The Happiness That I Found In You (complete)
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Chapter 1:

One stormy night, a girl was walking down a dark road. She was really soaking wet when she saw a waiting shed. She ran into the shed. As she arrived at the waiting shed, there were 3 high school guys who looked weird. They stared at her for so long. The girl felt really uneasy so she ran back to the pouring rain and suddenly one of the guys said "Where are you going, miss?" She quickly replied "It’s none of your business to know." but she was still walking away from them then the guy ran to her and caught her hand. "Let me go! Please! Let me go!" the girl squealed. "You are not going anywhere!" the guy said. The guy quickly put her to sleep then he carried her back to the waiting shed, where his other 2 friends were waiting.
The girl woke up still feeling dizzy and she feels so hot. "What happened to me? Where am I?" she asked herself. She looked at her back and there she saw 3 high school guys. These guys were the ones she tried to escape from a while ago. She quietly stood up and tried to go back to the heavy rain when suddenly one of the guys said "Where do you think you are going, miss? I was waiting for you to wake up. It’s better if I do it that way." He ran to her right away and caught her hand and dragged her back into the shed. He laid her down at the mat that was set. As this guy was trying to undress her, the girl tried her best to fight but she can’t because she had a fever so she was so weak, instead of fighting she was on the verge of collapsing. Just as she was about to collapsed, another guy carrying an umbrella passed by and saw them "Gee, why do they have to do it in the waiting shed? Such stupidity these days." the guy said when suddenly he heard the girl saying: "Let me go! Please! Leave me alone! Stop it you jerk!" "Wait a minute… The girl isn’t part of it!" the guy said and ran to them and tried his best to defend the girl. This hero was wounded from the fight but he still manages to win. He went near the girl and buttoned back her polo. The girl was wearing a school uniform. The girl suddenly woke up. "A-Anthony?" the girl said weakly. Anthony that was the name of the hero. "Paula? What happened?" Anthony asked. Paula was the name of the girl. Obviously they knew each other. They are schoolmates. Both were high school students. Paula is a junior and Anthony is a senior, they were friends through text but at school they never talk. Anthony doesn’t know about Paula’s feelings for him that she is in love with him. Anthony touched Paula’s forehead and she was really hot, he quickly took of his jacket and wrapped it to Paula. She stood up with Anthony assisting her; just as she stood up she collapsed but didn’t fell on the ground because Anthony caught her. "Paula? Why?" Anthony asked.
Anthony lived at the village where Paula was almost raped. He carried her to his home and took care of her while she was sick and unconscious. Days have passed but still Paula is not feeling well. Anthony manages to go to school but goes home right away. He was so worried about her cause her fever won’t go down until the next morning, Paula suddenly woke up. "Where am I?" Paula asked herself. Just when she woke up Anthony was sleeping at the bed next to her. "Anthony? Am I in Anthony’s house?" still asking herself. Paula stood up and washed her face at the bathroom and she went back to the room. When she got back to the room, Anthony was already awake. She quickly asked "Anthony, where am I?" "You are at my house." Anthony replied then he hugged Paula. "You got me worried for days, Paula! You were sleeping for three days straight. What happened to you?" Anthony asked. Paula was so shocked for his actions and she was blushing. "A-Anthony, I am fine now. You don’t have to hug me but thank you for your concern." Paula replied. Anthony stopped hugging her. "Why? What happened to you? How did you get here?" Anthony asked. "I came to this place because I-." "What?" "I was looking for you." "Why look for me?" Anthony asked confusingly. "Nothing. Forget it. Where are my clothes?" Paula answered. "I let my maids wash them. Here" Anthony said and he handed the clothes to Paula. "Wait. Who changed my clothes?" Paula questioned Anthony. "My mom did. My parents knew about you staying here for the mean time. So don’t worry." Anthony answered. He directly went to the bathroom outside and took a bath while Paula went to the bathroom in Anthony’s room. After Paula finished taking a bath, she changed into her school uniform. After changing her clothes, "Paula, come down for your breakfast." Anthony yelled. He was already downstairs and dressed up for school. As Paula went down the stairs, she directly headed to the dining room and sat down. Anthony’s parents were there also having their breakfast. "Thank you very much Mister and Missis Glass for welcoming me into your home when I was sick. Thank you very much." Paula said. "Oh, no problem with us, just stay here as long as you like." Mrs. Glass said. "But you should really be thankful to Anthony because he was the one who really took cared of you while you were sick. So unusual to his normal acts, as we, his parents would say. He was so careful with you." Mr. Glass added. As Anthony’s parents were welcoming Paula, both Paula and Anthony were blushing. "Now, eat your breakfast. You need it to increase your energy okay?" Mrs. Glass said. "Yes, Mrs. Glass. Thank you so much for your kindness." Paula replied.

