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Aryyyyyt it's crap to me now cuz its old lmao but yea... It's one of my first tries in writin something so critisize nicely :P

A sword flung up into the air with great velocity, plunging into the grass of the castle’s yard. Two knights faced each other, one on the ground weaponless, while the other pointing a short sword’s tip onto the other’s neck while holding a large sword on his right hand ready for another swing. Both wore the same armor but with different symbols on their weapons to represent their family and nobility.

He helped the other knight rise from the ground with an echoing laugh within his helm, then took it off and revealed his short dark brown hair, messed up by the helm but his well defined face showed happiness towards his dear friend. “That was a great spar Rollan, there’s no one out there who can match me evenly but you.” he said. His friend removed his helm as well and let out a laugh, “you are too humble my friend. Even I know that your superior talents exceed mine. I am glad you are not my enemy, Ace.” Rollan said with a smile.

Later that afternoon Ace took a short stroll around the city of Vincrastine, also known as the largest and most feared human army in Graduria: Known to be the only humans to create the best blade weapons known as swords; which have not been tested in actual combat yet. During his stroll he noticed a lady drop her basket of kitchen wares. He quickly raised his palm towards the basket and unleashed negative gravity around it to lighten its weight. After helping the lady re pack the utensils he bowed and received thanks, then went on his way.

Coming home to inhale the sweet scent of his wife’s home cooked. He removed his armor and donned his noble clothes. With a gentle kiss onto his wife’s forehead then a tap of their lips together, he finished his greetings and sat on the table with her. Amazed by his late lunch, he quickly dug in and began to eat his fill. “Do you really have to go to Rawooluden, honey?” she said with a very concerned tone, then he paused his intense urge to chew and looked directly at her with a sad expression, then continued to move his jaw with a nod. “But why? Why must we keep allegiance with such a proud and rude race? They think we are of lower beings. And why must you lead the front lines?” she continued.

With a large gulp from swallowing his food and drinking water, he let out a sigh then began to scratch his head from uneasiness, then replied “it was orders from the vice, and he is second to the king, which gives him authority over me. If I do not go, then I will be seen to not have honored our city. Plus, honey, I am the strongest warrior in Vincrastine, maybe even Graduria. I will not perish by the hands of Luuns.” his wife narrowed her brows with slight annoyance, then said “but Luunginik is on water surface, it’s a moving surface on top of the sea. The Rawools were foolish enough to fight them on water using boats! What can knights do better?” he quickly stood up and walked behind her, engulfing his wife in his gentle arms as she began to slightly tear from her emotions. “Don’t worry Jrien, I love you too much to even think of dying. Even if I do not come back, my love for you will soon rise from your belly. And I am sure our child will give you eternal happiness.” he said, placing his warm hand on her slightly bulged belly. “Just promise me you will return. Neither leg nor arm will be lost, but if you do my love for you will never change.” she stood and returned the hug to him, “I promise.” he assured her.

The next morning, a festival was held. All the knights rode their mounts in lines of five, in the middle of the road where their families and friends waved their farewells and praying for their safe return. He turned to the roof of his upcoming house not too far away to see his wife, accompanied by Rollan‘s.

Rollan hopped from behind to his side, then nudged him with his knuckles and smiled. “Are you sure you want to leave your wife all alone? You were married barely four months ago.” he said. Ace looked at him with a raised brow and laughed. “You too are leaving your wife alone. And you were married almost the same time, barely four months ago. So shut up and ride with me!” they reached the gates and began to speed towards the coast, where they will meet the gold elves, the allies that called upon their help.

* * * * *

At the waters of Lunkrypak, a vast number of boats with five gold elves on each are approaching the moving city of Luunginik. The larger vessel not far behind the front lines were in panic, a messenger from another boat boarded them and spoke to the superior wearing the cape and said “Commander Rufrein sir! Reinforcements from Vincrastine have yet to come. It might be wise to keep our distance, said captain Hurian.” the commander of the fleet smacked the soldier over the side of his head and smashed him onto the side of the room and yelled at an angered tone “Fool! Do not question my strategies. We may be on their domain, but our mages can summon lightning. They cannot attack from the bottom!” just as he finished his speech, the sound of battle horns rang, creating panic amongst the small vessels. Rufrein quickly went outside to see what was happening.

Approaching with great speed from the opposing city was the frill necks, tall and slithery dark green. Their scales strong as their bronze armor; thin as coconut trees, with their long arms and legs carrying a spear in each hand, and ten more lined up on their back as spare. They moved gracefully side to side as they used their webbed feet and leg strength to propel themselves to run on top the water surface. The elf mages, intimidated, quickly began to cast their lightning spells. But before they could act, frill necks plunged from within the water, landed one for each boat and pierced the elves like shiskabob on a long metal pole. In a span of seconds hundreds of the small vessels were sunk, and those that managed to cast, hit nothing, for the frills have already left the water, and those that ran on it merely jumped for a split second until the lightning surge in the water faded.

