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Post Reply look at this anti hater vid
Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/28/08
my description- retared girl putting up and anti an cafe vid she made (supper shitty) because she couldn't find any an cafe haters (she made it because there were no anti fans)
I would like you guys to plz watch it and comment her on how much it sucks plzzzzzzzzzz
*on my knees begging*

the vid (I didn't make it)
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F / In my ImagiNation
Posted 5/27/08
i have aldi comment her... who the hell she thinks she is.????.:fury: how can she insult an cafe n an cafe fans like tat???

my name in tat comment is 4evaAyu... *sorry for saying harsh words in tat youtube thing... i juz too furious...*
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Posted 6/3/08 , edited 6/3/08
I saw the video and read her "memo" and she says 'It's kind of stupid to get all angry and stressed out over an opinion.' isn't that what she's doing by making an "Hate AnCafe" video because Ancafe fans said that Dir En Grey was "crap"? (oh and i'm neutral and honestly i don't really care but i just wanted to point that out).
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24 / F / somewhere dancing...
Posted 6/6/08
WHAT THE FUCK...this chick has no life what so ever....too much time on her hands to making a fucking "HATE ANCAFE" get a are ruining the self esteem of others, bitch...

[i would of wrote all that in a much...'nicer'....way...but i didnt, so, sorry. and if i had a youtube acct, i would so spam that bitches vid with my comments like that one up there ^^ for instince....]
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22 / in front of my la...
Posted 6/16/08
Well, this chick has a right to be mad. Random 'fangirls' were being rude to her and saying crap that apparently was just thrown into the convo. I DO say that's wrong of her to emidiatly judge an entire group just because of a few jerky ones. Dir En Grey shouldn't emidiatly have to be bashed randomly. Dir En Grey has good music just like many other JRock bands out there. Everyone has specific tastes and in fact I would have gotten pissed if those 'fangirls' put down another group in one case she put on there that a 'fangirl' said that she didn't really listen to Dir En Grey's music and condemmed it as crap. Basically what I'm saying is that those fangirls who judge other groups and compare them to An Cafe are being narrow-minded. They're not thinking outside of the box. Sure it's fun saying how much you like a band, but it's not nice when you say another person sux because of the band they listen to. The chick is also being narrow-minded because she's judging people because of some encounters with jerky fangirls. Not everyone's the same and it's stupid that both sides judged eachother like that. I love An Cafe and I love their music but don't be jerks thinking that you're fighting for a cause by being mean to others because of the music they listen too. The video was stupid, the chick was stupid, and those jerky fans were too. I don't really care if people get pissed at this comment because I honestly think I may hae a point.
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23 / F / Sweden
Posted 6/27/08
There's no idea arguingwith that girl... Even though what she did was wrong,she does have the right to get mad.

Posted 6/28/08
awts....that's gotta hurt....>.<.....u all just ignore that girl.... Remember, when someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown BUT, it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and bitch-slap the motherfucker upside the head...
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23 / F / New York
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/8/08
i saw her coomet before in a old concert of ancafe she was saying such stupid mean things like

[ this is from her ]

Miku can't scream for shit.

CrayonMedia (2 months ago) usually don't like to start arguments , but ..
If you don't like Miku's screaming , just keep it to yourself . D:
He's very talented .. ;-;

AnCafeSucks (2 months ago) i don't want to keep it to myself. I'm just saying the truth

MewFrost (2 months ago) He can too! D<

AnCafeSucks (2 months ago) No he can't.

GranolabarHottie (2 months ago) u should. if you dont like them then why were u watching this....

AnCafeSucks (2 months ago) Because I'm bored D:

iiChunii (1 month ago) fuc* u and ur name.....ur just plain rude..if u have ur opinion on this band keep it to yourself!

AnCafeSucks (1 month ago) NO!

iiChunii (1 month ago) w/e bitch

AnCafeSucks (1 month ago) Fuck you.

iiChunii (1 month ago) FUCK U

AnCafeSucks (1 month ago) You're an idiot D:

iiChunii (1 month ago) XD.............
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24 / F / in yur dark heart
Posted 7/16/08
man that gal doesnt have anything better to do in her life.......................if c hates an cafe then keep it to herself..................................we dont wanna know if c hates an cafe.[[coz we r ancafe supporters]]
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25 / F
Posted 7/26/08
i talked to that weird girl on youtube because she was watching fricking the nyappy in the world concert and comment how sucky they are. i seriously wanted to bitch-slap her so bad....and she even said that she WAS an An Cafe supporter before. and she was really rude too. what has Ancafe ever done to her anyway???
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F / Neverland
Posted 7/29/08
let that chick, ne?
she should keep teh hate to herself.
that's all. ^^
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29 / F / Texas
Posted 7/31/08
Its all for attention. Everyone has haters! That is why they are called haters because thats their job and for us luckley it makes us love An cafe more and defend them! ^.^ Otherwise I mean I am a fan. A HUGE FAN of An Cafe and a lot of other rock bands but Fangirls and Fanboys makes us all look bad. There is not reason to be a stalker and act a crazy. I came across some of them at Fanime Con and almost slapped them senseless. Especially Other fans that are not from Japan. Seriously? Miku doesn't call himself a screamer nor does he represent rock music that has screamers like Hawthorne Heights or hard metal bands. He doesn't it just because he likes it.

Ignore her and/or just report her
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21 / F / USA
Posted 9/6/08
bou must be sad because a use to be fan now is takling sh!t about ancafe
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28 / F
Posted 10/12/08
the video has been removed cos of violation. serves her rite.
Posted 11/17/08
That girl got some issues.
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