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F / trying to escape...
Posted 6/23/08

Fennec wrote:

can we request for other stuff other than avvys and banners? like editing pics with messages or quotes or just writing random stuff on them? sry i dun really noe how to phrase mi question <.<

yeah. you can do this in the micellaneous edits.
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23 / F / In my humble home...
Posted 8/6/08

juanna wrote:

Hey Hye!! can i have a question?

Why dont u all make a contest of the week u got the contest XD its really fun..
"Avatar Contest #1" the creator will pick a theme and after we got a winner..the winner can pick out the next theme
but every participates gotta fill up the form something like

Avatar URL:
Theme for the next contest:

what about it? XD

I'd have to agree with Kookie-chan even though it sounds so fun but every month seems too long..... maybe every 14 days =)
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