Chapter 2:

When they finished eating their breakfast, the two of them set off to school. They were in Anthony’s car. Both were really silent, until Anthony let out a sigh. "What’s wrong?" Paula asked. "Nothing." Anthony answered. "I know there’s something that is bothering you. Come on, it’s not like we’re not close friends you know. You can tell me your problem. I’ll do my best to help you, it’s the least I can do for returning you the favor of taking care of me while I was sick." Paula insisted. "I can’t tell you. Appreciate your help but no thanks. I’m fine. You don’t have to mind me." Anthony replied sarcastically. "Tell me. I’m your fiend. Why can’t you tell me?" Paula, forcefully pushing Anthony to tell her. "Again, I can’t tell you." Anthony said. "Fine, if you don’t want to tell me. It’s all up to you anyways who you want to tell your problems with." Paula replied calmly. Little did Paula know that Anthony was feeling something for her, that his heart is slowly falling for her, and fast at the same time. When they reached school, many were shocked that they came to school together and in Anthony’s car. Some students started to tease them: "Anthony and Paula!!!!" As they walk together to their rooms, students were staring at them. As Paula went inside her classroom, Anthony suddenly said "See you. Take care of yourself okay?" Paula was shocked but she still replied: "Yeah, you too. Thanks." She went inside her room, and suddenly one of her classmates, Athana, slapped her in the cheek. "SPACK!" "You are such a slut! Since when did you start dating Anthony?! You were gone for days then you show up with Anthony, taking him with you? What’s that suppose to mean, you traitor!" Athana said angrily. "You don’t understand what is happening. Please don’t jump into these conclusions." Paula replied calmly. "You bitch! How am I supposed to believe that? Huh? You know very well about my feelings for him. How could you take him away from me? Paula, he’s mine! I love him! I can’t believe you. And to think I treated you like my best friend! You are such a big traitor!" Athana said. "We are not dating. Please don’t misunderstand us. You are my friend. I won’t betray you." Paula replied. Just as Paula finished her explanation, Athana, slapped her in the face again. At Athana’s second hit, Anthony came in to the picture. He quickly ran to Paula and asked her if she was alright. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, she collapsed, again. Anthony was so pissed off at that time so he carried Paula "I’m not yours. I don’t belong to anybody except for one person." Anthony said as he glanced at Paula who is unconscious and turned to look at Athana. "I told you a year ago that I’m through with you. You’re the one who dumped me and now you claim to be my girlfriend? Such stupidity! I’m not your boyfriend! Keep that in mind! Don’t you hurt Paula again, who knows what I can do to make you really feel sorry for what you have done." Anthony said. Athana kept on yelling out his name but he ignored it. He carried Paula to the clinic and never left until the bell rang for the class, starting.

Chapter 3:

