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Posted 3/13/09
unless if it is shinn, rei or raww
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Posted 3/13/09

Kirafan wrote:

1234567890qaz wrote:

loll i kno i find SEED better so far i dont know why but the thing i hate in Seed that happened is that pilot like Kira stopped killing ppl and started just choppin off arms and legs or heads

in missions i try not 2 kill ppl.......

same but in the anime its is more interesting when there's more killing happening XD
Posted 3/14/09
but i hated shinn killing ppl ruthlessly. kira kills on accident. eg
Kira kills a zaft ace
Kira: crys"why did i kill him?"
shin was like a guy who ya know goes on a rampage. even though u say death in anime is intresting, but i hate the main guy killing ppl in hate, fury and stubborness
of course CE guys have traits from uc guys eg
Ray/Rau=Char(but worse)
Luna=Emma Sheen
but kira is just a amuro who does not kill. since Amuro>Camille, it is just like Kira>Shin
Posted 4/6/09

1234567890qaz wrote:

oh god i've been so busy with this group i'm so behind in this series i'm like at episode 10 and i'm watchin gundam wing again but my fav character right now is the sniper guy forget his name with the green gundam

teh sniper d00d is Lockon Stratos.
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Posted 4/9/09
well guess gundam 00 second season was not bad but the sad thing was that the eps near the
end kinda ruin it -___-
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