Dei Dream-Chapter 1
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Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/27/08
This is chapter 1 of 13! I had a dream one night, and this story is based off of it! PM me if you like it and want to read the rest of them! They getter better and longer, so bear with me!


I squinted up at the blazing sun as I lazily strolled through Konoha. It was perfect walking weather; a cool breeze cancelled out the sun's relentless heat. I distractedly waved hello to people I knew as I traveled the streets.

My mind wandered away from me onto thoughts of Micchi-kun. Micchi-kun, Michiru, my childhood friend since before I can remember.

Yet for a while, I had thought of him as more than a friend. I blushed at this thought. ^////^ He was strong, funny, smart, kind, and seriously cute.

The reason I was wandering aimlessly instead of hanging out with him is because he was away on a mission outside of Konoha. As a fellow jonin, I recommended him as a member on a three-man team because of his amazing agility. His team was going investigate the area around a part of the forest where strangely round patches of trees had been burned away.

If the arsonist had prepared an ambush in the area, then Micchi's speed would be quite useful for escaping from traps. His speed could determine the mission's success.

He had already been gone three days, and I missed him greatly. The day he left, I told him that I had something to tell him when he returned, and asked if he would listen. He smiled at me sweetly and said, "Of course, Emika-chan!" I treasured those words deeply, since I had not heard his voice in days.

The "something" I wished to tell him was, at great emotional risk, my true feelings for him. I desperately hoped against hope that he would accept me.

As I worredly pondered this, I approached my apartment building, finally tired of walking. As I walked closer, I could see Daichi, a close friend of both Micchi and I, pacing nervously back and forth in front of my building. As I neared him, he whipped around to face me, his face blotchy and his eyes frantic. He grabbed my hands roughly, and uttered horrible words that I will never forget:

"Emika-chan,'s very hard to say this..., but, MICHIRU IS DEAD!!!"
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