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Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/25/08
When Power House Amuse gets involved in something, it does it with perfection in mind. Their exhaust systems are simply perfect, from the material used to the welds itself. Amuse became one of the top S2000 tuners with their Street Version S2000, which I have modeled my own S2000 after. Amuse made the headlines again with their Amuse S2000 Touge Monster. Now in 2005, Amuse has given itself a goal, to be the world's fastest time attack S2000. Its weapon of choice comes in the form of a stunning race machine clothed in carbon and titanium born in state of the art engineering - Amuse S2000 GT1.

Amuse coupled the amazing F20C engine with an HKS GT3240 Turbo and JUN internals, raising the overall engine capacity to 2259cc while decreasing the compensation ratio to 8.8:1. Power output will be somewhere around 550PS and to put the power on the ground, a BNR34 GTR rear end replaces the stock S2000 rear end.

Some specifications...

2259cc F20C Engine
8.8:1 Compression
87x95 Bore and Stroke
87mm Pistons
JUN H23A Connecting Rods
JUN H22A Crankshaft
HKS GT3037S Turbine
HKS GTII Wastegate
Amuse Original GT1 Exhaust Manifold, Front Pipe and Exhaust
HKS F-Con V Pro
Amuse HiTech Rom
V Mount Intercooler and Radiator
HKS Sequential GT-R Transmission
BNR34 GT-R Differential and Drive Shafts
ATS Carbon Clutch and LSD
Volk Racing CE28N 18x10+15 Wheels
265/35-18 Tires
GT1 Widebody Kit designed by Gran Turismo 4 Producers

The widebody kit is available to purchase for Amuse clients. The downside is that Amuse forces you to ship them your S2000 all the way to Japan to build the GT1 exhaust system on the car. The turbo kit/engine itself is in the final phases of production.

I cannot wait to see this car at Tsukuba later this year.

From Powerhouse Amuse...

This machine represents an enormous victory for the S2000 platform. Kudos to Amuse for pushing the edge even further.

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Posted 6/24/08 , edited 6/24/08
i have always been a s2000 fan but this looks AWESOME, i mean BEYOND AWESOME
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Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/5/08
gross so riced out... but at least its fast.

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Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/6/08
it looks like a freaken transformer. I think its nice but would never put that kit on my s haha
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Posted 6/15/09 , edited 6/16/09
its not riced at at. thats quite an amazing kit, kepping the car glued to the ground at high speeds. the carbon hood and trunk lower the weight of the car allot to
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