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If anyone who is interested in knowing about this manga i thought i will give out some information about it.

Blazer Drive is a fantasy in the near future where eco thinking has given cause to a new energy source. Tattoo-like stickers ‘Mysticker’ give different types of energies, ice, fire, electricity and light. The master of the sticker called ‘Blazer’, they control/manipulate the energy to there will, by sticking it on their own body. The Blazers wage battle in a futuristic fantasy.

A short summary since not many chapters are out, only about two chapters for now.

The Author Is:

"He is the younger twin-brother of Masashi Kishimoto (creator of Naruto). The two have been drawing manga together since early childhood, thus their styles are similar. As a result, the two have frequently been accused of copying the other. Seishi, himself, notes that the similarities are not intentional since they were both influenced by many of the same things while the more famous Masashi even asked fans stop calling Seishi a "copy cat". Seishi created the manga 666 Satan, which is serialized in Japan by Monthly Shonen Gangan and licensed by VIZ in America as "O-Parts Hunter".

Info About Kishimoto Seishi Is Taken From Wikipedia.
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you should put this info on the group, expand the about me section
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That's true, i guess i'll do that. Thanks for the info.
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