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Side Story (Filler before the Finale of the Bingo Book first series)
Meeting with the Elder Gods between Sirberius and Mewt


As I walk through the street, two Ghouls approached Zane and me from our front and back.
“This is really getting annoying,” Zane says. “Let’s get this over with and before our brother starts to go on the move again.”
“I agree,” I say while grabbing Rengito (Second Stage Dual Guns or DG-2) cause I was already in my True Hybrid form.
Zane drew Heine’s Invasion (his dual swords) and unleashed their true form. Both of the Ghouls jumped into the air at us. We both smiled and stood back-to-back.
“Team Technique,” I say calmly. “Divine Revolt”
Zane did a back flip over my head and landed on my now outstretched arms. I summoned all of my strength and tossed him high into the air. Heine’s Invasion started to emit a pure white aura. Zane then started to spinning as he ascended into the air. The Ghouls, unable to move, were cut while being spun around Zane. I jumped upward and Zane started to come back to the ground.
As we passed, Zane grabbed my arm and flung me up higher. I soared over the Ghouls and did a half flip so that my head was pointing toward the ground. I outstretched my arms outward and started to spin. Once I was at a high enough velocity, I began rapidly firing energy bullets while slowly moving my arms in the direction of the ghouls. I ended up firing fifty energy bullets once I stopped spinning.
I did another half flip to make my body face the Ghouls. I placed my DG-2 together (with the top of the barrels together and the barrel holes faces opposite directions) and spun them around. They turned red and turned into a giant red spell circle. All the bullets that I fired started circling around the Ghouls forming an energy bullet circle. Then they suddenly streaked inward and exploded upon contact of their targets.
The Ghouls fell to the ground where they lay motionless. Their bodies became engulfed in black fire, and then they disappeared. I fell to the ground and landed gracefully. We put our weapons away and dusted ourselves off.
“It seems that Draethius’s influence is reaching out to even the Vampire’s servants,” I say. “To think that they were actually tainted with Demonic energy.”
“That only gives us more of a reason to hurry and retrieve Okuram. We must end the suffering of the people inhabiting the Mystical Community.”
“You’re right, so let us continue on with…” I started.
Then I heard a familiar voice call out to me, “Sirberius, hold on a minute.”
Turning around I found Mewt descending from the sky. He looked kinda beaten and battered. I figure he had just gotten out of a fight.
“Hey there buddy,” I say playfully. “How have ya been? I’m going to say that the days haven’t been to kind on ya by the way that you look.”
“Ha ha ha very funny,” came his sarcastic reply. “I am here to present you with something from the Elder Gods.”
Zane scoffs at the statement, “So now those old dirt bags are sending you to handle their business? We’ll what the hell could they possible want with us?”
“You will say no such things about the Elder Gods while you are in my presence,” said Mewt in fury. “I don’t care if you are Sirberius’s brother, I will not tolerate any disrespect towards them.”
“Oh that is because you are such a stuck up, pompous ass,” Zane retorted.
“GUYS, CHILL OUT,” I yelled. “Now what do the Elder Gods want?”
Mewt reached into his pocket and pulled out a black and white scroll with red writing on it, “They wanted me to give you this.”
I took the scroll from him and tried to read it, “What the duce is this?”
I broke the seal and opened it. The paper started to glow and suddenly everything went black. Then a white light from above let up everything within a thirty feet diameter. I looked up and saw nine hooded figures standing in front of Mewt, Zane, and me.
I smirk at this sight, “So the Elders have found the need to summon me. Must be something pretty big.”
One of them stepped forward, “Yes it is. We have called you to inform you of something. It seems that Draethius is coming to power earlier than expected. It seems that Draethius’s carrier, Dante I believe was the name, is taking the souls of some very powerful people. If this keeps up, it will only be a matter of time before Draethius materializes onto our plane.”
Zane glare at him, “You mean to tell me that is all you have to tell us? We figured this out a long time ago.” He turned toward me looking furious, “You see, I told you that they were useless. Every since we got back from being in the Demon Lord’s services, they’ve treated us like crap and stripped us of everything we ever had. They made us their lackeys and made us correct everything that Draethius forced us to do.”
