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How to be dead.

Zero watched, he could do nothing but watch, blocking out he images he had in his head, her screams he didn’t want to hear, her blood he didn’t want to need, but he did, didn’t he.
Her blood called out to him begging to be consumed, her skin as well, begging to be bit, pleading to be torn and ripped to shreds, Zero could feel his fangs coming out, when a hand suddenly touched his shoulder.
“i would not act on those intentions if i were you” said a smooth voice form behind him.
Zero whirled around and met the crimson gaze of Kuran Kaname.
“You...” he hissed “monster let go of me” he snapped stepping away.
Kuran smirked “i am not here to cause you trouble Zero, i am just warning you, if you touch Yuki i will not hesitate to kill you” Zero scoffed “you think i care about what you’ll do to me? And what makes you think i would ever want to hurt Yuki” he said his temper simmering, her looked away “i...i just want to see her smile” he says slowly, his silver gaze returning to the pureblood.
Kuran smiled gently “i do not care about what you want, but i must say our feelings are the same on that matter, but as i said before if you touch her i ill-“
“Not hesitate to kill him?” said another familiar voice “Kuran sama, shame on you” Yuki said frowning at them both hands on her hips.,
‘No fighting, Zero i need some help with the fangirls”
Zero stared at her blankly for a moment and with another burning stare at Kuran he nodded “right...” and with that he left hem both alone.
Yuki smiled at Kuran her cheeks taking a delicate flush “i know Zero is mean sometimes, but he means well”
Kuran shook his head and with a beautiful smile he told Yuki “I’m afraid it was i who was at fault Yuki, i should apologize to him”
Yuki flushed crimson “no no!, i know you wouldn’t do anything like that, “ suddenly she peered at Zero and then back at Kuran “oh....” she smiled and hook her hands behind her back she smiled at Kuran “are you defending him?”
She glanced at Zero again “you know, with the way that you two behave around each other one would kinda guess that you guys are...” she pouted and squinted at Kuran “Kaname sama, how do you feel about Zero?”
Kuran smiled not exactly comprehending what she meant “un relenting loathing Yuki. Why?”
Yuki smiled at his answer “hmm” she turned to leave “that’s how it always starts” and she went on her way leaving behind a confused Kuran.
Yuki got back to Zero who was glaring at he fangirls and keeping them at bay with it, and Yuki just looked up at him.
“Hey, Zero how do you feel about Kuran?”
That got him, Zero tuned his glare at her “hate...hate i hate that fucking guy i hate him “
Yuki smirked “that’s what i thought”
Zero turned his glare back to the fangirls “idiot”
And soon after the night class was nice and happy in their classes.
Zero and Yuki made their way to the headmaster’s dorm where they lived.
Yuki entered her room, but then popped back out “Zero I’m gonna use the bathroom so you’d better wait”
Zero shrugged and entered his room, slamming in it after.
He took off his school uniform but kept his pants; stepping out of his room he noticed the bathroom door was open.
He walked down the hallway and stopped at he door way when he heard voices.
It was Kuran, what the hell was he doing here so late?!
“Oh, Lord Kaname”
That was Yuki spazzing.
“Why are...why are you here?”
“Yuki, i need to tell you something about Zero”
What was he going to say? He would think of telling yuki that he wanted to...shit
“Ah you finally realized it” she answered.
Zero listened closely.
“No Yuki, Zero means to b-“
“You love him don’t you?”
“n-no Yuki, you misunderstand me i am warning you to keep an eye out on that boy he means to-“
“i knew it! Oh my gosh you guys are so cute together!”
Footsteps, Zero backed away but his body wouldn’t move, he could smell her from here, blood, running along her legs, skin peeling, yes, he desired it, she stepped out of the bathroom and into the dark hallways, she turned to the side “Oh Zero”
Zero reached out for her but instead he was pushed to the wall by Kuran his hand was on his throat.
He glared at the other man, Yuki looked confused “Kaname sama, what are you doing?”