At lunch time, Paula woke up but still feels a little head ache. She was alone in the clinic so she stood up from the bed and walked straight to the door. When she got close to the door to open it, it suddenly opened and she was hit and she fell on the ground. "Ouch! Now my headache became twice as before." Paula said weakly. "Shoot! I’m so sorry, Paula!" Anthony said. He helped her stand up. "It’s okay. Why are you here?" Paula asked. "I- I was checking on you, uh, to see if you are alright. You know, you collapsed when Athana slapped you the second time." Anthony said. "She misunderstood our relationship. She thought we were dating. I can’t blame her for that but wait should I? Never mind. All I know is that I have done something wrong that it hurt my friend’s feelings." Paula explained. "So those are the reason why you won’t chat or text or call me anymore, huh?" Anthony guessed. "Sort of." Paula answered as she looked away. "I don’t want to have a fight with one of my friends just because of a guy. It’s just not me. I’d just give the guy to my friend even if I like the guy very much that I love him, I’d just give my feelings up." Paula continued. "I see. You really are different from other girls here. Most girls would really fight for the guy they like but you; you give the guy that you like so much that lead you to loving him up for your friends. Why is this so?" Anthony asked. "Wait. I didn’t mention anything about me liking you, right?" Paula questioned Anthony. "I don’t recall you telling me that. Why?" Anthony answered. "N- n- n- nothing… Don’t mind me." Paula said as she was really blushing. "You like me, don’t you?!" Anthony teased. "Me? Like you? No way! Ah-! Um-! Never mind. I didn’t tell you anything! Do you have any proof that I like you? Huh?" Paula objected nervously. She then stopped crying. "Well, if you ask me, I can see it in your eyes. Their staring at me like I’m some kind of handsome guy." Anthony teases. "Shut up liar!" Paula said. "Fine! Fine! It’s because I’m feeling it for you." Anthony replied as if he was so serious. "You are just playing with me! Come on! I’m already sick!" Paula laughed. "Whatever. You are just so serious. I just want to break the ice. But, Paula what if the guy really likes you. And I mean really really likes you than your friend? I mean, um, the guy likes you and not your friend?" Anthony asked. "I- I don’t… I will still give him to her even though I know we both love each other. I’d choose my friend’s happiness rather than mine." Paula answered. "What if?! Tell me what your heart would really say in this situation?" Anthony replied without minding Paula’s answer. "My heart would still give him to my friend." Paula answered again as her tears started to fall from her eyes and she looked away from Anthony. "What!? Your own happiness doesn’t matter to you?!" Anthony objected. "But she is my friend. She deserves to be happy than I do. Her happiness matters to me. Don’t you get it?" Paula said and still her tears kept on falling. "You should look at yourself. Your own happiness counts too, you know! Don’t leave yourself unhappy. Look, the guy really loves you and not your friend. Think about the guys feelings too! Would he be happy if you do this? Huh? Your friend should know the meaning of true friendship! She should understand that! That’s what real friends are for! You are not the only one who should sacrifice to your friendship, she should also sacrifice! Think of the things that would make you happy and I know that this guy is a part of it. Think about it Paula!" Anthony said defensively. "But!" Paula, trying to butt in. "Look, Paula, the guy really likes you… I mean loves you… He really loves you… It would make him happy if you give him the chance." Anthony said exaggerating. "Anthony, aren’t you exaggerating the question? I mean it’s just a given situation of maybe it would happen or not." Paula asked. "What do you mean? I’m not. It’s just that happiness of thy self counts. I want you to be happy, Paula." Anthony answered. "Why do you care so much about my happiness? I don’t deserve to be happy! I don’t deserve to be treasured by anybody! I do not!" Paula insisted. "Why do really insist that you don’t deserve to be happy or be treasured by somebody!? Is it really a bad thing to you? What is the reason in all of this?!" Anthony asked. "I already told you my whole reason. It’s because I don’t deserve to be happy. Why do you care? I’m just your schoolmate and text mate. That’s all there is to you and me. I don’t want to be a burden to anybody. There’s nothing for you to worry." Paula answered. "There’s nothing for me to worry? I guess not, because I’m so worried about you. I can’t help myself from- from worrying about you." Anthony said. Paula blushed and started to feel really awkward. "You need not worry about me. I am just a nobody. There is just no reason that I should be treasured by somebody." Paula said with tears falling from her eyes, rapidly. "There’s just none." She added. Paula was about to walk out when Anthony held on to her hand. "I have the reason why somebody should treasure you for the rest of his life." Anthony said. "What do you mean? Neither one of the people who live here in this world know the reason why I should be treasured in their heart, therefore, I don’t deserve to be treasured by anyone." Paula replied. "I know the reason because I- I- I really like you and I- I’m falling for you. You deserve to be treasured in my heart forever." Anthony confessed. Paula felt a shiver down to her spine. Tears kept on flowing down to her face. "I don’t know how but I really love you Paula! I’m really falling for you. I care about your happiness. I know the reason why I should treasure you in my heart forever. That’s because, I love you Paula." Anthony said with his head facing the ground. Paula faced Anthony and she suddenly ran outside the clinic. Anthony went after her but he decided to stop. Paula and Anthony didn’t see each other after Anthony’s confession in the clinic. As Anthony was walking in the corridor to go home, he got passed Paula’s room and heard whispers from it so he stopped and took a peek at the classroom and listened to the whispers. The whispers were Paula’s best friends, Jennina and Marieza. "Mar, I just heard that Paula is nowhere to be found. She’s been gone since that morning. Nobody saw her after that thing happened. Damn that Athana!" Jennina said. "If only I was here to protect her from that stupid jerk. They don’t know how much problem Paula has right now. She is carrying a really heavy thing on her. Paula is really in love with Anthony but she chose to keep it for herself because she knows that Athana regrets that he dumped Anthony. Paula is the one person who deserves to be happy in this world. She has sacrificed much for her family and friends. And now, she’s gone and we can’t find a way to contact her. She turned off her cellular phone. I hope she’s alright." Marieza said as she was burning inside of hatred for Athana. "Paula, where are you? But I bet she is somewhere safe. She likes to go to places where she could think better. Paula is a strong person. She will be okay. If only Anthony knew how much Paula has fallen for him, that way he can consider some things. If only he knew." Jennina added. Anthony didn’t know that Paula has gone missing and so are her feelings for him. As he heard what Paula’s best friends were talking about, his heart began to beat fast. Anthony was feeling very uneasy and so he ran out to look for Paula. He went to the places that Paula might be going but he still didn’t find her in those places. He kept on looking for her but he still couldn’t find her anywhere. He sat at the bench in the park where he thought Paula would spend her time thinking about things. While he was thinking of other places, something popped up form Anthony’s head. He remembered what Paula told her one day that whenever she’s sad, she would go to the near by beach in their house. So he quickly went to the beach.

