Sirberius's Past: The Great God War
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27 / M / writing my storie...
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Tell me what you think of them. I'm still kinda working on the forth one so just give me some for that one.
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27 / M / writing my storie...
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Sirberius’s Past: The Great God War (PART 1)

With my back against the Holy Water fountain, I said an unknown amount of prayers. A burning sensation kept coursing through my body, along with a painful electrical charge that shocked my body every thirty seconds. That was due to the water splashing onto me. Vampires can’t stand water because it drains us of our power and hurts us, but (due to my dragon blood) I was able to avoid the worst of the effects.
Currently I was inside the Hulle Granz Cathedral within the city Lacore. (Yet another bad place for a vampire). I come to cathedrals for a specific reason though. I feel that as long as I come and atone for my sins, I shall eventually be forgiven. Zane thinks that I am just crazy and that I think too much about it, and he’s probably right. But I just can’t forget about what I had done.
I stopped my prayer and leaned all the way back. I was now able to start ignoring the feelings of pain, but I still felt weak.
“Things weren’t always like this,” I say slightly grinning. “They were actually happier back at Besaid, huh Zane?”
“Yeah they were,” Zane said gleefully. “Mother was so nice and loving. And father was so fun to play with.”
“He sure was. I remember them so well and I remember how happy we were. But that all changed when the Gods went on a rampage. When that happened… everything changed.

Sirberius’s hometown Besaid (40 years ago)