“What did I tell you about talking about the Elders like that…”
“Mewt,” called an Elder on the far right end. “Let him be. We know that we have belittled you in the past. But know that we are trying to make I up to you all for that.” He held out his hand, which had three small vials in it “I believe that these belong to you.”
I stared at them with disbelief, “Is that…”
“Yes, this is the very power that we stripped you of. We now realize that it was pretty dumb for us to take this from you and seal away your Kim-un-Kur powers. Now we are begging you to take care of Draethius with the very power he adored you for.”
I took the vials and stared at them. Then I opened two of them. A white aura flew out of one and a red aura issued out of the other. The white one flew over to Zane. The red one came to me. The aura covered our bodies and then disappeared.
Then I felt it; the power of the Kim-un-Kur started flowing freely through my body. I was feeling more powerful than if I had broken all of my seal and retained my Demon form.
“I think that you also know that the other vial is meant for your ‘other’,” said the first Elder that had spoken to us. “We shall also relieve you of the seals on your body. That does not mean that the limit restrictions on your forms will be lifted. It just means that once you change forms, your Ka’dai shall raise by the percentage that it would have with the seals.”
“So all of my forms should be considerably stronger now.”
“Yes and they shall become even stronger once you have your brother back.”
“Well is that all that you have for us,” Zane says unimpressed.
“Actually no. We have a new spell for you. The spell you will need to use your Kim-un-Kur form.”
“But we already know the spell that is required for that.”
“No, you only know a lesser version. We are giving you the complete spell.”
One of the Elders tossed a scroll my way and I caught it.
“No go Sirberius, Zane, and Mewt. Rid this realm of its threatening danger so that we may be able to find peace and relaxation once again.”
Suddenly everything went black, and we were back onto the street where we had fought the Ghouls. I put the remaining vial inside of my pocket and turned to Mewt.
“Thank you for bringing the scroll all the way here. I am in your debt. Now let us hurry and find Okuram and put an end to this nonsense.”
“Ok, let
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Side Story (after Valentine kills Drakov)

The Murder

Kira and Valentine arrived at the town square of Tyruna.
"Let's split up," suggested Valentine.
Valentine and Kira split up. Kira spotted Manuel riding a horse. He had fallen off and was talking to a hybrid. He got back on and left for the city exit.
Kira followed Manuel for a while until they were the only ones on the road. Kira used a Fatal Attraction to crush the horse. It broke Manuel's legs as he collapsed to the ground...

Valentine exited the Hall of Music. He used his Thousand Eyes Restrict to see where Kira. Valentine was surprised what he saw.
Manuel was dead, crushed by a Fatal Attraction. An arrow shot at Kira, then another and another. Someone sent a blast of destroying Kira and Manuel's body. Valentine released the Thousand Eyes Restrict.
"I think I have an idea who is behind the ambush."
Valentine walked a ways when he bumped into someone.
"Who else could this be," said the stranger who had bumped into him. He had a surprised look on his face.
"Sorry about that," apologized Valentine, "the name's Valentine."
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Mewt and I continue to walk to streets of Tyruna when we hear a bit of commotion going on a couple of road ahead of us.
“I wonder what that could be,” I say quietly.
“I don’t know but I’m getting a large scale energy signal coming from that area.”
Then he put his hand to his ear, and then he turned to me.
“Bad news Sirberius, I’ve just been called to deliver something to Larac. I must leave you now.”
I turn to him, “Don’t worry man, I can handle myself from here.”
“Right,” he said as he grew wings and flew to the skies.
I put my head around the corner to find (to my surprise) one of the four horsemen. He was battling a person whom I had never seen. But I could sense his power and it was tremendous. Then, he struck down the Horseman and then disappeared. I ducked back around the corner and sat down
“Who do you think that he was,” I say to Zane.
“I don’t know, but he would make a great addition to the Council.”
“Yea I know.”
