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29 / M / Bangalore,India
Posted 5/29/08

rahkshi wrote:

me and my mates were smoking weed and this boy we didnt like was p!!ssing us off. My mate decided to talk to him and we were freaked cos we knew our friend hated this kid like us, so why was he chatting to him. He comes back and tells us to follow him. We end up at this annoying kids house and my friend rings the door bell speaks to the mum and comes back. He than tells us he told the kids mother we saw him smoking weed and planted a roll in his jacket.....i do not want to be that kid when he comes home.

Awesome! Pwned!
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F / Australia
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
ARGH!! i cant tell my dad the truth, when my new bf rang me today my dad picked up the phone and after i spoke to my bf my dad asked me ''how old is he?'' :vicx:
and i said 16.........
and my dad asked him eirler on the phone when i was outside
and my bf said he was 16
i was like *pheww *
and my dad said ''you've better be telling me the truth'' and now im scared he will find out!

My bf's turned 18 this year and if my dad finds out im dead!
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29 / F / my_RooM
Posted 9/13/08
i'm pregnant

--------->that's a lie
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27 / F / somewhere, in my...
Posted 9/19/08
when i was a freshman, i was waiting for my cousin in her car by the school with a couple of friends.
this one guy that one of them knew came up and said hi to me. then when he asked me what grade i was in my friend buds in and tells him that i'm a senior. he's like, "no way! really! how old are you!" i said i was 14 (which i was at the time) and i was going along with the lie. then my cousin came and he said that i was so smart and its amazing. she was like, "she's a freshman." it was so funny. he was blushing and he was embarresed. then the next year i had him in a class and he was telling his buddy how we had lied. he thought it was funny.
Posted 9/20/08
i want to skip the class so i told my teacher that
my grandparents were sick and they need me.
and that they're going to die in any time.
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Posted 9/20/08
haha. i've always lied when i was sec 4. saying i was sick and all and not turning up for school XD
but actually, i was just home studying didnt want to waste my time in school XD
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Posted 9/20/08
I did not lie in my entire life-that is the most obvious lie
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Posted 6/29/09
When I was 12? 10? I was in a store and I saw these glittery hair pins that I wanted. You could tell that they were previously stolen because most of them were missing in the little packaging. I told my mom I wanted them but she was like "No, they are useless". So I said "I'll just take it, they won't know". My mom kept telling me to put them back, but I was like, "But if you look, people have stolen almost all of it, no one will buy it now." While in the store, my mom got this bag she wanted. I stuff the pins in that bag, she saw what I did it, but she didn't say anything, even though she was against it. But while in the store I decided that I should just keep them in my pocket. So I took the pins out of the bag and placed them there. When we were checking out, the Indian store clerk discovered the stolen pins, he was searching through the bag but it was not there because I switched them into my pocket previously. I'm guessing he saw what I did before.

He kept asking where they were, my mom showed him her pockets. She didn't know where they were because the last time she saw them, it was in the bag, but it wasn't there anymore because they were now in my pocket. I took the pins and formed a fist around them while pulling on the fabric in my pocket so it would look like I was empty handed. He refuses to left us leave until "we" returned them. I placed them back in the store....actually I found a shallow place where no one could see me and threw the pins so no one would ever be able to find them...I was such a child. He started asking unnecessary questions like "why did you do it? why did you do it?" in a really threatening voice and he kept repeating it as if he was going to call the cops and report me if I didn't answer.

Was it really any of his business? Cause they tasted good and I was hungry--- No, cause I thought they were prettii and I wanted them obviously, and I'm not going to pay full price for something that has been stolen before. I know what I did was wrong, but really, that was a stupid question.

I was so embarrassed and scared. I didn't know what to say. I should have just shut up, and waited for him until he realized it was a waste of time asking

My mom didn't know English, and I wasn't about to say "because I wanted them". So I said "she told me to" and looked towards my mom's direction. I know, what I did was really really bad. The store clerk asked me some moree questions

"is that your mom"
I replied "Yes"
he told me "dont listen to her she badd, bellry bad" in his bootlegged English and started sticking out his finger and pointing it at my mom. I just wanted to slice that finger off......including something else, but I shouldn't get mad...since it was my fault

We left the store, and my mom asked me what we were talking about. I lied to her and said

"I said that I put the pins back and he told me to never do it again, then he said that you should watch over me so I won't steal."
Posted 6/29/09
hmmm..let's see the lies i've said....ok ok....

This was when i was 17.....I was going to the movies with my group of friends....and that day my guy friend and i had decided to hook in order for this to happen he had to pick me up from my mom would have never allowed it....but seeing how she was gone, i didnt have to worry about it too i call up my mom and tell her my friend jessica was picking me up and taking me to the movies...she said i was fine and let me my guy friend picks me up we hook up and go to the movies late......our friends are seated and watching the movie when we get we go sit down (at separate times of course) and i never got caught.....

so i lied to my mom and thn to Jessica cuz i told her mym mom dropped me off at the movies....soooo ahhhh to be young......
Posted 6/29/09
good thread..
i dont have any lies 2 contribute tho, no need 4 them
there a quote that says something like the king doesnt need to lie
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28 / M
Posted 6/29/09
i lie alot but small and i will admit to them right after a few seconds from the sheer guilt it sucks so bad lol
if i dont it torments me and haunts the hell out of me

well like me my dad and my bro have the same voice over the phone thats fun but yea
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24 / F / Under your bed!!!...
Posted 6/29/09
I ate the last chocolate chip cookie.

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77 / M
Posted 6/29/09

mimichan17 wrote:

Alright! So, everybody lies right?

Doesn't matter what your age/race/religion, we ALL do it.

But, it's rare for people to actually confess them.

So, post your lies (funny or not) and tell why you did it and what happened afterwards.

I'll give an example:

I was 15 and getting in practice for my driver's license. My grandfather left his beautiful sports car here while he went grocery shopping with my mom. So, I took it for a drive 0.o

As I was driving down the interstate, I got pulled over for speeding.

The driver asked the usual "Let me see your driver's license".

I told him I only had my permit. (With your permit, you're only allowed to drive with a licensed driver in the passenger seat).

He asked me to step out of the car. He went and grabbed scissors out of his car.

He got ready to cut up my permit then and there.

I freaked.

"You don't understand! My grandfather's in the Hospital! He could be dying any moment! He's the only family I have left!"

I broke out in tears and fell to my knees on the side of the road.

Crying as loud as I could, I obviously caused a scene. People were pitying me!

He started looking really nervous....

Then, he said he'd escort me to the Hospital! I had him drive me to the nearest one and I parked the car.

I run in the Hospital doors, look back.

He's leaving! I had gotten away with it!

I checked to see if this was a duplicate and didn't find anything like it.
If it is, I'm sorry. Go ahead and delete it.

Please don't leave short comments. This is supposed to be stories. One sentence doesn't constitute as a story. And if you don't personally have a story, tell one about a friend. Thank you!

if i were that cop i would of handcuff you and take you to your almost dead grandpa so you can see him one last time before i take your behind to jail
Posted 6/30/09
I told a girl I loved her to sleep with her, true story or lie? That's up to you to figure out
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Posted 6/30/09
i lied about doing my homework, i lied about eating, i lied about sleeping, i lied about my love life etc. ^^
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