Is anyone knows where u can watch Hotelier(korean ver)
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Posted 5/23/08 , edited 5/23/08
I looked up everywhere to watch this drama. Is anyone know???????????????????????[/i
i tried but it's not working, any website to watch it?
Posted 5/23/08
Its working for me on aznv...
Posted 5/23/08
I know ! I know ! I know this drama. This is a show on Qtv when I was in grade school.
I love this drama. Thanks for reminding me of this one.^^
I'll find it for you but for the mean time, look it up in the sites here:
Posted 5/23/08 - chinese subs only - srrongly recommended

this are sites where I watch shows that ain't in CR or licensed:

I know that CR shouldn't be a link portal but I always see forum posts asking for a site wherein they can watch this and that which are licensed in CR. So, I hope this will help.
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Posted 5/24/08
i saw it in youtube before.. i'm not sure if it's still there though
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Posted 5/25/08
If your here in the Philippines you can buy it..
pirated..hahaha I've got one...
the copy is pretty good..
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Posted 5/25/08
i think its available at
Posted 8/14/08
Use Drama help thread

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