App Side Track
Posted 5/25/08
This page is only for Creator and Moderators used only.

This is for keeping track of members who applied for position and easy for us to take note whether members are active or not.

The names of members who applied in the Application Forums will appeared here.

Like I said, to get the post you desired, please participate actively.

PS: Moderators can help by putting names of the newly applied members under the respective catergories
Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/25/08

> Komui Lee
- limchristina
- goodieboyy

> Timcanpy
- Azriya

> Reever Wenhamm
- akuma_sama
- slayer91295
Posted 5/25/08

> Bak Chan
- zixuan
- bxu_spencer

> Fou
- Akuma-chan
- butterflygul

> Lou Fa
- arlulez
- heart_bleeder
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