Chapter 4:

When he arrived at the beach, he saw Paula sitting on the sand and looking at the big waves of the sea. Anthony went close to her and said: "So you’re here." Paula was a bit shocked that Anthony where she was. "How did you know I was here?" Paula asked. "You once told me that whenever you feel sad or you have problems, you would go to the near by beach of your house and spend your time thinking there. And so, I got here. Nice place to think. It will really help you clear up your mind." Anthony answered. "Oh, I did? I can’t really recall." Paula said. Paula stopped looking at Anthony and looked straight back into the sea. Anthony sat down beside her. "You know, Anthony, the reason why I picked the sea for me to think of things? It’s no just the beautiful sunset or sunshine but I believe that the waves will carry your problems and loneliness." Paula suddenly explained. "I guess so. People have different point of views. For me, waves are just a nature’s gift for surfers… Um, Paula, why did you ran away when I told you that I love you?" Anthony questioned Paula. "I just don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. The whole reason I ran away is because…" Paula replied. "Because?" Anthony asked. "Because I’m feeling the same with how you feel to me. That’s the reason why I ran away. I’m sorry it’s just that I didn’t expect that you would feel the same with what I feel but I’m not satisfied with this. I don’t want my friend to be hurt. I don’t want to betray her." Paula confessed still with tears falling from her eyes. Anthony wiped her tears. "So instead you’ll betray yourself. Your happiness counts too, Paula. Your heart’s happiness also counts." Anthony said. "I don’t want to be happy. I don’t deserve to be happy!" Paula replied. "You deserve to be happy more than anyone in this world. That’s why from now on; my heart belongs to you and only you. I have always dreamt of having a date with the person I love the most at the beach. To tell you the truth, I never liked you since the day you and I became close friends. My first feelings were really weird like whenever you text me, I began to feel happy. Whenever I pass by your classroom, I would always want to look at you. And whenever I see you look at me or whenever our eyes meet, my heart would begin to beat faster and same thing happens when we pass by each other. I haven’t realized that until you stopped communicating with me. Now I know, I was really falling for you." Anthony admitted to Paula. "But if I became your girlfriend that would mean that I betrayed my friend. I am taking away my friend’s happiness." Paula replied and looked away from Anthony. "So it’s better for you to suffer?" Anthony asked. "Sort of, that’s what I’m used to. So I got to hang with it right away, since I was eleven." Paula answered. Anthony made Paula look at him. "If that’s what you really think then stick to it… but I can’t afford to see you so down. I care so much about you Paula. I don’t want to let this feeling go." Anthony said and hugged her tight. "I don’t ever want to lose you. I really don’t want to. It’s like you were sewed into my heart and it can never be taken. I know that I was never serious with girls but you showed me how delicate creature women are. You taught me how to treasure someone who is close to me, and that is you. Paula, please. I really love you. Please give me a chance to show to you how sincere my feelings are to you." Anthony explained then suddenly Paula butted in and pushed him away from her and she then stood up. "You think I will actually believe you after telling me those words? I’m not like other girls. You are not sincere! My friends, they deserve to be happy and not me! I don’t deserve happiness!" Paula yelled and walked away from Anthony. "Paula, please listen to me! I’m telling you the truth!" Anthony pleaded. "I don’t want to be happy! I don’t want to! I never dreamt of being happy so leave me alone!" Paula yelled and she suddenly collapsed. Anthony ran to her and carried her to the hospital.

