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Music Survey: How would you like the music on our group?
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Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/28/08
So I am making the playlist of songs for our group, and I wonder what order should I put it. For now I use this playlist that you can find here: and was made by this person (

I am making this survey to see what our members, knights, and mods think of how I should put the music.
Here are the explanations of these key words I put up there:

op 1: opening 1
op 2: opening 2
op 3: opening 3 (episode 24&25)
op 4: opening 4 (Code Geass R2)

ed 1: ending 1
ed 2: ending 2
ed 3: ending 3 (Code Geass R2)

insert songs: other sound track song of code geass that play during the episode.
for more information about insert songs go here:

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