maple story private server
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Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/26/08
hey every1
my fellow CR users,
do any for u play maplestory?
are u tired of taking forever to lvl up, dont wanta pay so much for nx chash just to look cool in ms for 3 months or pissed because there is never a gm around to help with a hacker or something like that?
well look no farther, Join Bezerk MS today

but before u join us u need to join are hamachi server xD

i no its not as convent but it works =)
for the hamachi server info just message me and i will send them to u ASAP =)
or if u dont feel like waiting for me message maybe_ on cr he is another fellow friendly gm and maybe hes on and im not xD

are server always has active gms online and are all happy to help u. also are servers rate is high so u dont take forever to lvl, make money or find items. from lvl 1 to 8 in 1 slime kill. find a pan lid faster, make 10k with ease we are just that great.
are u also tired of rolling thoush dice over and over agian just for thoughs perfect stats for ur job? well we solve that problem for you the npc on the 1st map not only teleports u into the world of maple it also resets ur stats to 4 4 4 4 so u can readd the other points into what ever job build u want. also if u make a mistake adding ur stats dont worry are friendly gms will be more than glad to tele u back to the reset stat npc.
we also will be having almost every day events for nx items and they dont expire as of yet xD lol. and for some friendly donaters for every dollar ($1) u donate you will be given the choice of a slime event for 5 random nx items or 1 nx item of ur choice.
finally we dont support cheaters or ppl who dont like playing nice so if u are just minding ur own buisnec and a hacker comes along dont fear and cc just call over a gm and we will be happy to stop them. by either putting them in 1 of 2 jails or just banning them for a while or if its not there 1st couple of offences we may consider an IP ban.
another neat thing about are server is we have expanded ur inventory space to such an extent if u fill 1 sections (equips,use,etc) u are insane xP lol. its just that big.
are best twist is that if u reach max lvl we gms will give u completely free a 21 attack brown work gloves. now isnt that just the best?

so wat r u waiting for join Bezerk ms today =D

and dont forget that are server is still in its building stage so there will be more to come in the future so example of this would be new mounts, nx items, skills, etc

oyes and 1 other problem we have is since we dont have the funds to keep ms going 24/7 it shuts down for the night and around schooling hours -,- we no this sucks but right now we can not do anything about it. so if u want are server to be up 24/7 keep donating so we can purchease a good harddrive that only runs ms =). in the end it is all up to you the ppl, how baddly do u want the server up for 24/7 is all up to every1. this also applys to are ms site (we are currently trying hard to get this fixed)

contact/important info
server hosted by hamachi
server host - berzerker
my ms name - WangZi
my hamachi name - Wang Zi
maybe_'s ms name - i69YourMom
his hamachi name is - r7u9k8
berzerker's ms name - Berzerker (lol wow?)
his hamachi - Berzerker (omg no way xD)
if u have any questions or problems contact me on this forum or just send me a message on cr, or message maybe_
another choice u could do is join are hamachi and ask us there but then abit pointless if ur going to msg us anyways xD
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Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/26/08
Sorry dude, no advertising

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