Chapter 5:

Anthony found out that Paula has a heart cancer that she got since she was ten years old. Her cancer is going on a higher level each time she feels depressed. Up until now, no one has found a donor just yet and she needs a new heart to stop it from increasing. Anthony never left her side even though she was unconscious. Later, Paula’s parents arrived from England. They explained everything about Paula’s cancer and who her real parents were. Paula was a jolly person until they found out that she has a heart problem but her jolliness didn’t stop there when she knew that it has a solution. The heart transplant but she needs a donor. They found a donor and when the operation was about to start, the donor suddenly backed out. Paula lost her jolliness that day that the donor didn’t continue to give her heart to Paula. Anthony went home at 11pm, he kept thinking about Paula. Now he knows why she thinks that she doesn’t deserve to be happy, that is because she knows that nobody will ever give their heart to her and she is going to die in a little time. When Anthony arrived at his house, his parents have already heard about Paula’s condition. Anthony was very depressed because he doesn’t know what to do to save Paula from certain death.
The next morning, Anthony went to school and met Paula’s cousin, Lea. She told Anthony about Paula’s progress. Also she was here to fill Paula in so that she won’t miss a lesson. Paula is still at the ICU or Intensive Care Unit. Until now there has been no donor that showed up yet and her heart is really weakening. She kept on calling out Anthony’s name. Anthony and Lea went their separate ways at lunch time. After school, Anthony decided that he would visit Paula and watch her for the night so that her foster parents could rest.
So after class, Anthony went directly to the hospital to visit Paula but she was no longer there. He asked almost all the nurses that he met while walking. All of the nurses wouldn’t answer but instead they would just give a sad face and would simply turn away. Anthony’s heart began to pound. He was really feeling uncomfortable, like his chest suddenly tightened and he could not breathe. He went to the beach where Paula goes when she feels like it. He was hoping to see her there. When Anthony arrived at the beach, no one was there. His heart sank and tears started to fall from his eyes. He started to think that she was already gone. This was the first time that Anthony fell for someone he didn’t like at first sight. His feelings for Paula was a feeling he never felt before that’s why he really wants to treasure her forever in his arms.
Few minutes have passed but he still stayed at the beach and he fell asleep, looking at the waves getting bigger and stronger but it would not reach him. In his dream, a girl wearing a white dress came close to him and hugged him from the back. "Please don’t be sad. You would also make me sad and end up crying too if you continue on doing that. You once told me that happiness of thyself counts." The girl said in a sweet voice. Anthony found the voice familiar and so he looked at his back and indeed it was her. "Paula! Paula!" Anthony said and hugged her as his tears stopped flowing. "I thought you were gone! I thought you left me. Please, Paula, don’t leave me alone again. Please!" Anthony continued. "I’m afraid I can’t promise you that." Paula said it sadly as she stopped hugging Anthony. "I can’t tell you that. You see, I can no longer live as long as I thought I would. I know I’m still young but my life is really short. Now you know the truth why I think that I don’t deserve to be happy. I think I’m under a life and death operation at the hospital right now because my heart suddenly stopped beating. I’m afraid I’m leaving you in this world, Anthony." Paula explained as her tears started to fall rapidly. "I don’t understand. How can you be at two places at once? You’re not that serious aren’t you?" Anthony said as he was avoiding the truth. "I know you won’t believe me if I tell you this but I’m going to tell you anyways. I am now at the hospital, d- dying as this operation is on going. My chances of living are like 25% of the 100. If I survive the operation, I would still end up dying. So you won’t believe this but I think it was God who sent me here to say goodbye to you. I think I’ll live after the operation but it’s only a couple of hours. I don’t know what I’m saying but maybe if we are really destined for each other, we will meet again in a different time with different circumstances. Oh, um, Anthony." Paula said as she held on to Anthony’s hand. "You are my first love. Funny that I’m telling you this but it’s true. You’re really my first love. I really love you Anthony. I love you more that anyone in this planet." Paula continued. "So you’re telling me that you are still under an operation at the hospital?" Anthony asked. "Yes, until now. It’s going to be over soon. The reason why the nurses won’t answer you is because I told them not to. I don’t want you to see me so weak at the operating table. I know it would hurt you more." Paula answered. "So you are still alive?" Anthony asked another question. He really wasn’t listening to what Paula was saying all he just wanted to know is that if she is dead or alive. "I really don’t know. Really." Paula said as she was slowly vanishing. "Paula! Wait don’t leave me just yet! Please!" Anthony pleaded. He tried to touch Paula but he couldn’t, he can’t do anything but watch her vanish in front of him. "Until then, Anthony, thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. I’m so glad that I met you." Paula said and she vanished totally. "Paula!" Anthony shouted. And he stood up and ran back to the hospital. Anthony arrived at the hospital; he quickly forced the nurse to tell him where Paula really is. She is at the private operating room. He directly went to where the private operating room is. There, he saw Paula’s foster parents. They were crying. Anthony asked them about Paula’s current condition but they did not answer. Anthony sat down beside them and waited with them. An hour and a half passed and the doctor in charge of her operation went out. Anthony, with Paula’s parents rushed to the doctor. The doctor let out a sigh and said, "The operation is quite successful. Quite, we mean because she needs to wake up first, actually, it’s successful but when she gains consciousness we can no longer determine when she can hold herself. Let’s just pray that she will have more strength to hold herself up."

