you have forgiven me already but I still have to apologize. I write in a letter because I don’t the guts to say to you. I hope that you all won’t be sad for a long time. A few days are enough. I don’t want you all to be unhappy everyday because I had left this world. Finally, I’m very glad to know you all. I have learned a lot from you all. Goodbye, everyone.”
[All of them cry. However, they still think that Eden is alive even though the police failed to find him. They believe that Eden would return one day. One month later, Aoi and the others having a picnic in a park.]
Aoi: The sky is beautiful today. Don’t you agree, Ryusuke?
Ryusuke: Yes, I do.
Kenji: Haruhi. We heard that you had given a love letter to Sir Rui long time ago.
Haruhi: Yes, I did but not a love letter.
Aoi: What is it about?
Haruhi: I told him that we shouldn’t have such a relationship because it is wrong. A ‘teacher-student affair’ is not acceptable in the school.
Kenji: So, you want to break up with him?
Haruhi: No. I told him that I will wait for him until I graduate.
Aoi: It is really touching!
Ryusuke: The weather is windy too today.
Ayu: Hey! Why only the seniors can chat with each other? Aren’t we having a group chat?
Aoi: You all don’t speak out only. Don’t blame us.
Yuji: I don’t know what to talk about now?
Jiro: Why seniors always talk about love?
Haruhi: Love is a very special yet complicated. You will know about it when you have fallen in love.
Aoi: If you like someone, you shouldn’t give up and try your best to win his/her heart.
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