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Posted 5/24/08 , edited 5/24/08 first question is that does each character in cabal has a female and male counterpart?? like a boy and female force second question is that what character is the strongest in pk(player killing), farming and both pk and third question is...what is the highest lvl in cabal or the lvl limit as off now..........and please can you tell me what stats are good in each characters.............
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Posted 5/28/08
1)Yes.. there are male and female counterparts of each job class.

2)Wizard... (any game)


4)Stats are no problem... Just follow the target stats per 10 levels... Skills are the ones you should focus on.
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Posted 6/6/08
yes there is both female and male

and i have to disagree about Wizard being the best in PK. Force Blader Trans skill Mana Freeze can totally PWN A Wizard since Mana is a Wizards friend with Mana Freeze = -1000 Mana Wizards are screwed.

If farming it would be Blader since they have the most Aoe type skills.

For Cabal SEA it is 150.

For Force Blader pretty much Balanced

If Warrior forcus on Str and alot of Str

Wizards focus alot on Intel opposite of warrior

Blader Str and Dex pretty much.

Force Archer Intel and Dex.
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Posted 7/17/08
for force shielder are highly defensive and powerful hehehehe
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Posted 9/8/08
Well for me Force Archer are the strongest look at youtube about Force archer ul see
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