Chapter 6:

Paula was transferred back to a private room. Paula’s parents went out to have dinner while Anthony insisted on staying to look after her. "Don’t leave just yet Paula. It’s not yet your time to go. You deserve to live than anyone in this world. Please Paula! I love you very much!" Anthony pleaded as he was holding her hand. Just as Anthony stopped talking, he suddenly felt a grip from Paula’s hand. "I won’t leave without telling you how much you mean to me. Besides, I know it’s not yet my time to go." Paula said in a weak voice. Anthony, to his surprise, he hugged Paula so tight. "I love you very much Paula! Please, just give me a chance to show you how much I love you." Anthony requested. "I will try to be strong for you. I’ll hold myself up until the day that I can’t. I wish to stay by your side for as long as I live." Paula said. "Thank you very much my Paula! I tell you, you’ll never regret this." Anthony replied. "I do hope so. Who knows, if I get so depressed next time, it will really be my time." Paula requested. "No! Please don’t say that! It’s not your time just yet. The only time that you have now is to spend time with me. You understand, my Paula?" Anthony asked. "Okay fine. Whatever you say." Paula answered.
A few days later, Paula was released by the hospital. Anthony was there to accompany her back home. Since the day that Paula’s life was lengthened, Anthony almost never left her side. It was a Sunday that Paula was released. On Monday, Anthony went to Paula’s house to pick her up to school. Anthony knocked on the door and Paula’s maid opened the door. "Oh, it’s you, Mr. Anthony. Paula is still at her room. She’s coming down in a little while. Please come in." "Thank you very much, Mrs. Tab." Anthony replied. "Have you eaten your breakfast? Paula hasn’t eaten just yet. Would you like to join her?" Mrs. Tab asked. "Well, okay. Thank you very much. I didn’t really notice it was still 6:30am. I forgot that I had set my alarm so early." Anthony said as he entered Paula’s house. "For sure, you are just excited that you and Paula are going to school together in your car. Kids nowadays are so… so… Never mind. I’ll call you when breakfast is ready. I won’t tell Paula that you’re here. We’ll make it a surprise for her." Mrs. Tab replied as she went to the kitchen to completely prepare breakfast. "Sounds good to me, I’ll just sit here and wait." Anthony answered as he sat on the sofa. A few minutes later and Paula came dashing down the stairs and went directly to the kitchen. She was so in a hurry that she didn’t even notice Anthony was in the sofa sitting. "What’s up with her?" Anthony asked himself and went to the kitchen, seeing Paula sitting on the chair. "What’s up? Why are you in a hurry?" Anthony asked Paula. "You’re already here? It’s only 6:45am and we’re just 2 blocks away from school?" Paula asked confusingly. "I was so hyped up to see my girlfriend." Anthony answered. "Oh." Paula replied blushing. They ate their breakfast and went to school. Upon reaching their school, a big banner was placed at the gate saying: "Welcome Back Paula" Paula was so amazed and pleased with what she saw then all of a sudden she hugged Anthony. "Thank you. That’s so nice of you to welcome me back to school." Paula thanked Anthony. "It was just a suggestion that I made and the faculty and students agreed to it." Anthony replied. Classes started 40 minutes after their arrival.

Chapter 7:

