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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/28/08
[They talk and discuss about love. Then, they have made up their minds. Aoi and Ryusuke want to become a lovely couple. Haruhi is waiting for Rui. Kenji hopes to find a girl that he likes in the future. Aya still remembers what Eden had said to her. She realizes that she likes Kaito. She will try her best to get closer to Kaito while Kaori vows to win Kaito’s heart. Besides, Yuji doesn’t give up too because he thinks that he still has a chance. Jiro, Ayu and Yui hope to find the meaning of ‘love’ in the future.]
Aoi: It’s has been a month.
Aya: I’m sure that Eden is alive.
Kenji: He will return for sure.
[Then, they notice a guy is approaching them. They are very happy to see that Eden is alive. Eden smiles at them.]
*The camera screen moves up slowly to the blue sky. The blue sky is very beautiful and a bird flies past the screen. The song ‘Eyes on Me’ is being sing.

Whenever sang my songs
On the stage, on my own
Whenever said my words
Wishing they would be heard
I saw you smiling at me
Was it real or just my fantasy
You'd always be there in the corner
Of this tiny little bar

My last night here for you
Same old songs, just once more
My last night here with you?
Maybe yes, maybe no
I kind of liked it your your way
How you shyly placed your eyes on me
Oh, did you ever know?
That I had mine on you

*Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure
If frown is shown then
I will know that you are no dreamer

So let me come to you
Close as I wanted to be
Close enough for me
To feel your heart beating fast
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/28/08
And stay there as I whisper
How I loved your peaceful eyes on me
Did you ever know
That I had mine on you

Darling, so share with me
Your love if you have enough
Your tears if you're holding back
Or pain if that's what it is
How can I let you know
I'm more than the dress and the voice
Just reach me out then
You will know that you're not dreaming

Producer: W.H Ng (IllidanEden)
Director: IlldanEden
Asst. Directors: tofucake and ruriko10
Music designer: OutlawStar
Character designer: KakashiXAyano, azntss and yuki218
Event director: Darkwiz34
Graphic designer: AnimeLover09
Asst. graphic designer: sasuke_syamira93
Sub-characters designers: Dando008 and Auro
Production manager: nyczfinest
Production assistants: kingmann and mukiwara

Aoi Minami voiced by ruriko10
Aya Minami voiced by Auro
Ayu Minami voiced by KakashiXAyano
Ryusuke Fujiwara voiced by tofucake
Kenji Sasaki voiced by nyczfinest
Eden voiced by IllidanEden
Kaito Sugiyama voiced by Darkwiz34
Haruhi Suzuki voiced by AnimeLover09
Yui Maeda voiced by sasuke_syamira93
Jiro Hamada voiced by kingmann
Kaori Fumizuki voiced by azntss
Yuji Tanaka voiced by mukiwara
Rui Komatsu voiced by Dando008
Yuki Yoshida voiced by yuki218
Dan Minami voiced by OutlawStar

Special Thanks To: RinSakura
******************************* THE END *******************************
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27 / M / Reiji Maigo
Posted 5/28/08
In the city of Tokyo, it is a chilly night...
Shadows lurk in the dark, for they can no longer roam the night...
These blood-sucking creatures of the night are called vampires...
And Kyuuketsuki is one of them...
His dark crimson hair flutters gently in the wind, the messy locks cropped short, slightly covering his face...
Yet his piercing ice blue eyes still as striking against the pale ivory of his skin...

Kyuuketsuki's dad is Banpaia, the lord of the vampires
And Kyuuketsuki's story is no ordinary one...
His is a tale of forbidden love and woe...
This is his tale, the tale of the vampire with the human heart...

One night Kyuuketsuki makes sure that he can go to the human world so...

Kyuuketsuki: Dad, can I really go to the human world tomorrow?
Banpaia: Yes, you need more experience that's why I'm letting you go there.
But first, *casts enchantment on him so he can become human* there. Now you can go.
Kyuuketsuki: I see, thank you dad! I hope I can enjoy in the human school!
Banpaia: Your welcome, you should prepare now for tomorrow!
But remember, that spell will only last 'til the next full moon.
Kyuuketsuki: Okay dad!