I stood up and went around the corner and ran into someone. Actually it was a horse. I used my strength to topple the horse. Its rider fell down with it. He looked up at me and instantly drew two swords. I just to my feet and drew my bastard sword from my back. He jumped of the horse and brought both swords down, but I blocked them with one graceful movement.
“Just who do you think you are attacking,” I say menacingly.
“I don’t know but you can’t be anyone of importance,” came the strangers reply.
I became outraged, “Just to let you know, I am Sirberius, Grand Mystic of the Mystic Council.”
His facial expression changed and he lowered his weapons, “My apologies. I had no idea that you would ever come out in the condition that the Mystical Community is in now a days.”
“Actually that is the exact reason why I am out. I have to protect what I have tried to build. Otherwise I would not be a very good leader.”
“Of course, well if you don’t mind, I have to be on my way. I must carry out an errand.”
He hoped onto his horse and was about to ride off before I stopped him.
“Who are you?”
“My name is Manuel, my other information is not to be know by anyone other than my higher ups.”
“Fine, then tell me who was that guy that fought that horseman.”
He suddenly became angered and calmed down a just as fast. “He is of no concern to you.”
Then he rode off and disappeared.
“Well he was just fucking rude,” Zane said.
“Yes he was.”
I stood up and started to walk toward Okuram’s faint ka’dai signature when I ran into someone else.
“Who else could this be,” I say as I stagger backwards. I look up to find a surprise.
The guys looks up at me, brushes the dirt off his clothes, and extends his hand, “Sorry about that. Name’s Valentine. No last name, sorry. Pleasure to meet you, mr…”
I quickly shook his hand, “I’m Sirberius.”
I had found him. The guy that had taken down the horseman with ease.
“Sirberius huh,’ he said with a smirk. “Then it is truly a pleasure to meet you…”
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“So what you are saying is that your brother is the cause of all these mishaps,” Valentine asks.
I put my hands behind my head, “Yep it would seem that way, but he really isn’t himself.”
He looked over at me curiously, “You don’t say? Well how would you know if he was acting on his own accord or not?”
“Because of this code that all of us have,” I say smiling. “Each one of us hold a different code should something happen to us… his just so happens to be Okuram.”
Valentine looked intrigued by this fact, “I never would have guessed that it would be that simple.”
We were currently walking on the outskirts of Tyruna. I had learned that Valentine was on his way to avenge his twin brother, Kira. I found the name quite strange because I vaguely remember the God once known as Va’ashear telling me about someone named Kira pulling the strings behind the Great God War. But I had put that out of my mind because we were really close to my brother. His Ka’dai signature was really close
We arrive at Desert of Kadidva, and right out in the distance we spot a large fortress.
“That out there is the Rocain Alistair,” Valentine says pointing out to the fortress. “It was once home to the Rocain Clan. One of the most vicious vampire clans ever. But their bloodline died out once they were killed for trying to kill the rest of the Hybrids after the end of The Great God War.”
“Then I sure that is where my brother is.”
“Ok then I guess you’d better get going
I turn to him, “Right, I guess this is where we part.”
“Oh don’t worry, I’m coming to,” he said we a very uncomfortable smirk. “I believe that you may be able to help me greatly with what I’m trying to achieve. But first I will help you.”
I saw what he was trying to do. He wanted to help me get my brother back so that I would in turn, help him out. A very sly move, but I didn’t care at the moment. I was way too close to my brother to let his trickery get the better of me.
“Alright then, let’s head out.”
I went into my Demi form and started flying for head fortress. Valentine does something with his hands and the sands of the desert lift him off his feet and trailed beside me.
“That’s a pretty cool technique,” I say in awe.
“Thanks, I picked it up a really long time ago.”
After a few minutes we showed up at the main gates of the Rocain Alistair. The gates were wide open and (from where we were) we could tell that the front doors were wide open too. We walked through the door and I started to feel a large energy begin to crush down on me. Zane suddenly materialized in front of me with Heine’s Invasion out and ready. Then I heard “his” voice.
“Well my beloved brothers have finally caught up with me.”
