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27 / F / My room..?
Posted 5/24/08 , edited 5/24/08
We are getting a little bigger and it would be nice if we got to know the new members. Put anything on here that you would like us to know about you. Make sure it is appropriate though. ^.^;

I'll start. =D

I'm Stevie - Rae, you can call me different names. I've got Rae, Stevie, Stevie - Rae etc.

I'm a mega gamer and huge anime nerd obviously.

My favorite colors are orange and yellow.

And favorite guys from Neo Angelique Abyss are Rayne and J.D.

Please tell us about yourself. =)
Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/25/08
heh, im joyce and thats real name

im anime otaku, watched alot of animes, u can see them at my profile

fav colours will be purple orange black

fav guys in NAA will be rayne, Roche..........i like J.D's eyes

and i have my own grp so im usually there and on CR for long hrs
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F / Hueco Mundo と 地獄
Posted 6/30/08 , edited 6/30/08
Hello, I'm Phoenix S

I'm a anime/manga lovers.

Fav colours: Red, Blue, White, Black, Green, Orange etc.

Fav guys in Neo Angelique Abyss.. Mathias, Nyx, Hyuga and Rayne.

That's all.
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Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/1/08
hihi,i'm felicia(real name)

i'm an anime lover

Fav colours:Pink,Purple,Black,White and Blue

Fav Guys From Neo angelique abyss(NAA for short):Rayne,Hyuga and Nyx
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22 / F / o-o places =3
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08
im, amy :)

Ima a anime/manga freak<3

my fave anime (s) is Neo Angelique Abyss, Shugo Chara, Vampire Knight, Naruto, and Bleach

My fav manga (s) is Beauty Pop and Shinsei Doushi Cross (or w/e its spelled lol)

fav guys from neo angelique abyss is Rayne n Hyuga :DD (Mostly rayne :DDD lolol)
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27 / F / somewhere around
Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08
Hy, i'm Tanja (my real name), here also known as Lost (well I am kinda lost in the real world but nevermind:D)

I'm obviously anime lover,

My fav. animes are..well the list is too long, but recently is Neo Angelique Abyss, Special A and Zero no Tsukaima

My fav colours are blue and black

Fav guys from NAA are Rayne and Roche
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Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/18/08
hi. i'm from georgia.

my name is heather.

i love watching anime.

i also enjoy reading mangas.

my favorite colors are purple pink and sky blue.

i graduated my High School class of 07. i also graduated with the highest score for tech prep US history.

if i'm not watching anime or reading my mangas i'm playing video games or i'm out with friends.

i also have two cats named mouse and jasmine.

i like making friends.

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