A fierce but loosing battle was fought by the elves against the frill necks on the water surface. The large webby talons of their long skinny hands easily ploughed through unarmored wizards. The strength of their impenetrable round frill of hard skin that attached to their neck blocked every possible attack; both magic and sharp edges could scratch it. Their speed and maneuver on top and in the water was unmatched by the land creatures, which gave a really bad disadvantage for the elves. The commander quickly ordered his fleet to retreat, but it was too late, and even he, was on the hands of a frill neck general, with his vessel already halfway down the water.

* * * * *

After two weeks on their mount, they finally arrived at the great country of Rawooluden. A small fleet of golden armored elves welcomed them at the large gold gates. A tall and largely armored woman stepped from within the ranks and saluted Ace by motioning her right arm across her chest with fist closed except the middle and index finger as it touched the left side of his neck where his symbol was. Ace returned the greeting but instead pointed onto his sword’s hilt beside his neck. “I am General Andúnë Ciryatan. The army from Zibbia is already in the castle’s hall. Dismount and follow Me.” said Andúnë.

Large golden gates swooped inwards revealing the glimmering halls of the castle. “This is the halls of Círdan, within our great castle, Carnesîr.” said Andúnë with pride echoing from her helm. A middle aged man wearing silver armour plated onto black chain mail robe and pants. Beside him, a tall young warrior wearing the same armours and symbol on their shin, but with a helm that resembles great power. “I am General Borasco Fluvial, and this be my son Gayle. From the land of Zibbia.” said the middle aged old man with a smile, lending out a hand. Ace quickly shook it respectively then replied “General Ace Stronguy. From the land of Vincrastine.” he smiled back.

After the two human armies were introduced to each other, general Andúnë walked to the podium and faced both generals with their armies behind them. “The Luunginik has troubled our kin for over 300 years. Their rule over the water makes us unable to defeat them. Otherwise we would have not called upon your strength today. A large fleet of wizards foolishly entered battle a week ago expecting your arrival. Those soldiers died in the hands of their vile legion.” the elves behind her lowered their heads releasing their long golden hair from their helm which they placed on their chests. “But this time we are prepared. And we, will win!” the Elven soldiers roared with great tempo. Their loud screams pulled the humans into it as well. “We launch our full forces within a week!” she roared once more, and the crowd screamed with all their lungs.

* * * * *

Sparks exploded excessively upon contact. Blade to blade, hilt to pole, and the two generals danced gracefully in their battle of strength. Andúnë flipped back with her left arm while keeping a tight grip on her halberd. Ace was pushed spinning back with both his swords held out. “Not bad human. Your reputation as the strongest human warrior in Graduria cannot be denied.” Andúnë removed her helm, revealing a smile on her smooth and beautiful features. Ace did the same, though not as good looking, he replied with a smile “I thank your praise. But you are mistaken about something.” Andúnë raised a brow continuing to smile, “oh and what mistake is that?” she asked. “I am not the strongest human warrior in Graduria.” he bowed low. “Then who is?” she asked again. “Rollan Maestro. The best warrior under my command.” he spun the smaller sword on his right and dragged the large one directly behind him. “Then what does that make you?” she laughed. He winked at her with a grin and replied. “The best darn musician in Graduria.” upon his last word, her halberd seared towards him. The magical rod that held its blade had the power to extend. Ace quickly shifted his weight to the right, and then dashed towards Andúnë. She quickly retracted her weapon with a spinning leap back. During the leap her halberd struck his short sword, and upon land the broad sword struck her pole. The force of the large weapon slid her crashing onto the wall heavily. Even with the halberd slicing through the ground as well as her fingers, the speed was not decreased.

Before she could recover from the hit, his short sword was already pointed to her neck. The smile never left ace, his pride grew even more, knowing he have just defeated the strongest elf in Rawooluden. Gasping heavily, Andúnë tried to smile, uneasy about the loss, pride slowly diminishing, she took his arm as he pulled her up and said “I do not doubt your words Ace. You were toying with me from the start. And you have yet to sing.” Ace shook his head slowly, keeping his happy gesture. “My music is meant only to kill enemies, not to harm a comrade.” and with that, he turned and made his way to the barracks.

The large wooden doors swung open before Ace as he stepped in. shortly after, Andúnë also entered the facility. Her respect for ace has risen, all she wants to do now is observe and fight alongside the strongest musician, hoping to someday be one. Borasco greeted ace with a flying dual sided hatchet. Ace quickly peered to the side and drew his shorts word faced to his back and charged forward. Borasco gave him a large smirk then picked up two large double sided hatchets and rushed forward as well. The two axe blades smashed from the top heavily on to the short sword. Strong surges of wind emanated from the axes as Borasco hummed a tune, which forced Ace to close his eyes. Seeing the weakened defences, Borasco quickly launched his boot on Ace’s chest and seared him through the combat dummies. Ace quickly recovered humming his own tune, using his gravity to float in mid air he stood vertically on the wall and pushed himself back to Borasco. This time, he drew his broad sword from his back, holding it facing down, while the short sword facing forward. Before the axes would strike again he impaled the ground with the large sword and swung him forward. Borasco’s swing missed horribly, but moved back in time to dodge the sword. If it was any longer his armour would’ve been penetrated and struck on his heart.