A large amount of shadow energy started to gather about fifteen feet away. Then it turned into Okuram. He raised his hand behind his back and closed his hand. Heine’s Zero (his large broadsword) instantly formed between his fingers.
“Then I guess now is the time that I finally finish you…… eh brother…….”
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I stare at Okuam with a deadly stare, “No brother, it’s time for you to go back to your rightful place.”
I instantly charged up to my Reaper form. With those seal out of the way, I was able to just jump past my Demi and go straight to my Reaper powers. My black and red dragon-scale armor formed as a blaze of black fire covered my body. Once it was done, I stuck out my right hand and my scythe Shadowy Death form in materialize in my palm.
Zane was the first to charge at him. He awakened his blades to their true three bladed form and started slashing like crazy at Okuram. He frantically ducked, dodged and blocked Zane strikes. Then he rotated around and started dishing out fire arcs everywhere. I jump in front of Zane and use my own dark energy to slash through the fire arcs with my scythe. Okuram smiels at me and stops his attack. Then he starts charging so much fire energy into the sword that it burst into flames.
“I got a new technique that I’ve been dying to try out,” he says. “Heat Wave.”
The fire around Heine’s Zero grew intense. He cocked the sword behind him, and then flung it at me. The sword started to rotated and speed towards me. I time it just and jumped over it. Then I spotted Okuram raise his hand. As a response, the fiery sword rose up to meet me.
Quickly reacting, I put my Scythe in the way. Okuram’s sword connected and drove me backwards.
“Reaper’s Dance.”
I created one clone and had it grab Zane by the arm. It then started spinning him in a circle and launches him at Okuram. Zane streaked toward him at him with his swords raised. Okuram used his Flame Shot technique fire a giant ball of fire at him, but with the full power of Heine’s Invasion, he sliced right through it. Then he cut Okuram’s side. Zero stopped attacking me and flew back to Sparda’s hand.
“Back away,” Okuram shouted.
An immense amount of fire was released from his body which launched Zane over my head, but I reached up and pulled him back down.
“Guess it’s time to stop playing,” I say seriously. “Yo Zane, I’m gonna need your blades in a minute.”
I let my scythe turn back into darkness. Then I broke through the limiter set over my Reaper form, which sent my power skyrocketing. My current form started changing once a white aura started covering my body. My armor disappeared and was replaced with my sleeveless shirt, white armored pants, white armored shoes, and white fingerless gloves. The only thing that wasn’t one me was the bar that wrapped around my back and neck.
“I see that the restrictor that the Elders put on you is gone now,” Okuram says. “Then I guess that you are now able to use that form that you are so fond of now?”
I grin, “You know damn well that I can’t use it without my “other”. Otherwise I would have kicked your ass a long time ago.”
I drew my dual guns and started to break their seals.
“But I don’t need that form to beat you.”
They started to glow an eerie black.
“Is that so Sirberius? And how do you plan to do that?”
Heine’s Shadow took over my black guns once the aura consumed them and turned them black and red. Zane’s body burst into white flames and combines with my body. Heine’s Invasion turns into white flames too and combines with Heine’s Shadow.
“Because without me, your power is insufficient. Sparda would have known that.”
“I have no idea who this Sparda is but I bet that he would also know a Kim-un-Kur’s power is nothing compared to the Demon Lord’s power and to someone who is supplied with it.”
Okuram rushed at me with Hiene’s Zero raise and already charging it with fire.
“Foolish brother,” I sigh.
I raise my guns right as he gets right near me, “Infinity Bullet.”
I shot him with four bullets and he toppled to the ground.
“You seemed to not know that I am at my best in close range fights.”
I reached in my pocket and pulled out the black vial the Elder Gods had given me. I popped open the vial. Then a black aura came out and surrounded Okuram’s body. After a few seconds, it combined with him. Suddenly his body started to shake violently.
Then a ghastly purple aura flew out of his body. Okuram opened his eyes and raised up. He looked up at me.
“How you doing Okuram,” I say.
He looked at me confused, “Who the hell is that. You know damn well my name is Sparda.”