Kuran let out a low growl “what do you know Yuki” he said letting his gaze linger on Zero’s eyes in a cold glare “you were right”
And he kissed the man in front of him.
Zero froze on the spot, hearing Yuki’s gasp and then a very loud very annoying squeal.
Kuran pulled back and Zero still couldn’t find the will to move.
Kuran turned to Yuki and gave her a wry smile “if you would excuse us “he said taking Zero’s wrist and hauling him into the bathroom and slamming the door.
He shoved Zero onto the floor and stayed in front of the door listening for anything suspicious.
“Have fun guys” Yuki called and he listened until he heard her bedroom door close.
Then he turned his angered gaze to he white haired savage on the bathroom floor.
“You...” Zero growled, his silver eyes were like frozen ice when their gazes met.
“How dare you” he hissed standing up.
The room’s atmosphere was warm and smelled like Yuki’s vanilla shampoo.
It was also a little misty form the hot shower.
Zero clenched his fist “you...”
Kuran glared back at him and locked the door stepping forwards he punched Zero across the face.
The silver haired man staggered to the floor his hands slipping on the moist bathroom wall.
He glared up at Kuran licking the blood off the side of his mouth.
“What were you going to do to her” Kuran demanded “i saw you’re face “
Zero stood up “why the fuck did you kiss me” he snapped.
Kuran inhaled a shuddery breath “to save Yuki form you” he answered.
Zero glared at him “i wasn’t going to...” he coughed out some blood, “i wasn’t going to...”
Kuran’s glare was still merciless “yes you were...”
Zero stood up shakily his strength weakened by need; it had been a sudden change for one moment he was going to devour that girl and the next he was being kissed by a pureblood.
The need inside him had risen to new heights.
He felt his fangs lengthen and hissed when the nicked his lip.
He felt that desperation swim into his thoughts he looked away yielding to that angry stare “...i don’t want to...” he whispered.
Kuran walked to him and shoved him against the wall pressing his face into the slippery tile you tried to hurt Yuki” he hissed baring his fangs.
Zero clenched his fists and pressed them against the wall “i couldn’t stop myself!” he snapped “i lost control!”
Kuran pulled him back only to slam him back into the wall.
“This is not going to change anything...” Zero said softly “...why don’t you just kill me...”
Kuran smirked and turned him around “that sounds wonderful Zero, but i can’t because that would make Yuki sad”
Zero stared up at him completely defenseless.
“Better then having me kill her”
Kuran glared icily at him “there is a solution to his problem”
Zero was still glaring at him , this was the first time he’d head about a solution, he was turning into a savage level E vampire and he’d been told that nothing could stop it, he had resigned himself to the fate of either killing Yuki and dying at Kuran’s hand or dying at Kuran’s hand alone.
But here he was being told that there was indeed a solution.
And yet..”I’d rather die” he spat “then owe you my life”
Kuran frowned “i told you i cannot kill you, but i will not leave this room knowing that your existence endangers her”
Zero hissed as Kuran pulled him up by his hair and shoved him against the wall.
“Become my vampire lover”
Zero eyes widened in disbelief and he shrunk back against the wall “wh-what!?”
Kuran glared at him showing the seriousness of the situation “becoming a vampire will solve the situation of you’re transformation, but letting you drink my blood with bond us together in the closest way possible there is no other way”
Zero gave him the most hateful glare he could muster “you mean to tell me that to save Yuki you would take me as you’re lover?”
Kuran’s lips turned in a nasty sneer “the words come off my tongue easily Hunter but i do not like the idea any more then you do, trust me”
“i don’t”
Kuran pulled Zero up to his own height and eyed the boy idly “what say you Zero”
Zero stared at him “no”
Kuran glared at him “there is no other choice-“
“Then kill me!”
Zero stared at him “then Yuki will die”
Kuran’s expression was one of both anger and hate he leaned forwards “i am doing this for her, and you leave me with no other choice”
Zero’s eyes widened again and he lifted his arms and pushed at Kuran’s chest as the pure blood edged closer and closer to him.