After that, he prepared and when it was morning.........

Kyuuketsuki: Good Bye dad! I'm going now!
Banpaia: Okay! Good Bye and be careful for prosecutors!
Kyuuketsuki: Okay!

When Kyuuketsuki went to the human world….

As Kyuuketsuki Walks Trough the Roads Of The Human World
Then A Car Came and was About To Bump Megumi

Kyuuketsuki run fast as he can to Save the girl
Megumi was Saved
Megumi:Thanks and Whats Your Name?
Kyuuketsuki:My name Is Kyuuketsuki of the ......
Megumi:Kyuuketsuki Wow Thats A Wonderful Name! Let me guide you around the City! ummmm...excuse me! My name is Megumi! So when do you want to start with?
Kyuuketsuki: I'm new here so maybe you can introduce me to some people I think...
Megumi: Okay! Let me take you around the City first!
Kyuuketsuki: Okay! And thank you for doing that!
Megumi: Your Welcome! I'm only giving you a chance because you saved my life!
Kyuuketsuki: Okay! Let's start then!

Megumi takes around Kyuuketsuki and he introduces himself to the other people...

Megumi: Kyuuketsuki, I'd like you to meet Usagi, Ayaki, Fuji and...Yuuichi.
Kyuuketsuki: Nice to meet you all. *Bows*
Megumi: You don't have to be so formal...
Kyuuketsuki: My apologies.
Usagi: Nice to meet you! I'm Usagi! *Greets him with a cheery smile*
Ayaki: name is Ayaki. Pleased to meet you!
Fuji: Hey, name's Fuji. Nice to meet you!
Yuuichi: I'm Yuuichi. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.
Megumi: Everyone, this is Kyuuketsuki. He's the person who saved my life.
Kyuuketsuki: My name is Kyuuketsuki. I am 17 years old and am new here. I have just enrolled in Gasotare Academy and am starting tomorrow.
Usagi: Ooh! We study at Gasotare!
Yuuichi: I guess we'll be seeing you then. It would be our pleasure to show you around, right everyone?
Ayaki: Umm...*blushes*.... yes!
Fuji: I guess we don't have anything better to do...
Megumi: Great! I'm so glad everyone's getting along! How kind of you to volunteer Yuiichi...
Kyuuketsuki: Oh, I wouldn't want to intrude in your day. You must all be very busy at this time of year. I think I can figure things out on my own.
Yuuichi: No, it's all right, really. You saved our friend here...*puts an arm around Megumi and she blushes, but he doesn't notice*'s the least we can do.
Megumi: Uh...yeah.
Kyuuketsuki: Oh, I don't know. I just did what anyone would do...
Usagi: No! It was very brave of you and we insist on taking you around tomorrow!
Kyuuketsuki: All right. I'll let you take me around.
Usagi: Yay! See, that wasn't so hard, was it?
Kyuuketsuki: Not really. *Chuckles*
Megumi: Okay, see you tomorrow then.
Yuuichi: Hey, want us to drop you off?
Kyuuketsuki: It's okay! my apartment is just nearby. I can get there myself. Wait, where's the nearest train station?
*Everyone laughs*
Megumi: I guess I can take you there. It's the least I can do.
Kyuuketsuki: Oh, and one more do you use this?
*Holds up a cell phone awkwardly*
*everyone laughs harder*
Yuuichi: You use that to call people. Here, I'll fill that up for you.
*Reaches out and fills it with numbers*
Megumi: Come on let's get you home.

When Megumi takes Kyuuketsuki around a new apartment and says,

Megumi: Kyuuketsuki, you can live here so the others are nearby your room!
Kyuuketsuki: Okay and thank you very much for introducing me to the others!
Megumi: Your welcome!
Kyuuketsuki: Good Bye and Good Night! See you tomorrow on school!
Megumi: Okay! Good Night to you too!