Our town was a quiet one that attracted all kinds of races. We probably had at least fifteen different races living in the town. We all got along and learned how to work together peacefully with no conflicts. My mother and father had a house right on the outskirts of town. It had open fields full of grass and a forest in the back. It was kinda like a country like area. Our house was two stories tall and it had a nice glossy black color with the windowsills painted red.
I was in the living room watching a favorite show of mine. I was in my natural attire that consisted of a black shirt with wine red words, written in the natural vampire language, black pants that had a wine red trimming, black casual boots, and a piece of cloth that tied around my waist. It draped down to the ground from the back of my legs and came to the side of my legs. A red metal like belt was tied over it around my waist to keep it secured.
“Sirberius,” my mother called out to me from the kitchen. “Come and eat now.”
“Can’t it wait? I’m watching TV mom.”
“No it can not,” she said in mild anger.
I turned around to face and saw that her sharp teeth were showing: her horns starting to come out of the top of her head.
My mother was a Heatwave Dragon. They are known to be nice and gently, but when angered they can become very fearsome and can unleash devastating fire magic. She normally wore red dress with red flat shoes, or a red shirt, red skirt, and red shoes of any kind. She was very lady like if you ask me. She had long flowing wine red hair that drapes to her back and wine red eyes.
“Ok, Ok I’ll get to the table,” I say jumping to my feet.
“Where are Zane and Sparda,” she said shifting back to her normal form.
“They are asleep right now.”
“Do they not want anything to eat?”
“I don’t think so. They already raided the refrigerator and ate everything that wanted.”
“They what,” she said turning to me. Her eyes burning brighter than usual. “I guess it can’t be helped. Just sit down at the table, and can you revert back to your human form. You know that you are not allowed to eat at the table in your Demi form. Ever since I showed you how to attain a Demi, you have stayed in it all day long.”
My mother may not look the part, but she is one of the few scientist that we have here. She is the one that found out about dragons being able to use a form blended between their human form and their dragon form. She named it a Demi form because in the dragon language Demi means half or incomplete. I had two Demi forms: one that was dragon/human and one that was dragon/vampire. I loved to use my dragon/vampire Demi more than anything.
“Yes ma’am,” I said as my wings, tail, and claws disappeared.
I sat down at the table and waited for my food. After eating I walked upstairs and grabbed my sword. It was a 48” Vampire Sword that had a wine red stainless steel blade, and its handle was wrapped in black and wine red nylon. It was 2:45am, which meant that my father would be home shortly. And when he made it in, we would have our training session. It is a natural custom for vampires to be trained while they are young. Though my mother doesn’t really like the idea, but she tolerates it to a certain level.
I put the sheathed sword onto my back and strapped it across my chest. I ran down stairs; my mother was standing at the door holding a glass and a water bottle.
“Darius is already here,” she said smiling. My mother and father always address each other by first name, even when speaking to me. “He’s waiting outside for you. Drink, attach the bottle to your hip, and then go. And try to be careful. Read his moves and don’t fear his power. He is just a big softy on the inside.”
I smiled at that last remark, “Ok, I’ll make sure I do my best.”
I drunk the contents of the glass (it was blood of course), strapped the water bottle (full of blood probably) to my right leg, and walked out the door. I ran around the house to find my father standing in our hand-built sparring ring.
“Hey there Sirberius,” he said smiling. “You got out here pretty fast. Are you excited about getting started?”
“Ok course I am father. Who wouldn’t be?”
“I guess you are right. And I told you that in the sparring ring we are equals. You must address me by my name.”
“Sorry, Darius.”
“Good boy, now let’s get started.”
He reached to his side and drew his sword. I drew mine from the sheath on my back.
“I want you to focus more on your other abilities outside of your dragon and vampire blood. The abilities and power that lies within the Kim-un-Kur heritage in you. As you know, they are a rare breed of Hybrids. Their heritage is only found in a Hybrid child once every 500 years or so of the human realm years. They have the abilities and powers beyond any mystical creature’s dream, plus a form that was perfected by them. You can use that form and the powers of the legendary Kim-un-Kur. Now let me see you try. But be careful because if you attain the perfected form you will be putting yourself at risk. If you stay in it for longer than what you can handle, you will lose yourself. Your mind could be warped and you could be dragged into the evil that summons the form.”
“Alright,” I closed my eyes and summoned my power. “Zane, Sparda, it is time to train.”
I opened my eyes to find Zane and Sparda standing to both of my sides. They each drew their independent weapons. Zane specialized himself with two swords, while Sparda used large bastard swords. I was still working around to finding my own weapon.
“Good, I see that you have that down. Being able to call upon your ‘others’ can be a great tribute in battle. Now come at me with all that you’ve got. We shall see if we can drive you into your perfect form.”
I ran up to him and swung my blade from the side. Sparda was right next to me and swung in the opposite direction, while Zane came swinging down from above. Darius smiled and vanished from in front of us. Sparda and I stopped our attacks before we hit each other. Zane landed onto the blunt side of our swords where he stood to try and find Darius.
“Behind you guys,” he yelled out.
We flung him into the air, and then we did a back flip. We flew over his head: Darius looked up at us and smiled.
“Demise slash,” he said lowly.
His blade glowed red and it started to give off a strange aura. I landed on a knee along side of Sparda and looked up. Darius slashed down and a red crescent moon slash. I prepped myself to block when Zane come out of the sky and used both his swords to stop the slash. He was pushed back little by little and was struggling to keep up his swords. Sparda rushed up and put his sword against it too.
Suddenly, the red slash exploded and Zane and Sparda disappeared. Ran up to Darius with my sword to my side
Darius smiled again, “Demise slash.”
He slashed horizontally and another red crescent slash came hurtling at me. I put my sword up and blocked it. It started pushing me back with an immense amount of force. I wasn’t sure how much more I could hang on. Then a voice spoke out to me. It spoke to me as if it were reciting a poem or something. Then when it finished it said, “You should know what to do know. I have been calling out to you for a long time. Now it is time for you to call out to me.”
I raised my head and grinned an evil smile, “I think that I have finally learned how access my perfect form. Want to see?”
“Yes, show me.”
“I am the darkness in your soul, The evil that you don't wish to show, If someone should want you to compete, Summon me, your evil, to become complete.”
A dark aura started to cover my body and it circled around my sword. I started to feel myself get stronger. Swinging my sword, I was able to knock the slash away like it was nothing. My body was coursing with a strength that I had never felt before. Then my mind started to change. It was like I was me, but I also wasn’t me. I could feel that I didn’t think like I used to. My thoughts were filled with mild anger, and I started to forget whom I was. I only knew that my other self was childish. My mind set was that it was ‘the childish Sirberius’.
I looked up at Darius and felt no emotional attachment to him. To me, he was a pest, and all pests should be… exterminated.
“So you are the one that brought out,” I say to him. “You forced ‘the childish Sirberius’ to finally hear my call. I would give you a handclap, but I suppose that you were fighting with my other side. So that means that you are fighting me. Which means that I am now your opponent and that there is no time to complement the enemy in battle.” I looked down at the sword in my hand and threw it aside, “That worthless piece of junk will do me no good. I am better off using my hands. Now prepare yourself, here I come.”