It seemed so peaceful in Paula’s life. She managed to keep her grades up and managed not to be depressed with Anthony by her side. She finished her schooling at Harvard. After her graduation day, Anthony asked her out (and he really meant out). Anthony took Paula back to the Philippines. They went to the beach where Paula spent her days crying back when she was a high school student in her early years. It was set up with a nice hut with 3 people playing acoustic songs, also with rose petals all over the place. Paula was so astonished with the setting. Anthony led Paula to the table with 2 chairs, 2 candles, 2 wine glasses and 2 plates with Paula and Anthony’s favorite dishes on it. Paula sat down with Anthony assisting her. The acoustic artists continued their playing. "No wonder you wore a formal suit that it made me change my simple dress to this semi formal dress." Paula said. "You look so beautiful today." Anthony complimented. Paula blushed and said "Thank you. So are you, you look so handsome with your semi formal suit. Is this a celebration for my graduation? It’s not that I’m complaining but I know it’s expensive. Our monthsary is next week; my birthday is months away, it’s not your birthday either, besides if it’s your birthday I’m the one who’s responsible for a celebration for you. What’s the occasion for this?" Paula asked. "Nothing, it’s just a dinner that I set up." Anthony answered. "Okay, Mr. Handsome. I still think you are up to something though." Paula replied. Anthony then received a call. "Excuse me for a sec, babe." Anthony excused. "Okay, busy day for a successful man." Paula granted. Anthony stood up and went out the hut. Half an hour later, he came back going directly to Paula. "Babe, can you come with me for a sec?" Anthony requested. "Where did you go? You spent so long in that call." Paula interfered. "It was just a business thing that my father asked. Can you come with me now? Please?" Anthony insisted. "Okay." Paula replied and she stood up. After standing up, she didn’t notice Anthony blind folded her. "Hey! What’s the big idea?" Paula hesitated. "Nothing, it’s a surprise." Anthony said and completely blind folded her. He led Paula outside the hut and to the floating platform in the water. Paula had no idea what was going on but she kept silent. A few minutes after that, Anthony took the blind fold off Paula. They were now in a yacht. "What are we doing here?" Paula asked. "Sshh… Look down at the bottom of the sea." Anthony said calmly. A huge light came out of nowhere and it lighted the ocean floor. The ocean floor was so clear now and Paula saw words down under that were formed with shining shells. It says: "Paula, will you marry me?" Anthony knelt down all of a sudden and grabbed a ring box on his pocket. Paula turned to look at Anthony and tears started to fall down her eyes. He stood up and asked "Why are you crying? Have I done something wrong?" "Yes." Paula replied. "Huh? What?" Anthony went confused. "I said, yes, I will marry you." Paula said as she wiped her tears. Anthony then hugged Paula and placed the diamond ring in her left ring finger. "So this was that business huh?" Paula asked. "Well, yeah. It’s the thing that made me busy for a month that it made me miss your graduation. I’m really sorry for that-" Anthony replied. "But it was all worth it. Thank you." Paula butted in, in Anthony’s explanation. "I’m the one who should be thanking you, for giving me the chance. I love you." Anthony said. "I love you too." Paula replied. Anthony then kisses her on the lips.
5 months later, they exchanged their vows. They decided to have their wedding day on their monthsary. Paula walked to her groom with her foster parents walking with her in a very white wedding dress and she looked so beautiful. It took place on the same place where Anthony proposed to Paula, at the beach. Anthony looked handsome in his white polo with khaki pants and the 2 of them only wore slippers. The ceremony then started. "Paula Ishe, will you take Anthony as your lawfully wedded husband, for richer or for poorer, through good times or bad times, and in sickness and in health? Till death, still you will not part?" the judge stated. "I do." Paula replied. "And do you, Anthony John Mark, take Paula as your lawfully wedded wife, for richer or for poorer, through good times or bad and in sickness and in health?" the judge again stated. "I really do." Anthony replied. The crowd watching started to laugh. "I now pronounce you as man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The judge announced and Paula and Anthony kissed. "Announcing, Mister and Missis Glass." The emcee announced.

Chapter 8:

