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Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/25/08
The previous Poet forum is missing so it is re-created for those poet lovers :P

This idea is originated by zebulun6 and zendaryno

You can make any poem of any DGM characters or event that took place in the anime

Theres no good or bad poem, so dont be shy to post up your work here

So let your greatest creativity sense flow here

PS: Maybe one day I will come up with something like vote for your fav poet
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M / In the dark, In t...
Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/25/08
Here are my 4 best poems

All these things are in this world,
They come more often due to fighting,
That is my belief

These happen when these creatures come,
Those creatures were once human,
Now they are souls in tourture

We have to defeat these creatures
This is a way to help both kinds
To send their souls to peace
To cleanse their bodies and minds

"Bring Salvation To The Souls Of The Akuma"


In the sky,
A sight to behold
Floating and fluttering,
Something untold

It is beautiful
And yet bizarre,
It has a purple aura
That glows like a star

It is purple as the sunset,
It is black as the night
Is it scary you ask,
Will it give you a fright

It may be beautiful,
But it is also deadly
It is abnormal,
And is a strange medley

There it goes
Along with the breeze,
I bid you adieu,
Goodbye my fair Tease


"The Love of an Exorcist and Akuma"
He held her body
As she began to die,
They said nothing
They just began to cry

She knew someday,
That the one she held dear
Would be her destruction,
That brought many a tear

The man asked her to stay,
He no longer wanted more to miss
She had to go,
But she gave him a kiss

As the tears come out,
The blood runs down
But on her face,
Was no sign of a frown

They said their goodbyes
As dawn came close,
Her spirit left,
Leaving a rose


"Rage of the Noah"
He who has been through much pain
He who despises exorcists
He who does not forgive them
He who hates innocence

He travels here and there
Searching for his next prey
As he prepares to strike
The sky shall turn grey

With muscles so large
With lightning so fierce
No use in running
For you may,
No, you will be pierced

He waits for the momment
He stares at you with white eyes
At that momment
You know it's your demise

He must teach you a lesson
For he does not forgive your sin
He gives you your Punishment
His name is Skinn

He is the Noah of Rage
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