“You leave me with no choice”
Zero growled “don’t touch me-“
Kuran pressed his lips to Zero’s and pressed his body close to Zero, he kept punching at him Kuran then nicked at Zero’s lips and caused the other to gasp and with that he thrust his tongue into Zero’s mouth, the other groaned in protest and his teeth nicked Kuran’s tongue and thus with that one taste he was lost.
Blood, so thin veiled with saliva, Zero clung to that wonderful sweet taste and his hooked his arms around this person, and he didn’t even know what he was doing anymore.
He sucked on that wound , not knowing he was sucking on a certain purebloods tongue, he drank it inside him wrapping his own tongue around it, moaning, this was it, he felt completion, that warmth flooding his entire being filling him to the brim, his body throbbing, aching for more.
Kuran drew away staring at the panting hunter as he sunk against the wall blood-drunk.
Kuran watched him, Zero turned is face away form that tattle-tale gaze “ more”
Kuran’s lips were swollen and he did not speak until he leaned forwards “no, not yet”
He then licked across Zero’s ear causing Zero to gasp he pushed at Kuran “h-hey! What are you- ahh!”
Kuran kissed him again, but drew back and quickly sank his teeth into Zero’s neck to distract him and weaken him as he unzipped Zero’s pants.
Zero moaned, oh this was encouraging Kuran thought , this bastard hunter was making him lust for blood this early in the night, he was writhing too...ridiculous, how could he even think that this was good idea, for yuki, he thinks ,he’s only doing this for Yuki, oh, shit there he goes moaning again.
Kuran drew back and kissed Zero again unable to stand the hunters moans then he drew back “keep quiet”
Zero was breathing hard “fu-fuck you”
Kuran’s eyes narrowed “its quiet the other way around I’m afraid”
Zero then began to push against Kuran again.
Knock, knock.
“YUKI!!” called a familiar voice form outside.
“Hurry up in the bathroom won’t you!”
Kuran froze and he looked at the door and then at Zero who was panting, his jaw tightening he shoved Zero into the bath and turned on the cold water.
“Be right out!” Kuran called walking to the sink to wash his hands and face.
“Kuran is that you?” called the voice from outside.
Kuran cursed under his breath.
“Fuck no!” Zero shouted breathlessly from the shower Kuran turned his head to Zero staring at him his expression surprised, Zero just glared at him “if that fucker were in here...” he stopped to catch his breath “I’d kill him first chance!”
“Oh Zero!, okay then” answered the person outside “well, hurry up in the bathroom. Okay”
Kuran listened closely to the steps that were becoming more and more distant.
He turned to face Zero again “come here” he said, Zero froze, glaring at Kuran he stood up, “wh-what the hell!?” he growled as he reluctantly moved forwards “why can’t i stop myself!”
Kuran walked forwards and met him in the middle of the bathroom.
“if you are expecting thanks for what you did just now, you’re not getting it, but i must say for a hunter you did save my dignity”
Zero glowered at him “i saved my own dignity i don’t give a shit about yours”
“ah,” Kuran said softly “then hurry up and finish you’re bath then hunter” he whispered leaning forwards smirking when Zero’s eyes widened and he leaned in as well “what the-“
Kuran kissed him softly his eyes open watching as Zero fell apart his cheeks flushing with shame as his lips parted to welcome him.
Kuran could tell he was becoming aroused; his delicate pale pink nipples hardening because of the cold water, and his hands were shaking because he couldn’t choose weather he wanted to hit Kuran or pull him closer.
He looked so welcoming, so lush and wanton Kuran realized that he was getting carried away and with a soft glare in the direction of the temptation in front of him he reminded himself that this was only for Yuki. Kuran backed away and glared at him “when we finish this then everything will go back to normal”
Zero staggered backwards hitting the wall he stared at Kuran as he walked towards the door.
“Will i go back to hating you?” he demanded as if needing assurance.
