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Posted 5/24/08 , edited 5/24/08
Credits: Suika

Introducing some of the characters from Kaze Hikaru

Kamiya Seizaborou

Other names: Tominaga Sei, O Sei-chan , Ashura
Age: 15 (currently 17)
Gender: ♀
Family: Father, Mother, Older Brother all deceased
Position: Was Yamanami's page, but now...?
First Appearance: Ch. 1
Love Interests: Okita Souji, Saitou Hajime, Itou Kashitarou, Miki Saburou, Nakamura Gorou


trans: I am not a girl. I am a samurai!

In actuality, Kamiya Seizaborou is a young girl whose real name is Tominaga Sei. While masquerading as a boy, she joins the Mibu-roushi (later known as the Shinsengumi) in hopes of avenging her beloved father and brother. A dangerous and perhaps foolhardy thing to do, as she soon finds to her disappointment that the Mibu-roushi are more akin to a bunch of party animals. However, that opinion soon changes and she grows to love the Shinsengumi. No matter how dangerous and difficult it may be, she stubbornly chooses to stay, namely to continue being a samurai and to be by Okita's side. Slowly, but surely she starts to develop feelings for him...

Sei can be very stubborn, easily excitable, nosy, and a bit naive at times. Yet, she is also very honest, hardworking, and cares deeply for the welfare of her comrades. She is quite adorable and is liked by many of the Shinsengumi. At one point, Kondou even wanted to adopt her as his son! If anything, the one person whom she can't seem to get along with is Hijikata.

Okita Souji

Other names: Okita Soujirou (birth name)
Age: 20 (currently 22)
Gender: ♂
Family: Father deceased, Mother, 2 Older Sisters
Position: Captain of the 1st Squad
First Appearance: Ch. 1
Love Interests: Kamiya Seizaborou/Tominaga Sei, Sai, Kiku, Kohana


trans: It is because I am a samurai.

Okita is the one who Sei is assigned to as her squad leader, and is the first to discover her secret. Though he tells her that the Mibu Roushi (soon to become Shinsengumi) was no place for a woman, he eventually allows her to stay. For a woman's hair was her life, and no woman would ever think of shaving her head as Sei had done. Therefore, Sei was not a "girl."

Without a doubt, Okita is the wind that calms the vengeful fire in Sei's heart. He is her voice of reason, her teacher and protector, and the one whom she absolutely trusts. But at times, it seems as if Sei is more of a burden, as Okita is usually the one who has to get her out of trouble. Nonetheless, Sei never asked him to protect her in the first place, he just does it.

Sadly for Sei, Okita is oblivious when it comes to her love for him. However, it is not completely unrequited, as Okita has also come to develop feelings for Sei as well. There have been a few instances where he shows slight signs of jealousy when other men get too friendly with her... Not to mention the incident where he thought Sei had an illness - he was terror-stricken with worry! (Luckily it was just a ploy by Matsumoto.) Obviously, he cares very much for this girl, but would rather concentrate on becoming the greatest swordsman than face his feelings ...

It's just unfortunate for Sei that when it comes to fighting, Okita is a genius. But when it comes to love, he's hopeless. *sigh*

A lot of times Okita can be rather immature, aloft and just plain silly. Sometimes you might want to smack him on the head for being such a glutton and a clueless airhead. Nonetheless, this childish personality adds to his cuteness. It cannot be denied that he is a gentle person.

Yet beneath that playful appearance hides a demonic side. When Okita becomes an oni he can be quite frightening. And one must not take lightly of the fact that he is considered to be one of, if not the strongest within the Shinsengumi.

Saitou Hajime

Other names: Aniue ("Older Brother" called by Sei only), Yamaguchi Hajime, Inouhe Denpachi and finally Fujita Gorou
Age: 20 (currently 22)
Gender: ♂
Position: Captain of the Third Squad
First Appearance: Ch. 4
Love Interests: Kamiya Seizaborou, Yukiya

Although he does not know that Sei is a girl, Saitou has grown to become quite fond of her. He is her silent protector - whom is always there for consolation when something is upsetting her (usually something related to Okita). Perhaps Sei would be happier had she fallen in love with Saitou, as he is much more level headed, mature and sensible than Okita. At the very least, the former would not give her has much heartbreak as latter does.

Possibly the biggest downfall for Saitou is his uncanny resemblance to Sei's deceased brother. Because of this, she will often times address him as aniue (big brother). Unfortunately for Saitou, he does not enjoy being called big brother by Sei, but resigns to it. It does not appear that their relationship will go beyond that of sibling love, for in Sei's heart, he will always be aniue.

With his half-lidded eyes and nonchalant expression much of the time, Saitou may come off as uninteresting and bland. However, that is not so as Saitou can be very silly! In a strange way, he's also very lovable. :)

Hijikata Toshizou

Other names: Onifukuchou
Age: 30's
Gender: ♂
Position: Vice Commander of the Shinsengumi
First Appearance: Ch. 1
Love Interests: Itou Kashitarou

Nicknamed as Onifukuchou (Demon Vice Commander), at a first glance Hijikata appears to be a very mean and cruel person. Much of the time, he can be seen with a scowling face, and have the manner of someone who just can't loosen up. He's strict, ruthless, and rules with an iron fist.

However once you get to see him on a deeper level, you start to sense that he is not so evil after all. In reality that cold-blooded demeanor is just a facade. Due to Kondou's kindness, Hijikata has to play the role of the oni for the sake of the Shinsengumi. After all, someone has to keep order and discipline within the group.

Strangely enough, Hijikata attracts many unwanted male admirers, most notably Itou Kashitarou. Needless to say this sort of thing creeps the hell out of him, and well, results in many hilarious scenes. Hehe.

Yamanami Keisuke

Yamanami-sensei is the vice captain of the Shinsengumi. A master of the Hokushin Itto-Ryu, he is kind and well learned.

Kondo Isami

Captain of the Shinsengumi and fourth grandmaster of the Ten'nen Rishin-ryu. A passionate, warm and well-respected leader.
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