Megumi goes back to her room and sleeps then, Kyuuketsuki packs his things to change the room then he sleeps…
And when it was morning…Megumi knocks on Kyuuketsuki’s door…

Kyuuketsuki: Oh, Good Morning Megumi!
Megumi: Good Morning! Are you ready for school?
Kyuuketsuki: Yeah…I’m ready let’s go!
Megumi: Okay!

Kyuuketsuki and Megumi ran to school so they won’t be late…

Kagorou Sensei: Good Morning class! We have a new student! Please be nice to him!
Kyuuketsuki: Hello everyone! I hope I can enjoy here, Nice to meet you all!
Kagorou Sensei: All right! Now you can take any sit you want, Kyuuketsuki!
Kyuuketsuki: Thank you Sensei!
Kagorou Sensei: Your welcome, now! Let us start our class! Kyuuketsuki is new so we have to be nice to him!

After class, they all went to the cafeteria…

Megumi: Hi, Kyuuketsuki!
Kyuuketsuki: Hello! I didn’t know you would be my classmate!
Megumi: Me too!
Kyuuketsuki: Okay, now let’s eat!

After their recess they all went back to their class to study…

Kagorou Sensei: Now we are done eating, let’s go back to the Topic!
Kyuuketsuki and the others: Okay!
Kagorou Sensei: Since we have a new student we should test him now, Kyuuketsuki!
Kyuuketsuki: Yes sir!
Kagorou Sensei: Answer this question!

Kyuuketsuki answered the question perfectly and got it right…

Kagorou Sensei: Very good!
Kyuuketsuki: Thank you sir!
Kagorou Sensei: Your welcome! Now you can go back to your desk!

Kyuuketsuki went back to his desk…

Kagorou Sensei: Look’s like the class is done! Now, go back to your rooms!
The Class: Yes sir!

The students went back to their rooms and…

Megumi: Kyuuketsuki!!!
Kyuuketsuki: Oh, Hi!
Megumi: Wow! You answered the question correctly and you are starting to get along!
Kyuuketsuki: Yes! Sensei was very nice! Let’s go back to our room now!
Megumi: Okay! Your first day here was great but the next days you should study!
Kyuuketsuki: I know!
Megumi: I’m tired! I’m gonna sleep now! Good Bye and Good Night!
Kyuuketsuki: Okay! You too!

Everyone went back to their rooms and slept…
Next Morning was Saturday so they don’t have classes…
Everyone surprised Kyuuketsuki…

Megumi, Yuuichi, Usagi, Ayaki and Fuji: Good Morning Kyuuketsuki!
Kyuuketsuki: Good Morning everyone! What’s all the rush?
Everyone: We are going to celebrate for your first day in school!
Kyuuketsuki: Really?
Megumi: Yes!
Yuuichi: I’m going to get the drinks!
Usagi: I’m going to cook some food! I do know how too…
Ayaki: I’ll help you Usagi!
Usagi: Thank you!
Ayaki: Your welcome!
Fuji: I’ll help Yuuichi get the drinks!
Kyuuketsuki: Okay! But, It’s early to celebrate!
Megumi: Don’t worry it’s okay!

Everyone has brought the celebrating things and celebrated, everyone was happy…

Kyuuketsuki: Thank you everyone!
Everyone: Your welcome!
Kyuuketsuki: Okay! Good Bye and Good Night everybody!
Megumi: Okay! You too! Let’s go…

Everyone went to their rooms and slept…

...but secretly the girls had a slumber party.

Usagi: This is so great! We haven't had a girls-only chat in a long time!
Megumi: Yeah, I know!
Ayaki: Yes, it's been so long...*stares off into the distance, remembering a distant memory*
Megumi: Uhm...Ayaki?
Ayaki: Oh, I’m sorry... *blushes*
Usagi: So, Megumi, you're totally crushing on the new guy, aren't you?
Megumi: Me? Kyuuketsuki? Nah...
Usagi: How long is it going to take for you to get over your crush on Yuuichi?
Megumi: Uhm, I don't know....
Usagi: Ooh! You're blushing!
Megumi: C'mon! Let's move on!
Usagi: Oh, all right...Ayaki! Who are you crushing on?
Ayaki: Oh, no one...*blushes*
Megumi: How about you, Usagi?
Usagi: I haven't found "the one" yet...*sigh*
But when I do...he will be awesome!