“Yeah well, you’ve been going by Okuram for the longest.”
“Really,” he said intrigued. “Ok tell me what the hell happened.”
I was about start until I finally noticed something.
“Hey Zane, where the hell did Valentine go?”
Suddenly my body was covered in sand. I tried to break free but it was too tough. I turned to Sparda to see that he too was covered in it.
“This is just too easy,” came Valentine’s voice.
Sand started to rise in front of me and it formed Valentine’s body.
“You are so gullible,” he said smiling. “You may not be aware of it, but you’ve actually just helped me get some very important data.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“We needed a bit of information about you, but since Sparda was under Draethius’s control, there was no way of getting that bit of information. But who’ve ever thought that I would run into you on my search to kill Manuel.”
I look at him with anger, “Ok just who the hell are you? And who are you working with?”
“Well all that doesn’t matter,” he said grinning evilly. “I now have the missing link. And you are now unneeded.”
I felt the sand start to get tighter.
“Good bye, Sirberius…”
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I braced myself and waited for the sand to crush me, but it didn’t happen. When I looked up at Valentine, he looked like he was frozen stiff. I turned back to Sparda and he seemed perfectly fine.
“What do you think just happened,” he asked me.
“I have no-,” I started to say.
Then everything went pitch black, and a light started to glow overhead. Suddenly Sparda and me found ourselves in front of the Elder Gods. Zane’s body formed out of white flames to my right.
“So what have you useless Gods want with us now,” Zane said just as his body finished forming.
Three of the Elders stepped forward, “We saw that you had brought Sparda back to his senses.”
“So now we figured that it was time to tell you how to use your Kim-un-Kur form.”
I looked confused, “But I already know how to use it.”
One of the gods raised his hand to silence me, “That way won’t work anymore. Now that you have gone through your dragon growth period, your powers are much different than what they once were. So you now need a new way to manifest that energy to utilize your form.”
The three Elders came up to each one of us and whispered a phrase in our ears, then told us one as a whole.
Our bodies started to glow corresponding the auras that we absorbed.
“This is the only way to use your final form,” the Elder says. “Now go, and rid this world of the impending threat known as Draethius.”
Suddenly we were back in the fortress, but we were no longer trapped in the sand. Zane was still to my right side and Sparda was to my left. Valentine was ten feet away (now moving) and looking up at us confused.
“How did you just do that?”
I smiled, “Doesn’t matter. But I will tell you what does. You seemed to have overlooked something.”
“And what is that,” he said smiling.
“That we Kim-un-Kur have one form that no one else can attain. And I don’t believe you have any data on that. But I will give you that data right here.”
He waited a bit to see if I was serious, then he felt my Ka’dai and De’kaju energy increase, but it was already too late.
“Time Spell,” I yell while tapping the tip of my boot to the ground.
A large blue clock that looked like a spell circle appeared on the ground with me in the middle. The hands on the clock were running normally and showed the exact time.
“Standstill,” I finish and tap my foot to the floor again.
The hand that represented seconds stopped, and everything around Zane, Sparda, and me stopped as well. Then the clock turned red and a small black appeared at the twelve. The hand started to move clockwise and as it moved, the color of the clock changed back to blue. I figured that it was basically a timer.
“Alright, it looks like we got one minute, so let’s hurry this up,” Zane says hastily.
We all stood in a triangle and pointed our weapons to the middle (my Heine Shadow, Zane’s Heine Invasion, and Sparda’s Heine Zero). They all glowed a different color and emitted a unique aura. Heine's Shadow glowed red, Heine’s Invasion was white, and Heine’s Zero was black. The ground below us started to shake, and I looked down to see that we had forty-five seconds left before the spell wore off.
Then Sparda spoke, “I am darkness in your soul, the evil of your heart that you willingly show.”
Once he finished, his body was covered in the black aura that surrounded his bastard sword.
Then Zane said, “I am the light that guides you from above, protecting all these you care for and love.”
His body was covered in a white aura once he finished. Now it was my turn.
“I am the balance between dark and light, using the skills of both to protect and fight.”
