23 May 2008 - Rain Pushing For October Release of New Album; Part Of The Production Of A Multilingual Edition
Posted 5/24/08

Koreanstar Rain will promote his new album this October after a 2-year lapse;officially resurfacing as the status of a singer in the South Koreanworld of music.

Rain's previous album release was back inOctober 2006, and now after 2 years he will promote his first everrecord produced by himself. This will also be Rain's first album sincehis departure from JYP Entertainment, therefore the issue of whether ornot there will be any changes in his music is attracting the attentionof many of his fans.

A person-in-charge from Rain's managementcompany indicated this, "Rain wants to make more new attempts in thisnew album, therefore he has been holding the post of a producer. Inthis new album Rain will invite well-known composers to collaboratetogether. Rain himself will be most familiar with his own style, so hewill create everything on his own--from the songs of the album to theaccompanying on-stage dance choreography."

Rain's 5th albumwill be released around October, and because this album will hit theAsian market, the main song (or hit song) from the album will haveversions in English, Chinese, Japanese and others. // All RightsReserved (My Daily)

source: MyDaily
posted by nicolech76-RainHK
translation: dsl99a-Rain-USA & SexyBi
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