And so they spent the night doing each other’s nails, giving and taking makeovers and watching movies while eating popcorn until they fell asleep...
And when it was morning…
Kyuuketsuki knocks on Megumi's door...
Megumi opens the door and…

Megumi: What's wrong?
Kyuuketsuki: I just want to say something to you...
Megumi: What?
Kyuuketsuki: I know we haven't been together so much...but the true is the time we met…I kind of having feelings for you…*blush*
Megumi: You mean you have a crush on me? *Blushes*
Kyuuketsuki: A little…but not only that, the true is I’m telling you that I like you but I’m not really a human…
Megumi: Then…what are you?
Kyuuketsuki: I’m really a vampire but please keep it a secret!
Megumi: What? Why are you telling me this? Your silly! That’s not possible!
Kyuuketsuki: Yes it is!
Kyuuketsuki transforms back into a vampire and explains it to Megumi…
Megumi: Oh my, you’re really a vampire!
Kyuuketsuki: Yes I am! And I’m telling you this cause your a true friend and I like you so to make it fair…I’m telling you this...
Megumi: I see…
Kyuuketsuki: Will you keep it a secret?
Megumi: Yes! I’ll keep it a secret! *Crossing her heart*
Kyuuketsuki: Thank you…
Megumi: Your welcome!

Megumi was really shock about what Kyuuketsuki told her, but before she could process her thoughts further, he interrupted her thoughts.

Kyuuketsuki: I need a favor!
Megumi: Huh? Oh, what is it?
Kyuuketsuki: You have to keep me away by the prosecutors!
Megumi: Why?
Kyuuketsuki: They will kill me…
Megumi: Oh, I see, don’t worry I will.
Kyuuketsuki: Thank you for all you have done for me!
Megumi: No problem... but how long are you going to be here?
Kyuuketsuki: By the next full moon I will go back to the world I came from…
Megumi: I see, but why are you even here?
Kyuuketsuki: I’m here to experience more things…to get awya from the isolation of a lonely vampire-filled world...
Megumi: Anyway, your feelings for me…I don’t know…cause I have feelings for Yuuchi, but.....*blushes*
you're very nice...
Kyuuketsuki: It’s okay…I can’t judge the feelings we are having…

Kyuuketsuki transforms back into a human…

Megumi: I know…anyway, let’s check the others…
Others: What are you two doing?
Kyuuketsuki: Oh, nothing…
Usagi: Are you sure?
Megumi: Yes! Nothing is going on here!
Ayaki: I see, well I’m going to look for Yuuichi, his still sleeping…
Fuji: I’ll wake him up!
Ayaki: No, let’s just leave him alone for a while but I’m going to see him…
Fuji: If you say so...
Kyuuketsuki: See you then…
Everybody left Ayaki and Ayaki goes to Yuuichi’s room…
Ayaki: Ummm…Yuuichi?
Yuuichi: Oh, hi!
Ayaki: Ah, ano... *blushes* I wanted to tell you something...
*approaches her and stands right before her*
Yuuichi: What is it?
Ayaki: Eh, ano...I-I really... like you. Ever since the day we first met...I...I've had feelings for you, Yuuichi-kun...
Yuuichi: Ayaki...I don’t know…
Ayaki: I...I know that your worried about Megumi-chan...You know that she likes you...but whom does your heart belong to?
*Yuuichi reaches out and takes her hands in his*
Yuuichi: Well, I like you... but it’s too early for us…
Ayaki: I know…*blushes a bright pink*...but can we still together? Even if only secretly?
Yuuichi: Yes, but I think we should speak of this only when we are alone…
Ayaki: Okay...

