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I like this for a Main Theme

Chapter 1: The Freelancer

June 20th, 2214. South Western North America

Three o'clock on the dot. Team Jaguar made another successful run in today's junk collection. Still the fastest across the land.

Team Jaguar had always been at the top of the other junk guilds that resided in their area. They were also the ones who get paid the most in doing so. The deal was simple: bring enough parts in to sell and make sure they are in good condition.

Team Jaguar was made up of four members: Jairo, Merico, Bert, and Artesia.

Jairo (20) has been known to be on his own from time to time. He tends to get into fights that he can somehow win. He has been best known for his sleeveless vest jacket as well as his orange bandana he wears on his head to cover up a part of his semi-long brown hair. He also wears distinctive brown workboots as well as a pair of semi-dark jeans.
Jairo spent his life on the streets for most of his life till a dojo owner took him in. He had spent the rest of his years training in martial arts. One day at the age of 17, Jairo's adoptive father had died and left the dojo to him. Thus, Jairo decided to keep it open and earn some money in keeping it that way.

Merico (16) maybe the youngest of the team, but she is very skilled in making things. She often makes things that are either a hit or a miss (which can get on most everyone's nerves). Merico is a tad short with her black hair tied back behind her head. She also wears a grey shirt; a small police vest, which she found one day, over it; a pair of dark grey shorts; and black work shoes.
Merico lost her family at the age of 5 during a brief skirmish with the local townfolk and a small Endrage force. They were planing on using the town as a base of operations, but naturally, the people wouldn't allow it and thus, a rebellion broke out. The Endrage forces moved on to a different location, but many people were killed..... Merico's family being among them. She was then moved to an orphanage the rest of her years till she ran away to seek out better things. She then joined Team Jaguar and made new friends.

Bert (31) is considered the "Tough Guy". He is by far the tallest and strongest of the team members. He has a crewcut hair style, broad face structure, a white t-shirt with a similar vest jacket as Jairo's, and workboots. A distinctful feature he has is the scar from the leftside of his face.
Bert had once been in the military side of Milita. He spent 5 years in fighting, but, after seeing many of his comrades die in battle, left the Milita. Vowing to neber fight or get involved in any war again. He decided to work in the junk guild in order to make a new living for himself. Eventually, he made Team Jaguar and hand picked the three best partners there was. Jairo, having as stong sense of determination, Merico, having good building skills and cheerful attitude, and......

Artesia (23) is considered the most organized and well educated among the others. She has stunning brown eyes, brown hair that was to her shoulders and needed to be tied back in order for her to work properly. She wears a white tangtop, a white cap, gloves, black shorts, and light brown boots.
Unlike her partners, Artesia belonged to a family with an average life. She had been well-educated, well-mannered, and had a sense of well-being. She often volunteered for jobs that would help out anyone who had been affected by war. One day, she decided to work on Team Jaguar to see if there was anything that could be useful in restoring the land into a more prosperous setting. What this has to do with collecting junk is her reason alone.


Three on the dot. Still the fastest.

Merico was petting a stray Husky dog while Jairo and Bert tried to clean up a hidden mobile suit they uncovered and brought back to the local hub at the city.

The mobile suit appeared to be a Drone. It was coated with green and black paint. Its shoulders were rounded out while the distinctful chest plate was slightly pointed. The head was slightly long with one eye camera that appeared to rotate all around the narrow channel across the face. The Drone looked warn out abit, but looked to have all parts in place and could be operational.

"Well we certainly hit big today," said Jairo excidedly.

"Hmm..." Bert simply worded, "this thing may be TOO valuable to be sold..."

"What the hell are you saying?! Do you know how much we can sell for this thing? A shit load!"

"Right. And whoever we sell it to is gonna use it to restore peace and all that crap right?"

Artesia came into the area looking up a the two working on the MS. She cleared her throat and said, "Bert's got a good point. I'd be best to keep it ourselves or at least give it to the proper authorities."

Jairo shouted back in response, "EH? And who might that be? Those bastards that started this shitheaded war in the first place?!"

"Who else do you suggest then?" Bert simply stated.

As they continues bickering, Merico was tending to the dog and making sure it was healthy.

"Poor guy," she told it, " You're like me: alone without a family..... but we still have friends right?" She gave a soft smile.

The dog gave a bark and then twitched like it picked up a strange scent in the area. It ran off to the direction of the information desk where a man in a long, black overcoat and silvery grey hair was. He was carrying some type of duffle bag with him. He also appeared to be in a conversation with Jeffery (50), the informations clerk.