Kuran smirked as he touched the door knob “...i do not know”
With that he left the room shutting the door quietly and leaving no trace behind except of course those nasty holes in Zero’s neck.

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Unnamed Lullaby

About half an hour after Kuran left Zero left the bathroom, with out word to headmaster Cross how had been the one knocking at the door before he left to his room.
He stripped off all his clothes and climbed onto his bed and until now he lay there staring at the ceiling Kuran invading his thoughts.
He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to find sleep, but his body refused to shut down, his nerves were stained by that monsters touch.
So to ignore the urges he had to get off his bed and search for Kuran to....feed.
He decided he would think about the current situation and decide what to do next.
Kuran said that he was doing this for yuki, and ONLY Yuki.
So ...well Zero figured he would too, he didn’t love Yuki. That was ridiculous, but she was a treasured friend to him she was his only friend and he would do anything to make her happy, and even though Kuran said his feeling for Yuki were the same as his he was probably in love with her, which was a bother because protecting Yuki had to do a lot with saving her form vampires, no matter how sexy or ...k-kind they were.
But of course he figured he would rather die then be Kuran’s bitch or kill Yuki.
But here he was with two holes in his neck thinking “i wonder if he’ll come and see me”
It was ridiculous.
Not him.
Zero let out a sigh.
He could try to do this for Yuki to, well, he could...
He did not just think that.
Oh dear god,.
Zero sat up and glared at the wall, he’d just thought that he would be able to protect Yuki from Kuran if he kept the fucking pure-blood to himself!
That’s just plain nasty, Zero wasn’t like that and even though he cared a lot about Yuki he would NEVER use those methods, NEVER!!!
He flopped back down onto his bed and shut his eyes, focusing on the blackness and trying not to think about Kaname’s smile accented with those fangs...

The next morning Zero went ot class with Yuki and the day went on as normal except wit ha few insinuations that Zero had a ...lover form Yuki who was giggling every time she looked at him.

But in the Moon Dorm things were different.
Kuran lay in bed staring at the ceiling, his teeth ached, it was like he needed to sink them into something.
Or someone...
That made him chuckle, he though about Yuki.
Oh she was pretty, and she was so faithful, she was his favourite pet,.
He knew she’d do anything he asked but that Zero.
“hmm” he said softly , how was he going to destroy that one’s spirit?
Kuran caught himself n that one and was merciless.
No, there will be NO breaking of the spirit!
Just fuck him and get it over with!
Oh, but the whole bonding process it will force us to become close...oh so close to that beautiful body made for devouring-
NO! No devouring of the body Zero is a hunter and first the enemy, solidify the bond and get the hell out of there1
But what about when i need to feed i will no long be able to feed off just anyone else...
Well then... Kuran smirked.
Dine and enjoy.

The day was over before Zero could say “i don’t kiss vampires”
And top it off it was a full moon outside.
So he was FORCED to go to guard duty because those fucking vampires might start acting up and bite somebody in front of somebody and then that somebody will have everybody come and look and then he’ll be like “what?” and then everybody will find out that there vampires in the school and so on and so forth.
“well shit” Zero cursed as he locked the gates of the day class dorm.
Yuki was beside him leaning against the gate she smiled at him “ah, finally done”
Zero didn’t look at her he only eyed the moon suspiciously, Kuran hadn’t said anything to them today, well who cares? He didn’t need him anyways, but he did have one thing to thank him for Zero thought, he wasn’t feeling hungry today and he just felt a little more awake then usual and in control of his senses, and with those senses in complete focus he felt a tingle in his stomach, like those nerves that you get when you’re going out or something and you’re kind of anticipating a phone call.
He sighed “yeah”
Yuki smiled at him “too bad Kuran didn’t come over and say hi” she said “right?”
Zero whirled around to face the girl “wh-what?!”
Yuki pouted “oh, don’t even bother denying it, i saw you two last night!”
Zero flushed so brightly it was even more embarrassing then the accusation.
