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Sasuke + Hinata
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25 / F / Middle of Nowhere
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/13/09
i'll make sure that doesnt happen... sasuke will never together with hinata...
Posted 4/14/09

kristykatt04 wrote:

chelz1215 wrote:

kristykatt04 wrote:

l like them together

What??? You must be dreaming

Once again respect my opinion and keep your mouth

PS: Have a nice day

my apologies

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27 / F / Canada
Posted 4/15/09
Can't say I haven't thought about it....
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22 / F / Ph
Posted 4/16/09

I guess you were really bored when you thought of this.
I like the idea of Byakugan + Sharingan; it's unique.
But I can't imagine Hinata and Sasuke ever being a pair.
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19 / F
Posted 4/18/09
they dont even know each other..

i think.
Posted 4/18/09
Why do people have to bring up such complicated problems??
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20 / F / United States of...
Posted 4/19/09
haha yeah, sasuke and hinata just doesnt go together :sweatingbullets:
but their kids would be SO cute (and hot!) and probably extremely powerful haha ^ ^
Posted 5/25/09

chatsash wrote:

ive never actually thought about sasukeXhinata, i like narutoXhinata a whole lot better tho

im pretty sure the kid would have EITHER sharingan or byakugan... maybe one in each eye(that would look scary

YES!!! narutoxhinata!!!! and the eye thing...what if they were mixed in each eye????? *shudders* =)
Posted 5/26/09
LOL... i dont think they look good together....
they both have strange eyes....
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22 / F / Dullsville
Posted 5/27/09
I don't know, I've considered the pairing but I'm not sure if they'd suit each other.
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22 / F / Chicago
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/29/09
Aww..that's a scary thought!!!
come on sasuke and hinata?
wow no way!
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31 / M / New York
Posted 5/30/09
Never will it happen,

I would be surprised if Sasuke even knew who Hinata was.
Sasuke spent so much time avoiding all the girls the only possible Sasuke x would be Sasuke x Sakura.
Don't get me wrong i have thought about it too, for like 3 seconds
and since the Sharingan is decended from the byakugan there child will most likely be one that has the Sharingan reather then the Byakugan or vice versa, not both.
I perfer Naruto x Hinata anyway. also the problem is we don't know how thing will turn out we never see any Hyuga with someone outside the clan so marring outside the clan can have a side effect on the Doujutsu of the hyuga maybe it will be stronger or perhaps weaker then normal, or a different ability all together. I've been thinking about that one too.
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21 / F / Castle In the Sky
Posted 6/16/09
I AGREE...WTF! HELL NOOOOOO!(where do ppl get such weird ideas?)
Posted 6/25/09 , edited 6/25/09
yup.. they look cute together... but NO way am i going to approve sasuke with hinata... ehh no offense to sasuke lovas but sasuke is a frk.... no way is he gonna get one of the best girls >.> [ even though i like sasusaku.... wtf? i no i m weird! but i dunno why i like tht couple]
hinata is waayy too purehearted,cute,adorable and gentle for him he doesnt deserve her if u ask me..

xD anyways cya.
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19 / F / Away from you sta...
Posted 6/25/09

THier Cousins!! Didnt you read the explaination on the first couple of chapters on the manga?!
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