The dog ran up to him and just sat there sniffing. The stranger reached out with his free hand and petted the dog.

Merico ran up to them and told the dog not to run off like that on her so suddenly. She looked at the man for a second a little nervously. Then he spoke in a somewhat low voice:

"This is certainly a good dog you got here" he gave a small smile, but it didn't seem as warm.

Merico simply nodded and edged the dog to come with her.

The man shifted his eyes at the mobile suit and then into the eyes of Artesia, who happened to see the entire scene with curiousity.

The man simply turned back to Jeffery and continued their conversation.


Artesia met with Jeffery as soon as his conversation with the silver-haired man.

At the end of every workday, Artesia and Jeffery would discuss the day's findings. He was always kind hearted and well mannered. He started this business when economy started dropping. More grays may have appeared on his head that day, but none the less he continued on with life. Artesia's family, being so kind offering, decided to aid Jeffery in anything he needed. Jeffery decided he only needed a job. Reluctantly, Stevens, Artesia's father, had given him a job at the very sight that Team Jaguar currently worked in. Artesia then took it upon herself to join this line of business and make sure Jeffery was capable of living the stress free life everyone would want to desire.

But Jeffery looked a bit distressed today. Artesia wasn't sure what it was, but she had a feeling that it had to do with that one other guy.

"Jeffery?" she asked kindly, "what were you talking with that man about?"

Jeffery didn't say much. He simply fiddled with his old, wrinkled thumbs like he was a small boy who had been put in time out.

He gave a deep sigh and spoke softly, "Artesia.......... have you heard about the recent events in this town?"

Although she was well educated, Artesia rarely paid much attention to the news going on around her. Mainly for the fact that it'd upset her. The suburbs were always the center of several violent crimes: scavengers fighting for food, anti-Endrages against pro-Endrages, and the usual armed robberies and gang vandalisms. With all her effort she tries to ignore it all.

With that, she shakes her head at his question.

"I didn't think you would," continued Jeffery, "there have been rumors about Mad Dog Tremor. He's been causing trouble for months around the northern region saying that he hasn't even gotten serious yet. He's known for destroying construction sites and homes. The rumor that's been going around is that he's heading this way in what could be a mobile suit. However, it seems as though noone is even attempting to stop him. This is where that one man who came by earlier said to me. He says his name is 'Raven'."

" 'Raven'?" repeated Artesia.

"Quite. He says he's planning on handling the situation....for a price."

"What did he want?"

" one hundred dollars......and...... eh.... one other thing he failed to mention."

"Jeffery.....are you sure this wasn't a mercenary?"

"Not quite sure. But at this point, any help is better than no help at all. I paid the man the hundred he wanted and said that he would pick up the other payment later on."

"I see......"

"Listen to me, Artesia. No matter what happens: DON'T be out tonight. There's a good chance that tonight is when Mad Dog is coming. And when he does, things'll turn nasty. Do you understand?"

She nodded.

"Good," Jeffery went on, "I'll be sure to tell the others so don't worry about them. Just be sure to head straight home. No detours whatsoever."

"I understand."

And with that, their meeting was dismissed and Artesia went home while Jeffery continued to organize what was left of his papers.


The sun was just beginning to set as Artesia made her way to her house. The same path she usually took seemed safe enough considering it was the same one she had been taking these past three years. And yet she'd think if three years was really a brief time or a long time.

Then again, she normally thought alone to herself when walking this way. She'd often think of the state in which this town has gotten to and how noone on the outside is willing to help. If she could, she would leave to find out, but.....these people here....people she new really well. There was no way to just leave them like that.

Today, however, Artesia began to think about that one silver-haired man she saw earlier. Who was he? He had that coldness of a killer in his face and yet.....his eyes.....somehow felt warm.....and....he seemed very familiar....

I wonder if he's..........

"Well hello there, little lady!"

Artesia turned her head toward the right to see a strange man with a rugged face, a patcheye, a greasy tangtop, and cut-up jeans with old cowboy boots. He seemed to be in some sort of vehicle.

"Would a fine lady like you be interested in ridin' this here Mad Dog across town on a fine night like this?"

Artesia could barely contain her quivering.

Mad Dog Tremor.....

"N-no, thank you," She declined politely and calmy (or as calmly as she could possibly get out) and attempted to leave, but the giant hand of the mobile suit that was Mad Dogs blocked her path.

