Post Reply Music Video~
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/27/08
Do you know how to make moving music video..such as the one we already have in this group~?

If so..please tell us...we would love to and...if we know it...we might make a amv~ To be a surprise you know! ^o^"

So...please tell us!

L0v3Lii (Me) know's how to make it but using pictures only~ Not moving amv~ So it'll be great if you guys can tell us~

Thank you very much!

Arigatou Gozaimasu~

P.M. L0v3Lii if you know it or send us a comment on our group forum..and..enjoy!

We would love you to join our group and upload some pictures too~ Thanks~ Ja matta ne~

<3 L0v3Lii <3

Like this...the video~




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