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Posted 3/20/09 , edited 4/25/09

Ur char's name (any name u want it to be) Star

Character's Personality (how he/she acts) Guarded yet fun (a lot like Maka actually) Trained in tactical form and resonance,specializing in soul detection and Identification due to mental abilities she has yet to discover them all. Star is very in tune with Twilight and she knows that if she can just concentrate she can see through Twilights eyes even in flight and in the pitch of black..This will give her an edge when it comes to night recon missions. Star is young so she has yet to perfect this.

Wht weapon u want it to be (any weapon) Bow and Arrow

Sometimes Twilight turns into a snowy barn owl and this is that weapon form it is rarely ever witnessed though.

Ur char's weapon's name (the name u want to call ur weapons) Twilight

Ur weapon's personallity when its in its human (the way he/she acts)Guarded...wise...protective of me...and actually Twilight takes the form of a Great Horned Owl instead of a human. Sometimes at night on the full harvest moon it is seenthat Twilight has the rare gift of interspecies shapeshifting and she can change into other types of owls.

Character Race (example: Vampire, Human, Troll, etc. Human though her photoalbum shows her with elven ears when she was a tween. She denies any comments about it though and defends herself feverishly.


Ur character's apperance/or a pic on him/her

Ur weapon's Appearance here are some of the other types of bows that Star has witnessed Twilight turn into....

Ur weapon's Appearance when it's in human formWell like I said Twilight prefers the form of a mature Great Horned Owl though she can shift through the genus of Strigiformes if wanted.

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Ur char's name: Rikku

Character's Personallity energetic and spunky

Wht weapon u want it to be Twin daggers and guns

Ur char's weapon's name Yuna

Ur weapon's personallity when its in its human quiet and nice

Character Race human


4 Resonence of Souls attacks
Snapping sepent- attacks and stabs multiple times with her twin daggers
Poison snake- shoots bullets at the enemy that make the enemy slower and poisoned
Slicing water- water forms around the daggers and starts slicing at the enemy
Fire snake: Shoots really hot fast bullets at the enemy makeing them harder to dodge

Ur character's apperance/or a pic on him/her

Ur weapon's Appearance

Ur weapon's Appearance in human form:

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