I ran up towards Darius and jumped slightly into the air. He responded by slashing at my side. By concentrating my Ka’dai into the left side of my body, I was able to let the blade pass over my body. I put my hands to the ground and put my legs up straight. Darius made another horizontal slash at my side, but this time I pushed off the ground to side my over his head. I did a front flip and connected the back of my right foot to the back of his head.
He lunged forward and tried to stop his movement, but the force I put on him was too great and he slid about ten feet away. He turned to face me and scratched the back of his head.
“That was a good counter. I hadn’t expected you to do that.”
“Well let’s just say that I think differently than the other me.”
Darius looked at me confused, “What do you mean the other you?”
I dropped my fighting pose and stood up straight, “I am not the Sirberius that you have known. I am a different one. Though we may be the same all around, we think, act, and speak differently. Though he thought that he should hold back in this fight with you so that he wouldn’t hurt you, I do not feel any emotional connection with you and I shall not hold anything back. You see… we have different aspects of what we think that we should do.”
“So you are basically a different personality?”
“Yes and no. I am still Sirberius, but I am a melding of all his personalities. Which means that I am the Complete Sirberius.”
“I see. So the Kim-un-Kur’s perfect form is what’s know as…”
“It’s known as The Complete Hybrid Form. I carry all of ‘the childish Sirberius’s’ knowledge. Plus I carry the knowledge of all the Kim-un-Kur that have come before him.”
Just as I finished my statement, a loud explosion sounded off from the town square. Both Darius and I turned around to find a large cloud of dust rise off the ground. We looked at each other and ran to the house. I saw Kairi (and felt nothing to her too. She was just like a regular person to me) and she stare at me like she didn’t know me.
“Who exactly are you. I know that you aren’t the Sirberius that I have raised. You have a dark presence about you. It’s almost like an aura of evil, yet it isn’t fighting with the good within you.”
“I am the Kim-un-Kur Sirberius that has laid dormant inside ‘your Sirberius’. That aura that you are feeling is what I am concentrated from. I am summoned through the darkness of his heart. You can think of me as a manifestation of evil, yet I am not evil.”
“Well your appearing effect ‘Sirberius’ in anyway?”
“Not at the moment. I know when he has reached his limit for this form. And I have no desire to go beyond that limit without his permission. I would want to harm him when he has so much that he will have to deal with because of his being a Kim-un-Kur. But that shall be discussed in a while. We have to see what cause that explosion.”
“You can’t go. You could get hurt and that would mean that ‘my Sirberius’ would be hurt too,” a single tear fell when she said this.
I wiped it away and gave a good fake smile that I was sure would comfort her, “You can trust and believe that I won’t let any harm come to this body, or to ‘your Sirberius’. Now let us hurry.”
We all ran toward the town square and found that there were a lot of people already there. But they seemed strange. Darius started to approach them, but I held him back.
“They are not who you think that they are. They are the enemy in disguise,” I said turning to face the crowd. “Show your true form. I know that you aren’t what you perceive to be. Now show me your face or be destroyed.”
Swords started flying out of the fake people at us. I put a thick layer of Ka’dai energy around my arms and legs, and then I started to swat them aside. Darius used his sword to parry all the ones that came his way. Kairi took a deep breath and shot out balls of dragon fire toward the direction of the swords.
“You are truly pathetic,” came a voice from now where.
One sword shot past me at a speed that I couldn’t even begin to comprehend. It flew past Darius and struck Kairi in her stomach.
“Hahaha. Serves her right.”
I looked up and saw a man floating above us. Darius ran over to Kairi and took the sword out of her. She lay there unconscious and was barely breathing. He looked up at the man with rage in his eye and jump into the air at him. Darius raised his sword and prepared to swing.
“No Darius. You are no match for him,” I yell out to him.
I had just sensed the guys Ka’dai signature. It was large and fierce. I couldn’t even see me beating this guy without struggling a bit. So there was no chance that Darius would come close to beating him. The guy point his hand at Darius and a sword appeared in it. He waited for Darius to raise his sword and stabbed him in the chest. Darius’s blade fell down to the ground and his body went limp. The guy dropped the sword and Darius, and then he turned his gaze upon me.
“You are the only one left. This is pitiful. I can’t believe that I was sent ahead of the rest just to deal with you pests.”
Anger boiled inside of my chest, “Pests! How dare you call me a pest you worthless piece of shit! What is it that you wished to attain by killing the people of this town? Why would you kill people that posed no threat to you?”
“Because the Elder Gods of my city commanded me to.”
I stared at him with a look of shock, “Elder Gods? That means that you are of the God race? What do the Gods have against us?”
“We do not like the way things are going. The way that the races are coming together to live in harmony. The old ways were better. Back in the days were each race kept to themselves and only themselves. Now we have other race having children and creating Hybrids. Hybrids are the most disgusting race that could ever have been made. And we Gods see them unfit to live. So we plan to go and eliminate them. One town at a time. And we shall eliminate the people that created them.”
I exploded with rage, “So I guess that you are here to kill me too?”
“That is correct.”
“Fine, but I have something to tell you first. You will not be able to attain your goal. You will die in vain. And I shall be the one to… TO ELIMINATE YOU!!!”
I started floating to him slowly while letting my power pour out of my body. I had extended beyond my normal power level. I could tell that he was stunned by the pressure of it because he did not move, breath, or blink in the slightest bit. I wrapped dragon fire around my fist; its temperature was hotter than anything I had ever felt.
“If you will not come to me, then I shall come to you.”
I pushed Ka’dai out of the soles of my feet, which cause me to travel at a blinding speed. Cocking back my fist, I swung with all the strength that I had and connected with his chest. The fire around my hand cut through his body and shot out his back.
“Eliminated,” I say fiercely.
“Not just yet,” he gasped. “I still have one more thing up my sleeve.”
His body started to glow and he suddenly got really hot. I instantly knew what he was planning to do… he was going to… self-destruct. I grabbed him by the collar of his blue shirt and flung him down to the ground. I took off and headed for the edge of town, but I wasn’t fast enough. His body exploded and engulfed the town in a destructive white light. I was caught by a bit of it and was thrown through three buildings. I could feel my head spinning but I regained myself quickly.
Looking around I saw that ‘my other side’s’ town was now a wasteland. I sighed and lowered my head.
“It seems that now it can not be helped. I must find a new place to live. Hopefully the rest of the Gods don’t follow me. I don’t think that I can defeat an army by myself. But they can’t be left alone,” I say turning around and walking out of town. “They must be dealt with. And I shall bring them to their bitter end when the time comes. Even though this town means nothing to me, even though I felt nothing toward Darius, and Kairi, I feel that I must avenge them. This I promise I will do.”
I walk out of town and started my traveling. Searching for a new place… a new place for me to belong… a new place for me to make bonds in… and a new place for me to protect… but I had no idea of the events that would take place in my new home… no idea of the pain I would suffer… and no idea of the deal I would make… can you even believe that this all happens because of my being a Kim-un-Kur?
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Sirberius’s Past: The Great God War (Part 2)

