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Post Reply Domyoji´s new love rival?
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Posted 9/15/08

dora0chan wrote:

uh, the guy who acted in Proposal Daisakusen with Yampi!!! ah, i didn't like him much there(cuz he was old and Yamapi's rival and kinda boring ><) but he seems cool here...THANKS! this makes it all better and more exciting!

haha..yeah..he's tada-san.. i dun lyk him there either.. well this is hyd enweiz..if he'll make the story better..y not?
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Posted 9/22/08

kitana04 wrote:

Domyoji Tsukasa´s new rival is Fujiki Naohito
Name (romaji): Fujiki Naohito
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1972-Jul-19
Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Naohito Fujiki became an actor when he won a casting competition during his college years at Waseda University. Fujiki is also a pop singer and has held many concerts all around Japan. He married his long time girlfriend in 2005 and she gave birth to their first child in December of 2006.

Fujiki Naohito entered showbiz as Hanazawa Rui in the movie adaptation of Hana Yori Dango

HANA YORI DANGO 1995 Hanazaw Rui

Okay another Hanazawa Rui is kawaii!! I saw the 1995 movie it was GOOD BUT they rushed everything!! Domyouji & Makino got together much to quickly But Im not sure Fujiki-San's character is a love rival...I thought Shigeru and Fujiki-San character had somethin' goin' on in the final

On another note: but I think Rui and shigeru make more sense
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Posted 9/23/08
went to watch this at the cinema just 2 days ago with my sis.
basically went without reading synopsis or anything like tt, no expectations, anticipation n the likes.
therefore, when we get to e part where naohito's face like flashed, we were like 'HAAAA'

huahahaha, loved this crazy show! altho it seemed like only my sis and i and a couple of girls beside us who really enjoyed it. nobody else was laughing where there were so many comic moments for god's sake.

AND Naohito's just bloody handsome. gushing. gushing some more.
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Posted 10/31/08
yeah..naohito's bloody hot in hanadan final!
n domyoji got seriously mad with makino..hoho..
i wanna watch it again!!
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Posted 3/21/09
ahhh thats cool
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