The others went to Yuuichi’s room and to surprise him…

Kyuuketsuki: Hi, Yuuichi!
Yuuichi: Oh, hi!
Megumi: Today is when the parents are coming!
Yuuichi: Your right! I almost forgot!
Kyuuetsuki: I see your parents are coming…
Then something disturbs Kyuuketsuki and went somewhere else…
Fuji: Where are you going Kyuuketsuki?
Kyuuketsuki: I’m just going to look for something there! I’ll be right back!
Usagi: Okay!
Kyuuketsuki went to the place where he thought he saw his parents…
Kisaki: It’s been a few days since I haven’t seen you!
Kyuuketuski: Mom! How did you know the parents are coming?
Kisaki: Well, your father was worried about what you are doing!
Kyuuketsuki: I see!
Kisaki: Anyway, I see you have a crush on a girl named Megumi and said the truth…
Kyuuketsuki: Yes, but she can keep it a secret!
Kisaki: I know…you believe she is a reliable friend.
Kisaki and Kyuuketsuki went back to the others…
Kyuuketsuki: Hi! I’m back! This is my mom. Her name is Kisaki.
Megumi: Oh, hi! Kyuuketsuki! This is my mom! Her name is Kaoru!
Yuuichi: This is my dad! His name is Oyaji!
Ayaki: I'm glad everyone's parents are here...
Fuji and Usagi: You are right!
Oyaji: Anyway, we parents are going to talk now…all of you must go to your rooms now.
Everyone: Okay!

The parents had a meeting and, after the meeting…
All the parents said Good Bye to their children and went back to their home…

Fuji: It was fast they came and left…
Usagi: I know…
Kyuuketsuki: Wow! The night is catching up! Let’s get back to our rooms and sleep!
Megumi: Yes! Your right!

Everyone went to their rooms and slept…
The school was opening and it was morning…

Ayaki: Even though Kyuuketsuki-kun is new here, he sure is a nice person, isn't he?
Usagi: Yeah! Sometimes funny too!
Megumi: Anyway, it is Monday…
Yuuichi: We are going to be late if we don’t hurry up, you know!
Fuji: You’re right let’s go!
Kyuuketsuki: School is kind of fun! Anyway, Let’s go!
Everybody ran to school and went to their seats…

Kaogorou Sensei: Okay everyone! Settle down! Class is about to begin!
Now, who can tell me...

The lesson dragged on and on, but Kyuuketsuki's mind dwelled elsewhere...

Kyuuketsuki's thoughts: The full moon is only two weeks away... I barely have any time left...
I don't want to leave...and Megumi... what will I do without her?...

But his thoughts were interrupted as an arrow shot through the window and landed on his desk.

Kyuuketsuki: Aah! What the- what's this?
Kaogorou Sensei: What's wrong Kyuuketsuki? Where did that come from?
*Holds up arrow*
Kyuuketsuki: This? It was shot through the window...
*takes the note attached to it and reads it silently*

Filthy bloodsucker,

I have no idea how you were able to fool these humans into believing you were one of them
but mark my words, I will get you. You can't hide from the likes of me. No matter where you go,
No matter where you attempt to hide, I will find you. And I suggest you not get too close with anyone here,
because I will find them too and hunt them down. You will suffer a painful death that I assure you.


Kyuuketsuki was shocked by what he read…
The class was on and when the school closed…
Kyuuketsuki went to Megumi’s room…

Megumi: What’s wrong?
Kyuuketsuki: I think the prosecutor is hunting near…
Megumi: How do you know?
Kyuuketsuki: I received a letter from the prosecutor…
Megumi: May I read it?
Kyuuketsuki: Yes, here. *Lends the letter to Megumi*

After Megumi read it she was surprised and worry for Kyuuketsuki…

Megumi: But you can fight him, right?
Kyuuketsuki: Yes, but this prosecutor has something which can kill me…
Megumi: Like What?
Kyuuketsuki: A prosecutor is really strict and always ready to catch vampires so maybe he set a trap!
Megumi: A trap? Then you should prepare and notice the place!
Kyuuketsuki: Yes, I will!
Megumi: Well, Good Bye and be careful!
Kyuuketsuki: I will be careful and if I don’t go back remember that I still love you!
Megumi: Me too…
Kyuuketsuki: I should prepare my self and when sensei finds me tell him that I have moved to another house!
Megumi: Okay, but when your gone…what will I do? How can I love you when you’re gone?
Kyuuketsuki: Remember! I’m inside your heart and take care of yourself…
Megumi: Okay!
Kyuuketsuki: Good Bye!
Megumi: ………….

