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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/3/08
Zombie Needle Forest- (Forest) - There have been a few urban Legends about this forest, but most of those Legends are closely linked to death. The history of the forest was said to be from a war of Gods, but it is still in debate.
These are the urban legends:
> The trees are said to be alive and would kill at night
> A Demon-like beast lives in this forest, hunting.
> If a pregnant being pass the forest, the unborn child would surely die of miscarriage.
> A dark being in the puddle would drag anyone who gets close.
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Posted 1/17/09
Castle Cross

Castle Cross is the home of The Shinigami King. Rarely anyone goes there. Before Shinigami King Tiolee Cross' death, the last person to ever visit Castle Cross was Sirberius, who was looking to recruit Noe and Tiolee into the Council during its early days; since then, Tiolee had lived there alone. When Valentine killed Tiolee during the SALIGIA Incident, Castle Cross was abandoned. Valentine thought no one had been there since until he found traces of intruders.
Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/11/09
"Lith" is an immense library buried within the Desert of Kaidva. Though the building of the library is the size of a large palace, most of it lies buried beneath the sands of the Kaidva Desert, with its top most spire visible from the desert. At one point in time the library was accessible to humans and mystical beings, as libiray's mystical creator - Mur, hoped they would benefit from the vast amount of information. Though it can be assumed the collection was greatly enjoyed, other beings sought secrets that would destroy their enemies. Angered by the abuse of knowledge, Mur buried the library beneath the sands and placed three magical seals around it. From that point on, no one has entered the libary.

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Posted 10/12/09 , edited 10/12/09
Hi-Ave Territories of the High Lord during the time between the end of the Great God War and the creation of the Mystic Council.

A: Kingdom Andrea
B: Vahari
C: Remnants of the Black Circle
D: Akorun
E: Lemures Colony "Draco"
F: Atlantis Colony "Umbra Island"
G: Lost Isands (neutral)
H: Stark
I: The Order
J: Fallen Order
K: Sain Islands [Mirage Island, Mirage Island, and the Gemini Isles] (Valentine's)
L: Isla Día (neutral)
M: Isla Noche (Cross)
N: Mermaid Cay (neutral)
O: Chronos Ascendancy
P: Night Society
Q: Lamia
R: Wolfe
S: Republic of the Mystic Knights
T: Southernlands (Nirvanism)

purple dot: Sibilis
light green dot: Zelcova
dark green dot: Tyruna
black dot: Dry Man's Point
pink dot: Kaidva Town
blue dot: Glycosa
yellow dot: Faralda
orange dot: Shanra
red: Chronos Academy

Cities not labeled
Chiropterra (Lamia's Capital)
Redona (city in Fallen Order's domain)
Zar'Crah (town in Vahari)
St. Sutherland's Peak (The Order base in the Southernlands)
Fort Hugh (The Order HQ in The Order's domain)
Necropolis (Night Society's capital)
Ciudad de Isla Noche or sometimes called Ciudad de Cruz (Cross capital; home of Castle Cross)
Wolfgang Town (Wolfe capital)
Ryutopia (Vahari capital; named after a deceased Vahashi named Ryu Hyachi)
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Posted 11/16/09
Valley Bastion/Redona LATN
100 years before The Great God War, Naught's Valley, which resided between Mt. Theo and Quo Forest, was one of the last places that centaurs and fawns could be found. However, the Aduella Family and the Fünf Family led a massacre against Valley Bastion. The entire population was slaughtered. The village was abandoned; the Aduella Family returned to Glycosa while the Fünf Family built Schloss Fünf (a castle) in Quo Forest.
Years later, while Len Nieta still controlled Organization V, a set of seven buildings were built on the ruins of Valley Bastion. This site was dubbed Land at the Naught. The workers at the Land at the Naught (LATN for short), along with merchants and other people, built houses and other buildings around LATN and named the village Redona. Redona LATN became an official town though most people just called it Redona. The mayor was Ovan Fünf. However, a year after its founding (13 years before The Great God War), the entire population vanished one night. The only people left were Ovan Fünf and the people who had attended his party at Schloss Fünf. Afterwards, everyone else moved away.
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