Following his move, Ace released the sword from the floor. A large chunk of the ground remained on the sword, which he used to throw at the wind general. Borasco quickly focused his energy onto his axes and swung once with a loud hum, using the wind to slice it in two. But before the rock parted from itself, Ace’s head struck it, causing it to shatter. The debris confused Borasco, and before he knew it the broad sword’s flat surface had swatted him from mid air and through the barrack walls. Andúnë laughed slightly at the futile attempt of Borasco. “Alright I give up!” he pleaded while struggling to get up. Ace smiled at him while holding his arm out “good fight sir!” Borasco took his hand out of respect, embarrassed for his loss. “I thought I have won after singing one of my strongest lyrics. You did not even sing at all and I was beaten.” Borasco forced himself to laugh. “My hymn is not used against comrades. But next I feel your intent to kill me, I will really strike you down.” he kept the smile, but his words firm.

Rollan stepped in the barracks shortly after. “Hey Ace how about a duel?” Ace sighed, then turned to him and said “ask these two generals man I want to have some training time too.” The two generals sat on each side by ace, trying to meditate with him. Rollan shook his head with a palm on his face.

* * * * *

Ace’s presence raised the whole army’s prowess within that week of preparation. Within three days he taught soldiers the best way to parry and dodge, and how to be more creative in the midst of battle. The Zibbians mounted their large falcons, while the vincs marched the lead boats off with the mages and other warriors behind them.

The two armies faced each other at last. The Luuns stood in their rafts around their floating wooden castle. New faces intrigued them; they have never seen humans in so long. And to be on the front lines. They grinned and laughed at the mere presence of lower beings. Lower than the elves the humans were depicted. Ace returned the grin to them, and drew his weapons along with a command “Instruments ready!” and every soldier in his command drew their weapons. The mages prepared their spells of warding and supportive enchantments.

After moments of long silence, the battle horns echoed across the ocean. The water suddenly became calm, as though the wind halted in the midst of the two armies. With their singers voicing the enchantment of anti gravitational spheres, the vincs leaped out of their boats and began running atop water. The Luuns, fazed by the scene of not being the only ones on water hesitated, but pressed on. Before the two armies collided, Ace quickly raised his broad swords and yelled “Jump!” and with that the army behind him leaped up. His broad sword pierced the waters and created an electrical surge through the water. The Luuns anticipated the attack and leaped as well. But Ace also anticipated the dodge and his second sword were already raised into the air. He called upon the lightening from the sky and struck a large portion of them in mid air. Before the vile army could recover from the shock, double sided hatchets rained from above them. Their round armoured gills quickly faced up and were struck. Their gills to be known physically and magically the strongest shields in Graduria. Impenetrable by both magic and strength. But the hatchets enchantment was not to strike head on. Blades made of wind were pulled from the other side of the blade, creating a current that struck them from behind.

The first wave of Luuns annihilated, the elves was struck in awe. They did not even make their move and yet the first wave that took out their whole battalion in the previous skirmish was dealt with in less than a minute of encounter.

The second wave began their march now. Running on the water with great speed, not even lightning could hit them now. Their gills generated a force field that surrounded their whole body. Ace knew of this from the elves and began running towards them with his army behind. The third wave had also begun, swimming in a curved direction from bellow to sear straight up in the middle of their ranks. The two armies roared in confrontation. Before the main clash, Ace once again foresaw their actions and echoed a whistle. His army split into two, leaving a large gap. Not long after the split the Luuns from below seared up. And with each frill neck leaping from within the water, a Zibbian lunged from above and encountered them.

The two armies collided head to head in an explosion of bodies. Corpses flung in every direction. Parts of bodies seared into the sky like debris from a shattering castle. Arrows from the Elven archers on their boats launched a legion of arrows. The sky was covered in flaming darkness. The arrows were on fire yet the sky was swallowed in its shadow. The ranks behind the Luuns were pierced where they could not shield with their frill. The Luuns moral began decreasing. The intimidation from the new army terrified them.

Ace smiled alongside his comrades as they hacked the ranks of Luuns. Their shield could only block so many times, and they need to close their frill to attack with their claws and spears. But the battle was too easy, he thought to himself. If it had been this easy, the elves would’ve annihilated them decades ago.

Before he could come up with a conclusion, two large Luuns seared from above the small ones. Their size ranged from 15 to 20 feet tall, their tails twice as long with large spearheads attached to it. Their claws long as swords. They wore no armour but their frill covered their entire body like their own skin. He quickly echoed a whistle towards Andúnë, Rollan, and Borasco. The four looked at each other, even Andúnë was surprised. She leaped from the crowd as well as Rollan and Borasco, and then spoke in a very intimidated tone “I have only heard about these creatures in the oldest manuscripts. I did not expect them to exist.” Ace raised a brow and turned to the large Luuns. “What the hell are they?” He said bravely trying to hide his fear. “They are the reason we call that large castle, Luunginik. Ginik is what we call them. It means impenetrable beast.” she stuttered, arms shaking in fear. “No big. We can take them.” he smiled at the three, and then continued. “You three take the left, I’ll take the right.” they looked at him with narrowed eyes in disbelief. “Trust me.” they nodded at him, and the four seared from the water creating a large splash.

