Chapter 3 The Long journey, Ku, and the strange girl
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Part 1

This is the edited version of my writng....Yinyu (her user is HongYinyu) edited my writng and i thank you very much! it helps alot and i will try to improve next time

Sya and Miyu looked around the store in astonishment of all exotic and unfamiliar products hanging on the walls, shelves, or displayed behind glass cases.

“WOW!" Miyu squeaks in astonishment, pointing at an object hanging on the wall. "Look at this, Sya! Kuroda always carries that with her.” Miyu looks at it “Yep, I think she calls it the Bazooka,” Sya responded while in deep thought.

A shrill but crackly voice came from behind Sya. “Miss, would you like to buy this?” asked the voice which belonged to the store keeper.
Shaking her head immediately, she said, “No thanks.”

Shea is waiting outside of the store for Miyu and Sya to finish shopping or looking around. Once they walk out of the store, Miyu, Sya, and Shea begin to walk along the streets of the market and look for a hotel. After hotel hunting for about several hours straight under the hot burning sun, Sya's frustration takes over and screams, “AHH! I DON’T SEE IT ANY WHERE!” Shea does not say a word but fans herself with her free hands, also showing Sya and Miyu she's about had enough as well.
“Calm down, Sya," Miya comforts her by giving her a pat on the shoulder then turns to look at Shea and then back at Sya with firm eyes, "Don't give up. We'll find it eventually,” Miyu says, trying his best to comfort Sya as the three continue to search for the hotel.

[Scene changes to Princess Ku-chan in an active small restaurant with her companions, having a break from where they had come from]

“Phew!" Ku-chan exhaled as she sat down heavily and unmannerly onto the cushion seat of the chair in the bar. There were a few regulars of the same age hanging out in the restaurant but today was considered pretty slow for the business. Also, considering it was during the afternoon and usually most of the action would take place during the night. "That was one big THING! I thought I would have to use my bazooka!” Ku-chan said with a big grin on her face.
“It tasted really BAD!” Hikaru added, spitting a hairball into a nearby empty glass cup.
“AHAHA! I bet it did! It was extremely hairy,” Ku laughed whole-heartedly.

“ Kuuu!" A strange, chirpy but familiar voice cooed. "How was it? Did you tell them?” the same voice came from nowhere again.
“Yes! So please stop hiding, Kion!” Ku commands with an irritating tone in the breath of her voice.
“Fine, fine, fine!” Kion pouts, revealing himself in front of Ku and Hikaru.
“You are really grumpy, Kion” Ku said purposely just to cause Kion to become angry.
No later does an argument set off between the two; Ku-chan and Kion. A part of the argument which begins with Kion blaming Ku with anger and sternness in his voice this time, “I told you this was a bad idea, Princess!” Kion takes a quick breath before continuing again, “IT ISNT MY FAULT I DIED IN THE FREAKIN WATER!....”
Ku pouts and looks the other way, where she watches strollers pass by with smiles embedded across their faces. She mumbles something under her breath but audible enough for her companions to hear, “Stupid sharks.”
Kion frowns and sighs.

[ Scene diverts back to where Miyu, Shea, and Sya searching for the hotel.]

“YAY! WE FOUND IT!” Sya shouts excitedly, jumping up and down. No other strollers could have found it. Only those seeking it would have been able to find it and know where it lies. The three walk into their assigned rooms and sit down around a small wooden table in the far left side of the room, adjacent to the door of the hotel room. They caught their breaths before beginning to speak to one another.

“You know what?” Sya spoke first with a hint of anger in her interrogation.
“What?” Miyu piped up voluntarily.
“I think that girl Ku was lying about my friend being in the Snow Kingdom,” Sya said with confidence but her eyes shifted downward.
“Why would you think that?” Miyu asked skeptically.
“Because you know that tiger right?” Sya asked, now her eyes were staring into Miyu's.
Feeling a little uncomfortable looking back at Sya, Miyu answered, “Yes, I do.”
“According to Hikaru's information, that tiger was actually in the cave of Barticul. Which means it is on this land!” Sya said wrapping up the mystery like a good detective would.
“WOW! Really?” Miyu asked, surprised at Sya's calculations and thinking.
“Yeah” Sya said lowly in a whisper, her eyes jumping from the walls of the room afraid there might be people listening to their conversation.
Noticing Sya's nervous expression looking at the walls, she waited for the right time to speak up. When the opportuned time came, Shea spoke with suggestive care in her tone of voice and softly,“Just to let you know, getting to the Cave of Barticul is a very long journey to take. The only way to arrive there pronto is the water route and only...” Shea's voice trailed off for a few seconds as she noticed 2 pairs of eyes, not of her own were staring at her attentively.
"Only the water princess can get through that?” Sya asked, wondering if that was what Shea was about to say.

