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Hey I'm Ricky but everyone calls me Rick or Rick-kun! I'm the cretor of this group!
I am a teenager in high school. I Love making people laugh I found it more fun making people feel good about them self that to make them feel like they not worth talking to. I'm just a nice guy i guess.
I love to build gadgets and fix cars or any kind of machinery !
My garage is my Dojo!
And I always like to meet new people! I'm very social!

Anyways Hope you like the group have fun!
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I'm 3kawaii3!~ My nicknames are: kawaii-chan, kawaiichi and len-chan.. ^^

I am in 3rd year high school(our school system is different..I'm only 14..^^)

I love reading books, playing games(♥ Kingdom Hearts II), watching anime, reading manga, and drawing.. I also like listening to music.. I like classical music a lot.. And I play the violin.. ^^

This is my deviantart:

As you can see, I love the color orange.. lol..XD

That's all, I guess.. ^^
Nice to meet you all..
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i'm animeluv1818~call me katie or ichigo seriously i dont care just dont call me katie!!!!

I'm in 8th grade going into 9th but im mature for my age (or so my friends and everyone around me says) im 13 and going to be 14 this july.

i love to read, write, sing, act, play video games (more specifically zelda and super smash bros brawl), im a dancer for shelor, i love to watch anime, manga and i draw it too though im not very good :sweatingbullets:....i also like food, gutair hero, rock band, my band, and MUSIC (im a music addict.) and i also play the violin. oh and i like to do sports....i think thats it.

I am half vampire half fallen angel and my favorite colors are black, red, silver, and dark blue. I love meeting new people and im very open so i like to hear what others have to say.

i think thats it!!! Im super excited to meet you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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YoshA!! Name's Skorpyon! =D You can call me Skorpy, Laury or WHATEVER!
I'm a fun, party-, music-, gurls loving guy! Am 16! Sweet!

Hobbies: flips, running, basketball, swimming(ANY KIND OF SPORT), dancing, singing, chilllllling! and so on!
I'm a Sagittarius! I just LOVE music! It's my drug!

I have a HUGE imagination! My own fantasy world! so..I'm good at roleplaying!

Yup that's about it! Nice to meet cha all!
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name-bunny lace call me whateva dont really care some people call me bunny-chan

most of the time im nice but can be very mean when im mad or feel like it hehehe
i do have a cr family and in realy life
i luv srawing,singing,anime,reading,mangas and more
and bunnies,pandas, and mangos, and pets, and alot more
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hello!!! nikki's my name! you can call me nikki, bloody, bloothi or whatever you want! ^_^

i'm in 4th year highschool this year. i'm more social here in cr than in real life though i really like having friends..

hmmm... i love playing video games, watching anime, psd, drawing and playing with my dog.

i'm not into girly things. ^_^

that's all!!! nice to meet all of you
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Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/26/08
hello everyone..I'm sajes they call me jessa-chan,jess,jessa-nee..or sis!!

I'm 3rd year highschool...I'm more talkative in CR than in personal...I love drawing..reading books...watching anime...swimming..sports...and most of all cycling!!^^

I love pets especially dogs..cats,,,birds and fishes...^^

I don't really like to go out with friends but I love to be with them!!^^

I sometimes can be crazy(nothing to reason)...thats all!!^^
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