I looked down at my parent’s dead lifeless body.
“They deserved to dead. The filthy Hybrid lovers,” said the god that had killed them.
I stared up at him with anger in my eyes. I flew up to him and grabbed him by the throat. I drew my sword and thrust it through his stomach. He looked up at me and smiled. His body started to glow and he suddenly exploded. A powerful destructive energy burst from his body and it engulfed me. Utterly destroying me…
“Sirberius, wake up!”
I rose up, my face in a cold sweat. Turning, I saw Saria standing in front of me. Her hands were resting on my shoulders. She seemed a bit scared for a minute then she closed her eyes and sighed.
“You had another dream about what happened to your parents huh,” she said softly.
I wiped the sweat from my face and looked at her, “Yeah, but this time was worse. It was like I was actually there. I could feel everything that was happening. I could felt my anger rising inside of my chest. And when I attacked their killer, I felt the blade pierce his body. It was just all too real.”
Saria wrapped her arms around my and rested her head against mine, “It’s alright now. You now have people that can care for you. You are not alone anymore.”
I wrapped my arms around her, “I know. I have nothing to fear anymore not that I found you guys.”
After I left my hometown Besaid I wandered around looking for some new place to live. I couldn’t really remember what happened to cause my town to be destroyed, nor could I really remember how my parents were killed. I just knew that something bad was going to happen soon if I had stayed there. I wandered from town to town. I stayed in hotels by using to money that my parents had saved up in our vault under our house.
Each place I stayed in was nice and peaceful, but for some reason it just didn’t feel like I needed to be there. I traveled about two years before I came to this place, Zelcova. It was a town that was populated by all kinds of races. It seemed just like my old town. That must’ve been the reason that I felt like this was where I belonged. I’ve been staying here for approximately seven months. I’ve gotten to know everyone here and I’ve grown close to three people here.
The girl that was with me right now. Her name is Saria Sarou. She was a break off race of the Demons. She was no older than me and had lost her place in her town. She came here for the same reason that I did. Me and her had become friends the instant I got here. As a matter of fact, we got her at about the same time. We cared for each other and watched each others back. We basically have a brother and sister bond with each other. She knows of my being a Kim-un-Kur, along with the other two, but she treats me like a normal person.
The second person is male from the God race. His name is Ruuso. He is the eldest of the group, seventeen. It took me a long time to befriend him because of his being a God. But I eventually realized that it was not his fault that my parents were dead. He instantly understood why I had acted harshly toward him. Over the first weeks, he became kind of a big brother to both Saria and me.
The last person is a Hybrid girl by the name of Rubi (pronounced Ruby). She was a mix of the Elemental Dragon race and the Neko race. I thought it to be a weird mix, but even so, she can be very fierce. We instantly became friends once we met. She showed me around and stuck by my side day and night. Over time we grew a special bond with each other. Eventually we became something a bit more than what we first were. I guess you could say that we are together.
I got up and walked over to my closet to pick out a pair of clothes. When I turned around, I found Saria already changing out of her clothes and into new ones. I could tell that my face got red and I turned back around.
“How many times do I have to tell you to warn me when you are about to do that!”
She giggled a bit, “Oh come on, it’s funny to see you blush. Besides I told you that you shouldn’t worry about seeing anything. I have always covered my body in a cloud of dark energy even when I’m alone. It’s safe to say that you won’t see through it.”
“Ok if you say so, but you’d better be right,” I say turning back around.
I went get a pair of shoes and was about to get some socks when Saria spoke to me.
“Can you hand me that black skirt off of my bed?”
“Sure,” I say grabbing it.
I turn around to hand it to her when I see that she has left her chest uncovered by the black cloud. For a minute I looked and then I realized it and hastily turned around. But by turning so fast, I tripped over a basket on the floor.
Saria burst into laughter, “You should have seen the look on your face. It was priceless.”
“Why the hell do you do that?! You always do something like that.”
“I just like messing with you. You aren’t exactly my blood relative, so it’s not like it’s wrong or anything. You just don’t see me in a way that would enable you to mess around with me,” she says.
Then I felt her hand on my shoulder. She turned me over and laid over me. She raised her body up a bit, just enough to let me see her face. Even through my clothes I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything.
“You may not think of my in any sexual way. But you do find me attractive. This I know for certain. So I wonder what would you do if I do this.”
She puckered her lips as if she was about to kiss me. Her head move forward to my face very slowly. I started to blush and it was like I couldn’t move. Her lips were about to touch mine when her body started to shake a bit. Looking harder at her, I saw that she was smiling. Then she started to laugh and pressed her body against mine. I burst my body into flames to teleport to the closest.
“Why do you always have to be so damn flirtatious?”
Saria snapped her finger, which caused her clothes to appear on her body, “Because I am a Demon of seduction. I can’t help it, it’s just my nature.”
I glared at her, “Ok then if you can just clothe yourself by snapping your finger, why did you want me to hand you your clothes?”
“So I could trick you into seduction silly.”
She started to giggle, so I walked out of the front door. We go through something like this every day. I share a house with Saria because we thought it would be easier on us since we got here at the same time. I start my daily walk through the market. I bought some food and drinks and headed to the middle class district. Then I headed toward the upper district and found Rubi sitting if front of her house.
“You been waiting long,” I ask her.
She looked up at me and smiled, “Nah I just got here.”
She stood up and walked over to me. Rubi then used her magic to summon a basket out of the wood of a nearby tree. She took the food I had and placed it into the basket.
“Ok, so where are we going today,” she asked look up at me.
“I think that we shall have our date up at the Dragoncrest tower,” I reply smiling. “I really like the view from up there. Plus I can spread my wings a bit.”
As I spoke, my body started sliding into its Demi form. Two horns formed on my head and curved back, my hands turned into dragon claws through my fingerless gloves, my dragon talons came through the front of my boots (I made it to where it would snap if any pressure was put on the front), and my tail slithered out of my pants (also another compartment due to my design).
“Sirberius, couldn’t you have waited till we got there to do that,” Rubi says laughing.
“I’m sorry, but it’s been too long since I had the chance to just walk around like this. I’ve grown too used to this form to be able to not walk around in it.”
She giggled a bit and took my hand, “Come on… let’s get going.”
We walked through the town, hand-in-hand, until we reach a road in the back of the market district that lead out to the more ancient part of Zelcova. It was war-torn by all the battles that had taken place in the old days. No one even dared to come here anymore, but this place held one of my favorite places to come and relax.
The tower here was the best place to relax. It’s called the Dragoncrest tower because it was were the dragon fighters would live. In being in such a high place, they could see any approaching enemy and take flight immediately.
“Well let’s start heading up,” I say to Rubi smiling.
I hold her hand a bit tighter and start to flap my wings forcefully.
A look of shock swept over Rubi’s face, “Sirberius are you about to do what I think you are about to do?”
“Maybe, maybe not. There’s only one way to find out.”
I kicked off the ground and pulled Rubi up with me. She started kicking, but I held my balance and rose to the top of the tower. Once there, I set her down and landed on the floor.
Rubi started glaring at me, “You know I hate it when you do that!”
“I know,” I say laughing. “But you look so cute when you’re angry.”
“What ever,” she says and starts to blush. “Let’s eat before the food goes bad.”
We sit down and open the wood basket. I pull out four fishes and hand them to her along with a special protein shake that helps increase the power one’s Ka’dai energy. Then I take out three chickens (still fresh) and a canteen filled with a special blood mixture that (yep you guessed it) helps increase the power one’s Ka’dai energy.
I grabbed one of the chickens by the neck, snapped it, and started roasting it with my dragon fire. Rubi (being more civilized) stuck a stick through all of her fishes, made a turn wheel contraption, and roasted them on it while spinning it around. We immediately started eating once the food was done. We also played a game to see who’s bones could reach the bottom of the tower first (the chicken’s bones won, WHOSHA!).
I opened my canteen and took a sip of the blood and watched the sun come over the horizon. Rubi placed herself next to me and rested her head on my shoulder. Her hand found mine and she held it. I turned my head and saw that she was already looking at me. Her body started to lean toward me, as if she was going to kiss me. I close my eyes and leaned forward too. Waiting to embrace her passionate kiss.
Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded off: the screams of Zelcovian could be heard clearly and distinctly. Both Rubi and I jumped up, looked at each other, and nodded our heads. She started to change into a Demi form all of her own. I had taught her how to reach it over the time that I had spent here. Instead of gaining scales, her caramel skin grew out this beautiful silver fur that had a dragon scale design on it. Her black, flowing hair also turned silver. Two pointed cat ears shot out of the top of her head and a pair of shining, silver dragon wings sprouted from her back. Her hands and feet changed into a mix between dragon claws and cat claws. And finally, a long pointed cattail shot out from her pants. It was seemingly weak, but it could do some major damage (trust me).
We jumped off the edge and soared over to the main part of Zelcova.
“Look down by the market,” shouted Rubi.
I focus my gaze over in its direction and saw people attacking the citizens.
“I’m no gonna let this happen again.”
I flew down to them and landed a kick on the face of one of the three attackers. Rubi streaked behind me, grabbed the two remaining attacker by their necks, bang them together and tossed them into a nearby building.
“Save a bit for me, ok,” she said smiling.
We then dashed off and headed for the city entrance. I figured that we should go there and help people escape before things got bad. We arrived to see people running out of the arch; Saria and Russo were helping them.
“Sirberius, Rubi, get over here and help us out,” Ovan yelled over to us.
I rush through the crowd and get to him with Rubi on my tail.
“What’s happening,” I ask curiously.”
“A God army appeared here and started attacking everyone. All they said was that a race getting along with other races was disgraceful. And those that did needed to be eliminated.”
I turned away from Ovan, “Where are most of them at?”
“I think that they are mostly in the town square, but why do you-.”
I flitted back into town and left Russo, Saria, and Rubi standing there. I was determined to stop these so called Gods once and for all. Even if it cost me my life…..
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Sirberius’s Past: The Great God War (part 3)