The red aura from my guns stretched up my arm, and started covering my whole body.
Once it stopped, we all spoke the last part in unison.
“Divinity and Demonicy is what we seek, so we fight all opponents at our peak, and though while separated we are weak, by combining our power’s we become complete.”
Zane and Sparda’s body disappeared and their aura was absorbed into my body. My body started to float off of the ground and my arms and legs spread out. All three auras swirled around my body and where absorbed into it. My power started to increase drastically. My muscles started to get stronger as my height increased by 4 inches. My hair grew out a bit and become more unruly. My clothes were burned away as the red aura cover my body. It disappeared and revealed a black short-sleeve shirt that was kinda like a clothe jacket because it had a zipper and came down to my knees, black, baggy pants that were tucked inside of my black boots, and I was wearing black gloves.
I clutched my fists and admired my forgotten strength. Then the black aura wrapped itself around my waist. A red waistband formed around me. Then the black aura formed two separate pouches. I knew right off the bat that they both contained pieces of my Death Penalty. Finally, the white aura wrapped around my neck. It solidified and formed a silver, skeleton chain. At the end of it was a shuriken like pendant that glowed white. This was my second most treasured item, the necklace that Rubi had given me so long ago.
My thoughts started to disappear, even my memories started to fade. Soon, my mind was blank. Suddenly, it filled back up with more serious thoughts and memories that had lain dormant for so long. My ‘childish’ attitude disappeared and my complete attitude resurfaced. I was now, my complete self.
I floated back down to the ground and stuck my hand out. Heine’s Shadow, Heine’s Invasion, and Heine’s Zero (which were still floating where their masters once held them) floated toward me. They gathered together and started to glow. Once the light subsided, my weapon, Heine’s Obliteration appeared in my hand. Its translucent blades glowed beautifully in the dim light, and its gun barrel sparkled.
The time clock had finally gotten all the way around and time now started to move normally. Valentine looked completely dumbfounded once he spotted me.
I raised the dual gun-blade high enough so that the barrel pointed right at him and smiled, “Ok, now it’s time to get that data that you’ve been craving so badly.”
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“This can’t be good,” said Valentine.
Sirberius shot at Valentine with Heine’s Obliteration. Valentine created a wall of sand but it was useless. Valentine got knocked to the ground.
“Fatal Attraction,” said Valentine.
Sirberius felt a little pressure but not enough to stop him from moving.
“Is that it?” taunted Sirberius.
“Impossible,” said Valentine, stunned.
Sirberius cut off Valentine’s head using the blade on the Obliteration. It, and Valentine’s body, turned to sand. Sirberius spotted the gourd where the sand had come out of.
“Gotcha,” said Sirberius.
Sirberius went over to the gourd. He used his Infinity Bullet to destroy the gourd. The shattered remains of the gourd was empty.
Suddenly the walls caved in. Sand was spilling in.
“A trap!” warned Zane.
“I noticed,” snapped Sirberius.
Sirberius jumped out of the fort. It sank into the depths of the desert. Only part of a wall remained above the sand line, which Valentine was sitting on.
“Impressive, I’m getting chills,” laughed Valentine.
Huge icicles shot out of the ground at Sirberius. He broke them with Heine’s Obliteration. He fired at Valentine. Valentine’s head got blasted off.
“Don’t you ever learn?” mocked Valentine as his head regenerated.
Hundreds of eyes materialized around the battlefield. It was a bit creepy.
“Is this what you call watching your opponent carefully?” said Sirberius.
“This is what you call Thousand Eyes Restrict,” said Valentine, “and it has more uses than observation and data collection.”
The eyes glowed. One turned into light and shot at Sirberius. Sirberius dodged it but the strike still caused a sting. Valentine laughed and more fired at Sirberius.
Sirberius jumped out of the way. He noticed something strange in the sand. A blood ruby.
Blood rubies are used to hide your true bodies, remembered Sirberius.
Sirberius shot the blood ruby with an Infinity Bullet. It shattered. The shards glowed and Valentine appeared.
