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~Episode 49~

Normal Talk
Futsū no Hanashi (普通の話)

Wikipedia summary:
Izumi, Miki, and Risa invite Hayate and Nagi to their "You-To-Be" Motion Picture Research school club where they film and gather funny movies and laugh at them. Nagi shows interest in the club and Hayate believes it's an opportunity to get Nagi to break her hikikomori habits. They are shown example videos which happen to be Hayate's embarrassing moments with voice overs. Hayate snaps and destroys the club's equipment and media just before Superintendent Kirika appears for her annual club investigation. It turns out the club is on the verge of being shut down and the trio were planning to use the video of Hayate as a means of keeping the club alive. As a backup plan, they promise Kirika new footage of Hayate jumping off the clock tower. With the club saved and Hayate and Nagi as new members, the club decides to hold a normal story competition. Risa tells the first story and soon the mic is passed around to even non-club members.

Characters involed in this EP:
Kirika Kuzuha (Superintendent of Haukou Academy)
And the prefect trios:

(I might cut down or change some phrases.)
Scene: Hakou
Hayate:'Spring is around the around the corner. The third semester flew by didn't it?'

*Hayate pouring a cup of coffee while Nagi is sitting on a chair beside the table, PLAYING PSP. :P*

Nagi:'Really?? It felt like it took forever to me.
Hayate:'But the only days that you came to school were when we thought Katsura-sensei was quiting and the last episode.'(ep 48)
Nagi then state that because she is the main herione and the when the story takes place in Hakou, she has no choice to come.

*The trio sneak near to Nagi before she finished saying her sentence.

Hayate:'There you go mumbling nonsense again.'

*Nagi raises the PSP as she loses the game**

Nagi:'Let's go home, Hayate!' *Nagi throws the PSP to Hayate as she walks,hayate almost missed it and try to hold it properly. *
Nagi:'Seriously, why is the school such a pain?*Talk while walking'* But then, it would be a different story if this were Hou*ka Academy or Ku**. Oh, I would like to try the Ashi**do Academy's uniform once.'* Nagi- Imaged the Uniform out with a girl wearing it.*
Hayate:(thought) Milady's hatred for school is really over the top.*Follows Nagi*
Hayate: '!' *Noticed the trio sneaking around Nagi*

*Trio appears in front of Nagi*
Trio talks to Hayate and Nagi to make it as if they ran into them by luck.

Hayate:'How may I help you all??'
Trio:We thought we'd take part in our club activities for once.'
Hayate:'Club?? I thought that none of you are involved in any clubs.'

Trio: 'HEHEHEHE!' * Show off their evil grin and their evil shining eyes*
Trio: 'You interested Hayata-kun?'
*SCENE changes into a dark blue area'
Hayate: What??No,not really.
This is not the end of Part A !!! Is just that...I am tired! I will continue sometime later please wait!
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Posted 5/31/08 , edited 5/31/08
~Episode 50~

Quiz! Written as 'Foe' but Read as 'Friend'!!
Kuizu! Shukuteki to Kaite Tomo to Yomu!! (クイズ!宿敵と書いて友と読む!!)

Wikipedia Summary: Nagi and Ayumu compete together in the 4256th High School Girls Ultra Quiz tournament, though are each looking forward to the possibility of winning different prizes; Nagi wants the trophy for it's resemblance to Hayate, and Ayumu wants the all-you-can-eat ticket to a restaurant so she can go out with Hayate. During the tournament, Nagi and Ayumu have trouble cooperating, though manage to end up winning the tournament in the end. Ayumu uses the all-you-can-eat ticket to invite Nagi, and Hayate to go out and eat together.