"Nooooope~" he explained, "you ain't goin nowhere, lady. See, I needs a witness and a wife to see my works and such. Plus, I'm a rather lonely man. No henchmen and such.....just a wife is all I need. And YOU look like someone whom I could use!"

The MS then grabbed Artesia gently and carried her off. She was screaming and cursing for Mad Dog to let her go.

The mobile suit looked rather short than the average ones used by Endrage and others. It looked all worn out and a pale shade of yellow. The cockpit also appeared to be the head of it as it extended away from the body like a crane. The legs looked to appear like they are jointed backwards at the knee. To top it off, there was a double-barreled turret at the shoulders.

Mad Dog then proceeded with carrying Artesia and heading toward town.


Jairo looked around as he heard explosions going on towards town.

He and Merico decided to stay at their junk site to protect the Drone unit from being stolen. It was night time and Merico had just about dozed off with the dog in her arms. Jairo had stayed up to keep watch for anyone suspicious.

But he couldn't just ignore the explosions going on around town.

"Odds are it's Mad Dog," he explained to the now fully awake Merico, "I think it'd be best for me to take this mobile suit and take that bastard down! What do you think?"

Merico put her hands on her hips and shouted, "You idiot! Do you want to get yourself killed?!"

"Well we can't exactly rely on the local law enforcement to come in on their blazing saddle horses and help! We have THIS here! We can use it to-!"

Suddenly a man jumped from the top of the gate to the leg of the Drone. Jairo was completely off guard as the man kicked his side so fast and it had knocked him off to the ground. Merico quickly came to his side to see if he was alright. Whereas the husky was barking at the man climbing into the cockpit of the MS.

The man inside shouted, " The three of you get to safety! NOW!"

And with that, the Drone began to move and stood up.

Jairo, Merico, and the dog ran to the shelter hub as they turned to see the Drone fly above towards the explosions.


Mad Dog has been having a blast these past few minutes in destroying vehicles and buildings that he coud see.

He just let his turrets do all the work. He wouldn't want to use the hands since his would be wife was still being held in one hand.

"That's right, bitches! If you want to take me out, yer gonna have ta take this lovely lady down with me! Hhhaaahaaahaaaa!!!!"

Artesia had covered her ears in all the explosions. She had gave up on struggling free from the grasp and only hoped for a miracle to help her.

Low and behold, something did.

The Drone mobile suit that they had discovered earlier had arrived in front of Mad Dog's.

"Well well well!" Mad Dog comfortably said, "looks like we got ourselves a hero after all! I wouldn't try anything, buddy," he moved a lever that moved the right arm forward to show Artesia in it, "Unless you want to damager her pretty little face! Heh heh.."

The Drone didn't move for the longest time. It just stood there...

"Ha! That's what I thought! Now DIE!!!"

The turrets opened fire....but they didn't hit anything as the drone made a sudden movement that swooped down to a few feet from the street as it thrusted toward Mad Dog.

It gripped the arm where Artesia was held while pointing a gun, large enough for the hands, at the cockpit.

By now, Mad Dog is feeling abit scared at the moment. Noone had ever manage to take him down and get away with it. The locals were relatively weak in defense and such so he had no problem with doing whatever the hell he wanted.

And yet....this guy wasn't weak. He knew how to pilot an MS that's for sure. He best to think of a plan to get out of this. So he decides to just play possum and surrender and when the Drone releases him, he turns tail and run. Mad Dog grinned to himself with this plan.

"Alright, man! I give up! I'll let this girl go!"

And so he releases Artesia gently into the hand of the other ms.

"Now I'll come quie-"

Suddenly the trigger of the gun was pulled destroying the cockpit and the pilot inside.

Mad Dog's ms then collapsed.


Artesia couldn't believe what she just saw.

Mad Dog was about to surrender and yet....the pilot of the Drone........killed him anyway.


The Drone headed back to the junk site once more. It lowered Artesia to the ground where Jairo, Merico, and Jeffery were awaiting for them.

"Hey! You alright?" Jairo had asked.

"We were so worried!" Merico sobbed abit.

Jeffery made his way to the Drone as the pilot came down on a wire.

"The target was destroyed," the man said.

Artesia winced at the word 'destroyed'.

"Yes....*ahem* very good, Raven. Thank you," Jeffery reached out his hand, but Raven did not take it.

Raven then said in a cool voice, "This is considered my other payment: the mobile suit."