“wh-what did you see?”
Yuki smiled knowingly “when he kissed you, oh you guys are so cute together!!!”
Zero stared at her for a moment and then turned away “what about that?”
Yuki sighed “oh, I’m so happy for you Zero, you’ve finally found someone to love you...but ...”
Zero sensed the doubt in her voice.
“Is it okay with you?”
“’re know, with a ....”
“Vampire?” Zero finished, he stared up at the moon.
“No,” he answered “ the relationship doesn’t really mean that much to me”
Yuki turned to him “who-what!? You can’t say that Kuran loves you i know he does, just give it time! Please you have no idea what a great match you are!”
Zero didn’t answer her he only told her this “whatever, but there one thing i need you to do for me”
Yuki glared at him , her fists clenched at her sides “what?”
“i need you to keep this secret”
Yuki was still glaring “yes” she answered “i’m leaving now” she said softly.
“But Zero i want you to think about what you’re saying, this is destiny you are both destined for each other”
Zero turned to retort but Yuki was already walking away he watched her leave and frowned “this is all for know”

He made way for his room a little while after Yuki left.
The hallway in the main office was empty and dark, but that meant nothing Zero walked through it and found his door, when he opened it he was greeted with a most distressing sight.
Kuran was sitting on his bed.

Zero felt panic rise in his chest, oh god, he’s here he’s going to...
Zero stepped into the door and slammed it shut.
He didn’t look at Kuran he just shrugged off his school jacket and was unbuttoning his shirt.
“just...get it over with” he whispered.
Kuran stood and stalked towards him, he leaned in close and was going to kiss Zero when the silver haired hunter turned his face away “no...Don’t, just do it”
Kuran frowned ‘you’re no fun” his hands reached Zero’s sides and lifted his shirt over his skin just a bit, letting his fingertips touch the warm skin beneath.
“You know Zero...” Kuran began “doing this won’t keep me away from you, this will form a permanent bond between us, and ...”
Zero gasped when those fingers under his shirt pinched his nipples.
“i will have to answer to that bond” Kuran whispered nipping at Zero’s sensitive ear. Zero shoved at him “don’t, it and get it over with”
Kuran watched the frustrated expression on the hunter’s face his silver brows knitted n frustration, his eyes ice cold, unlike his body.
He felt annoyed at Zero’s impertinence; he slammed both hands beside Zero’s head on the door. His eyes a fierce blood color.
“Don’t order me around Zero” he hissed leaning in closer to Zero who hadn’t even flinched.
“Just fuck me and leave”
Kuran leaned in closer “don’t get me wrong Zero” he says as Zero unzips his pants and lets them slide down his legs, he shrugs off his shirt and his clothes lay in puddle beneath his feet, he stared at Kuran unmoving unresponsive.
“i still hate you, “ he leans in Zero turns his head “don’t kis-“
Kuran grabs Zero by his chin and turns his face forcefully “this bond changes everything, i am bound my it’s rules, its desires, this is not me, are you listening?”
Zero nodded glaring “this is not me, who’s going to kiss you, who is going to take you, understand?”
Zero stared at him “don’t kis-“
“no!” Kuran hissed angrily, Zero pressed against the door again, this is the first time he’d seen emotion in those cold, cold eyes.
Kuran drew in ragged breath “i’m going to kiss you ...not because i want to, but because it is my obligation”
Zero bit his lip and pressed closer to the door still “then get it over with”
Kuran stopped talking and glared at him moving forwards he crushed his mouth to Zero his hands cupping the back of Zero’s head he kissed him deeply, Zero didn’t move, he didn’t answer, this sensation was wonderful, but he wouldn’t answer to it! Never!
Not this, this monster.
But when that warmth he felt in his mouth spread down to his loins he moaned and shut his eyes giving himself to the sensation.
Those hands that were cupping his head moved swiftly down wards and holding his waist Kuran turned him around and pushed him towards the bed.