I flew through the city streets, heading toward the town square so I could end this for good. I stopped just a few blocks from my destination and reached for my sword, but found nothing.

“Damn it, I forgot to grab it on my way out today. How the hell am I supposed to fight them without a weapon.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to get your attention for,” came a voice from behind.

I jumped around and say Russo standing up against the wall.

“Do you know how fast you fly? I could barely keep up. You dracolich are very energetic.”

“Why are you here Russo,” I ask curiously.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out custom-made dual pistols.

He handed them to me, “Thought that you would like be able to fight with something good.”

I held them in my hand and flipped them around a couple of times. I loved the feel of them; excitement surged through my being.

“I knew you’d love them. After all the times that you’ve practice with my guns, I figured it was time to give you a pair of your own,” he said walking away. “I’m gonna go back and take care of the people trying to escape. I’ll leave this up to you, Sirberius.”

“I’ll do my best,” I reply smiling.

“I know you will. And why don’t you try out some of those God spells I taught you. You’d also better use the Demon skills that Saria showed you.”

With that said, he vanished before my eyes. I turned back around and peeked around the corner, firmly holding my new pistols. I saw four guys standing around with their weapons drawn.

“Zane, Sparda, I need you guys to got where I’m at pronto.”

In an eruption of fire, both of them appeared on my right side.

“What kinda trouble are we looking at,” Sparda asked calmly.

“The same Gods that came to Besaid are attacking Zelcova.”

“Those bastards,” Zane said furiously. “I’ll kill everything single one of them.”

He stuck out his hands; his dual blades appeared in a blaze of fire. Sparda raised his hand, and the shadows themselves came and formed his broadsword.

“Alright guys, let’s go,” I say rushing around the corner.

I instantly pull the triggers on each pistol and started shooting at one of the Gods. As I shot, I could feel the guns drawing energy from my Ka’dai to form the bullets. The God to my right shot a fireball at me, but Sparda jumped over my head and hit it back with his sword. The ball flew and hit its master in the face.

Zane streaked past me with his swords raised to his side. His target pulled out a spiked malice ball on a chain and launched it at him. Zane ducked under it, cut the chain with both swords, grabbed the chain, and threw it back. The malice hit him in the face and the God stumbled backward. Zane ran around him, while wrapping the chain around his neck. Once he had a lot of it around the God, Zane put his foot to the God’s back and pulled. His target’s neck snapped and its head flopped around as the body fell to the ground.

I rushed up to my opponent. He drew a spear and shield and ran toward me. A couple of seconds before we collided, I side stepped the spear, ran up his body using the shield for a grip, and jumped into the air by kicking off his head. I did a half flip so that I faced the ground while I still ascended through the air.

I pointed my pistons down toward the God, “Ok time to test out one of Russo’s God spells. Infinity Bullet.”

A blue aura started to glow around the guns as the charged up an immense amount of my Ka’dai. I pulled the triggers and barrages of blue energy bullet were fired from the guns. The bullets fell to the ground like meteors; they went wildly wherever they wanted and destroyed anything they hit. I let go of the triggers and fell back to the ground.

The landscape was now destroyed, but on the bright side, I had hit my mark. Then I suddenly felt weak and fell to the ground on a knee. I looked up at Zane and Sparda to see them smiling.

“Looks like I should have practiced that one a bit more, huh?”

I started to smile until I saw their facial expressions change. They started pointing at me and were trying to say something to me, but I couldn’t make it out. I turned around and found, to me shocking surprise, the last god standing over me in his Awakened form. He held a war hammer over his head and looked like he was about to bring it down.

I braced myself for whatever blow was to come, but he stopped in his tracks. He groaned a bit and then fell to the side, revealing Rubi standing behind him glaring at me.

I started scratching my head and laughing nervously, “Sorry to leave you back there. I just needed to handle these guys so that everyone could escape.”

She glared at me even harder, “You’re lying to me and you know it. You were trying to seek out vengeance for your old town and for your parents.”