Ace met the Ginik right away. The large beast laughed at his size then seared a fist full of claws at him. He knew this fight was really serious so he quickly sang a note. He returned his short sword into its scabbard and placed a palm on the launched arm. Gravity emanated from within his hand and surged into the beasts attack, making it extremely heavy. Then he swung his large blade downwards into the beast’s crotch. The Ginik smiled again “that’s a nice trick you got there.” said the beast. Ace noticed an attack behind, but barely dodged and was struck on the back of his right thigh. A spearhead had pierced through him. He suppressed the pain and freed himself from it and fell towards the water. He quickly recovered and bounced back up. The Ginik did the same and met him in mid air. This time the Ginik enable an anti magic barrier with its frill and the gravity was no longer working. Ace worked hard parrying and dodging attacks with an injured leg.

In the mean time, Rollan, Borasco, and Andúnë struggled as well. All their attacks and effort became useless to the Ginik’s impenetrable skin. Andúnë being injured the most from hesitation, and Rollan with a broken arm. Borasco managed to dodge every attack with his agility but have made no attempt to attack.

The Luun’s morale came back up as they saw their fiercest warriors defeating the best of the elves and humans. Their army began pushing back once again. All three armies began getting scared seeing these large creatures, and beating their generals. After letting their guard down the Luuns began searing from within the water below the boats like the previous war. Though prepared because of Ace’s instructions, some still fell instantly to it.
The war went on for a whole day, and the loss has been equal. Ace fought his hardest to stay alive, mostly dodging and parrying but he knew he could not keep up much longer. He kicked off the beast and blocked a claw with his arm. He tried to punch but his fist was caught in the monster’s mouth. Then an idea came into his head. He quickly sang a high pitched note, generated lightning through his arm and shocked the internal organs of the Ginik. And he did not stop there; he held onto the head tightly and increased the power of the electricity until all its organs exploded and the beast dead. The large corpse fell into the ocean and began to sink. Ace landed onto the surface of the water softly and picked up his gravity enchanted blade floating on the water. He panted heavily, then sat down and rested while his soldiers surrounded him as a shield. After a few minutes of rest he stood back up and looked for the three.

When he found them he saw Andúnë being carried by one of his men, heavily injured and lost an arm. While Rollan and Borasco still in combat. Before he could act, he saw Gayle, Borasco’s son, sear into the beast and dug his gauntlets into the Ginik’s chest. The monster seared into the ocean like a rock from a catapult. The Ginik recovered quickly and launched itself back. Before he could make it to the battle, Gayle has already dealt with the beast with his fist in its mouth. “Good job kid! You figured it out as well.” the three looked at the two warriors that defeated the most feared creatures of the ocean. “How did you kill it? It cannot die from stuffing a gauntlet in the mouth can it?” Andúnë asked in awe. “I generated a large amount of carbon dioxide into its body and suffocated It.” replied Gayle. “What about you my friend?” asked Rollan, still panting. “I stuffed my fist in its mouth as well. But I generated lightning into it’s organs until it exploded.” he smiled, placing a palm on Gayle’s shoulder. “You did a good job there kid.” he turned to the battle field, then continued “Lets end this!”

The tide of the battle changed back to their victory. One of the Luun commanders stepped out of the battlefield and kneeled before the king at the very back giving orders. “Sire our Giniks have been slayed, we cannot survive this battle any longer!” the Luun king spat on the water and stared straight at Ace and Gayle. His fierce jaws locked, with his teeth revealing wildly.

Ace sheathed his short sword and placed his large blade behind him as a stance. Andúnë had the soldiers tie the rest of what was left of her left arm with cloth tightly, and placed the spear on her shoulder. Before they could act, a Zibbian messenger arrived from the sky and leaped down. Ace quickly placed an anti gravity sphere on the water’s surface to keep the scout a place to land. The soldier’s face held the most horrid expression known to them, his voice stuttered before he even spoke. “The… Rawooluden… Under attack! Twanarru!” the four stared at the scout with their jaws hung down. Dumbstruck, and in fear, even the great Ace, paralyzed enough to let his magic fade. Everyone around him without their own gravity enchantment fell into the water.

The Luun king roared in an echoing chant through the ocean all around. At the same time, Ace and Borasco yelled for their retreat back to Rawooluden. Andúnë was first in her vessel. But speed was the key at this point. Ace and his army ran passed the slow rafts and boats that the elves have been using. While the Zibbian raced the sky on their mounts as quick as possible, both sides, win or loose, the battle field was left desolate.

The Zibbians, being the first to arrive, almost broke down in tears. Once it was called the greatest and most beautiful country in Graduria. As they descended with great speed, they could not help but notice the flames that engulfed every building. From the easiest to burn, to the hardest, everything was ablaze. Bodies of every size, children to old folks lay dead. Carnage roamed the great city of Rawooluden. Twanarru: also known as pig orcs, with their pig like snouts and large hairy bodies, their tusks fiercely sharp. Their very race alone roamed the lands now.