Zero gasped and parted form the kiss “no-“he panted “not the bed”
Kuran smirked when the silver haired man stumbled onto the bed and glared up at him “”because, it’ll get dirty”
Kuran was still smirking when he climbed onto him “then we’ll clean it up”
He nibbled on Zero’s neck and preceded downwards, Zero gasped his hands clenching in the sheets with the effort to yank at that head of hair and shove him out of the ...okay no, but this was too much.
Zero gasped when Kuran nibbled on one of his perk nipples, “what the hell are you....ah!”
Zero arched his back and moaned in pleasure when Kuran put his hand on his half erect member.
Zero panted watching as Kuran knelt before him.
Zero had his knees hanging off the edge of the bad, and Kuran between his legs.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
“Zero?” it was Yuki, Kuran licked Zero’s cock from top to bottom tracing the tip of his tongue along a thick vein and lapped at the pre-cum on the head.
Zero covered his mouth to stop a groan from escaping.
Zero arched is back as Kuran’s mouth enveloped his entire length, the feeling was pure ecstasy racing inside his blood and it felt as though he were going insane.
Zero bit his lips to keep form shouting, he settled for suffocating himself so he could be sure that Yuki was gone, but good god it was hard, Kuran’s hot mouth was swallowing him whole he stared down at he auburn head of the pureblood between his legs.
That bastard tongue was going to suck him dry, Kuran’s gaze met his through those reddish-brown locks and he hummed , Zero couldn’t hold it in and he moaned out loud gripping his sheets tightly as he tried to arch into Kuran’s torturous mouth but it was impossible, Kuran’s hands held his hips still as his head bobbed up and down.
Zero swore he heard giggling out side of his door.
“okay...i get it I’ll leave you two alone now” Yuki said and Zero flushed crimson, that was exactly what he was trying to avoid but now it was foiled because this stupid bastard pureblood gave a fucking good blowjob.
Zero sat up and shoved Kuran off his dick; he scrambled farther onto the bed and covered himself with the sheet.
Kuran sat up frowning “now why did you go and do that Zero everything was going so well”
Zero was flushed and angry “there’s no way I’m letting you do that again!”
Kuran smirked and climbed onto the bed snatching Zero’s ankle and keeping him from getting away.
Kuran closed in on the younger vampire and smirked “stop resisting Zero”
Zero bit his lip when he felt Kuran’s hot hand skimming up his thigh heading towards his throbbing, saliva drenched erection.
“d-don’t....aahhh...” Zero moaned when Kuran’s hand wrapped around his manhood and his hands pulled the sheet out of the way to grab his wrist.
Kuran moved closer his face moving closer to Zero’s, he stared at him, Zero stared back feeling a little confused as those crimson brown eyes watched him carefully and that smirk left Kuran’s lips.
“What are you-mnnf...”
Kuran kissed Zero again; he was pressed against the wall as the pureblood’s delicious tongue coaxed it open and slip between those soft swollen lips.
Zero moaned into the kiss his silver eyes sliding shut and he kissed back his tongue twining with Kaname’s.
Kuran’s hands joined in the task of masturbating the silver haired hunter beneath him, he was lost in the kiss even as those lithe, pale hips thrust against his hands, Kuran knew Zero was going to climax soon because is body was trembling and his tongue now moved frantically inside his mouth and his hands were clenching in his hair, Kuran let go of Zero and used his precum to lubricate their entrance into a different place.
Zero felt those long elegant fingers probing him in a shameful place and he pulled away from the kiss “Kuran what the hell are you doing!?” Kuran kissed him silent and continued his probing and slid one finger inside Zero ignoring his protests as he moved around searching for something.
Zero arched in discomfort and their kiss had grown slack as both of them were far more concentrated on the task at hand.
Zero was biting his lip again, this time drawing blood.
Kuran’s breath was coming in pants as he moved his finger inside that wet warm cavern.
He was hard and hurting, he needed to be inside Zero he couldn’t cover it up, he was lusting for the half-blood he needed this part of him wanted Zero to need it too but another just wanted satisfaction.