Kyuuketsuki saw a raven and followed it…
He thought that the raven can lead him to the prosecutor’s place and it did….

In the place of the prosecutor…there he awaits…

Genkoku: That evil bloodsucker will not get away without a blood out of him!

Then Kyuuketsuki flied to the place and arrives at the right time…

Kyuuketsuki: Why are you doing this? I’m not an evil and filthy bloodsucking creature!
Genkoku: You can’t fool me by those words!
Kyuuketsuki: What are you talking about? I’m telling the truth!
Genkoku: No! You aren’t! You’re a vampire that lies like the others!
Kyuuketsuki: What do you mean? Did you saw a vampire like me?
Genkoku: Yes! And they killed my mother and father then I was left alone!
Kyuuketsuki: I don’t know what you are talking about but I can’t let myself die!
Genkoku: Then if you want a battle then I’m ready to battle you! Let’s see if you can protect yourself!
Kyuuketsuki: ………

Genkoku picks up a knife and throws it to him….
Kyuuketsuki protects himself by his wings and the knife missed him….
Genkoku hides in the curtains and….
Kyuuketsuki wondered and wondered then he saw Genkoku and attacks him
Genkoku ran and Kyuuketsuki didn’t noticed that Genkoku had throw a knife on him…
Kyuuketsuki was stabbed on his back and blood came out from his black wings…

Genkoku: You were pretty fast but you didn’t notice the knife I had throw!
Kyuuketsuki: What the?!
Genkoku: Now you are finished I will now leave…

Megumi arrives and was shock by what she saw…
Megumi runs after Kyuuketsuki…

Megumi: Kyuuketsuki!!!
Kyuuketsuki: How did you know where I am?
Megumi: Black feathers were the clue where I can found you but I’m too late! *Cries*
Kyuuketsuki: I can’t be with you any longer! But the three last words from me are “I love you….”
Megumi: No! Don’t leave me!!! Kyuuketsuki!!!

Kyuuketsuki dies and Megumi cries and cries…
A big dark smoke came and Megumi noticed that Kyuuketsuki’s dad and mom came…

Megumi: Are you the parents of Kyuuketsuki?
Kisaki and Banapaia: Yes we are!
Megumi: I have to tell you something! Kyuuketsuki died cause the prosecutor has stabbed him on his back!
Kisaki: Yes, We know *Cries*
Banpaia: We are here to carry his body to our world! Thank you for helping him!
Megumi: Your welcome and….
Kisaki: We have to go and take care of your self! Kyuuketsuki is still in your heart!
Banapaia: Good Bye!
Megumi: Okay…..Good Bye!

Kisaki and Banapaia left very sad and Megumi was the saddest one because of Kyuuketsuki’s death….
Then the next morning…

Usagi, Ayaki, Fuji and Yuuichi knock on Megumi’s door…

Megumi: What’s wrong everyone?
Yuuichi: Have you seen Kyuuketsuki?
Megumi: Yes, he moved to another house and he said good bye to us!
Usagi: How sad…he was fun and new but he left early…
Fuji: Well, then…it’s time to go to school! Bye Megumi!

Everyone left Megumi and Megumi went to school like the others…

Kagorou Sensei: Good Morning class!
Everyone: Good Morning sensei!
Kagorou Sensei: Has anybody seen Kyuuketsuki?
Megumi: Yes! *Stands up* he moved to another house but he said Good bye!
Kagorou Sensei: He was just new…how fast and early he left…
Megumi: ……….*Sits down*

Megumi was a little sad but she was trying to be happy so she can’t say the truth to what happened to Kyuuketsuki…. and what happened to Genkoku….

But even if Kyuuketsuki was gone she always believe that Kyuuketsuki was inside her heart…

In the world of vampires…
A big sadness was there…the death of Kyuuketsuki was a really big loss to the Queen and King…No vampire would go there in the human world…not even the queen and king…the vampires were scared by what happened to Kyuuketsuki and scared because of the prosecutor…

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