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Posted 10/18/08
Well I was going crazy trying to find the dub of this, but I couldn't because I live in the UK (the videos don't work here from the hosting websites) so I gave up and just watched it all Subbed, and man it was SO much better. I've seen clips of the dub and it's horrible.
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Posted 10/21/08
I would also like to know where I can find the dubed version at, all I can find is the first 4 episodes in english dub on xbox live market place . On the internet all I can find is it in sub form. So please some one help me out.

oh and one last thing its ridiculous how off topic this post has gotten, CraniessLibre just asked a simple question and all you idiots do is keep on fighting, who cares which ones better or not just answer the question, and if you don't know where to find the episodes keep your opinion to your self.
Posted 11/16/08
Xbox Live marketplace? Wow I would not of thought there.

Seriously though try the sub though it's alot better I think.
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Posted 12/2/08
Well most dubs are not as good in my opinion however there are definitely some really good ones I've seen ^_^
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Posted 12/17/08 , edited 12/17/08
gotta love the drama going on... anyways, I didn't know this had a dubbed version
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Posted 2/5/09
i watch dub when i don't want to read......that why i think that both are good.and ya this anime is the manga ending different?
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Posted 4/10/09
The anime was pretty good in dub. I enjoyed it plenty. I plan to read the manga, to see what difference between them all.
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Posted 6/30/09

SethHikara wrote:

lunargaze wrote:

I've grown used to subs and I am fully able to take in the detail of what's being watched. Dubs and subs don't have to be perfect as long as you get the idea of the plot and characters. And I've seen some subs from legal DVDs I've bought that have had some cruddy translations. I'm pretty on and off with dubs, but NHK's sub was really well. Also, fansubs actually does some industries some favors by increasing the popularity and getting more people interested in buying products relating to it. I think whoever here starts preaching that fansubs are wrong, should probably start explaining why they're on a site where most of the videos are uploaded by someone through copyright infringement anyway. -_-

Ooh! Chance time! I could go on all day about why fansubs are horrible.

Also if you ask why I'm on this site, its cause I love making fun of people like this.

Fansubs do absolutely shit to companies, they don't contribute anything back. In fact, most people won't even buy DVDs of anime after they've seen it on a fansub. Cause they already got it for FREE!

I also love the fact that you said DVD's have cruddy translations. Fansubs have the cruddy translations, its only a group of 2 or 3 people that translate. Whereas big companies have a whole team working on translations. If they can't get it, THEY ASK THE FUCKING CREATOR HIM/HERSELF WHAT IT MEANS. I think it would be funny if a fansubber went to a creator to ask what it means, cause then they get arrested, legal issues, court, etc, etc
...(in a later post)...One primary example is One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. The 3 biggest shounen titles currently on air. I'm pretty sure you've seen a lot of fansubs, but did you ever buy any DVD's yet? Because their series are so long, people haven't even bought any DVD's yet!

you know, if you want to get a point across, the absolute worst way to do it is by attacking someone else. If you are all preachy and violent, no one will take you seriously. That having been said, I first watched this series as a fansub, showed it to my friends, and now not only do I own it on DVD, but so do two of them (my friends). Without fansubs, nobody in the States would be able to grow to care enough to buy the DVDs. That goes for pretty much any anime I can think of. As for Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, the creators are milking the cash cow big time anyway, and I have no respect for companies that take advantage of their consumers. I mean, look at El Hazard: the creators of this series were able to coherently connect an enormous story in less than 10 episodes, with no filler (obviously) and no time wasted. The same could be said for shows like Claymore (a little less so, but still along the same lines), in which a series is actually only as long as it should be. I don't think any Naruto fans are happy about the 200+ episodes of inconsequential filler that it took to get to this point, nor are they too excited about the interminably slow pace at which events occur in the anime. The same exact thing could be said about Bleach, and although I haven't seen it, I'm sure One Piece is this way too. Thus, it seems that the "fansub system" in place lays a burden on the parasitic anime creators, while simultaneously assisting the noble ones. Thus, fansubs are the voice of the people, and in a very strange way exact justice.

In regards to fansubs being bad: who really gives a s**t anyway? The point of a fansub is not to make sure that the absolute best translation is avalable, it is to make sure that SOME KIND of translation is avalable. Anyway, without fansubs, how would American fans watch the anime as it was airing? They'd have to wait until afterward to buy the DVD's, and no fan really wants to wait that long.

On a final note, I loved it when you said "one primary example" and then listed three. Funny stuff, man.
Posted 5/10/10 , edited 5/10/10

just to say if you want to watch welcome to the nhk go to and search eminaloader

this is the account holder who has done up to ep 20, from then on you can use WelcomeToNHK

to go from 21 onwards with both accounts - all the episodes in english ! ( 1 ep = 3 parts )

im currently watching it here and it's great . . .
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Posted 11/3/10

happxbunny00 wrote:

Oh, hush. All of you. Where are the episodes?

I know! I want to know too!
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Posted 9/3/11
wow who knows if anyone would read this because I see these comments are from 2008 and its now 4 years later in 2011 but it sucks that ADV films is disbaned and the continuation of many anime not sure if this one has stopped being made *tear* but ahhhhhh
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