The sight of the large flying mounts caused them to squeal at the presence of raw flesh. The Zibbians leaped from their mounts while it dove forward with great speed each landing heavily unto one Twan, killing it instantly. This time the battle was different. They could now sing, the Twans had no frills to defend them from magic, which the humans called songs. The singers that dropped last begun chanting their hymns, their voices guided the wind, making it howl and blow fiercely. Their soldiers with enchanted axes leaped forward with rage into the countless legions. Borasco and Gayle fought side by side, swinging their weapons swiftly and precisely.

Their might was great, but their numbers were too few. Merely below five hundred against more than fifty thousand Twans, It was not too long until their ranks were smashed down. By the time Ace and his other five hundred arrived, most of the Zibbians were already obliterated. Not being able to see the city from the sky limited his sympathy, but his rage was all the same. Their charge shook the earth and created fissures with each step. They swoop into the Twan ranks like a sandstorm in the middle of a rain forest.

Both weapons drawn he worked his way towards the Zibbians as fast as he could. He caught sight of Borasco and his son, and to his disbelief he saw no other Zibbian standing. His strides grew wider, his speed faster. Rollan tried his best to keep up, as well as the rest of the soldiers. But mistakably they were too focused on rescuing the Zibbians than watching themselves. Slowly they were picked off from the sides and began diminishing in numbers. To his horror and grief, he screamed in an outburst of energy. His eyes fixed on Gayle, as a large orc dug his tusk into the young man’s back, his father on the ground helplessly under its huge hooves. Ace lifted his large blade from the ground and seared it through the ranks and struck the Twan commander by the throat. Impaled and breathless, the large beast fell. Borasco pushed himself up and held his son.

With all hopes lost, surrounded by a legion they were not prepared to face. The Vincrastine soldiers fought their hardest. Though small in numbers, their large but light weapons, along with their gravity wards gave them the upper hand. But even with their might, the power of the strongest nation’s elite fleet. Once again their numbers were far too different. As the time passed their soldiers depleted, with every ten Twans slain, fifty more followed. When the savage beasts saw the boats and rafts with Rawooluden’s symbols, they retreated. But by then it was too late, all that was left in the battle field was Borasco, Ace, and Rollan. Andúnë ran passed them with great speed. The Elven army dashed with great haste after the Twans. Though their physical stature is the best of all races, the Twans were long gone even before they docked. The battle was won and lost.

Ace stood at the highest tower of the remains of Rawooluden that night. Alongside Andúnë grasping what was left of her dominant left arm. Those within the city’s bounds were the only who knew of that day’s events. The elves were too prideful to send news to the other countries of their defeat. Not only did the Twans murder their kin, no corpses of any female Rawools were found. The strongest soldiers, as well as the large majority of the Rawools males were sent off to battle the Luuns. And because of that the city’s defenses had been reduced greatly. The only occupants of the city at the time were only females.

The wind whistled passed Andúnë’s long pointy ears. The Sprinkles of her tears sparkled in the light of the moon as it rode the wind. Each Rawool found their own solemn ground, where they feel most comfortable to let their sadness take the best of them. They were not permitted to commit suicide, for their numbers were already little. Out of seventy four thousand soldiers sent to the Luuns, only around nine hundred were females. Amongst the elves, females were honored as government leaders, meant to think while the males fought in their stead. Though there were few that stood over many and became great warriors, now they are forced to bear children with or without likeness of it.

The two stood above the tower for hours contemplating many things. Ace hammered his fist into his palm a few times thinking of what difference he could have done better. “Even if you trap yourself in the ruins of the past, nothing will come of it.” said Andúnë solemnly staring into the sky. “At least you still have your wife in your country who awaits your return. For all of us in battle today, we have left our family behind. To come back and find them missing or murdered.” she continued. Ace waved his left arm over the tip of the tower and hacked it away then stood before her eyes with an angry glare. His jaws tightened in rage holding his mouth. Though he was angry he was calm enough to think before he spoke, then replied to her comment and said “I know your loss were far greater than mine. But those soldiers I have lost today were my most loyal brothers. I respected them as much as they did me, no other comrades in my country shall ever give me as much honor than they ever bestowed upon Me.” an angry expression quickly developed on her face, softly placing her palm on his chest. Suddenly, she pushed him back “You still have Rollan! Your wife! Your child!” she yelled, her lungs almost failing from the volume. She turned away from him and walked a few pace away, then turned to him again and continued “I may still have my soldiers, but none honor me more than a commander. In my society, the only friends, comrades you have, are your family. My child was barely born seven months!” Ace shrugged and kept quiet, understanding her feelings. “I’m very sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking.” he bowed to her and sat on the ledge. She followed beside him soon after, then said “In our society… It’s either you fight, or you lead. Only one of every couple may choose one job. I chose to fight, he chose to lead.” he turned to her with a smile, “little do you know, that you have done both. You lead the army, and fought your best to defend them. And if they did not honor you, they would not have charged blindly towards enemies that have defeated your race in war for many centuries. Do not think so negatively my friend. They honor you more than you could ever think.” he said, resting his left elbow on the risen left leg while the other hung down the ledge.

