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Post Reply if you're in the SaiMono World, what Clan would you prefer to be in???
Posted 10/29/08
Kou, Ran, Shi and Heki!! but if i were to pick which one i prefer more, maybe i'd say the Kou clan! coz i want to be Shuurei's sister and maybe she could help me out in my studies!
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Posted 6/22/10 , edited 6/22/10
I want to either be in the Ran clan or the Kou clan... And i want to be in the main family! (direct descendant of the Ran/Kou clan) Then i'll be powerful! Hahahaha!!! (evil laughter! haha!) But the Ran province is seriously beautiful....Not forgetting the main house too.. I'd love to live there. And the main family of the Kou clan have interesting characters like Shouka, Shuurei, Reishin... I think i'd love to be there.. (Shouka is such a loving figure, it's nice to have such a loving uncle!)

Being in the Shi clan is too tough, there are many restrictions and responsibilities.. Though having the title of a princess sure is nice!
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