“Now I’m even more impressed,” said Valentine, “you’re the first to notice my blood ruby (and now it’s broken, shame).”
Valentine sunk into the sands of the desert. Sirberius kept on his guard.
“Show yourself,” demanded Sirberius.
Sands began to shift. The sand compiled at a single location and rose. It turned into a sand tidal wave. It surfed towards Sirberius.
Sirberius fired several times at the wave. Finally he hit Valentine hiding in it and the tidal wave collapsed several feet before him.
“You shot me in the bloody eye!” screamed Valentine.
“Serves you right,” said Sirberius, “explain yourself.”
Valentine laughed. He grabbed one of the floating eyes and replaced his left eye, which Sirberius had shot, with the new one.
“If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve seen worse in the Death Dimension, I’d be sick right now,” said Sirberius.
Valentine sat down. “About myself? I am the Sinner of Envy, Lord Valentine de Invidia of SALIGIA. I heard from Phaethon that could get the rest of Draethius’ dark aura that escaped the Death Dimension and capture it. Apparently it was hiding in Sparda. I didn’t know where he was but you were so kind to show me the way. Now that I have the last of Draethius’ dark aura, I don’t need you anymore.”
“Why do you need Draethius’ dark aura?”
“Draethius discovered a power as great as a god, possibly greater. I want to know how. Even though I made a deal to set him free, I still would rather find out before hand incase he backstabs me like he did with his deceased master, the god Eon.”
“And you want it for yourself?”
“Luke chose me to be the Sinner of Envy because of my enviousness. I admire and want the abilities and powers that others have. That’s why I know so much. I even went to great lengths as to copy all the documents in the Villa of the Hermetism.”
“Well we’re trying to prevent Draethius from appearing on the plane. How about a deal?”
Valentine laughed. “You really are ignorant. Do you really want to know what Draethius will do once he is released? What Phaethon told me?”
Valentine laughed. “I don’t really know all the details myself. All I know is that it won’t be good. You know what, why don’t you ask Phaethon himself. He’ll be in the Mu tomorrow.”
Sirberius starts to grin, "Sorry, but I have more important matters to attend to with Draethius. I don't have anytime to deal with a weakling such as yourself. I've been dying to fight him, and now that I have my chance, I'm not about to just run after something as pathetically named as SALIGIA.”
“Well sorry that's how you feel. Just know that you are going to regret that later on down the line.”
Valentine then teleported to the Castle in the Sky.

Valentine collapsed onto the floor. Envy rushed over to him.
“Are you alright, sir?” asked Envy.
“Just… tired,” panted Valentine, “just tired.” He took a deep breath. “He was stronger than I thought. I think I know what to do with him. Get me Phaethon.”
“Yes sir.”
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“So he flees,” I say scoffing. “Well fine then. I have better things to do anyways.”
I walk out of the fortress and back into the city, Tyruna. Once I made it to the city limits, I let my Complete Hybrid form fade away. My body started to glow red, then Zane and Sparda appeared to my sides. Once their bodies were done forming, we walked through the city together.
“So what do we do now that we have Sparda back to his regular self,” Zane asked.
I put my hands behind my head, “Now, I guess we search for Dante and put a stop to Draethius’s rise in power.”
“But you do realize that you will have to fight Dante in or to do that,” Sparda said looking at me.
I look up to the sky, “Yea I know.” I then turn to him and smile, “But I don’t plan on killing him. This is the fight that he’s been waiting for. So why not give him everything that he’s wanted up until now? It’s going to be really fun for the both of us!”
Sparda was taken back at my last remark, but he said nothing against it, “If that is what you wish to do, then I will gladly lend you my strength.”
Zane looks at him irritated, “Like you had a choice in the matter anyways. If you didn’t help, he would just get killed and we would both be dead you idiot.”
Sparda glared at Zane, “You only say that because you are a barbaric imbecile who only knows how to fight…. You fucking moron.”
Zane draws Heine’s Invasion and tries to strike Sparda, but I hold him back. “Come on Zane calm down. Just let it be for now.” He finally calmed down and I snickered, “But you were asking for that.”