The next afternoon, after they realized Borasco has disappeared. Ace and Rollan met with Andúnë and her soldiers at the tore up front gate. Ace placed a palm on her shoulder with a large smile. “Lead them well, Rawooluden’s fate lays in your decision now, Queen Andúnë.” she smiled back, and then replied “You have my deepest gratitude. For helping in our victory, and sacrificing everything you had to protect what was already lost. I will cherish your words that spoke true in my heart, and I will one day return the favor to you.” he raised a brow and snickered. “Favor? A sister of mine does not need to compensate for my help.” he turned and began making his way to Rollan. “And as your sister.” her voice halted his next step, and then she continued “You will come to me if you are ever troubled. What, when, where, and why ever it may be I will come to your aid. We all will.” her army saluted upon her last word in unison. And with that, the two set off towards their homeland.

* * * * * *

After a long journey through the northern paths of Graduria, the two warriors finally arrived at the gate of their great city. They turned to each other at the unwelcoming looks of the citizens. As if they were not recognized anymore. They left their mounts at the stables and headed to the town square. To their amazement it was empty, something was terribly wrong. He eyed Rollan to make haste home and check his wife, and then he did the same and began making his way home.

Upon his arrival, he noticed a large change in the house. It seemed barely used and rarely cleaned. He found his wife lying in bed in tears. He quickly dashed to her side with his arms around her, “What is wrong my dear?” his presence shocked her speechless. Her eyes never left his, and for a long moment she stared motionless while he shook her for answers.

The room’s door suddenly burst open, a large man stepped in with a huge smile on his face. His golden robes, curly perm hair, and shiny jewels resembled only one thing, he was the Vice. The look from the burly man aroused the suspicion in Ace’s mind. The vice was very shocked indeed. “Ace? I thought you perished in the war?” he already began back tracking his way to the front door without turning away. “What do you mean perished in the war?” Ace raised his brow “Word went around very fast, everyone knows about the fall of Rawooluden.” the Vice’s voice stuttered greatly, as well as the sweat the overflowed from his cheeks. “Word? The Rawools did not send a single message out to the world about the incident. Nor did anyone get close to the city to learn of the news.” Ace raised his voice. And with that soldiers from outside quickly rushed in, giving the vice a chance to run away.

With his weapons drawn, surrounded by soldiers in and outside of his home, he waited patiently for answers. His wife cried even louder. His mind clouded with questions, answers that needed to be told. All he could think of at the moment was why. “Get out of my way!” he demanded with a flinch, causing the soldiers closest to him to step back. “They have taken your child! The vice sent you to a suicide mission so he could have his way with me!” Jrien yelled out loud. Before she could say more a soldier closest to her swung his weapon and struck her. “Shut your mouth woman!” the soldier whispered as he reeled his sword back for another sweep. Blood splattered all over the room from the first strike alone, her wound was critical and another hit could cause her death. Ace acted quickly and slew the soldier with his short sword through the throat, then spun around swinging his large blade and decapitating the rest of the soldiers near him.

He quickly rushed to Jrien’s side and held her up to his chest, “what have they done! What have we done to deserve this humiliation!” he screamed around him. She placed her bloody palm on his face, coughed out blood, and began to speak. But before her voice could reach his ears an arrow seared from outside and struck her neck, then another through her temple. His jaws locked in an O, his screams could not even leave passed his lips at this point. His heart was torn down the moment he witnessed his most beloved person slain right by his chest. He slowly placed her onto the crimson bed that it became. His armor, not even fixed from the previous war, was now again stained in blood. The room lay in a mess.

His raging scream generated a shock wave within fifteen meters around him causing the soldiers to fall from their feet. Before the soldiers could react, lightning from the tips of his fingers struck and cooked them within their metallic armor. The others that did manage to get close enough fell victim to his gravitational aura, which made even the tips of the strand of hair on their head, weigh a ton. Their bodies sunk to the ground in a bloody mess. Their metal armor flat as paper, their muscles and bones either shattered or liquidized. He went berserk.

He began walking the street with great pace while singing a loud tune using his voice. His eyes each with a different color, one the same as the Vincrastine, the color of grey, the other, color of dark yellow. As he advanced towards the castle, guards came flowing endlessly from it. Arrows clouded the skies all around him, but his gravity pulled them to and through the ground before they can reach a reasonable range. Unfortunate soldier’s fell prey to the arrows. And like before, those that got too close was engrossed in so much weight that they flatten to the ground almost instantly. His presence called bolts of lightning from the sky and from his hands which struck hundreds of those around him. Civilian or not, he did not have remorse. The whole city was in panic, but by the time anyone knew what was going on they have already been struck down, or crushed by the debris of their home.

His arrival at the castle was halted by ten armored knights, the same armor he wore. They were his apprentices. “General Ace! What is wrong?” one of his subordinates yelled from a closer distance, using his own gravity to slightly nullify the weight. Ace smiled at him then strengthened his voice and crushed the man. The rest of the apprentices prepared them selves and began singing their own songs. “Pathetic…” Ace whispered, then through the sound of beats he composed in his head by pounding his swords together and producing a thick beam of lightning through it. The surge of electricity struck the apprentices one by one, turning their armor to charcoal and frying their flesh to the bones.