She walked up a bit closer and raised her fist, “That was such a stupid thing to do!” For a second I thought she was going to hit me, but instead she dropped down and flung her arms around my neck, “Don’t you ever do that again! I thought that had lost you.”

I waited a second and pulled her away, “You have nothing to fear ok. So wipe away your tears. Now you really shouldn’t be here. I couldn’t take it if you died in this battle.”

“No, I’m not leaving you, Zane, and Sparda to fight this alone. I’m coming whether you want me to or not.”

“You’d better just let her come,” Sparda said shrugging his shoulder.

Zane laugh, “Yeah, cause there’s nothing worse than a women’s scorn. And she’s a pretty tough little lady to begin with.”

I look at them and then look back at Rubi, “Ok you can come, just try not to get hurt.”

We stood back up and looked around.

“I can sense a high Ka’dai signature coming from the Alchemy District,” Sparda said staring off to the right.

“Then we head off there.”

Zane and Sparda took off and I was right about to follow then when Rubi took hold of my arm.

“Hold on, I have something to give you.”

She put her hands behind her neck and took off her chain. Its links were basically open mouth skulls. And at the middle of the chains was this sharp bone-like Japanese kunai. She put it around my neck and hooked it together.

“This is a very special good luck charm that I got from my parents when they were alive. It will help you out of any tight situation. And hopefully, it will always remind you of me.”

I reached up and help the kunai between my fingers, “I’m sure it will.”

“HEY,” Zane called out. “Are you guys just gonna stand there all day, or are we gonna go and defy God.”

I smiled knowing he meant it to be some ridiculous joke, “Sorry to slow you down.”

We ran for about five minutes, without running into trouble, until we made it to the Alchemy district. There was probably twenty Gods standing about, checking the houses in the area.

“These pathetic creatures are fleeing from us,” said the biggest one of them. “It seems that their peace and solitude has made them weak.”

“Not all of them,” the one next to him says. “There has been a report that four of our men have been taken out. Which means that there is someone around here with some fight left in him or her. And I wanna be the to find them, so that I can crush that last bit out of their pathetic body.”

“Well it seems that you can have that chance right now,” yelled Zane as he dashed toward him.

The God looked bewildered and stood there staring at him. But Zane wasn’t the type of person to wait for others to make a move in a fight. He threw one of his swords at the God and hit him in the chest, right where his heart was supposed to be. The God fell to the ground motionless. His buddy ran up to Zane and threw a punch. Zane dropped down on his hands and swung his legs around, as if doing some break-dance move, and tripped the enemy down to the ground. Then he flung his legs up and put his body into a full handstand. From there he pushed off the ground and leaped into the air. He flipped three times, grabbed his other sword from his side, and impaled the God as he plummeted back the ground.

All the other Gods started rushing in at him, after they got over the fact that two of their comrades had been killed in less than one minute right before their eyes. Sparda drew his large broad sword and started sending out fire arc slashes at the running Gods. They exploded on contact and sent their targets flying. One of the Gods became bold and tried to engage Sparda in close combat, which is the biggest mistake anyone could have made.

He summoned this axe and swung it down vertically at Sparda. But he blocked it with the sword with little effort. Then, by swinging his blade upward, he sent his enemy flying.

“Vampire’s Mind Hold,” Sparda said slowly while raising his hand.

The god stopped in mid-air and stayed suspended there. Sparda swung his hand down to the ground, and the God followed. He slammed into the earth; the force of the impact made everyone jump. He kept doing it for about thirty second, and then he raised his hand and balled it up. The God’s body started to shake violently. Then, it suddenly imploded at and burst from the pressure. He wiped off all the blood that had gotten onto him and resumed throwing out fire arcs.

Rubi and me jumped into the fray back to back. We had both changed into our Demi forms. She was fighting bare handed (she was a natural martial artist), while I fought with my pistols and my feet. Our first target rushed at me. I easily evaded by jumping over his head, flipping, and kicking him in the back. He stumbled right to Rubi, where she knocked him up with an uppercut. I jumped up, grabbed hold of him with my back facing the ground, and shot him in the stomach with both pistols.

I kicked off of him simultaneously and plummeted to the ground. I landed gently onto Rubi’s outstretched arm. I took hold of it with my tail and she threw me at some random God. I was about half way when the God tried to cut me with a swing of his sword, but I curled my body and flipped. The sword flung harmlessly below me. Then Rubi came right over me (she was still holding onto my tail) and brought down a kick on the back of the God’s head that left its face stuck in the concrete.

She then grabbed one by jumping up and using her legs to grab their head, flipped her body back-wards, and slammed him into the ground. I slid below her, kick her target out of the ground and balance his stomach on my feet. I kicked him into the air as I sensed one of the others trying to kick me and jumped using my back to push off the ground. I landed back onto my back and Rubi (coming out of no where) landed onto my feet. I kicked her into the air with the other God while I jumped up to my feet.

When I got up, I put my pistols to my attacker’s face and pulled the trigger until he was headless. Rubi grabbed hold of the God’s legs with her arms, held out his arms with her legs, and gained a firm grip on his neck with her tail. Then she pile drove him into the ground. She jumped off of him and stood against me with her back against mine.

“There’s no end to them. They just keep coming back in higher numbers,” she said panting.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure that we can take them.”

“If you truly believe that then you are the most naive Kim-un-Kur that we have had to deal with in a couple of centuries,” came a voice from behind me.

I turned to find a Death God (Shinigami) floating amidst the group of Gods.

“But we know just how to deal with your kind.”

He drew his scythe and launched it at me. I easily dodged and followed it with my eyes as it went past. Then I noticed where was heading to now.

“Zane move your ass out of the way!”

He turned and tried to move………but he was too late. The scythe split him in half and got stuck inside of a house behind him. The look of surprise was still on his face, but he didn’t move or budge. Then his body was engulfed in a white flame and disappeared. I fell to my knees in utter disbelief.