And to accompany his inner conflict Kuran found the sudden need to vindicate his intentions.
“Push out Zero” he whispered hotly, Zero gaped at him his chest heaving “why?! Just get the hell out!”
Kuran glared at him “if you don’t push out I’ll fuck you dry”
Zero flushed and winced at the same time but he pushed out moaning in pain as another long finger entered him.
It felt incredibly strange to him and he writhed again and again in discomfort.
Their bodies were coated in sweat and their hair stuck to their faces.
Suddenly as those fingers stretched him they pressed against something that sent a shiver of spine tingling pleasure up Zero’s entire body.
He arched and moaned in pleasure.
Kuran made a noise of contentment when he found what he was looking for and he continued to move his fingers against Zero’s prostate.
He was surprised by finding himself enraptured by watching Zero move against his fingers, his cheeks flushed crimson his eyes squeezed shut and he was chewing his lip again, Kuran saw a bit of blood slip from the wound Zero had inflicted upon himself and leaned forwards catching those swollen red lips in a passionate kiss his fangs nicking Zero’s tongue and Kuran tasted the metallic flavour of blood as he sucked on the wet muscle.
Zero was pained to admit it but he could no longer deny himself this, those fingers inside him were driving him insane but he felt the need for something different. He pulled away form the kiss his hands leaving Kuran’s wrist and cupping his face, he was already embarrassed enough but he needed to voice this, so he stared hard into those crimson eyes and said “Kaname...i need you”
Those beautiful eyes widened in disbelief and Kuran bit his bottom lip, he stared at Zero as if he expected Zero to tell him it was joke.
The silence that followed frustrated Zero and he kissed Kuran violently then pulled back “dammit Kaname do i have to spell it out for you!?”
Kaname stared at him, and slowly their erotic play resumed as he moved forwards while at the same time his fingers retreated from his entrance.
Kaname kissed Zero gently and spread his thighs wide as he settled himself between them.
Zero kissed Kuran furiously and wrapped his arms around the pureblood’s neck.
Kuran backed out of the kiss to catch his breath “don’t do that, i might lose control”
Zero growled “i don’t care, take me now, and take me hard and fast”
Kuran shuddered violently at those words and kissed Zero again as he positioned himself at that wet rosy center and plunged deep into Zero.
Their cried were loud and vicious as they resumed their kiss immediately and Kuran moved in and out of Zero despite his breathless cries and moans.
Zero wrapped his legs around Kaname’s waist and met each thrust with one of his own.
Kuran felt himself slowly drown inside that tight wet heat as he moved slamming into Zero’s hotspot each time, their pleasure built and grew, suddenly they both felt a hot, shudder spread over their bodies leaving goose bumps in it’s wake and suddenly as they gazed into each other’s eyes moving in sync they could not resist reaching out and kissing again.
Zero came hard with one last thrust from and cried out burying his head in Kaname’s shoulder while the other continued to move inside him until he came within the half-blood.
Kuran fell back onto the covers taking Zero with him.
They both lay spent on Zero’s bed, Kaname stared at the ceiling, and Zero was falling asleep on him.
Kuran knew he should leave but Zero’s body was warm and accepting.
Kuran slipped out Zero and moved to the side to rest on the bed correctly, Zero sat up staring at him sleepily as Kuran rested his head on the pillows.
Kuran stared at him, Zero’s silver hair was fuzzy and askew, his silver eyes were droopy with sleepiness and lack of energy, his naked body pale in the moonlight.
He rubbed his eyes “why are you still here?” he asked yawning.
Kuran’s answer was a small smile as he sat up and took hold of Zero and pulled him into an embrace, he needed this person’s warmth for some reason. He couldn’t identify the reason he only knew that Zero was half asleep and wasn’t going to kill him.
He smirked as the half-blood snuggled into his embrace and he rested his chin on Zero’s head of silver hair allowing sleep to take him.

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