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Post Reply What would you do if Akumas really existed?
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19 / F / Michigan
Posted 10/22/12
i'd be dead.. no doubt about!
Posted 10/25/12
Well.. it'd be more cool if I also became an exorcist of some sort. Haha! Just to balance things out. ;P
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21 / M / Space/Time
Posted 10/28/12
I would cosplay as Allen Walker, then take my zanpakuto off the stand and unsheathe it. I would then get in a stance, ready to use the getsuga tensho whilst realising that I have already been hit by an akuma, at which point I would need to use the super spirit bomb to take the Akuma down with me.

I would then be rescued by Ichigo's spiritual pressure, and be taken to the soul society to which I would have to apologise for the trouble. Once that's over and done with, I go back home peacefully, only to find out my home is blown into pieces. At this point, I will have to stay at the black order and perfect the kamehameha.

I put a lot of thought of what to do if something like this actually happened. The first thing to do is run to japan! Anatatachi wa totemo tsuyoi de sho.

Doumo Arigatou Gosaimasu
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