“No… no… no… this can’t be happening… he’s still alive… if I call him… I’m sure he’d come back,’” I said trying to reassure myself that he wasn’t gone. But no matter how much I tried, I knew that he was gone.

I fell over in an emotional wreck and started pounding on the ground. My Ka’dai started going out of control and started to rise slowly. Then a voice called out to me from within my subconscious.


My mouth, without any hesitation, started to mutter the incantation for the spell.

“Rip mean soka flo induash co leveat ducoda.”

A look of fear took hold of the Death God’s face, “You idiot, do you mean to awaken the Demon Lord, Draethius himself?”

He threw his scythe at me again, but it was knocked away by the sudden appearance of this purple orb that formed around my body. Then everything went dark.

“Why have you called out to me,” bellowed this demonic voice that seemed to come from everywhere.

I was by myself in this deep darkness, “I have called to you, Draethius, The Demon Lord with a humble request.”

“What is it that you wish to ask?”

“I want you to return my brother Zane to his original state, and also give me the power to destroy the threat that lays within my new found home.”

There was a long pause, “I can grant you these things, but in return, you must do some things for me. Do you agree to these terms?”

“Yes, I agree,” I say hastily.

“Even if I ask you to kill countless people who are enemies in my eyes? Would you still aggress to these terms?”

“If it is to save my brother, then I would kill any amount of people.”

“Then so be it.”

A red orb of light suddenly glowed next to a white orb of light that had also appeared.

“I give you both the life of your brother, and the power to destroy anyone who may dare to oppose you, but be warned… this power is very dangerous,” said the Demon Lord as he laughed.

Both of the orbs flew to me and absorbed themselves into my body. Suddenly, pain streaked through my body. I kneeled over while clutching my chest. My Ka’dai signature was going berserk. Then the world that I had left rematerialized around me. My skin started to turn black before my eyes. It also started to thicken and became denser. My fingernails grew long and sharp. Then spikes shot out of my knees and elbows along with two horns that came out of my forehead.

The ground below me started to break and crumble under the fierceness of my Ka’dai energy. No, this wasn’t my Ka’dai; it was something more sinister. I stood up slowly; my eyes were closed. I wanted to preserve the first thing I gazed upon with these new eyes of mine. With a wave of my hand, the barrier broke and the wind hit my face. Then I opened my eyes to see the look of fear on the Shinigami’s face.

“Hello there,” I said with a demonic grin.

Before he could move, I had my hand around his throat, choking the life out of him.

“Let’s see how you like to be split apart.”

I tightened all the muscles in the arm that was holding him and, like a reflex; the spike on my elbow retracted and immerged over my hand, through my wrist. It split his head open as it came out and I dropped him to the ground. Then I turned around to the rest of the Gods.

“So…… who’s next?”
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Sirberius’s Past: The Great god War (PART 4)