After 2 years of living together, they lived in a house beside the memorable beach. They were in a very blessed life when suddenly; Paula felt pain in her heart. "Babe, what’s wrong?" Anthony asked. "I feel pain in my chest." Paula answered then she collapsed. "Baby!" Anthony shouted. He then carried her to the car and brought her to the hospital. The doctors discovered that Paula has a very weak heart and she needs to have it replaced in 48 hours. "What? She was so healthy! That can’t be happening. Are you sure? She never had pain after the operation 9 years ago!" Anthony refused to believe. "We’re really sorry. All we are trying to do now is to find a donor within 24 hours or else she will die. Please sir, have hope." The doctor said. Anthony then called his parents, both in-laws and direct. Paula’s parents can’t make it till evening but Anthony’s parents went there right away. Luckily, they found a donor a few hours later and it was the last that would fit to Paula but it still needs to be transported through land and water. Anthony’s heart lessens its pounding. He went to Paula’s room and watched her. On the next day, it was reported that the transporting had a problem that it will be delayed for another day. Anthony went berserk outside the hospital after hearing this. Paula’s parents arrived at the hospital. Paula’s mom came to Anthony and said: "Paula knew that this day would come but she didn’t mind it. She still felt happy because she met and spent her last days with you. Thank you Anthony for giving her hope and faith, we haven’t seen her so happy since the day that the donor’s father changed his mind in giving it to her. Oh, she wants me to give you this." She then reached out in her bag a box full of pictures and compositions. "She wants you to keep it. She has always wanted to be a writer and a director, but she was put on hold when she sent her stories to publishing companies. She had a lot of stories that she made by herself." Paula’s mother continued. Anthony’s tears began to fall down slowly as he read a poem written by Paula that was entitled "The Happiness I Found In You"
During this dramatic moment, one of their maids came running to them and said "Sir Anthony! Your wife is in the operating room!" Anthony then dashed in the hospital to the operating room. Paula had deep breath as she was grasping for air. Anthony could clearly see her through the window in the operating room. An hour later and the doctor came out. "What happened to my wife? Is she alright? Will she live?" Anthony asked in a very harsh manner. "We tried our best; she only has a few hours left. She is now conscious. She’s calling for you. We’ll then take her to her room. There you can accompany her." The doctor replied with a sigh. "No! My dear Paula!" Paula’s mother shouted with dismay as she hugged her husband.
After a few minutes, Paula was brought to her private suite. She was conscious. Anthony entered the room with the box that his in-law gave him. "Babe, I’m sorry I can’t be with you for long." Paula said as her tears started to fall. Anthony placed the box on the table and hugged Paula. "Sshh… Just stay here in my arms for now. You will always be my love." Anthony replied. "Anthony, can I ask you a favor?" Paula asked. "Sure babe. What is it?" Anthony answered and asked. "Can you take me to the beach?" Paula requested.

Chapter 9:

And so they went to the beach. When they arrived at the beach, they went close to the beach and sat by the seashore. Paula tilted her head on Anthony’s shoulders and said: "You know Anthony, happiness is found in the little things that come to your life. Thus, you would need to treasure them as long as you can. It also comes in big but only sometimes and if you are really a lucky person. I was quite happy that I found in these little things that made me happy till this day. Back when I was still little I admit that I was really a cheerful person. When I was ten, it was discovered that I had a heart problem. My heart was not really healthy since I was born. My real mother died because of giving birth to me and my dad died because of heart attack. My foster parents did their best to find me a donor and luckily when I turned eleven, a donor came. Just when I was about to be operated, the donor’s father came and refused to give her daughters heart to me. I lost hope that day. I lost my happiness that day. I started to believe that I was born to be unhappy and never will be. I don’t deserve happiness. Then when I turned twelve, it became a real part of me to not deserve happiness. They tried to give me a therapist but it didn’t work so they sent me here to where my real parents really lived. For two years of my life it was like that till you came, I thought that maybe once I could be happy with this guy. And then you told me one day that happiness of thy self counts. So it was approved. It made me really happy. You opened the door of happiness to me and gave me a new meaning of it. Right now, I’m so happy that I thought: I do deserve to be happy. Happiness comes in little things but I’m lucky to have it as a very big package. I’m so thankful to have you in my life; you made me happy before I leave this world. You don’t know how much you mean to me. I love you Anthony more that anyone in this world. Thank you." Paula said as tears started to fall from her eyes. "This thing you showed me changed my life and the way I look at life. Thank you so much. You don’t know how happy I am right now. A happiness that nothing can top and it’s all because of the happiness I found in you…" Paula continued and kissed Anthony in the lips and then closed her eyes as her hand touching Anthony’s face fell on the ground. Anthony’s tears fell rapidly down to his face. "I love you too, Paula, more than anyone in this world."
On Paula’s funeral, a tribute was made to her. A book was published that was entitled "Happiness" The book topped the whole world because of its inspirational content and the directing she wanted was pursued by Anthony.
5 years passed and Anthony lived a successful life, living Paula’s dreams that were written on her diary in the box. He went on the beach by himself and stood by the beach. He took of his glasses and said: "Paula, up until now I really can’t forget you. I am a very popular author and a movie director right now. I know it’s what you would have wanted to be so I pursued it. I have a baby girl named after you; I adopted her because it’s so strange that she looks exactly like you in the pictures your mom gave me. If you’re thinking about me, having another wife, I can’t do that. I’m still married. I’m still wearing our wedding ring. If only you could see her, she looks just like you. I really can’t forget about you. I’m a really happy person right now… but nothing can ever top the happiness that I found in you."
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