The throne entrance exploded in large chunks that struck the large pillars by the king’s chair. He entered slowly staring straight at the throne. The king, dumbstruck and in fear, slowly shook his head while pleading for his life “please… no… The Vice is not here! He’s at the halls of kings. Spare my life!” the king bowed before him with tears. “So you know what this is about?” Ace spat on the king’s face. “Why have he done this. Answer me!” he demanded with an angry glare. “He was very fond of your wife, as of every man in the city… Even before you were married… He knew that the Rawools were to be wiped out during the war with the loons. So he sent you and your men only to be killed while he was to take your wife for his own.” said the king, with his hands together and on his knees. “If that was all that is, then why did my wife get killed in my presence today? Why must my wife be killed? My forgiveness was not impossible to attain!” he yelled into the king’s face. “Your wife rejected him countless times. He offered the country, great wealth, protection. But she said that you are all she needs, nothing more, nothing less. He was enraged so he forced himself upon her. Not knowing you would come back today; he sent a group of soldiers to slay her for treason.” Ace’s fist struck the ground beside the king, shattering it. Face to face, within kissing range, he stared right into the king’s eyes. “Why didn’t you stop it?” he asked calmly. “Ace… You know that I am only king because the Vice ordered me to. He decides everything, I am just for show!” and with the king’s final words, Ace’s large blade seared from his back and split the king in half. He walked out of the castle dripping in blood.

As he stepped out the castle began crumbling from its own weight. The debris did not even bounce, mostly crumbling into dust. Every step he descended the stair became smooth, his hums gradually becoming louder. His eyes fixed onto the four towers, where his target hides.

The sweet melody of his voice calmed the dying civilians within their homes, either flattened or crushed. The house within his aura’s radius was nothing but wet red dust now. When he reached the middle of the city, his grin only grew larger. The entire Vincrastine army filled a quarter of the city, created a path of which he was now in, surrounded. More apprentices descended upon him this time, one with the symbol of the Maestro’s special bodyguards pointed a palm at his already halted state. “Move no further. Even the strongest Concert master in all of Graduria cannot withstand the strongest Orchestra itself.” The man’s voice slightly trembled as he spoke those words. “Oh really? And how do you expect to play an orchestra without a concert master?” Ace shot back with a glare and a smile. And with those words every soldier took their stance creating a wave of stomps to echo in the dusty sky. Ace would be picking his nose if he was any more bored. He paced back to gain balance, keeping a firm grip on both weapons he pointed them down.

Ace turned his gaze towards the sky, another barrage of arrows. He slowly shook his head in disgust, “Again with this?” he sighed. The arrows failed to reach, only to dig deep into the ground around him. He looked at their somewhat commander and shrugged, smiled, then charged “My turn!” with a small leap he slapped his blades onto his heels generating lightning into his nerves temporarily enhancing his physical ability on his legs. His speed reached a velocity none of them could fathom. Before any of the unsuspecting soldiers could move their heads were already sky bound. Blood and limbs scattered everywhere, their silver armor turned red from the thickness of death that plagued their presence. With every trail of blood came a delay of heavy gravity which flattened everything in its path, dead or alive.

Once his leg enhancement was over he had already taken out half the army. The sight before them caused each and every person still alive to tremble, most dropping their weapons in surrender. Most of them have never known Ace to have a second hymn, that he was a half breed. Ace made his way back to the commander, whom he left without arms or legs but kept alive enough to be able to chat. “It seems the greatest orchestra in Graduria cannot function without their concert master.” Ace said with a large evil smile. “You ARE our concert master! You traitor!” the general coughed his last words before the vicious large blade separated his head from his body. “It wasn’t I who betrayed you, it was all of you who betrayed me.” He raised his head and looked around, “You all shall pay for your sins. None shall escape until they atone to me… No one.” He spat on the ground turning quickly to castrate two incoming soldiers.

He walked a slow and steady pace this time. With the soldiers realizing the aura has been put down they quickly came rushing in. Ace did not need an aura to defend him; he pivoted and slashed with grace. His movements as if a dance of death, each stroke of his arm created art, blood stayed in mid air from the light gravity he now used as an aura. His weapons light as a leaf, his movement swift and precise; he did not miss a single strike.

He caught a glimpse from the tower, his prey, his nemesis. He could only bite his bottom lip to hold his rage. Patience was upon him now, the deed was done and regret will only set him back. He knew thinking of the past will only slow him down, make him weaker. All that was in his head now, was blood, anger, and revenge. He quickened his pace causing large amount of limbs to sear up and stay up. Both ground and air filled with blood and scattered body parts. At this point the soldiers have already stopped their pursuit. And then he reached his destination.

