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What kind of lover do you want
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25 / F / Do people actuall...
Posted 5/26/08
taller and has a charater like Allen walker from D. gray man, except for the dark allen....(scary~~ )
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29 / M / Bored on the fun...
Posted 5/26/08
Well she has to be my opposite to really attract me!!!!! sadly it's true I don't wanna be picky!!!!!!!!! so Live life like there's no tomorrow so Accept what you get!!!!!!! and remember there always more where that came from hehehe
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27 / M / California
Posted 5/26/08
1.same hobbies (anime /some games if possible>_> "REALLY RARE")
3. 2 or 3 years older/younger
4.colored eyes (don't care wat color cuz they all look nice)
5.a normal background
6.slim/normal appearance
7.normal/shy type of speech (non of that happy yo sup foo gangster type accent)
8.good artist
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25 / F / The Underworld
Posted 5/26/08
Well i ant him to be taller than me... then.... hmmm... i want him to be older than be by about a couple of years.. then i want him to be the silent over protective type... lol
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25 / M / Valenzuela City P...
Posted 5/26/08
Total Innocence is the key
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31 / M / in my Aesthetic
Posted 5/26/08

Zero3970 wrote:

Eudd wrote:

This is sad.

There are no such things as ideal lovers.

I agree 100%. Plus all you guys seem to be so dam picky.

not me, all I need is a girl to like me thats it.
Posted 5/26/08
Posted 5/26/08

kumiko92 wrote:

Choose the features, character, the way he/she talks, how tall, wears specs or not...all up to you!!

i would like to hav a guy who is :
1. has the height of 170 above
2. has nice short hair which is jet black or dark brown...
3. has a smile which can kill any girl..
4. loves me more than anything
5. talks politely to everybody but me...and tease me...cheers me up everytime im down
6. smarter than me...
7. will have a desperate face when im in trouble
8. plays sports and music...(he is really good in all)
9. does not wear specs...
10. enjoys making me do stupid stuff...
11. rich but not snobbish..
12. makes me wanna fall for him but he can't do it because he's silly in a way...
13. not flirty at all!

let me describe my girl friend

a girl

1. dont know how tall she is but shes about 5'1
2. semi-long hair black
3. she smiles alot but punches or pinches me more
4. its a love-hate relationship O__o
5. rude. . . teases me .. . . fun 2 talk 2
6. smarter than me at math .. . . only that
7. couldnt care less if im in trouble . . . she would even mock me
8. she doesnt play sports other than volleyball and badminton
9. she dont wear glasses
10. ENJOYS seeing me do stupid stuff
11. not rich just regular i guess . . .
12. silly? does she even know what dat means?
13. definitely not flirty . . . i mean definite . . .

source of the problem, i think it was because she was one my best friends first before i started goin out wid her. . . xP
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24 / M / Wherever life tak...
Posted 5/26/08
Hmm lets see.. I would like her to have
a cute face
probably short like 5'3 or 5'4
i dont really care about hair color or ethnicity
fun or shy personality
has to be pretty smart or at least have a goal in life
thats about it...
and she has to have a good fashion sense

Posted 5/28/08
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23 / F / monterey califor...
Posted 5/28/08
someone who wont complain

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27 / F / Malaysia
Posted 5/28/08
I'll tell you when i meet him.
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28 / F / England
Posted 5/28/08
I like a guy:

1. Tall
2. Caring
3. Smart
4. Active
5. Nice eyes
6. Friendly
7. Funny/good sence of humor
8. Outgoing
9. Not jugmental
10. Good laugh/smile

Well these are the charistics of the guy I like lol
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F / Canada.
Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/28/08
Well here's how my crush is like...(rumours that he likes me too)
1. responsible
2.funny =D
3. has good faishion sense
4. smarter then me
6. always fun to be with
7.likes anime
8. likes to play sports
9. in shape
10. cute
11. cool
12. well everything for me he's so cute...only if he grew a bit more...but he's growing faster, jst want him a bit more taller =D thats all!
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22 / F / somewhere over th...
Posted 5/28/08
i guess like the personality would be like Tamaki from ouran high school host club or ikuto from shugo chara and for the looks probably like ikuto or natsume from gakuen alice
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