“So……. Who’s next,” I say menacingly.
My black claws already in the ready position to strike anything that stepped forward. Then a blue orb of light floated up from the Shinigami’s body and into my chest. I suddenly felt more powerful. Then the Demon Lord’s voice spoke out to me in my mind.
“I have granted you the power to absorb the souls and abilities of those that you kill. By killing that Shinigami you have gained a new Reaper form.”
“Sounds sweet,” I say grinning.
“But that’s not it. You also have another form, one that I have given you. Since you are a Hybrid, I have given you a form called True Hybrid. It will let you utilize all of your abilities plus the abilities of all those that you have defeated.”
“I like this even more now.”
I could hear him laugh demonically, “Now go out and vanquish thy foes.”
I turn to my left and see three gods shaking in fear.
“What,” I say smiling. “You don’t wanna play.”
I disappear and reappear behind them.
“Then you shall die.”
I drove the spikes on my elbows through two of their backs. They fell to the ground. The last one tried to run but I caught him by the back of his neck. By digging my nails into his flesh, I grabbed his spinal cord and yanked it out. His body flopped loosely to the ground where I torched it to ashes. I looked up to see a shocked look on Rubi’s face. Sparda had disappeared just as Zane had.
I looked around and saw two gods rushing toward Rubi. I raised my hand and pointed at them. Rubi looked terrified as I shot out two balls of dark energy. They streaked past both sides of her head and hit their targets. I smiled at her fear and walked up to her. Suddenly Sparda emerged from an explosion of black fire and swung his sword down on me. I blocked it with the spike protruding over my right wrist and flung him away. His body disappeared into the black fire as he hit the ground.
The Rubi charged at me and I raised my arm to strike. But instead of hitting me, she threw her arms around my waist.
“What are you doing Sirberius,” she cried. “Please turn back to normal. I don’t want to lose you.”
Deep down, I heard her words and they touch me. Suddenly, my skin started turning back to normal and the whole Demon form faded away. I fell to my knees; I felt slightly weakened from being in that form. But I noticed that I was wearing a sleeveless white shirt that had slits in the front and was pointed at the bottom, middle part of the shirt. My pants and changed fabric and were also white. There were now ankle guards around my shoes which were also white. I drew my guns and they had become white and gold. I could feel my power coursing through them and roared with excitement.
“So this must be the True Hybrid form he was talking about.”
“Are you, yourself now Sirberius???”
I looked up at Rubi and smiled, “Yep, I’m back to normal.”
She smiled back, “Well that’s good.”
Suddenly I felt her hand collide with my face. I stumbled over to the side and put my hand to my face.
“What the crap was that for????”
“Because you scared the shit out of me you fucking moron. Don’t you ever do that again.” She said this last part like she was truly worried.
I stood up and held her in my arms, “Don’t worry. I will never lose myself within that power again. But now we have to go and finish what we came here to do.”
“Alright, let’s go.”
We ran around the city, making sure that there were no other Gods hiding amongst the buildings. All the while I was running, I could just feel the power of this new form flowing through my body. I could even feel the power of the Death God that I killed. We made it back to the Zelcovian entrance and looked back into the town.
“Well I guess that there aren’t any more of the God army in the city. So let’s get out of here,” I say.
Then I felt a large energy coming from behind me. I turned around to see one person standing behind me.
“Who are you,” I demand.
He gave me a slight grin, “I’m Va’ashear. How about you…… young Kim-un-Kur.”
“My name is Sirberius Reono and if you are seeking a fight then I will be happy to give it to you.”
“Well the Elder Gods did tell me me to end your life…….. But Lord Kira wants you to live……. I guess your future is in your own hands.”
“Wait, who is this Kira person,” Rubi asks suddenly.
“You have no need to worry about him. So just stand back and stay out of our way.”
He charges at me, suddenly holding dual swords. I draw my guns and start firing off rounds. He dodges them easily and gets within striking range. Va’ashear swung his blades inward and I put my guns in both swords way. A slender fire like blade appeared before each gun and blocked the swords. He tried to force the guns to go in for the kill but I was able to keep him at bay, and then push him off of me.
I aimed my guns and took four shots that all landed in his chest. He winced from the pain and kneeled down. Then he disappeared and I suddenly felt a blade pierce my back.
“Don’t think that I am that easy to defeat young Kim-un-Kur.”
I turn my head and smile, “Don’t under estimate my power redundant god.”
I jump forward and force the sword out of me, but I lose my and fall forward. While falling I turn around and point my guns at him.
“Infinity Bullet.”
I brace myself for the hundred of bullets that were about to come, but, instead, my power charged up at the front of the gun and unleashed a large blast of fire energy. It hit him and sent him flying. Without a moment’s hesitation, I put my guns in their holsters and ran after Va’ashear. I could start to feel an unfamiliar energy started to gather in my right hand and then it took form. After a few second a long black and gold scythe appeared in my hand.
“Ok, let’s see what you can do.”
I stop and point the scythe at him as he fly backwards.
“Reaper’s Dance,” I say as the word pop into my head.
The scythe glows red and fires a red beam at him. Once it hits, Va’ashear stops and is spread out. Two clones appear to both of my sides and start running at him. One jumps up and cuts him horizontally, while the other one cut’s him vertically. I throw my scythe into the ground underneath him. It opens up a large black spinning vortex. I could hear screams of agony coming from it.
“May you be tortured for all eternity for your sins you pathetic God.”
His body was then sucked down into the vortex. After he was in it, the vortex closed and disappeared.
“You did it,” Rubi screamed out to me.
I smiled at her as she ran toward me. I was so overcome to know that it was finally over. When she was halve was to me, she started to slow down. A look of pure fear took over her face. All the while she was pointing down to the ground. Then I got this sinking feeling and felt as if everything was getting bigger. I looked down to see a black and red vortex sucking my down into it very slowly.
Rubi started to sprint faster to me. She got within reach, grabbed my arm, and tried to pull me back out. But she had no luck.
“Please no…. I don’t want you to go,” she cried as she continued to pull on me.
‘Rubi,” I say slowly. “Please let go.”
She looks at me shocked, “No, I’m not letting you go. I don’t wanna lose you.”
I smile widely, “Don’t worry, you are not gonna lose me. I just have a dept to pay off. Then I promise you that I will return to you.”
Her grip loosened a bit, “Are you serious? Will you really come back.”
“Of course I will,” I say smiling. The vortex and engulfed ¾ of my body already. I then raised up the chain that she gave given me. “And there is no way that I will ever forget you so long as I have this.”
She finally let go, and started to let her tears fall freely,” Ok…. But you’d better come back or I’m gonna drag you outta whatever place you are and beat the crap outta you myself.”
The vortex was at my neck now, “Ok, it’s a promise then.”
“I love you Sirberius.”
I was about to say it back, but the vortex had finished sucking me in and now I was floating in the dark abyss that lead to The Death Dimension. The realm where Draethius was said to rule… as I fell through the abyss I kept replaying those last few moments in my mind and saying the words that I couldn’t say before………….
I love you too………….

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Sirberius wrote:

oh no............ i'll just do it myself then

not if me and my friend beat u to the chase. j/k
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dmitrivalentine wrote:

Sirberius wrote:

oh no............ i'll just do it myself then

not if me and my friend beat u to the chase. j/k

hahahaha then you do it
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dmitrivalentine wrote:

Sirberius wrote:

dmitrivalentine wrote:

Sirberius wrote:

oh no............ i'll just do it myself then

not if me and my friend beat u to the chase. j/k

hahahaha then you do it

im busy now with a science fiction series. when i finish i will tho. or we could make it a "Universe". (the term i got from my friend, it means when books center around the same plot or characters, like Star Wars for example)

yea................. no
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Sirberius wrote:

dmitrivalentine wrote:

Sirberius wrote:

oh no............ i'll just do it myself then

not if me and my friend beat u to the chase. j/k

hahahaha then you do it

im busy now with a science fiction series. when i finish i will tho. or we could make it a "Universe". (the term i got from my friend, it means when books center around the same plot or characters, like Star Wars for example)
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Sirberius wrote:

dmitrivalentine wrote:

Sirberius wrote:

dmitrivalentine wrote:

Sirberius wrote:

oh no............ i'll just do it myself then

not if me and my friend beat u to the chase. j/k

hahahaha then you do it

im busy now with a science fiction series. when i finish i will tho. or we could make it a "Universe". (the term i got from my friend, it means when books center around the same plot or characters, like Star Wars for example)

yea................. no

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Kinda like mine but it centers around the antagonist with differing heros for each game/story. Btw, stop quoteing each other, pls before the posts become mile long posts. DONT QUOTE MY POST EITHER!!!
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I was talking bout the star wars thing ASSHOLE!!!
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MewtMM wrote:

Kinda like mine but it centers around the antagonist with differing heros for each game/story. Btw, stop quoteing each other, pls before the posts become mile long posts. DONT QUOTE MY POST EITHER!!!

Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/2/08
Hey hey now. I might get irritated if I see unnecessary arguing. ^^ Now lets all get along before someone starts crying in their room.
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my fave is Yoda, SKYWALKRS SUCK!!
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