Part 2

“You stole the words write out of my mouth” Shea says irittated. “So? What do we have to do to get there?” SYa asks seriously. “ We have to be strong there are monsters and enemies probably looking for the princess and actually the cave of Barticul is hidden and invisible it might take us YEARS! To find it” Shea says seriously. “I DON’T CARE! I’m going to find Kuroda!” Sya then looks at Miyu. “ME TOO!” Miyu says seriously. “I guess ill help as well” Shea sighs. “But in order for us to do so we must become stronger and get our senses unleashed” Shea says seriously. “ALRIGHT BRING IT ON!” Sya says with her fist up in the air. “First! I must tell you guys your specialty!” Shea says sitting down on her bed feeling relaxed. “Specialty?” Sya and Miyu asks looking clueless. “Yes! now Miyu you are first” Shea says looking at Miyu. “M-me?” Miyu looking clueless sitting on the floor. “Miyu your special ability is healing and cage traping” Shea says staring at Miyu. “Oh?....that uses so much energy” Miyu says kinda sad and sighs once she finishes her sentence. “And you Sya!” Shea turns quickly and looks at Sya seriously. “W-what?” Sya says weirdly. “Your special ability is flying, pulling out any weapon you want, and teamwork!” Shea says now staring at Sya. “IM SO GREAT!” Sya starts laughing like a proud women who just beat a whole bunch of boys at there own game. “Well anyway we should get to bed we got to travel some where to train tomorrow” Shea sighs “Jeez you guys sure got me in a lot of mess” Shea then turns off the light and sinks into her soft bed quietly and drifts asleep. Miyu and Sya stay up a lil more and write down what they need. Once they finish that Miyu climbs into bed and falls asleep cutely. While Sya jumps into bed and falls asleep dreaming of kicking peoples butts.

A Few hours later Shea hears something

“uhh! What is that nose!” Shea says grumpily. Shea then turns to her side facing Sya and sees her snoring. “You got to be kidding me” Shea says disappointed. “Hey! Sya wake up!” Shea sats quietly yet loudly. Sya just keeps on snoring VERY! Loudly. “Hey miy-!” Shea turns around and see’s miyu still sleeping Shea see’s that miyu has ear plugs on. “DANG! She was prepared…oh well” Shea says sighing turns her head and falls asleep.

Shea, Miyu, and Sya go to sleep to get prepared for tomorrow.


Where Ku is?

“I wonder what to do now….OH! maybe I can go swim in the route here!” I then dive into the water. “PRINCESS! Dang it!” Kion goes stomping around in the Cave of Barticul angerly. “hehe” Hikaru laughs to himself at Kion. While Ku is swimming she feels a dark aura she looks back, and then passes out into the water. Straight to the bottom and the dark aura, enters her body taking total control over her. Ku is now formed in a total ball of darkness in that ball of darkness her body is being reformed!

Back to the others

They are now awake! And are shopping for supplies.

“Now I think we should get this” Sya is pointing at some Nector. “Why do we need that?” Miyu asks. “It helps revive energy to use attacks! Its great for battles!” Sya says while smiling and buying before they could say no. “Alright lets hurry and go we got to train!” Shea says pulling them out of the village in a hurry. But do they not know a girl named Tear follows them without them knowing.


If you think my writngs bad then please forgive me because it isnt really my fortei (as in my specialty) and comedy....sint my fortei either......
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nice~! please update soon~
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wooots XD nice one kodie !!!
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Edited version. Not sure if this was how you intended it to be but that was how I read it. You still need alot of improvement.
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hongyinyu wrote:

Edited version. Not sure if this was how you intended it to be but that was how I read it. You still need alot of improvement.

YAY! X D really helped me there....i know i still need alot of improvment! thank you for helping me ill try to do better next time! X D

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kodieloiler wrote:

hongyinyu wrote:

Edited version. Not sure if this was how you intended it to be but that was how I read it. You still need alot of improvement.

YAY! X D really helped me there....i know i still need alot of improvment! thank you for helping me ill try to do better next time! X D

Yeah, no wonder you chose to be the princess... (sarcasm)
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tat was very interesting
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Well, there's nothing I can say that already hasn't been said. Keep it up, keep on getting better, and keep on keeping on. OK that last one was corny.
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Mon937 wrote:

Well, there's nothing I can say that already hasn't been said. Keep it up, keep on getting better, and keep on keeping on. OK that last one was corny.

no at all not to me <3
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