The door along with a part of the wall it was bound to flew in different directions as Ace strode in confidently. Soldiers that had no idea what happened outside came rushing down to meet their doom by the edge of his sword. With every step closer to the Vice, five soldiers roll down in pieces. His rage fully calmed, his movements filled with grace and smoothness. His laugh echoed through the great halls, the enjoyment he had never found slaying so many of his own kind, surfaced from his inner desires.

The door from the main chamber opened normally, he entered as a normal person would, leaving a pile of dead bodies just outside, closing it softly. His eyes quickly narrowed at the Maestro. Holding two ropes from both sides of the large room, each rope held an infant by the leg up side down hanged over a pipe over a large pot of boiling magma. The rush of adrenaline quickly overtook Ace, rage raising his blood pressure. “Why must you do these things? What have I ever done to deserve this?” Ace called out with a roar. “What have you done? You have taken the only woman alive that could’ve ever made me happy.” The Vice shot back. “Are you an idiot? What kind of lame excuse is that?” he stepped forward for a charge, but the Maestro let go of both ropes, quickly gaining his grip as a warning, causing Ace to halt. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. One of these is yours, the other mine. You can save one of them, or you can let them die. Either way you will get the fight you so desire.” The man laughed, and so did Ace. “Why don’t you try it!” he leaped forward, both blades pointed forward. The maestro quickly released the ropes, but all it did was cause them to float. Before the Vice could act with his own spell the smaller blade had already pinned him into the wall, both children safely in Ace’s arm.

Ace noticed Rollan’s wife outside with a broken leg, limping towards the gates gazing upon the tower. He tossed both children using an anti gravitational barrier to prevent a harsh fall towards her. She turned to them with surprise, quick to catch. “Take them and leave the city as far as you can!” Ace yelled, then continued “My son!” his tone withered, “Live a happy life.” He turned from the window and closed it shut.

He was quick to return to business, “You shall pay for your sins.” He positioned his large blade at the Vice’s neck. “Please Ace. Spare me. I will give you riches beyond anything. I will crown you king. I will forget everything that you have done this day. Just please… spare my life.” The Vice pleaded with short breath each word. Ace grabbed him by the head and raised it “you’ve already taken everything from me. I need nothing more, but your death.” The large blade heaved back as Ace reeled his arm back for a strike. Rollan suddenly burst into the room throwing a knife. Ace was quick to parry.

The two stared at each other for a long moment, then Rollan began moving closer “Ace what have you done? I would’ve pleaded for your cause. I would’ve helped you kill the Vice, but why everyone else?” Rollan sighed. “Everyone… You mean friends, family, and civilians?” Ace spat with a laugh, then continued “I had no family. And our friends perished in Rawooluden.” His blade struck the Vice, severing head from body. “And this man!” he held the head towards Rollan’s dumbstruck expression. “Took EVERYTHING else I held dead away from me.” His eyes began to tear.

Rollan drew his blades as he got closer; Ace tossed the head to the ground with great disgust. “I’m sorry Ace, for my country, and family. For my wife, and my future kid, for the future of Vincrastine, I must slay you.” Rollan spoke softly. The two leaped forward crashing into each other with an explosion of dust and debris. The tower they were in completely collapsed at their first swing alone. Rollan seared from within the smoke into the flat, bloody, dusty pavement at the center of the city, creating a large crater with the impact. Ace followed with both blades in hand, reeled over his head followed up with a downward slash. Rollan quickly rolled back to dodge, bouncing up with a right arm thrust. Ace quickly stepped to his right with the large blade behind him by his right and his left parrying the thrust. Rollan quickly countered with a kick at the hilt of the large blade, and then a knee aimed for Ace’s temple. The great warrior ducked from the searing leg and let go of his large blade to twirl in mid air with his own kick, but missing Rollan’s face with a mere graze. The two separated from each other with both weapons in hand, bouncing off the ground as they landed to meet each other once again. Their clash created an even bigger crater. The spectacle of their dance was watched by every soldier and citizen left alive. Blades spark with every parry, their movements appeared a blur to most. The sound of their voices calmed everyone’s soul; the gravity from the battle began smoothing the crater. Each parry was now an earthquake, every step caused a fissure. Dust began to gather around them in a form of a whirlwind. Their veins stretched from their skin, their eyes almost glowing from the intensity of the strain they cause their body.

But finally one was struck; Rollan fell to the ground followed by the smaller blade piercing through his gut. The larger blade fell beside his head, loosing his ear. Ace stared down at him sobbing with tears. “I’m sorry my friend. You were and still are a brother to me.” And with that he let out the loudest tune he could ever sing. A scream that sounded with utmost melody unheard throughout the planet, his dark aura began growing larger, consuming the whole city.

Rollan’s wife limped with all her strength, far from the city, but close enough to witness it crumble straight into the depts. of earth, Vincrastine was no more than a large flat land.
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Posted 5/25/08
That is the most bloodiest, death-filled story i have ever read~
Congrats on an awesome story...although a happier ending would be well appreciated~ Nevertheless, you did a great job and i have only one criticism: The dialogue could be a little clearer~
Anyways, keep writing~ ^^
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Posted 5/25/08
lawl sorry i suck at dialogs lol. and it was one of my very first try at writin something. ty for reading!
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