He turned to me and glared.
“What, I’m just saying,” I said nervously smiling.
Then I heard a familiar voice, “Brother! Sirberius, over here!!!”
I turn around and scan the crowds. Then I spot the source of the noise.
She runs up and gives me a hug that nearly topples me over.
“It has been too long brother,” she says looking at Zane and Sparda. “Who are they?”
“These are my others. I’m a Kim-un-Kur. My power has just recently re-awakened. But never mind that. What are you doing here?”
“I was looking for you. Everyone is headed here, because they got a tip from some unknown person that you were going to be here.”
I scratch my head, “I wonder who that could be.”
I moved back and bumped into someone. I turned around to apologize but was greeted with a punch to my stomach and a kick to my jaw. I flew into the air, instantly changing into my True Hybrid form, drew Heine’s Shadow and show my attacker with 6 shots wrapped in ice energy. The shots froze his legs to the ground his arms to his chest. He looked up at me and grinned. The ice broke itself and rose into the air, aiming its points at me.
“Ice Vault.”
The shards of ice flew at me and I shot each one of them. Then a rush of fire wrapped around my body. I used one of the souls I reaped to control it and split it into two balls of fire. I threw them at the stranger but he just caught them and crushed them.
“Zane, Sparda, I’m gonna need all of my power for this.”
They nodded in agreement and combine back with me. This made the stranger look at me strangely. I raised my guns, but he yelled out to me.
“Wait a minute,” he said firmly. “You are a Kim-un-Kur.”
“Yeah, so what if I am.”
He grinned happily, “I am Tenkai Hyachi, I was the Kim-un-Kur before you, Sirberius Reono.”
I lower my guns in disbelief, “But then shouldn’t you be dead. The Elder Gods told me that the trait is passed once every 500 years after the last one has died.”
“Those morons said that,” he said almost as if he pitied me. “Yea and I bet that they haven’t even told you about the key to unlocking your Complete forms true potential.”
I looked at him in confusion, “Its… true…. potential?
He shook his head, “The Elders haven’t been exactly truthful with you. They have been trying to keep you as weak as possible so that they can control you more efficiently.”
“How do you know that?”
“Because they did the same to me. They cost me my title to the Kim-un-Kur bloodline. They cost me my “others”. I fought to end the Great God War, and they were killed in the process.”
“Oh…… “
“But don’t look sad,” he said smiling. “They served their purpose well. But now I will help you at all cost to unlock your true potential.”
Tenkai walked over to me and put his hand to my forehead. Then I felt his energy enter into my body, and suddenly my mind became indulged into knowledge that I had never known. Tenkai moved his hand away.
“That is all of my knowledge of Complete form so far. I’m pretty sure that it will be enough to defeat Draethius.”
“How did you know I was going fight him?”
“I once saw him a long time ago. I may look young, but I’m actually really old. I was able to sense his energy back then and I still haven’t forgotten how sinister it was. I just recently started to sense it again and I thought I go and find him myself,” he said patting me on the shoulder. “But I guess that I should save this for the new Savior.”
He turned around and started walking away. Then something flew over his head towards me. I caught and found it to be a scroll.
“Use that if you ever need my help for anything.”
Then he continued to walk away.
“Tenkai,’ I yelled out to him. “Why did you come here to find Draethius?”
He turned around and smiled once more, “Because this is where he will start his reign. This is the place that he was imprisoned. He said that one day that he would resurface and destroy the Elders and the people that went against him. And he said that he would start with this city. So hang out around here for a day longer, and you will have your opponent.”
He turned back around and then vanished in a flash of lightning.
Evangeline looked down at the scroll and then back up at me, “So what are you gonna do brother?”
I smiled, “I’m gonna follow his word and stay here. This will be were the conclusion to this mayhem will start and close…… This will be where the ultimate show down will happen… now I just wait for Dante to bring me my prey… so me and Dante can settle this matter of who is stronger once and for all.” I turn to Evangeline, “Go make some flyiers… on it, put The Battle of Rivals… Dante vs. Sirberius……”
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