Characters involved in this EP:

Part A

In the Nagi's bedroom, Hayate was trying to wake Nagi from her sleep. He threw away Nagi's blanket and Nagi said, 'hey,it's still 32:00. Let me sleep a little more.' [Note: In Japan, the clock for TV late-night programming runs past 24:00 into the next day] Hayate said, 'please don't say that. Today's a great day outside.' He pull away the bed sheet, followed by the matteress and pillow. Nagi remain asleep on the empty space and fell to the ground. Hayate tried to cheer Nagi up by telling her that he made rice-ball bento and showed her a newspaper which stated that "High School Girls Ultra Quiz! Must compete as a pair of best friends." Nagi said, 'not interested' and walked away. Hayate said, 'what a waste! the prize is ---' Suddenly, Nagi was being rewinded back to holding the newspaper and said, 'this... this is the prize i get when i win this competition. this will be become mine?!' her eyes bleamed with joy. 'all right, let's compete!' hayayte said, ' why?'

Nagi was seen sitting a chair, calling up her friend Sakuya, trying to persuade her to enter competition with her, but she wasn't in Japan.Nagi found that she had no one to partner. Maria suggested that, ' why don't you go with hayate-kun? if we need a high school girl appearance, i have several patterns ready' as she held out a high school girls' uniform. Nagi seemed to agreed with this idea but hayate rejected and said, ' i'll go look for someone who's willing to be your partner.' he walked back out of the room.

Meanwhile, Ayumu was walking on the street reading an advertisment about the "High School Girls Ultra Quiz!" and she was eyeing on the all-you-can-eat coupon at blah blah shabu shabu restuarant. She started imagining Hayate and her eating at the restuarant together. She became very excited and she said, 'if i do win, maybe i can ask him...' however she found that she had no one to go with to the competition. she panicked and ran very quickly until she knocked onto hayate and fell backward. hayate apologised to her and found that she was reading about this competition. he held ayumu's hand as a spotlight shone on the two of them. hayate asked her, 'could you be a partner for this quiz tournament?' she replied, 'i will' as she blushed a little. hayate said, ' that's great! lady nagi will be happy.' ayumu was wondering wat was hayate talking about.

the stadium's cover opened as the host introduced the audience to "the 4256th High School Girls Ultra Quiz". filled with excitment, the audience was screaming and waving banners in the air. the host was mikiri teruo and the mc was a petite lady called abe maou who kept say 'tima'. the contestants marched into the stadium each pair holding a placard. Aika and Chiharu were partners, nagi was with ayumu. Nagi said, ' i'm practically taking a handicap like this.' this irritated ayumu. however thinking that it was hayate who asked her about this issue, ayumu decided to put up with nagi. ayumu said that if she won she would eat shabu shabu with hayate and nagi argued that she would have both the trophy and hayate. Hayate was seated at the audience seat noticed that the 2 of them had started argueing and he that, 'looks like both od them are ready for the fight.'

Let the game began!

First trial is the famous, yes or no quiz. there were 2 gigantic circles on the stadium field. one with a red "O" which meant yes and the other with a blue "X" which meant no. the contestant had to move to the side they think is the answer to the question. it looked like nagi and ayumu had full confident in this game.

Problem 1: you find ishikawa station inthe ishikawa prefecture.
ayumu immediately ran to the "O" side. nagi pulled ayumu and dashed toward the "X" side. they started argueing again. eventually, nagi dragged ayumu with her to the "X" side. the answer was NO. the contestants stand on the YES circle got exploded while the others on the NO circle was saved. the mc said this station was found in aomari perfecture. nagi said, 'See! this is a common sense problem if you play ******** *S'

Problem 2:newborn giant pandas weigh less than newborn chimpanzees.
once again, the 2 of them quarreled over which side to go. this time ayumu decided to pull nagi over to the YES circle. the answer is YES. those who chose NO were being dropped into an empty pit. ayumu expained that she watch Animal ***net and that's why she knew about this.

Problem 3: the temperature of 'warm' sake is 40'C.
nagi and ayumu did not know anything about sake so decided to use a life-line [telephone] as they allowed to. hayate thought that the 2 would call him but the 2 had call Maria and she said that the temperature of 'warm' sake is 45'C. hayate cried and said, 'what about me?' the answer is NO. nobody answer wrongly.

to be continue....

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