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Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/27/08
romance, comedy, slice of life

this is a story of tomoya and nagisa, two high schooler's in their senior years, who go through a lot of troubles to help there friends. tomoya is a lazy bum at school, hardworking when it comes to moral values, and a prankster. hidden under his smile is a dark past. nagisa is a girl who gets sick many times, though very prone to sickness, the first time nagisa and tomoya meet, tomoya automatically becomes attached to her. she is a strong will person, with a big heart, and a friendly disposition. Her favorite thing in the world was the big dango family song, or the danko daikazoku *the ending theme*. though it doesn't look like it, her life is marred with broken dreams and many other sadnesses.

the plot was excellent, well done, and was enough to make many people whom watched it to cry... its powerful strike on human life and things of that sort show just how cruel life is. the music itself is very well done. the graphical look of it looks very close to how they should look like and is very cute. lastly, the voice acting was very well done, and very convincing. at times, they were very cute voices

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