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78 / F / A Place
Posted 6/4/08 , edited 6/5/08
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30 / F / Junsu's house..
Posted 6/7/08 , edited 6/7/08
I totally love this band!! hehe! Onew is my fav.. but i like all of them! :D
Geezz.. why do ppl always compare them with BB anyway?? huhu!
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Posted 6/8/08 , edited 6/9/08
TAEmin kinda look like heechul with his hair like that.i mean,in his 'wicked' first,i thought it was heechul.wahaha
key name is kim kibum?its sooo super junior.wahaha.he look like ryeowook isnt it?

hm,taemin is really tall!!175 and 14y/o.i want a boyfriend with that height.wahaha!but i still love heechul though..~
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27 / F
Posted 6/10/08 , edited 6/11/08

all them can speak in chinese!!!oo!
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Posted 6/10/08 , edited 6/11/08're young..
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24 / F / オーストラリア、メルボン
Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/11/08
I can't choose. They're all so good. T_T"
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24 / F / SD, Cali.
Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
awww! Taemin is so cute. he's the youngest in the group.
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24 / F / ???????
Posted 6/25/08 , edited 6/25/08

soohyun3194 wrote:

yourdaddyy wrote:

lalala___Love wrote:

but whose who? i cant tell which boys are who . .

taemin dosnt look 14!!
omg! he looks so much older!!
haha xD
so far, i like them :)
hope the succeed. but anyways, he dosnt look like hes 14! the other two who were born in 1991 look younger than him
hmmmm... and the youngest one looks like heechul.. no?!?

actually.... now taemin is 15
he actually does look like heechul
jonghyun (18) is only in his second year of high school
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F / Sacramento
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08
gosh peoples...can't even tell the difference between the SHINee boys
damn, u shouldn't even like thems then, huh???
gots to know them by nows

i love'es thems too...esp. jong hyun && onew
oh my damn, hecka old enough for me'es...
other are little oppas
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25 / F / wrapping Xmas pre...
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/16/08

rjoy wrote:

YummiesLovies wrote:


LOL that looks like Taemin. i don't think that Minho...

no thats minho alright.
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/17/08
wow they're so young,
sooo much younger than most of the groups from sm.
i thought they were older than their real age,
especially tae min.
haha i'm older than most of them XD
you can just tell they're going to be the next big thing,
next to dbsk.
they have the same image as big bang in a way,
and their style is hot.
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Posted 7/24/08 , edited 7/25/08
my b-day is the same as onew december 14
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27 / F / Canada
Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08

rjoy wrote:

LOL minho and key are like my age but they look so much older. AND they looks older than the guy's i know!
My fav's are.. Key, Minho and Taemin but i like them all :P
i shall watch them become a hit!

*to the haters*
Why are people harsh hating on them and think tht they're trying to copy B.B and DBSK?. I mean, music is music right? they're just guy's who love to sing and dance yet people are hating on them because they're comparing them to other SM groups! I think it's stupid! SHINee members really worked hard to debut!
People should just STOP comparing them because music is music! and talent is talent.
For me, i like SHINee, Big Bang AND dbsk. I'm not comparing i just simply like all of them! they all worked incredibly hard (since it's SM -.-) and they're all good!


Honestly, when I first came across SHINee a couple of days ago while looking for WGM icons, I thought.... who are these people? Since there was quite a big fuss about them being new. So I decided to look them up, and TADA. They're freshly produced by SM Entertainment indeed. So when I read what they were all about from wikipedia.... I couldn't think of anything else (being a DBSK fan and all), "DBSK's probably still better. "

But seriously, when I actually watched their music video for Noona is so pretty, I thought, "Why would people compare them to DBSK when their styles are so different?" I thought they were more like, Big Bang. Ahahaha. So I watched their live performances to see if they were any good, and VOILA. In the end, out came a new found fan.

And finally after watching their mv for about 5 times, I've gotten to know their faces. Their hairstyle made me confused a bit cause from afar, they all looked alike with the bouncy, same coloured hair. They can definitely work a shampoo CF.

I agree with rjoy, now I'm a DBSK, Big Bang, AND SHINee fan as well.

katiekraze7 wrote:

Saru1230 wrote:

yes i agree with u i also have that feeling.....then wut will happen to super junior m? lol oh well i love both

yeah, that feeling is pretty obvious...a little too obvious. it seems like SM is trying way to hard to market these guys as the
"contemporary band of the future" or w/e the slogan is. they shouldnt have to tell us before hand that theyre gonna be trend-setters, they should just do it. i think SM is trying too hard to catch up to Big Bang's sucess. im not saying theyre copying, but Big Bang is known for being very fashion-forward...

i just hope everyone can appreciate SHINee for their music and not the TONS of merchandise i predict will ensue.

I agree. SM tends to do this thing about over-advertising their talents. Like, Zhang Li Yin was dubbed as the next BoA, but did that really happen? Then SHINee is being advertised as the 2nd Dong Bang Shin Ki and the next trend-setters?. Personally.... I'd rather that SM stop it with all the "next_____" or "2nd ________" way of advertising. It's becoming too far-fetched. Seriously, SHINee has enough talent, and they don't need to be dubbed as second anything. They're a good, new group and I think that they are and could be making a name for themselves just by showing raw talent, like their seniors. I sure hope they last and succeed as a group.

And I think I'm the only one who thinks this way, but, I find it amusing that people find them young.... when DBSK debuted.. they were about.... 19,18, and 16 years old, and when Big Bang debuted they were 15-18 years old.... So I think SHINee is pretty much the same age as when their seniors debuted.

I think since we're so used to looking up at older groups that we now find it weird that there are groups who are rising to fame, and that they're mostly the same age and/or younger than us.
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Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08
i actually like onew the best=]
Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/22/08
omg, they're so young . sighs, thanks god key isn't younger than me XD
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