Everyone looked at him in a shocked expression.

Jairo came forward with anger in his eyes, "What?! This was found by us! So this mobile suit is OURS!"

Merico stepped forward as well, "That's right!"

Raven remained emotionless to this.

"Perhaps you would've prefered to be kicked in the head....I guarantee you wouldn't survive that."

Jairo simply backed up a bit while Merico winced a little.

The husky dog once more walked toward Raven, wagging its tail. Raven petted the dog and turned toward the Drone once more.

"Take care of the dog. And forget what you saw tonight."

Noone else said anything.

Artesia looked at Jeffery with a pained look.

"So..........he was a mercenary...."

Jeffery simply said in a low voice "...............yes"


Morning had come a lot sooner than it normally would seem to have been. One would assume that the insident the night before may have had a role in it.

Raven had a truck ready for the mobile suit and was about to head out until Artesia blocked his path.

Neither one had made a move for a while.

Artesia said in a near whisper, ".........why'd you kill him?"

Raven, in as a low voice as hers, responded, "He was an intended target. My mission was to silence him by any means. He was too dangerous to be left alive."

"He surrendered and you killed him anyway!" she began to sob abit.

Raven just looked at her, "To weep over someone who caused you harm.......what's your name?"

"Artesia. Artesia Decora."


( where is your daddy?)

Once more there was silence.

Raven said nothing else and walked past Artesia to the truck.

She turned back to him but couldn't say anything because he had already drove off.

"Raven.......who are you?"


End of Chapter
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Chapter 2: The Officer

"....What is it?! What's wrong?!"

"There's some trouble with the 2nd engine. I'll head back and check it out."

"Make it quick. There's a battle going on and we can't.......JESUS CHRIST!!!!"


Jake removed his hand after pressing the snooze button on his alarm clock. He then sat closer to the edge of the bed while moving his hand through his semi-long blue hair.

The same dream.......again.


July 3, 2214. Section 4, Danzira Space Colony

By 1:23, Jake was out the door and off to work.

He had reminded his sister, Haruko, to pick up their younger brother, Simon, on time this time. It had taken Haruko several times to remind herself to pick him up at 3:00, but no matter what she kept on loosing track of time and kept on arriving at four. Needless to say, Jake couldn't do it himself because he was on duty as a "local law enforcer" as some would call it.

The truth of the matter is that these three siblings no longer had parents. By the time Jake was 19, his dad had died of a mobile suit malfunction in a factory. Only three survived the explosion. As for the mom......she was taken by sicness when he was 12.

Now, at age 26, Jake resides in the Sector 4 colony section due to low amounts of money. If there's one thing anyone knows is that you need quite a sum of cash to get into higher sectors like 1 or 2. Luckily, he had enough to keep him out of the lowest sectors like 5 and 6.

If it weren't for an accident 6 years ago....

"Hey! Watch it!"

Jake was lost in thought when he nearly ran the red light toward the station.

"Shit........Sorry!" he yelled back.

Focusing on the road, he put a cigarette in his mouth and parked his car.


"Goddamnit, Jake! This the third time you were late!"

Chief Dunham was the first person Jake ran into at the station.

For the past month, Jake had kept on getting in traffic or got distracted which had made him late twice already. Needless to say he didn't care much for it.

And once more, he gives out his usual response.

"So what? I'm here aren't I?"

Once more, Dunham sighed.

"That's not the point," he said, "it doesn't show a good example for the rookies."

"...........It builds character," Jake replied, "anyway, what's the case?"



"Well......" Dunham started, "it's about-"

"Ah, Officer McCarthy. Glad you made it in. Last time you arrived latter than usual."

A slightly chilling voice came from behind, but Jake had recognized it as Verta's.

Verta had a reputation for creeping out a lot of the officers as well as the criminals; mainly due to his voice, his slightly closed eyes, which seemed to have no pupils in them, and his semi-long magenta hair. He was also one of the few who was in direct contact with Endrage, but there were rumors that he himself was in contact with the Director himself....

Both Verta and Jake have been partners ever since Jake first enlisted. And not once had either object to one's decisions (well Jake have had some doubts in Verta's terms of "justice"). Jake would trust noone else but Verta and Dunham.

...for the time anyway.

"Yeah? What's up, Verta?" Jake asked.

Verta gave a small smirk.

"Would you and the chief come outside for a moment?"

Jake looked at the chief and Dunham nodded slightly.

Jake nodded back and said yes.

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