Post Reply yamada and shida~~ are they really meant to be??!
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Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/25/08
come on people!! let's see what's their probability of being ♥SOUL MATES♥!!
please give us facts!!... no matter how small that fact is, it still matters!!
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Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
their birthday is a day after/before each other >.<
I hope that's one xP
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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08
my classmate said.(not a fan, just saw their pic)............they look alike..
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Posted 10/15/08 , edited 10/16/08
~Got this from other yamashi group,from their forum~
10 reasons why yamada ryosuke should be with shida mirai.

1. They have their birthdays the same month- yamada: 9thmay
- shida: 10thmay
2. They live in the same month
3. Both are soooo cute and good-looking
4. They currently live in the same town
5. They are the same age
6. Both are good actors
7. There are some cute scenes of them in the drama
8. In the drama, only the initial letters of their names are different from the rest of the Q classmates- Ryu, Megu, Kazuma, Kyuu, Kinta...
9. In the anime, Megu's hair color is pink, while Ryu's one is blue.... pink-blue get the point?
10. Because they have loyal fans like us who want them to be together!~

1. They are both terrified of ghosts
2. They both like to collect coins
3. Their horoscope sign is a Taurus
4. Yamada likes to go fishing+knows how to cook fish and shida likes to eat fish!
5. They both like to do impersonations
6. They both have a little sister
7. Their names are similar 涼介 志未来
8. They've known each other since they were 12? Since the Tantei Gakuen Q SP
9. Their gestures are similar
10 They both have cute chubby faces when they laugh LOL
11. Shidas favorite color is black yamadas is white and everyone knows black and white matches LOL
12. They are only one day apart and Yamada is older!
13. Even Their eyes look very similar LOL

shida also loves to play sports (I kinda figured since she is pretty tomboyish) she mentioned shes actually in the badminton team in her school and we all know Yamada likes to play Soccer!

you know, shida seems boyish and yamada seems girlish... that's why they match! neh??

do you know that shida has a hippo stuffed toy that she named "YAmAdA"??? Kawaii, neh?? i think they like each other!!!!! that'd be great!!!!
yatta... so excited!!! ^___^

I know huh? Yamada was like "Shida san wa yabai desune"/ Shida San is Kakkoi hehe Its kind of weird hearing him say that Shida was cool I never heard a guy say that about a girl its more common that girls say that about guys I think

I read about Yamada hippo in littlix and I think its soooooo Kawaiiiiiii! ^^

and also this!!
>Yamada Ryosuke's type of girl! Really Matches to Shida Mirai!

1. Girls with short hair
2. Girls with pretty eyes
3. Girls with small handbags
4. Girls who wear jeans
5. Girls who wear sneakers
6. Girls who are capable of handling things by themselves
7. Girls who don't whine and complain
8. Girls who are honest and bright
9. Girls who don't give up easily
10. Girls who are strong (as in personality)
11. Girls who speak their mind freely
12. Girls who are cool (kakkoii)

ne??? really matches to shida mirai!!!

they make the best couple and yamada totally described shida mirai for his ideal girl lol

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Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/20/09
i LOVE that!!!! omg!!! >.<
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